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50 Most Unlikely "True" Dirty Stories

Over the past five years we've combed through literally thousands of reader submissions to bring you the best - and we hope true - dirty stories. However, we get plenty of submissions that don't even pass the laugh test - they are little more than wishful thinking. We've put together 50 of the best of these rejects for you to enjoy:

Man’s Story: FDNY Fucker

I was a firefighter in NYC. All the girls wanted me. Then one day, a cheerleader from one of the colleges came by the station and we started talking. She was hot and blonde! She had her little cheerleading skirt on. I asked her out and she said, Yeah, pick me up at 8. So that night I went over to her house, picked her up, and we went out to eat at a pizza place. Everything went well.

On the way home, I could tell she was horny so I drove her to my place. The second we got in the door we started heavily making out. We were all over each other. She pushed me down on the bed and ripped off my shirt. She kissed all the way down to my pants and ripped them off. She kept kissing till she got to my cock and she sucked it good. She stopped before I came.

I got her laid her back and hiked up her skirt and fucked her so hard. She had no underwear on. She was so warm and hot. Then she stopped and got on top of me and she rode me hard. We were both groaning so loud.

She yelled, “I love your big cock in me!” She was like, “I love your 10-inch meat!” I imagine what the neighbors thought.

Man’s Story: Clean Up on Aisle Four

Me and my girlfriend were shopping in a supermarket. For some reason she kept reaching back and touching my dick. I wasn't going to argue. All of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of the supermarket making out. She said we should go to the meat section. Why, don’t ask me.

We get there and she pulls up her very short skirt, revealing she had no panties on. Then we both sat down on the floor. After a while we were both naked in the supermarket. About 300 people were staring at us. But we ignored them. She sat on my already very hard dick, telling me to bounce her up and down.

We fucked for about an hour in the supermarket, then another girl came and joined. After another hour of a threesome we all got tired. We got the other chick’s number and have had threesomes ever since.

Woman’s Story: Hot AC Repairman

I called the air conditioning company because my air conditioner had been on the fritz lately. I expected one of those fat old men that had nothing better to do with his life. Instead, as I opened the door, I saw a young, tall, muscular guy of about 20. I was 30 at the time but had just broken up with my long-term boyfriend and was feeling pretty horny. I examined him head to foot: a wife beater, drenched in sweet sweat because of the 100 degree weather outside and 105 degree weather inside, then there were his pants. A pair of light blue denims that fit tightly, especially across his bulge and his tight ass.

I immediately wanted to fuck him but new that was only in fantasies; the repair man comes and you have the best fuck of your life. This was no fantasy, this was pure reality. After he had checked out the air conditioning, I brought him a glass of lemonade. I could feel myself getting wet so I decided to make the first move. I purposely spilled the lemonade. First on myself, covering my breasts, then I had it accidentally tip more to spill on his crotch. His pants slowly bulged larger, which turned me on because I could tell that it must have been HUGE. I apologized and went to get a towel. I came back, bent down and dabbed his crotch. He smiled.

"Ya know, you're really...really hot, I’m glad you came." I said to him, taking off my shirt exposing my self with only my thin sports bra on. I saw him seductively check me out. I threw the lemonade glass and threw myself on top of him. I guess he had been wanting to the entire time because the second our lips touched, his tongue roughly dug into my mouth as he kissed me so hard I could barely breathe.

I pushed him away, gasping for breath, as I undid his pants and pulled out his dick. It was the biggest dick I had seen in my entire life, at a huge 12 inches, with no exaggeration. I Bent down and sucked it as hard as I could. He moaned in appreciation and then he rubbed my tits until my nipples were hard and erect like never before.

Finally I couldn't handle it anymore. I literally ripped off his clothes and begged him to fuck me with all he had. Without any condom, he gladly inserted his huge cock into my tight pussy. He came immediately, as did I and we continued on for at least an hour before he became soft. It was the best fuck of my entire life and I pray that my air conditioning breaks again so I could experience another pleasure like that.

Man’s Story: No-Tell Lover

I was having an affair with this woman I thought was really cool until one day she dropped hints that she might call my wife and tell all. I knew I had to get something on her so I put a plan in action.

I called her to meet me at a motel so we could fuck. She got there and I told her I wanted to tie her up and blindfold her and dominate her. She loved the idea and stripped quickly. Once I got her in place I set up a video camera and let in a friend of mine. He was a black guy who was known to be hung and I knew she didn’t like interracial action. I got her worked up and let him take over.

She sucked his cock like a wild bitch and begged to be fucked. He took his place and put his 10" dick in her and she came as he teased her by running only a part of his massive dick in and out of her. Finally she begged for it all to be put in her and he did. She came so hard she soaked the bed like she had peed.

He fucked her through 4 orgasms before she was begging for a load of cum. He finally unleashed his load in her and she screamed in orgasm as he filled her and the cum ran down her ass. He pulled his dick out and let her suck it clean and I untied her so she could get at it better. She was still blindfolded though. As she sucked he held her head and came again, this time in her mouth so she could get a better taste.

As she hungrily swallowed his load I took off her blindfold so she could see who she was sucking and fucking and that I had the camera rolling. He left and I told her if she ever tried to fuck me over, the tape would get around to those who knew her. Then I had her lay back and let me fuck her for good measure.

Woman’s Story: Cum Together

One warm night, my boyfriend had just left on business, I was sitting in my apartment missing him. I took out my vibrator and started sucking on it, pretending that he was there while I rapidly rubbed on my wet pussy. In the next room over I could hear my roommate moan as she fucked her boyfriend and he came in her. They were both the hottest people, her with gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes with her tiny body and huge boobs, and him, with his gorgeous tanned body, brown hair and green eyes and six pack. She had shown me his naked pictures before, and he had a huge throbbing cock.

I moaned with her as I slid my fingers in and out of my soaking pussy, and I heard her leaving the room. I leaned back, fully exposing my freshly shaved cunt in that slightly slutty way I knew would make her look. As I continued throat fucking my vibrator, I felt her looking at me, and as she walked in I took my fingers out, and she slid her warm tongue in my pussy.

I turned her around and while she was eating my wet sloppy cunt, I shoved my vibrator into hers, as I licked her asshole. Soon after, her boyfriend regained his composure and came looking for her. His massive dick rose so high when he saw us fucking each other. He lifted my roommate off of me and sat her on my face, her dripping wet pussy and all, as he slid his throbbing cock in and out of my pussy.

He pounded me harder and harder as he tweaked one of my nipples and sucked on the other. I think my roommate began to grow jealous, because she soon got off of tongue and took over him. Now, I was sitting on his face while he thrust his tongue in and out of me and worked over my clit, all the while fingering my asshole. She rode him hard and my roommate and I came instantaneously.

Once again, we decided to switch. My roommate ate my pussy like only a woman could and shook me to my inner core. I deep throated his huge cock as he chomped on her wet slit. I came seven times that night, each time harder than I the last. Every time my boyfriend goes away on business, we continue our little tradition, and he has yet to find out.

Man’s Story: Sex Toy Shopping Spree

Me and my girl went out shopping one day as it was my b'day. She maintained that she wanted to get me a present, even though I said don’t bother. Anyways, we were walking through the shopping center looking and looking, when she came across a lovely watch. I said it was too expensive and shouldn’t spend that much on me, but of course she did!

Anyhoo, as we got back into the car to drive home she saw the adult shop "Sweethearts" and she told me in a sexy way to pull over. I was surprised but I ended up finding a parking place after about 5 minutes. She walked into the shop and went over the pornos (luckily we had installed a DVD player in my car that week!) and saw one that tickled her fancy. So she grabbed that along with another 5 or so.

Then she went over to the dildos. I was COMPLETLY amazed. I’d been going out with her for about 7 months, but NEVER once did I see this side of her! Anyhoo, she saw one which was named "double delight" which is double dildo for anal and vaginal sex at the same time, and she of course bought it. We then went back to the carpark (and by this time it was fairly dark), and I said "Honey, I should try on the watch to see if it fits" And she agreed.

While I was trying on the watch, she was grabbing my hard cock, and it was like it was impossible by this time to keep her hands off of me. Then I said, "Hon, it doesn’t fit by about a centimeter." She exclaimed, "Who cares. It didn’t even cost that much. Now let’s fuck!"

I was very surprised but I put the watch in the box and sat in on the driver’s seat. We went into the back of the car and we were full on fucking in next to no time. Half way through I felt bad because she had spent so much money on me for something that didn’t fit so I said, "What about the watch?" She then got off of me and put her hands on her hips, leaned over and grabbed the watch, threw it out the window and said "Oh, fuck the watch!"

She then put on one of the pornos which showed you positions. We then tried them all and with a massive groan we came at the same time! We fucked about another 8 times then drove home. I was freaking out about the watch which cost $1500! But she soon took my mind off of it when she gave me head while driving! When we got home we fucked about another 5 times and then decided to hit the hay. It was a fun day. All I expected was a cheap present for my b’day, but I got a broken 1500 dollar watch and a whole lot more!

Woman’s Story: Meet Me in the Alley

It was a long day at work and I was beat. I wanted to go home, soak my feet and sip a glass of wine. I was going to take a shortcut to my car through an alley. It was pretty dark so I walked pretty fast.

As I was going through the alley someone pulled on me and pushed me to the ground and tried to rob me. I decided to make a deal with him so he wouldn't kill me since I had no money. I said I'd have sex with him for a year in exchange for my life. He hesitated, then said, “You got a deal.” He would meet me in the alley every night, blindfold me, and take me to his place.

He did all kinds of freaky things to me. He had this weird harness that you hung on the ceiling, and he would strap me in and eat my pussy till I came all over his bed. He would cuff me to the bed and fuck me till I passed out.

Sometimes he would invite 4 friends over. Two fiends would fuck me in the pussy at the same time, two friends tearing my ass up and the guy from the alley had his dick down my throat.

Even though the sex was supposed to last a year, it lasted 3 more years because we ended up marrying.

Woman’s Story: Traveling Sex Toy Salesman

I was watching a movie when this dead hot guy rang my door bell. He was selling out sex toys so I told him to come in. He started saying how gorgeous I was and then I heard him undo his pants. I suddenly felt horny as ever, and even though I didn't know him, I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me hard. And that is exactly what he did.

First he stripped me and started to play with my clit. I remembered what my mate told me about men loving to do a 69, so I did it. Then he exploded in my mouth. He said, "Enough playing. Now let’s get to the real bad boy stuff.” I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it when I came. He came soon after.

When I woke the next morning he had already left. I felt so ashamed that he didn't enjoy my sex. Then I heard the toilet flush. It was him. He came into the room and we fucked again for hours and hours. Occasionally we fuck when he comes to my house. But I will never forget that first night and morning after.

Man’s Story: Sex Education

I was holding the stool on which my history teacher was standing. My face was just an inch away from her round perfect ass. I did not move my face from there, then I could feel her ass. It was feeling so nice that I could not react and just continued to feel it.

Now something incredible happened. When my teacher lifted the skirt she was wearing, I saw that she was not wearing any underwear. She then turned and leaned over me and gave me a passionate kiss. Slowly she unzipped my fly and bent down to take my hot, hard organ in her mouth. She then gave me the most amazing blowjob.

We were in the school library so it was a risky place. She took me to her house (where she lived alone). We then had two hours of sex and from then on I regularly go to her house on every weekend for sex education from a history teacher.

Man’s Story: Mother-Daughter Threesome

I had been dating this girl for about 2 months when she first invited me over to her house for a sleep over. I was 20 at the time and on summer break from college. She was a year younger and was amazingly hot. She also had this incredibly hot mom, who must have been around 40, but still irresistibly sexy.

I was sleeping on the couch that night when I woke to someone sitting down next to me. I started to get up but a hand pushed me down and started to pull off my boxers. She bent over and began to give me one of the world’s greatest blow jobs and finally I shot cum all over her face. She began to pull down her tight pajamas and I saw a huge black thong which turned me on sooo much.

She came on to me and began straddling me hard. She started to moan and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me as hard as you like." I stopped, recognizing the voice. It was not that of my girlfriend but of her hot mom. Then all of a sudden I heard my girlfriend’s voice up the stairs. "Jeff, is everything all right?"

She started to come down and saw me in her mom. She stopped dead and all of a sudden came down and asked for a ride. I ended up 69ing with her and fingering her mom’s wet pussy. It was a good thing the dad was a heavy sleeper or I could have gotten in real trouble. We continued to have these threesomes all through college and it’s some of the best sex I’ve ever had.

Man’s Story: Insatiable Interviewer

I was selected by my school for an international scholarship to a university in America. I had passed all the tests and now only the interview was left. I received a message telling me about the venue of the interview and was told a lady would be taking my interview.

I reached her house in the evening, and when she opened the door, my jaw dropped open. She was no ordinary woman, but a young hot brunette. She was wearing only a bathrobe!

My eyes were drooling over her big sexy tits which were protruding out. I brought myself back to my senses and she welcomed me in. After talking for a while, I noticed that she was starting to get aroused! She deliberately loosened the knot on her gown and when she stood up, it just fell open, exposing two of the most remarkable boobs I have ever seen. She was slightly tanned and her nipples were firm and erect!

Then she said: “I am sure a young man of your age has seen a naked woman before,” to which I nodded. She then took off her gown complaining that it was hot. All that was left on her body was a very sexy pink colored underwear!! She sat down next to me and started the interview.

I noticed that while listening to my answers she was slowly fondling her breasts. The thing that really turned me on was that I saw that her panties had turned from pink to dark pink and I knew she had an orgasm.

She interrupted me by saying that something was itching her on her left ass cheek and she asked if I could scratch it! No way was I blowing away this chance. I readily agreed and she lay on the couch with her ass facing up to me. I slowly started to caress her ass and swore that I heard her moan! I started rubbing her ass cheeks slowly and bought my face close to her to smell the fumes coming from within her love hole! She saw me and smiled! That was the green light!

I started to pull her underwear off with my teeth in a sensual manner. Then I came up behind her and buried my face deep into her ass. It tasted like heaven! I could feel her muscles contraction against my face as I licked her delicious ass. By now she had started moaning and panting begging me to fuck her. I continued to kiss and lick every part of her ass while she thrust my head further in. Then I turned her over and we started kissing.

She licked my face and I started to suck her neck while she moaned, “OH GOD, YES, YES. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..oh yeah!” I slowly made my way down to her boobs and took one of them into my mouth. They tasted so sweet and yummy that I sucked her nipples for a good 10-15 minutes.

She then asked me to strip. I quickly stripped naked and she got down on her knees and started playing with my cock. At first she just stroked it but slowly she took the whole thing into her mouth and gave me a fantastic blow job! I asked her if I could cum in her mouth but received no reply as she was licking the precum, which was now dropping extensively. I took that as a yes and shot my load deep into her mouth!!!

After that she fell down on the couch. I slowly spread her legs to reveal a pink shaved pussy already dripping with her hot juices. She started fingering herself and suddenly pulled my face into her pussy. I devoured inside her for a long time using my tongue and fingers. Very soon she splashed her juices all over my face, which did not bother me, and I continued licking her pussy.

Her legs wrapped around my shoulders and soon I inserted a finger into her ass. This resulted in another orgasm and as I looked up she was biting her lip to stop from screaming with pleasure. But I was not finished! I pulled her up, turned her around so that her ass was facing me and slowly pushed my 7-inch-long warrior into her moist pussy. I fucked her doggy style as her long hair flew all over her body. She pulled my hands up to her tits and I started rubbing them. She was moaning with sexual pleasure: “OH YES, YES, FUCK ME HARDER, HARDER………….oh yeah, yeah…………TAKE ME NOW ……..uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm”.

I finished by shooting my load deep into her pussy. She pulled my dick out and licked it clean. But she wanted more! We fucked throughout the night in various positions. I came over her ass and her tits. Luckily no one was at her home as the screams would have attracted everyone!! She granted me the scholarship and we had sex several times again. Each time she tried something new. I haven’t seen her in over year now, but God I miss licking her ass really bad!!!

Man’s Story: Hot for Teacher

It's not very often when you find a hot teacher, but at my school, there was one babe in particular. She was a hot, blonde haired beauty that was about 21 or so. I didn't understand why she was teaching because she had such model type features. Anyways, after basketball practice one day, I couldn’t help to hear voices in the Staff Room as I walked by. It was a sexy voice, and I had such an urge to cum.

It was around 5, so most teachers and students weren't at the school. I knew it was my chance. I entered the Staff Room, not knowing who was in there. Then I saw her. She was sitting at the table, reading some essays as she asked..."Hey! What are you doing in here?" I answered, "I just, uh, well, you’re fucking HOT."

At that moment it happened. She came over to me and said "I've wanted to fuck you for so long and no one’s here, what do you think?" I answered with no other than, "Baby, FUCK!" I started to lick her neck and nibble her ear as she slowly ripped open my shirt, rubbing her hands along my chest. I couldn’t help but to open her shirt, so I did and started nibbling on her fresh, moist tits.

She started making sex screams and urged me to get into her sexy pussy. After minutes of making out, we were both naked and ready to bone. I lifted her onto the table and threw all the sheets on the ground. "FUCK ME NOW!" she screamed as she stroked my 10 inch cock. She was on her knees she sucked my dick intensely for minutes, as I moaned.

It was so good I couldn’t take anymore - I had to fuck her. I put her legs up on my shoulders and put my cock slowly into her pink tight pussy. It started off slow, but as we got rolling I fucked and fucked until she screamed in pain. I was about to unleash my load right there, but kept it in, knowing there was still anal to go. I rolled her over and pushed my cock up her ass, going doggy style for minutes.

After some time of intense anal fucking, she lay on the table as she went cowboy on me. It was the best sex ever as we fucked until dark. Just to end the night, I came all over her pussy, not caring where it went. She cleaned it up with her mouth. We made out for another 10 minutes until she said goodbye and that we should do it again another time. Who knew teacher sex was so damn good.

Man’s Story: Strip Pool

My wife and I were over to our friend’s house for New Years. It had become a bit of a tradition for us since we got married. The wife was pregnant with twins and almost due, so it had been months for me without sex, unless you call jerking off sex.

Well, as the night wore on I got chatting with a friend (Jane) of my mate’s wife (Michelle). At about 10 pm my wife turns to me and says she is tired and is heading to bed, so I kissed on the cheek and said goodnight. I went back to chatting with Jane and as the New Year came we kissed each other on the cheek and said happy New Year.

At about 2 am there was just me Jane and Michelle awake. The other guys had passed out or gone to bed. Jane suggested a game of pool so we started playing, when Michelle said, “Let’s make it fun and play strip pool. For every ball you don’t sink you have to loose some clothing. I was a bit taken aback at first with the alcohol and the idea of seeing both them naked or at least partly naked, but I took control and said sure, why not.

First up was Jane. She lost her shoes. “Too easy,” she said. Then Michelle lost her skirt right up, but her shirt covered past her ass, so nothing to see there. Then me, and I was fine. I sunk the first and then the second shot, then the girls missed their next two. Michelle was standing there with nothing but her panties on and Jane had lost her top, and to my and Michelle’s surprise, when she took her skirt off, she wasn't wearing any underwear.

My cock was already rock hard from the idea of seeing her, but when Jane was standing there with her huge breasts and nicely shaved pussy on display my cock started to ache. Michelle said, "Jane, when did you loose your panties." Jane said, "About three hours ago. They were soaked from my pussy juice. I have been horny all night."

Jane looked at me and said, “Your turn.” As I went to play my shot, Jane dropped to below the table and crawled under and unzipped my jeans. Out sprung my cock hitting her in the face. She said, "I see I ain't the only one with no underwear on." By now my head was spinning. It had been months since I had a blow job because the wife doesn’t like giving head. Jane quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking. Michelle moved in to join her and they soon took turns slurping my cock. It wasn’t long before I came shooting my load over Jane's face and tits. Michelle quickly licked and sucked my cum from Jane’s body.

Jane laid on her back and pulled me down to her. She said she didn’t want me to fuck her because that’s for her husband to do, but she needed something. She grabbed her tits and pushed them around my cock and said fuck me now. As I began to fuck her I soon found out her tits were full of milk and with each stroke I took, her tits squeezed out large amounts of milk all over my chest and cock which created great lubrication for me and I fucked her even harder.

As I fucked, Michelle was eating her bush out and sucking up every bit of pussy juice she could. Just as Jane was about to cum she grabbed my cock again and started sucking, which in no time had me cumming again. She swallowed a mixture of cum and her milk.

I collapsed over her and Michelle slipped up behind me and started squeezing Jane’s tits, squirting milk all over me. I rolled off and both Michelle and Jane started licking the milk off my chest and cock. Michelle worked on my cock and got me hard again, and slowly I worked my cock into her tight ass and began to fuck herself with my cock.

Jane straddled my face and I licked her pussy and tasted the sweet taste of pussy juice for the first time in almost 9 months. Michelle quickly climaxed and fell to the floor. I was spent. I couldn’t have fired another load if I needed it. Jane stood up and said, “I am going for a midnight dip. Who’s with me?” It was really a way of washing ourselves without a shower. We kissed each other goodnight and went to bed. I slept in till 1pm and when I got up Jane and her husband had gone and Michelle just winked and said, “Hell of a night last night, huh?”

Woman’s Story: Butthole Buddies

My husband and I had separated for a few months and I was really missing his big cock. I stopped by his house one day to seduce him. As we were sitting on the couch talking dirty to each other, our 22 year old neighbor stopped by to see how I was doing. She snapped to what was going on between my husband and I and made it very clear that she was interested in doing both of us. We agreed as she is very hot!

The neighbor and I started kissing. It was my first time ever to kiss a woman and it made me very horny. She then started to play with my nipples and I quickly removed my blouse for her. My husband was so turned on that his cock became rock hard. The neighbor and I continued sucking each others nipples while we undressed my husband. My husband would take turns rubbing our clits and fingering out holes. I was so wet and so was she.

My neighbor said she wanted to lick my clit so I immediately laid down and spread my legs. As she was going down on me and rubbing my nipples, my husband slid his huge cock into her butthole. She moaned and I asked her if she liked it and she said yes, hit me hard with your cock. My husband obliged by pumping her hard while she brought me closer to orgasm.

I told my husband to pull out when he got ready to cum and to shoot his load on her ass. As he pulled out and came all over his young, silky smooth ass, I exploded into her mouth. She had her finger in my butthole and I wanted more and more! As my husband came, I licked it off her butthole.

We then changed positions and I started to lick her vagina and finger her butthole. My husband was ready for another round and put his still hard cock into my butt. As he did that, I began to suck her clit. I stopped long enough to put my tongue in her butthole. This was all it took. As soon as I returned to her vagina, she came with a thunder into my mouth. And my husband shot his load into my butt. We were all so horny that we each had multiple orgasms this day. I'm thinking about getting back with my husband just so I can be closer to her too. What a way to cum.

Man’s Story: Orifice Assistant

One day after stopping in to see my wife, her assistant asked who the good looking older guy was, and mentioned that she would like to try an older man one time. She got embarrassed when my wife told her I was her husband but that her comments were OK. That weekend we ran into her while we were out and during our conversation my wife asked her if she still wanted to try out an older guy as I would help her out but she had to be very discreet about it.

We took her home and I treated to an oral delight that sent her through four body-shaking orgasms. She looked down at me and begged me to fuck her. My wife agreed and I mounted her. She gasped as my 8" cock split her lips and entered her and I pushed my full length into her, spawning another orgasm. I fucked her for about an hour before I finally blew a nut deep inside her hungry pussy.

She kissed me and thanked me for the best sex she had ever had, and thanked my wife by getting between her legs and licking her pussy until she had two orgasms herself. She dressed and left and I fucked my wife until we both came and fell out from exhaustion. I guess we have a new playmate for a while.

Woman’s Story: Desperately Horny Housewives

My husband works regular hours with a one-hour commute. Our children are at college. The married woman next door to me, who is my age (40s), had been flirting with me for some time. I enjoyed the attention and I was curious.

We were both internet savvy, and one morning she said she wanted to show me something at her house. It was a lesbian porn site with pictures and stories. We looked at it for a few minutes, sipping our coffee in silence. Our breathing sped up and she rubbed herself a little through her jeans and said, “That feels nice.”

She then more or less ignored me, moving to the sofa and undoing her jeans, slipping her hand down and masturbating slowly and quietly. I thought now or never, walked over and said, “Let me?” and helped pull her jeans and panties off, and lay her length-wise on the sofa. She closed her eyes. I stroked her clitoris and vagina and she came in about half a minute, thrusting against my hand.

I was wet. I stepped out of my pants and panties and lay down on the floor with my thighs as far apart as I could. My friend knelt above me in the sixty-nine position, dipping her head into my groin as she spread her knees to lower herself onto my face. She sucked and nibbled with her lips and tongue and rubbed her own vaginal juices all over my face. When I climaxed she pushed her fingers into my vagina and I sucked her clitoris as we both let out muffled screams, shaking with the thrill of it. We have done this more or less regularly in the last month, and it’s the most exciting sex either of us has had.

Woman’s Story: Hot Wet Foursome

It all just happened all of a sudden. A hot wet foursome. My best friend and I were friends for many years before it went down. Me, her, and a couple of male friends got really drunk and really horny. Before you knew it one of the guys started eating my wet pussy right in front of them.

I was so turned on and so was my best friend. She started sucking my nipples until they were rock hard. The other guy started to eat her pussy. She was loving it. Both guys fucked us doggy style. They switched up, both fucking us as hard as they could. That is how we like it.

We sucked their dicks, switching up, of course. Then we started fucking each other in a 69 position. Both guys watched, and of course jacked their dicks. We ate each others pussies for hours, fingering each other in the ass and the pussy. We both came at the same time. We ended the night with two fat loads down our throats. Cumtastic!!!!

Man’s Story: Sweet Smell of MILF

I was home from school. We used to hang out at my friend Nathan's house because he had a pool. His parents got divorced and so it was just him and his mom at the house.

We were hanging out drinking one evening and I went in to go to the bathroom. My friend’s mom asked if I could carry a box upstairs for her. I said sure. When we got to her bedroom she asked me to put it in the closet. When I turned around, she was right in front of me and started kissing me really hard. I didn't know what to do. She reached down and went in my trunks and started grabbing my cock.

She hiked up her skirt and put my hand on her pussy. It was really wet. She whispered in my ear, "See how hot you make me.” She pushed me over to the bed and onto my back, pulled my trunks down and got on top of me. She rode me hard and really fast, rubbing her clit until she came.

She told me to tell her when I was ready to come and when I did she jumped down and sucked me while I nutted. It was really wild and I still can remember the smell of her perfume when I am walking through a department store.

Woman’s Story: Face-sitting Babysitter

I have two kids, so of course I had to have a babysitter. I found a college girl who would sit with the kids while I was working. One night I came home late. The kids’ father had picked them up for the weekend, but the babysitter was still there asleep on the couch.

I quietly headed to the bathroom to shower and as I was undressing she walked in. I apologized and tried to cover up but she said, “No, I want to see.” So I showed her my body and my shaved pussy. She came to me and began to rub my hot wet pussy and kiss me. She laid me down on the shower floor, turned the water on, and began eating my juicy pussy. I finally came all over her face as she licked me clean.

I was scared to return the favor but she pulled my face into her pussy. I just did what I thought was right and she came in no time. Now we do this every weekend that the kids are with their dad.

Woman’s Story: “Good Times”

I was sitting at home, reading the daily newspaper. I heard the doorbell ring and quickly went to answer it. The woman there looked familiar and I remembered it was my old friend Rachel. "Hi, Kelsey!" she said. I replied and said, "Hi, Rach." I gave her a tour of my house.

I showed her the dining room, the kitchen, and then my room. We sat on my bed, legs almost touching. "You've become quite a woman!" she said. And that's when it started. She began to gently kiss my neck and then she slammed me onto the bed. She quickly was kissing my cheek as she unbuttoned my shirt. My breasts popped out, full as daylight.

She began to suck my tits and I had a sensation going up and down my body! I undressed her and starting sucking her tits. "OH RACHEL!" I said with a moan. "IT'S BEEN SO LONG!!" She took off my pants and began to lick my pussy. Then she fingered me. I did the same to her and we began to ride each other.

We rammed our bodies up and down on the bed and I remembered the good times we had in the summer. She began to lick my pussy yet again, and then I sucked her boobs. After we both could not move, she said "Good times!"

Man’s Story: Hoovering Housecleaner

This happened just two weeks ago. It was just like any other normal day until our new cleaner walked through our front door, my Mum had asked me to show her around the house and to tell her what was what. She had a short uniform which was quite revealing. I was already horny and the sight of her perfect legs and large breasts was sending me over the edge.

My Mom was out so we were all on our own in the house one Wednesday. The sexual tension had been strong and growing for days and then out of the blue she made a move. I was sitting on the couch in our living room and while she was cleaning around, she asked "Fancy some fun?" I answered "Yes" without a doubt in my horny mind.

She bent down on her knees and began to caress my piece, which was in a pair of tight jeans and was bursting to get out. We then walked up the stairs taking each others clothes, till she was in her underwear and me in my Calvins. We lay down on my bed and she climbed on top of me, and slowly took her bra off teasing me. Her dark nipples stood to attention and by now my seven inch tool was oozing pre cum and I was dying to fuck her hard.

She lowered herself on to me and kissed me. Her lips kissed my chest and stomach, and eventually she reached my hard cock. She pulled it out of my Calvins and kissed the shaft gently and then worked her mouth over the top of my helmet.

I eased it gently until it was more of less all the way in. She began to move up and down, and I moved my pelvis in rhythm with her. She was pumping so fast, I knew I was going to blow any second. I was moaning so loud, the pleasure was unbearable. Her hot lips moving up and down made me cum so hard. I came in her mouth and then on her tits. It felt so good. After this event we have gone further sexually. It was only this weekend I fucked her up her tight ass, but that’s another story.

Woman’s Story: Lesbian Strippers Gone Wild

I am a stripper at a Las Vegas show and bi, and I saw a man loving it intensely. He was hot, and I could actually see his bulging penis in his pants. I ended the show and he came up to ask me for my autograph. I told him, sure come here.

My dressing room is my penthouse apartment, because I live upstairs. I have a 6 bedroom, 3 living room, 6 bathroom house. He was amazed. I told him that I didn't have a pen so we had to come up here. I went into the kitchen and got a pen. Instead of giving him an autograph, I pulled down my skirt and stuck the pen inside me. He loved it. I actually saw a huge wet spot on his pants. I liked that too.

I pulled him into the bathroom and pushed him in the hot tub. We had some fun there. We stripped and rubbed each other all over. His penis was as big as I imagined. Even bigger. He caressed my breasts while my lesbian lover came in. I said, “I can explain,” but instead she just stripped for us. It was better and sexier than me stripping. It was so nice. He ended up grinding me and her. I’m still with her and our sex is every night. Imagine.

Man’s Story: Call Your Friend

Me and my girlfriend were going out with each other for like a year. Me and her often talked about having sex, until one night when me and her had just got back from a party and when I parked in the driveway she put her hand on my lap and I was wondering, "Hmm.. does it mean what I think it means?"

So she leaned over and started to kiss me over and over. We were making out in the car until she said, let’s go inside, but let me call my friend. She got right up and ran to the door, restlessly.

Then her friend arrived. I was like, WOW! She was a really busty blond. Me and her got inside, making out in the doorway and then we moved to the bedroom. I put my hand up her skirt fingering her and she put her hand on my chest almost ripping off my shirt. I was like "WOW!". She was hornnnyyyyy.

We were laying in bed touching each other until I used my teeth to take off her thong. She giggled a little. Now she wasn't wearing anything. We were both laying naked, and she asked, “You want to use the condom." I was like, "Hell no!!!!"

My cock was rock hard so she jumped on my cock back and forth again and again!!! Me and her were sweating, then her friend comes and says, “My turn.” She didn’t waste any time, she just put my cock in her so deep she screamed! And while it was in there I was sucking her nipples while my girl was thinking of what to do next.

After three magical hours of fucking we went to sleep. The girls got up about 7 a.m. and started touching me for like the tenth time in one night. My girl was getting a blowjob while her friend was kissing me. Then I put it in her friend while I was eating my girl alive! They both screamed, I think waking the whole block!

Woman’s Story: Poolside Porn Shoot

Once I was sitting by my pool admiring my pool cleaner. He had a friend that was also a hottie, but he had a camera and I couldn’t figure out why. At one point he started mucking around pretending to film me and we both started laughing, then he walked over to his friend and whispered in his ear. They both walked over to me and asked me if I would like to help them with a little film they were making .....a porn film. I said yes, for some reason but I thought it would be fun.

Me and my pool cleaner both sat at the end introducing ourselves. I told them my name and they asked how I was etc, etc. Then I pulled down the pool cleaners pants and gave him a blow job. He pulled down my top and started play with my tits when he came all over them.

We then walked over to the pool and he took off my bottoms. He started eating me out. His tongue went in so deep I had a huge orgasm. I couldn’t stand it so I pushed him away. Then he started pumping me. I started moaning so loud all I could do was look at the camera and moan. I could feel his huge cock in me so deep that I came and pussy juice covered his cock as he slipped it out. I felt satisfied that I didn’t have to stand that mind blowing orgasm again.

He flipped me on my stomach and took me from behind. I started talking dirt, saying how his cock was so big and my orgasms were so intense. He came inside me and filled my pussy with his cum. I couldn’t believe it was possible to feel that penetrated. I felt so satisfied then to my disappointment they both left with my new film.

Later on I discovered it on a website, where it was called Amateurs by the Pool. I am pretty happy that it’s on a website, though, because people know me now. I also got a job in porn videos and make thousands. I'm not ashamed of what I did and the outcome was magnificent. Now I own a huge mansion by the beach with different men coming in and out also coming in and out of me.

Woman’s Story: You’re a Winner!

One day when I was at work my secretary called to let me know that someone was there to see me. I could tell that something was suspicious in her voice. But before I tell you what happened next, you have to know something. A few weeks before I entered a sex story contest and the winner got a visit from one or two porn stars to fulfill your every desire. I didn't know if I had won at this point. No one had contacted me. So I told my secretary to send them in to my office.

A very sexy woman came in. I'm not a lesbian but I had always fantasized about going down on another women. She sat down and said "Hi, I'm Tammy. I'm here to tell you about you winning the sex story contest." She winked and hiked up her schoolgirl shirt. “Are you interested?" she asked. "Oh yes," I replied.

She started to unbutton her shirt, letting her perfect tits hang about loosely. She slid down her skirt to reveal no panties. Instead a wet, pink shaved pussy came out. "So, do you mind a women wanting to suck, slurp, kiss and caress your pussy?" she asked. "No way," I answered.

She came over to me and sat with her pussy almost touching mine through my skirt. Tammy started kissing me passionately. At first I was hesitant, but one look at her soft and gentle mouth and I kissed her with all I had. We were sucking on each other’s lips and I could feel my wet pussy through my panties.

She started licking her way down my neck and undressed me at the same time. She was sucking on my stomach and nipples. They were so hard. When she was done teasing me there, she licked each of them, making them melt like Hershey kisses. Tammy started sucking my belly button almost like it was my clit. It felt exhilarating.

Then slowly she built up a lot of tension in my wet lips without even touching them. I was about to explode with a gush of juices, and when I did she slowly worked her way up from my thighs and slurped it all up. She was sucking on my clit in such a way I started screaming pure ecstasy. I didn’t care if my coworkers heard me, it was just too good.

Then with a sudden thrust her perfect tongue was inside of me. In and out, in and out, it was too much. I honestly couldn't take her sweet pleasure. But, I didn’t tell her that. I was coming and coming. My juices squirted all over her sexy face. I closed my eyes once she started slurp my juices from my clit again.

I heard my door open then close, and when that was happening Tammy changing positions. With a thrust, I suddenly felt a warm cock go into me. It was hitting all of the right places. I looked up and saw a cock at least 11 inches hitting my G-spot. "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed as loud as I could. I was having a threesome with two horny porn stars! They kept hitting all the right places. With Tammy on my clit and a random big-cocked guy on my G, I couldn't take it. I swear it felt like no other amazing sex there was.

Both of a women's sex parts on my body were being thrust and sucked so deeply I was in pure ecstasy. I pushed Tammy's face into harder with my legs.” Keep going, bitch! Kiss me, suck me, lick me. Just keep going you dirty whore! " This made Tammy work harder. "Ooohh!" I screamed. “You too. Dirty bastard!" He went deeper into my shaking body every time.

They both looked at each other and stopped. At first it didn’t come to me. But then I realized through the pleasure that he stopped, when he was hitting my G, and Tammy hitting my sensitive spot on my clit. I started screaming and screaming as I clenched onto Tammy's body.

They continued for about an hour more. I had at least 15 orgasms. She continued sucking on my puffy, wet pussy, as Derek (which I later learned was his name) shoved his beautifully big cock into my G-spot. To this day it all seemed so surreal. But, I will never be able to get those same 15 orgasms in a row again. And I will always remember it.

Woman’s Story: Now I’m the Office Slut

It was the day after Thanksgiving and me and my co-workers had to go into the office to do office clean up. I work at a dental office and there was only me, the associate doctor and the two guys from the lab that day. (Two of the guys were married, the associate doctor and one of the lab techs, and one didn't have a girlfriend and I didn't have a boyfriend at the time.) The other 3 girls called in sick, a case of too much alcohol the night before, and the main doctor was in Hawaii with his wife

Well, we finished cleaning up in about one hour, since there weren't many patients that holiday week. We found some alcohol that the main doctor had stashed in the closet and decided to have a party ourselves. One thing lead to another and I ended up naked. The guys were saying it was “Flash me Friday” and since I was a bit tipsy I ended up naked in front of my co-workers.

We started playing spin the bottle, but with a twist. One of the guys did a computer print out that said: Blow Job, Ass Fucking, Two Guys on Me (the girl) and Fucked With Legs Held Spread Eagle. I didn't think much of it at the time. I though it was funny, but I didn't think the guys would take it seriously.

Of course, whenever the guys spun the bottle they would win! By the end of the day I had given each guy at least two blow jobs, they each got to fuck my ass at least once, they had turns fucking me while I was held spread eagle, and I had two guys at the same time (they each took turns in my pussy and my ass). Needless to say I was extremely sore by the end of the night and could barely walk! I had never had two guys on me before and I had cum dripping from every orifice!

After that, office clean up was never the same. I can honestly say I did enjoy myself and got a reputation at the office as the slut. So now every Friday when there is office clean up we do more or less the same thing, but now we actually go to the single guy’s house and have fun there instead. I have had sex with all of the guys there including the main doctors and have also had my first lesbian experience with the receptionist.

Woman’s Story: Now That’s a Marriage!

My husband happened to be cheating on me with a woman named Clare. Well I hated him anyway, but Clare was HOT! She and him happened to be watching the same movie I was, and when he got up to leave the theatre, I reached up and fondled her breast. She turned around and kissed me full force on the lips. I told her that Travis would always think I was better in bed, and she said let's see about that.

I was still holding on to her breast, which by the way was a 38D, and she got up and let me to the projection room. She sat down on the office chair legs spread wide, her beautifully pussy longing to be eaten. I dove right in licking and sucking and fingering. I felt her come multiple times.

While I was enjoying eating her snatch, I couldn't help but want some attention of my own. As if he had read my mind, my husband, who must have been watching, came over, ripped my pants off, and stuck his huge 9 1/2 inch cock deep inside me. He fucked me slow then quick, then he stopped and stayed inside me (which I love).

Clare's pussy kept begging for more, so I reached down and took Travis's hand and shoved his fingers in there too. He and I were both fingering her sweet pussy. Suddenly Travis started fucking me more, this time hard and fast, as fast as I had ever been fucked.

I pulled my lips off of Clare and demanded she get up so I could sit down. She quickly did as told. I laid there and felt Travis lick my pussy and Clare was fingering my snatch. I was loving it. I came all over his face and her hand and then I told her that I wanted her to eat me, and OH MY GOD! As soon as her sweet tongue touched me I was in heaven! While she was doing this I sucked Travis's sweet cock!

I told him that I thought Clare needed to be taught a lesson and he knew I wanted him to fuck her so hard and fast that his massive cock would terrorize her pussy. He did that and he let me shove my fingers in his mouth. We all came unison! And I hoped that we would be able to do it again.

He moved back in with me a few days later, and she moved in too. Well, she has since left him, but he and I are still married and we have threesomes at least once a week. THAT IS A MARRIAGE!

Woman’s Story: Shower Surprise

One time I was really horny, so I went into the shower and started to finger myself a little. I also put a little blindfold over my eyes to make things more interesting for myself. I kinda lost track of time but I kept doing it. Soon, I thought I heard something, but thought it was just my imagination. No one was home then. So I continued.

Later, I felt someone's hands touch me slightly and I almost let out a yelp. But he covered my mouth quickly and took off my blindfold. Amazingly enough, it was my neighbor - my extremely hot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, muscular-bodied neighbor. His hair was long and slicked to the side slightly and for some reason that turned me on more!

He was sitting there naked with me in the shower and his cock was HUGE! Like 8 or 9 inches, massive and hard as a rock. He told me that he wanted to fuck me for the longest time. Now, I've known him for a long time...and I wanted to fuck him too. So what do ya know, he just popped himself inside me and fucked the living daylights out of me!

He had enormous energy and great skill. He massaged my breasts and sucked on my nipples. It was heaven. We both came multiple times, as soon as we were dry. Once he was done, he got up and left, smiling and winking back at me with his last lines. "Lemme know when you're gonna take another shower. I'll be here in a jiffy."

Woman’s Story: Fanatastic Foursome

My boyfriend Teddy has always been a good gift giver but this year he outdid himself. He secretively planned a holiday trip in to a ski resort for Thanksgiving and surprised me with it. The first night there, we met Robert and Marie, a French-Canadian couple who made both Teddy and I hot to even sit beside. We sat together that evening at dinner.

From the flirting and looks she gave him, I could tell that Marie wanted Teddy. Robert's persistent hands roving up my skirt were a clear indication to me that he was anxious for more. When Marie and I went to the restroom we almost talked over each other as we confirmed our desires.

After dinner and some small talk together, we went to their room with all of us knowing what would happen next. The men had been plotting. Their clothes came off almost as soon as we got inside the room. Teddy and Robert were so different. While Teddy's cock is ten inches long, it's relatively thin. Robert was about seven inches long, but his cock was thick, I mean really thick. Later when I tried I couldn't even wrap my fingers around it completely. Teddy loves to watch me with other men and enjoyed seeing my attempt to get Robert's cock into my mouth. It was so wide I couldn't take much more than the head. Unfortunately for Teddy, Marie doesn't like sucking cock so he had to make do with her jerking him as foreplay.

From experience Teddy knows I like the sensation of being filled and he smiled as he watched me while I sank my pussy onto Robert's cock in complete ecstasy. I watched with equal excitement as Marie, who has a petite body, tried to take all of his cock into her pussy. Marie and I were both very vocal during sex. I probably came two times before Robert did. But when he did I had an outrageous set of multiple orgasms. They made me moan so loud that everybody stopped what they were doing and were looking at me when I returned to reality.

I walked over to Teddy and leaned over to kiss him. Just as our lips met, he came and sprayed all over Marie's stomach. I was in the heat of the moment still, and leaned between them and licked Teddy's cum from Marie's stomach. I'd never done that before. Teddy looked pleased.

About that time, I felt Robert probing my butthole. He worked two fingers into me and then tried to push his cock in without success. They didn't have any lube, Robert explained, as Marie doesn't like anal. I love anal.

Teddy came up behind me and pushed two fingers into my dripping pussy and worked them around. I was still loose from Robert's cock and soon enough Teddy added a third finger and then a fourth. I came again. A minute or so later Teddy pushed gently and his entire hand slipped into my pussy. I'd not been fisted before but I'll have to say it's something I'll do again. I rocked as Teddy rolled his fist inside of me for a few minutes. He took a couple of fingers from his other hand and continued to finger my ass.

Robert moved in front of me and put his cock into my mouth. I sucked on the head and took as much of it as possible into my mouth. Marie moved over beside me and started jerking Teddy's cock again as she positioned herself to watch. Teddy quickened his pace and I came again almost by just listening to the slurping sounds of his hand inside of me. I felt a gush of warmth in my throat at almost the same moment as Robert shot his cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all and lapped at his cock lean it off.

Gently cupping his fingers and turning them upward, Teddy pulled his hand out of my pussy. He took Robert's cum mixed with my juices and spread it over my ass and into my butthole. I felt Teddy's cock slip into my ass easily now that it was well lubed. Marie moved over to Robert and started stroking his cock. A few minutes later Teddy told Robert that I was ready. Teddy pulled out and Robert put the head of his cock at my butthole almost teasing me. I was so hot again that I couldn't wait. I pushed back against him and took all of his cock without stopping. I came instantly. It must have been good for Robert as it didn't take him but another minute to come. I could feel him spasming inside of my ass.

Marie came out of the bathroom where she'd gone to shower. I looked over at Teddy he was rock hard again from watching us. I didn't say a word. I took him by the hand into the bathroom, cleaned him up, and then stroked his cock hard again. I decided I'd try and deep throat him, something’s always been very anxious for me to do but I've not been able to accomplish. This time was different. He moaned loudly as somehow between still being so excited and just wanting to please him I took the most of his cock I've ever taken. I never had it happen before but when Teddy came it was in the back of my mouth. I couldn’t taste the cum, but I could tell he really enjoyed it. I didn't think he was going to stop coming. He gave me a big kiss and told me that I was incredible.

When we got back to Marie and Robert, they were sharing a drink. Later after another round of sex we all fell asleep together. We awoke finding ourselves lying on each other on a rug near the fireplace.

Man’s Story: I Have a Dream…of a Gang Bang

It was junior year and my roommate and I had gone out to some parties, drinking and just having a good time. It was nice to be away from the girls!! Of course, during the night both of our girlfriends had called us numerous times wondering what we were doing.

So this particular night, my roommate gets really drunk and tells me that he really loves his girlfriend, but had asked her to fulfill a dream of his. So I inquired as to what the dream was! He was a little hesitant to tell me. I think he couldn’t believe that he had said anything. So he tells me how he has always wanted to watch his girlfriend have drunken sex with lots of other guys (a.k.a. getting gang banged). I am amazed that this turns him on, but I am interested in where he is going with this.

He also tells me that she would be willing to do it if he promised that even though it would seem “real.” that he would screen her "anonymous" lovers somehow. So he asks if I would do that for him, to make it more “real.” He would get her in the right spot and right consciousness for it all to happen if I would do that for him. Being drunk and very turned on by the visual I agree to the task.

A week or two later, I had told some friends and they were interested, and they had told some friends. With no real screening, I tell my roommate that I have all the players ready for his "dream." He tells me to have them ready for this coming Sunday night, and she would be ready. I get everyone coordinated and he gets his girlfriend totally hammered! The setting was her passed out in someone’s bedroom, at a random party that he took her to. My roommate stripped her down to her knee socks, and shoes, that was another thing he was into. So he hid and the "dream began"!

I let in the first, second, third, fourth, and if I can remember right there were 6 anonymous lovers, not including two guys from the party that realized what was going on in their room and wanted "in.” He didn’t last in hiding for very long; soon he was out standing in clear sight watching and touching himself. I was as well, and to be honest, getting caught up in the moment, I took a turn. I swear I fucked that girl as hard as I had every fucked a girl. I remember thinking with that hazy vision you have when you are drunk, “I am going to wake her up if I can fuck her hard enough.” I don’t think she was awake for any of it, but the scene was an interesting one!

When it was all done no opening had been avoided, no decency had been spared for her, and no skin was left unsoiled with a layer of cum! I do remember her socks and shoes still being on her, and thinking that she had gone out shopping for those socks and shoes, and that she had put them on that night knowing that she was going to participate in a gang bang. She had no idea!

We took a towel from the two boys who “got lucky” and cleaned her off the best we could while gagging over the bleach smell of the cum. We put most of her clothes on her and my roommate carried her back to our place.

The next morning I remember her sleeping late in the afternoon and when she did wake up she was very quiet. She came out into our front room, still wearing the infamous socks, looked at me and my roommate, and smiled. She went to the bathroom and was in there for a long time. I could imagine that there was a lot of cleaning. Her hair was crusty!

She came out and seemed ashamed, and blushed, not knowing what taken place, my roommate comforted her. He told her that she had been fucked by about 8 people and that they had all came on her! She asked if I was one of the people and he told her that I was. She looked at me and smiled, so we showed her the video!!!!!

Woman’s Story: Please Shave Me

I have been married for 10 years and my sex life was pretty boring so I decided I was going to do something about it. The opportunity came about two weeks later. My husband had a friend over we were all pretty drunk. To cut a long story short, I had put on a really sexy outfit and walked in front of them and said, "Would you guys help me to shave my pussy." After a long silence my husband replied, "OK."

The three of us went to the bathroom and I got up on the counter and spread my legs. Before they got started I said, "To make it better for me why don’t you two strip off." After a while they agreed. but my husband said, "We will do this as long as you let us come on you." I had every intention of making them come so I replied, "Let’s see what happens."

My husband and his friend Andy stripped off. As Andy pulled his pants down, I saw his cock was already hard and was big very big. I had decided when I started this night that I would do anything. I had never been into anal sex and I never really got off on giving blow jobs, but tonight I was going to let what happens happen.

When they were done I parted my legs and they began. They lathered me first, then carefully used a razor to shave the hairs away. My husband John was letting Andy do most of the work. I got so aroused by Andy rubbing his hand so close to my pussy I nearly came then.

As the pair of them wiped away the excess lather, I reached down and wrapped my hands around their cocks and gently gave them a quick hand job. I slowly pulled them closer to me and said, "You are both turned on. Why don’t you do something about that." It took them some time to figure out that I was giving them the OK to take it further. Then I kissed them both on the lips, and when they did figure it out the fun started.

Slowly at first, they began kissing my neck, then the pair of them rested a hand on my tits and gingerly began fondle them. Minutes later they unbuttoned my top and pulled it open. John moved in front of me got on his knees and began licking me. Andy seemed shy, so I started kissing him very passionately. Finally he ran one hand under my bra and with the other hand he reached around and unclipped it. John stood up and moved to the side.

Andy very nervously moved in front of me I parted my legs as far as I could as he moved closer. Just before he was about to enter me I asked John, "Are you OK with this? Can Andy enter me?” John answered, "Heather, yes it is OK with me. I tell you what - why not make it even better for him the first time. Get on top of him. In fact I want to watch every second of it."

That idea really excited me but I did not want to seem that I was to keen so I said, "How far can I go." John replied, "It would not be fair if you did not go all the way." It was at that point I knew that I was in control and I was going to have as much fun as I could. I jumped off the counter and knelt in front of him. I slowly squeezed my tits around this cock at the same time I opened my mouth and John slid his dick in. I gently pulled Andy to the ground and crawled over him, I had a quick thought. John wanted to watch so I would give him a show.

I reached down and held Andy's cock up. I took a very long time lowering down on him. I felt the tip of his dick touch my lips then start to enter me. It took a few seconds before the whole head was inside me, then inch by inch I lowered down until he was completely inside me. This was the biggest cock I had ever had and it felt good. I leaned forward so Andy could suck my tits, which he did straight away, and I began moving back and forth. I noticed John staring at Andy's dick sliding in and out of me and this got me hotter. It was not long until I was moving as fast as I could. I was not far away from coming when Andy started to groan and push harder against me, as he was close too.

John wanted a show so that’s what he will have. I knew Andy was about to explode so I reach down and lifted off of him. Just as I pulled him out, his first shot of come spurted out. It hit me right between my labia, and it was hot. I watched John's reaction in the mirror. His eyes were popping out of his head. Before the second load came out, I dropped down sliding Andy all the way back inside me and let him finish ejaculating.

John came right then. He was not touching himself, just the sight of me fucking Andy and knowing he was coming in me made it happen. Neither Andy nor John lost their hard ons, and now I knew I could do anything. I wanted to try everything. I got them to fuck me at the same time. I had one fuck me in the arse while the other was in my pussy. I let them come on my face and tits. I sucked and fucked for hours.

Man’s Story: New Year’s Nookie

My wife and I were hosting a New Years party for several couples and singles from our work. We were all drinking and celebrating the New Year inside and outside in the hot tub. By this time several of the couples had gotten naked in the hot tub and carried over into the house. Getting aroused, I went on a search for my wife to see about joining in with some of the others in the hot tub. I looked all through the house and came upon several couples paired off and fucking. As I looked out at the hot tub I saw my wife sucking one of her co-workers off while his wife was fingering and licking her pussy.

I quickly stripped and joined them. I got behind the guy’s wife and she bent over to accommodate me. What a turn on to be fucking a woman who was eating my wife, while she sucked off her husband. Seeing this, several of the other couples had us join them inside and we switched off with several of them.

I enjoyed fucking several women that night, but the best part of the night was watching my wife pull a train of 6 guys, each one depositing his cum deep inside her waiting pussy, and then getting eaten out by her boss’s wife, who licked her clean. By the way I ended up fucking her boss’s wife and she now joins us regularly since then.

Man’s Story: Revenge of the MILF

This story blows my mind to this day. It all started when I called my friend’s house because I left some things there. His mom picked up and told me that he wasn't home, but I could come over and pick the thing up. I had always thought that this mom was hot, and I used to tease my friend by calling her a MILF.

When I rang the doorbell she answered, and I saw that there were tears in her eyes. I walked inside and a minute passed without her saying anything. Suddenly, she blurted out that her husband was cheating on her. Then, a devilish expression appeared on her face, and she asked me if I wanted to help her get back at him. Stunned by her appeal to me, I simply nodded.

She led me to her bedroom and took off her clothes. She was so hot, with D-cup breasts and a smooth pussy. I had already had sex a couple times, but nothing could prepare me for this. She sucked my dick for a while and then started to ride me, hard. Then she asked for it in the ass. I had to oblige. When we were done, we put on our clothes and she kissed me goodbye.

Woman’s Story: A Girl Who Gets Her Way

I was a girl that always got her way. I went to a bar one day and I saw this hot girl. Usually I was never interested in a girl, but she was HOT. She I came over and we started talking. Then I asked her to come over to my house to listen to some music or watch T.V. She agreed.

After we arrived at my house, she said she was so uncomfortable in what she was wearing, so I suggested that she can use my clothes. A couple of minutes later she came out with my long t-shirt and under it was a bra and a thong. I was wearing a tube top and a mini-skirt.

We started watching a movie and then she climbed on top of me and we started making out. Then she gave me a sexy lap dance. I was so turned on that I pulled her down and put my hand under her t-shirt. I pulled off her bra and I started rubbing her tits. She started moaning. Then I pulled out a dildo and I shoved it up her pussy. I started pulling it up and down. Then she took it out and got naked. Then she pulled of my clothes and there we were both naked and hot.

I lead her into my bathroom and my bathtub was huge - it could fit like 5 people in it. And we started having sex there. I never thought I could get this much pleasure from a girl. I suddenly heard the door open and close. I forgot all about my roommate. So the girl went underneath the water.

My roommate came in the washroom to get changed. The girl underneath started playing with my cunt. And watching my roommate getting undressed was hot. She was near me, so I said come here I wanna give you something. She came over and I put my two fingers into her cunt and rubbed it. She smiled and jumped in and we started making out. She started saying, "Oh, that’s feels so fucking good," but all we were doing we making out.

The girl from the bar came out. My roommate smiled and they started making out. Then we all started feeling each others cunt and tits. Both of them started sucking on my tits and it felt so good. My roommate went out to get the dildo with a strapper. She strapped it on turned me around and started humping me against the tub. The girl from the bar was masturbating at the time.

After those glorious hours we went to my bedroom. The girl from the bar said why don’t you guys take over for now. And then me and my roommate jumped on the bed. She started humping me some more. And this time I start screaming, it was so good. After, we did doggy style. She was so good at it. She whispered in my ear saying that this was her first time. I was so surprised. After that we 69ed.

Then the girl from the bar and my roommate started having great sex. Like I said, I never thought that girls can be so...wild and sexy. It was now really dark. We were hungry for more sex. We noticed that there was a bunch of hot teens outside. We invited them in and we gave them all hand jobs. We took off their clothes and they had the hottest bodies that we have ever seen. They started humping us.

The other one had to leave so the other was all ours. We gave him such pleasure and great sex. Then he said that he has never had such great sex with three fucking hot girls. I climbed on top of him and said, “You ain't seen nothing yet honey.” I started rocking on his dick. He was moaning like crazy. I grabbed my tits so hard, and it felt so good. Then he grabbed my ass and started bring me close and far, close and far.

We looked and my roommate and the girl from the bar was having sex in a different room. So we continued with ours. I started screaming FASTER, HARDER! Hours later everyone went home. So just me and my roommate were left. Let’s just say we fucked like crazy and we did it for the whole day.

Woman’s Story: Popular at Girls’ School

My best sex was in my second year of college. I was 19 and very experimental. I am a lesbian and it was well known at my university. My university is an all female school, which suited me perfectly. I was, and still am, gothic and this seemed to turn on my partners.

Anyway, I was attending a party at one of my friend’s house. I began to flirt with a sexy blonde and a big titted brunette. I convinced them to come back with me to my dorm and we began to fool around. Since I am a lesbian I had many "toys.”

We began with a striptease. The blonde was my favorite because she was a virgin and very sexy. After the striptease, I began to eat the blonde's pussy and the brunette started fucking me with a dildo. We swapped positions many times and came many times.

We have been fucking ever since and recently made a video which is now very popular on my campus. Because of that I am asked to "play" with many of my school girls.

Woman’s Story: What a Guy Will Do for Anal

Last year my boyfriend kept asking to do me up the ass. I always said no, but I was feeling super horny one day and I made a proposition for him. I told him I’ll let you do me up the ass as many times as you want on one condition: you let me act as a dominatrix for you (this meaning him letting me do anything to him).

He said yes and I was ready for it. I stripped him and tied him up, then when he couldn’t move I called some of my girlfriends over to help me. We first of all got my sexiest clothes and dressed him up in them, then started whipping him on the balls and ass. We then used a dildo on each of our asses then stuck it into his mouth. After that, we waxed his balls and legs, then it was time for the big one.

We gathered up every dildo, vibrator, and strap on we could find and used them on him. We used the dildos first, starting with the smallest (7 inches) and finishing with the longest (18 inches). We then stuck a vibrator up his ass and turned it on and left it there for half an hour (this vibe was 10 inches long). We then started to step all over his dick, then we each put on a strap on. I got the longest (15 inches) and we each did him for at least 45 minutes each.

We thought it would be a shame if no one else saw him the way he was, so we overpowered him and took him a bit down the street to a gay bar where we left a sign saying "Come and get it boys.” A couple of people came over and started kicking him, but after a couple of hours people came out of the gay bar and saw him. They immediately undid their trousers and put their dicks in his mouth. By the time the second guy had done that, I thought that was cruel enough and took him home. We then had a shower where I was pounding his ass and nibbling his dick.

In the end up he got to shag me up the ass and was upset because it only lasted 15 minutes. Me and my friends have overpowered him a couple of times since then and shagged him up the butt, and we have also stripped him in Edinburgh when we were there and left him in the street. It was snowing, and we took him back inside after 3 hours.

Woman’s Story: Pussy Showdown

My boyfriend and I have been involved in some threesomes and have even been watched by my neighbor. My neighbor has been so turned on that she's directed my boyfriend and I in fucking and used toys on us, even inviting a friend of hers to watch and play. Well, that’s another story in itself.

My boyfriend and I are always looking to try and do new people and things, so we went to a swing dance. We hit it off with a couple, and began to debate on who had the biggest clit between us ladies. I decided to be the brave one and show mine (which is man says it's a little dick). They came in for a close up since the place had dim lights. Then she showed hers. I was wet. Mine was bigger. Even her man said that I had her beat.

Time went by and we laughed, danced, and got each other horny. She gave me a lap dance and I began to rub her pussy and she moved her panties to the side for me to get into her. We kissed. I rubbed her tits, licked her pussy, and then I gave her a lap dance in which I wore a short skirt with no panties on.

I lifted my leg onto her shoulder to expose my wet pussy. She started licking my pussy. I turned around with my ass in the air towards my man. He was rubbing my ass and playing with my pussy as I ate her pussy.

We were so into it that we didn't notice the audience we had until the DJ stopped the music and there was a whole lot of eyes on us. Afterwards everyone thanked us for the great show we put on. Too bad her man didn't let her come home with us we could have had some more fun.

Man’s Story: I’m a Lucky Guy

p>I woke up to my wife sucking my dick in the middle of the night, then she came and sat on my face and I heard someone open the door. When I looked, it was my next door neighbor with no clothes at all. She came right on the bed and sat right on my dick. So now I'm eating my wife and fucking my neighbor.

About five minutes later they decide to switch and my neighbor put her sweet pussy in my mouth and my wife started to suck me dry while I ate my neighbor and had her cum in my face. My wife continued to suck every drop of cum from me and then they both sucked my balls and cock and made me go nuts.

The second time my neighbor came over this week, she and my wife ate each other while I got to fuck both of them doggie style and get my dick sucked while they ate each other. I’m a lucky man.

Woman’s Story: Lost My Cherry to Her Carrot

I was on a sleepover with my friend, Sarah, when I was 15, when I woke up in the middle of the night with Sarah lying naked on top of me. She reached below the covers and started to rub my pussy. It was the best feeling EVER.

We tip-toed downstairs and got some carrots. I lost my virginity to her carrot and she lost hers to mine. It was the best night of our lives, having given many blow jobs and finger fucks by the end of it. We are both still proud lesbians and have made sooo many home movies.

Woman’s Story: My Sister and a Stripper

Last year for New Year’s Eve, my sister and I had a huge party at our apartment, and had secretly invited some hookers and male strippers to mingle with our friends because we thought it would be funny to see them like that! We both got really drunk and all of a sudden I was seeing her true beauty - her long silky brown hair, her full lips, her perky double D cup breasts, and I told her this. She told me she felt the same way, and asked me to wait upstairs in her room.

A few minutes later, she entered the room with one of the strippers, where I had been waiting in a sexy teddy, just about to put on her huge strap-on dildo. He started taking off his clothes, and as I fucked my sister softly, she played with my boobs. When he was done undressing, he suddenly sprang on me and started fucking my ass good and hard. This went on for a while, and in the middle of it my sister got bored and took off the strap-on and started flicking her tongue in and out of my already soaking pussy.

I climaxed fast, and pulled her under me, and stuck my furry pussy in her beautiful face. Meanwhile, the stripper pulled his hard dick out of my ass and started fingering my sister. I didn't want him to feel left out, so I lay back and started kissing his hot lips, tasting my sister’s warm juices, and then he was on top of me, riding me like fucking Seabiscuit. My sister took the strap-on and put it on herself and started fucking his ass, then moved on to mine so that I had both my holes occupied.

After this went on for what seemed like a heavenly forever, we finally all collapsed onto each other, and I fell asleep with my face in my sister’s hot hairless pussy, the stripper’s face in mine, and my sister’s face in his tight sexy butt, with her arms around his huge cock.

Woman’s Story: How to Ask for a Raise

My boss is tall, dark, handsome, and best of all single. I am his personal assistant and I am totally in love with him. One day after he left, I left this message on his machine: “Sir, someone will be here to see you first thing in the morning.”

So first thing in the morning, I went and sat in his chair and faced opposite of the door. As he walked in I told him to lock the door and close the shades. He did, and it was then that I noticed his big boner. I walked over to him wearing only a long bottom shirt, no pants or even panties. I immediately unzipped his pants and revealed his meaty boner.

I moved in closer and began our make out session, moving him toward his desk. He cleaned it bare then did the same to me taking off my shirt. I removed all his clothes and he began to thrust his massive cock into me. I turned over and asked for a raise and grabbed for his cock and started sucking. He said that I had been a very bad girl and spanked me and started entering me through door #2. I was so wet and as he started to cum, I licked him dry and he did the same to me.

Man’s Story: Horny Hitchhiking Model

It was a day in the winter when I was driving my BMW X5 on my way home, when I saw a sexy model looking for a ride. As I pick her up, I ask her where she was staying. She said she needed a room at a hotel so I offered her one. I escorted her to it.

As soon as we got in, she grabbed my dick and took it out of my pants and sucked on it for a long time. Still sucking, I stripped her naked and lifted her and ate her pussy while I was playing with her breasts and putting my fingers in her pussy until she was soaking wet. As soon as she came, I lifted her onto my dick, putting her on top of me as she bounced like a ball for at least 10 min. Bouncing and bouncing.

I flip her into doggy style and then slip my dick into her ass as she cried in pain. I then was about to cum and she drove my 8-inch dick down her mouth and drank the load I gave her. I end up sleeping with her for the night and we fucked again.

She slept with my dick in her pussy and I woke up with her bouncing on it and the hotel waitress about to sit in my face. I fucked both of them, this time making the waitress bleed and the other girl absorbing my cum as I lay on my back and she sucked my dick for about 30 minutes.

Man’s Story: A Whore, but a Good Whore

My parents had some friends over for an outdoor party, and I was just bored as hell. I spent most of my time, however, staring down the wife of my dad’s middle-aged boss. She was young, about twenty-five, and one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She had flowing blonde hair, a pair of medium sized breasts, and an ass that would bring any man begging.

Anyway, about an hour into the party she came up to me and asked if I could help her find the bathroom. I showed her to the restroom and was about to leave, when she suddenly grabbed my arm and yanked me into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. “What are you doing Mrs. Reid?” “First of all, it’s Jessica, not Mrs. Reid. And second of all, I want your cock.” And before I could even say anything, she undid my swim trunks and took hold of my penis.

She was timid at first, teasing it with her tongue, but then she wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking, slowly, letting the pleasure endure longer and longer. It was the best feeling I ever had, and soon my cock was begging for mercy. I erupted into her throat, and reluctantly she swallowed up all my seed like a pro.

After swallowing it all down, she pulled out and walked out the door, as if nothing ever happened. She never even looked at me during dinner. She was a whore in my mind, but a good whore at that.

Woman’s Story: The Adventures of Bar Girl

Every week I go the bars with my friends. Tonight I was wearing a short denim skirt and a blue tank top. It’s low cut and accentuates my 36C chest very well. When we get to the bar, the first thing we do is get drinks and we dance for while. Then, as it usually happens, we meet a group of guys. Usually they are overweight, middle-aged married men that think they are going to get hot ass, but tonight I met this guy Eddie. He had dark hair and blue eyes which just make me melt.

My friends ditched me for some losers so I dance with Eddie. He buys me a drink and we go on the dance floor. They always play rap music at this club so we were grinding on each other and I could feel his hard-on. I started to move closer to the floor and was emulating oral sex on his penis and when I came back up he kissed me and moved his hands up my skirt. My pussy was already wet. I don’t know why, but the thought of having sex with a stranger is just hot.

Our tongues are in each other's mouths. He leans in my ear and says, “I love your hot pussy and I wish I could stick my tongue inside of it.” This makes want to explode, so I grab his cock and tell him we need to sneak off to be alone.

The night was still early and I didn’t want to leave the club, so we decided to sneak in the boys bathroom. It only had two stalls, but no one was in there at the time. He pulls the toilet seat down and sits down. I undo his belt and whip out his bulging 10-inch cock and take it in my hands to stroke it. “Yeah, baby,” he groans, “I want to you to suck my cock.”

I bend over his cock without bending my legs and start moving up and down. I am moaning and as I am moving my head up and down. He starts squeezing my nipples and I am fingering my clit. “Oh baby, I am going to cum.” This just makes touch myself more and suck him even harder. Then I start to moan as his juices fill my mouth, he tastes so good.

“OH GAWD” I yell as I am fingering myself. I am still licking up his cum when I feel an unfamiliar hand on my clit. I turn around and see this tall blonde guy with one hand on his cock and one hand on my clit and he says, “I just couldn’t resist that ass sticking up in the air like that.”

I told Eddie to get on the ground and lick my pussy. I stood about him with my legs spread. Then, blondie, whose name is Dan, whipped out his cock and I bent over and started sucking him just like I did for Eddie. Meanwhile Eddie is swirling his tongue around in my pussy. Finally I cannot take it anymore, “Eddie I need your dick in me now!”

Eddie sat back on the toilet and I decided to straddle him. He grabbed me by the ass and lifted me up and down and I am screaming. Eddie finally says to Dan, who is jerking off, “Dan, this slut needs some dick in her ass, now.” Dan says to me, “You want my dick in your ass, slut?” “Oh god, yes I do,” I cry.

The boys spread my ass cheeks. There is enough cum and pussy juice that Dan doesn’t need any lube. He starts out really slow, figuring out Eddies rhythm and slowing teasing me with his dick. Finally he starts to move fast as I scream. We are all in perfect rhythm. Eddie is lifting me up and down as Dan is ramming my ass with his dick.

“Oh yeah, this feels so good baby!” “AHHHHHHHHHH!” We are all screaming in ecstasy. After we all covered in each others juices, and the guys limp dicks are in me still, a bouncer comes in and says we have to leave. The boys go to start to clean up and the bouncer looks at me says, “You are a filthy whore.” I said, “I’m sorry I caused I disturbance in your club, maybe I can make it up to you.”

The bouncer and I both smiled as he pulled out his cock and leaned me over the sink and started ramming my pussy as if he had been ramming it before. “Slut, you can come in my club anytime you want, as long as promise to let me fuck you when you do,” the bouncer said.

Woman’s Story: Surf’s Up

I was out laying on the beach like a normal morning and I noticed this HOT surfer out in the water, so I just kept watching him. He was awesome at surfing. So I kept watching him and I think he noticed me looking at him, and he paddled in and walked up to me. I was so nervous, but he was a hottie and he asked me to come back to his house tonight.

So I went to the mall and picked out the CUTEST thong and a skirt, and I just put a low-cut top on. When he opened the door his jaw dropped and I started laughing. "You like it?" "I LOVE IT." So I stepped into his house and sat down on the couch across from him. I purposely didn't cross my legs to see if he would try to look up my skirt. He did. And I noticed a bulge in his pants so I got up and turned on some dancing music and made him dance with me.

I pressed up against his bulge and looked and him and smiled. I grabbed the remote and turned off the music and whispered in his ear, "Let’s go." I followed him up to "the room" and immediately threw him on the bed. I got onto the bed and crawled over to him and straddled him, making out. I stood up and took off my skirt and asked him to rip my thong. Just the thought of that makes me horny! So he did and he started eating my wet pussy, and I told him I was about to cum, and that didn’t stop him from eating me out.

I covered his face with my juices, so I told him it's my turn, and I took out his cock and immodestly put it in my mouth. I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth and he did. Then it was time for the naughty stuff. I told him to shove his HUGE cock into my ass and make me feel good. He blew his load in my ass and then we had sex in about every room in his house. IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE, and we still meet every once in a while.

Man’s Story: I Love to Shop Now

It was a warm night and my wife was out of town on a trip to see relatives for the weekend. So I went out to do some shopping and the checkout girl was wearing this tight top and white pants with a dark thong that I could see through her pants. Her top was so tight I could see her nipples.

I mentioned that it was a nice night for a swim and she asked if I had a pool and I told her yes. She said she gets off in five minutes, and could she come over and cool off, since she had been working all day and needed to relax. I gave her the address and she came over. She looked around and saw that I had a nice private backyard and took everything off right there on the deck and jumped in.

We splashed around a little and she told me to take my shorts off and she started playing with my hard cock. She was beautiful and had large firm tits and a shaved pussy. We got out and dried each other off and started to eat each other for a little while. Then I turned her over on her hands and knees and pumped her pussy until she moaned and screamed in delight. I felt my own load of cum about to shoot out and she quickly turned around and sucked my dick dry. She then asked if I would fuck her in the ass and I quickly became hard again and soon shot a load in her ass before she left. I only knew her name from her name tag, Michelle. I like to shop now.

Man’s Story: Closet Cam

My wife wanted to try something new. She mentioned to me how fun it would be to tease a young man, bring him home and fuck his brains out while I watched. She got ready with no underwear, a micro-mini, and 7" heels. We both get to the bar and she wastes no time scoping out a 20-something young man. She cuts to the chase and asks him how bad he would like to get fucked.

She takes him in the corner of the club and puts his hand up her skirt. He can feel the crotch-less pantyhose that she has on. He pulls her in the corner and pulls his cock out. He backs himself and my wife into the corner quickly. By the look on her face, he wasted no time putting his hard dick deep into her drenched pussy. They fucked for about 15 minutes until I see the look of anguish on his face. I could tell he filled her pussy full of his cum. She told him she had to get cleaned up real quick and would like to spend the night with him. She came over to me and forced my hand up her leg into her pussy. I could feel all his cum convulsing out of her.

He drives her to our home, me already in the closet with camera in hand. He tells her, Woman, I'm gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before. She goes down on him, blowing him with his cock deep in her throat. After a very short time, he moves her on the bed where he ties her up with her pantyhose he ripped from her legs.

He mounts on top of her and lubes his large cock. He puts her feet in the air and tells her she's gonna get it now. He plunges his cock deep in her ass and makes her scream. She begs him to stop but I can tell she wanted it more than ever. He made love to her ass for an hour straight until he pulled out and came in her mouth. She swallowed every last drop. He got dressed and untied her before he left.

I came from the closet and mounted her. She wanted more than ever for me to make love to her. I came three times before passing out in her arms. She said we have to do that more often. I can't wait until next weekend.

Man’s Story: Something in the Water

My parents were away for the weekend, so I asked my friend if he wanted to come over and watch a movie in my hot tub. He came over but he brought his really hot cousin along that was in the hottest bikini ever. After the movie, they left and I lay in the hot tub with my eyes closed daydreaming.

All of a sudden, I noticed something in the water. It was that the really hot chick. Except she was naked. She took me out of the water and told me to fuck her hard. I whipped out my huge cock and she started to suck it. She then tied me to a bed post so I couldn’t move and blew me even more.

I told her I was going ejaculate so she untied me quick and I did her doggy style. She moaned and screamed really loud as I fucked her really hard in the vagina with my massive cock. She kept telling me "HARDER," so I did. Then it was my turn. She leaned against the post and we had fucking sweet anal sex. She then left and we started dating.

Woman’s Story: If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

My husband Jeff works night shift as janitor. One day he left to work two hours early. I thought that it was very odd, so I decided to follow him. Since the job site is only 15 minutes away from my place, I decided to call before I left to follow him. When I called, Jeanette the receptionist picked up and told me that he wasn't going to be in for another hour and a half.

I sensed something very wrong so I went to his work site anyways. I found his car in the parking lot, so I walked in into the building. Jeanette wasn't at her desk, so I thought she was already clocked out for the day. I couldn’t just wait around for him so I went looking for him. I walked past a few offices but they weren't cleaned. So I thought that he was in the supply room getting things ready for the job. While I was walking to the supply room I heard noises coming from the boss’s office, so I stopped to ask if he saw Jeff come in.

When I opened the door, I saw Jeanette riding on Jeff’s 9-inch juicy, rock hard rod on the boss’s desk. They didn't seem to hear me come in, but I just walked in and stood at the door way watching them do their thing for a few seconds. When Jeanette opened her eyes, she saw me and jumped right off of him. Jeff was very shocked to see me and he tried to explain. he kept on saying it's not what you think, but I saw what I saw.

Instead of killing him, I was enjoying them. I started stripping my blouse and unbuttoning my bra strap. He was very confused and so was Jeanette. I told him to calm down and get back to what he was doing and to let me watch for a little bit. Not saying a word, he went back to his business.

Jeanette was very confused and afraid of what I’d do, but I just walked on over and touched her wet juicy cunt. All of the sudden she bent over and started sucking on my now rock-hard nipples. My husband was very turned on. He never knew this side of me.

Jeanette got off and I stripped down to my skirt and got on top of him. I slipped his cock right into my hot cunt. It felt so good, I came within minutes. After that great orgasm, I got off. Jeanette and I bent over and started sucking my husband’s cock.

After a while, Jeanette wanted to eat me out, of course the answer was HELL YEAH, so she bent over and ate me out. My husband started fucking her in her ass. I could see the pleasure in my husband’s eyes. Within minutes, I came again and I could also see Jeff wanting to burst. He finally pulled out his cock and exploded on both of our huge breasts. We laid around trying to recover from what just happened. Jeanette said, "We should do this more often and next time I’ll have my husband join and we'll have a blast."

Man’s Story: Emergency Meeting

I had just changed jobs and was wondering if I could make some friends. I came to my desk and noticed a girl sitting across the room with her legs crossed. She was wearing a short skirt and I could see halfway up her thigh. When she saw me looking, she surreptitiously let her skirt slide higher up her leg. Plus, she uncrossed her legs and spread them ever so slightly.

I notice her tight fitting shirt and her boobs which looked quite inviting. She gave me a wink, then spread her legs a little more and placed her hand on her thigh. Slowly, she slid it higher on her leg until it appeared she was about to touch her pubic area. I started to tighten up and gave her a smile and wink. So, I put my hand on my bulge and rubbed it a bit. No one else seemed to be aware of what was going on, so I readjusted myself and rubbed a little more vigorously.

About then I noticed she was not wearing panties, as she flicked herself and gave me a knowing wink. She then stood up and motioned me toward the water cooler. At the cooler we talked a bit, introducing ourselves and doing what we could to keep our hands off each other. She told me we could go to a conference room and get to know each other a little better.

I followed her into the room and closed the door. She turned toward me and put her hand on my groin, rubbing it until I was about to explode. So, I unzipped it and it sprang out stiff as a board, since I wasn't wearing underwear. She gasped with delight, knelt down and started sucking me until I was about to explode all over the place.

Then she motioned to the chair, so I sat down, and she mounted me. She rocked like crazy while I fondled and licked her boobs. Her moaning really concerned me, so I muffled her mouth and exploded big time. She could hardly believe it. She now wants it everyday. Yum.

I had gone to a New Year’s party with a friend after breaking up with my boyfriend. As soon as I got there I noticed a really hot guy. I was wet within seconds. He saw me and came over. I knew what was on his mind. He started to talk but I told him, “Don't say a word.”

He led me to a spare bedroom and lifted up my skirt he started fingering my clit until I came. I bent down and undid his pants, pulled out his hot throbbing dick and started to lick it in circular motions. He groaned with pleasure and I carried on until he came all down my throat. I savored every drop. He then grabbed my waist and threw me on to the bed. He fucked me hard and came all over my chest. Then I climbed on top of him. It was the best sex of my life and I didn't even know his name.

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