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Sex During Thanksgiving 

Womanís Story: First Time on Turkey Day

Me and my boyfriend had been dating for a year and we were both virgins. We had fooled around with oral a lot and had talked about having sex, but we wanted to wait till we were completely alone. On Thanksgiving that day finally came. We drove to my house from my grandparents'. We went up to my room. I went to the bathroom and put on some sexy lingerie (I knew about this day beforehand).

When I got back to the room Dan was lying naked on my bed and his cock was the hardest I had ever seen it. I lay down beside him and he started touching and sucking on my large breasts. I was soon wet and panting for his cock. He reached to my bedside table and got a condom. He rolled it on and climbed on top of me then rolled down my soaking panties.

I spread my legs wide and held them up in the air. In one move he thrust forward and his cock glided into my pussy, stretching and tearing my virginity. I cried as he lay still inside me, waiting for me to adjust. When I was comfortable, we started a slow rocking movement that built up faster and faster until he was pounding his cock into my pussy. I felt my pussy spasm and I screamed and twitched until I was done with my orgasm. Dan was still thrusting and I finally felt his cock gushing his seed into the thin condom. We lay there bodies entwined for another hour before taking a shower together and again having sex. We are still together and still having mind-blowing sex.

Manís Story: Off to a Roaring Start

My girlfriend (at the time) and I were dating for about 6 months. I wanted to have sex, but she wouldn't until I turned 18. On my birthday, I lost my virginity to her. It completely amazed me the way my hard cock felt in her nice wet juicy pussy. It didn't last long before we both had come.

The next day we went to my work and were so horny we were going to have sex in my car, but one of my friends pulled up next to us, before we started. Her and him were hungry and wanted McDonald's. He took his car and we followed him, and on the way there she gave me road head. We arrived and I wanted her to keep doing it so I could pull up to the window to pay the guy while she was sucking me, but she was too shy and stopped after I ordered her food.

Two days later was Thanksgiving and we began to get more sexual with every passing day. While my parents were home, I'd go out while she smoked a cigarette. When we got outside, I started grabbing her tits and sucking on her nipples to make them hard. She got horny really quick and we did it on the front lawn for 30 minutes. I was afraid my parents would come out and see us, but they never did.

Later that night, after dinner, she went to have another cigarette and we did it in the back of the house, right by the sliding door. We ended up having sex 12 times in the one week. I always knew I was a nympho. One of my greatest Thanksgiving moments.

Manís Story: Thanksgiving Side Dish

Last year, I attended Thanksgiving as I usually do with my wife at my in-laws' house. I thought that this year would be the same as the others, but her sister-in-law who was 3 years younger was there, and was freshly broken-up from a boyfriend. While my wife and the others were upstairs cooking and socializing, I watched the football game on the TV with my wife's sister. She was telling me about her breakup. I felt bad, so I tried to console her. She moved to the couch where I was sitting, and sat down close to me. This made me nervous, but I tried to keep calm.

She put her hand on my leg, and I didn't resist. All the while we were talking she continued to get closer to me until our bodies were pressing together. We talked a bit more when suddenly she got close and kissed me. It drove me wild, and I kissed her back instead of pulling away. She moved her hand from my leg to my zipper, pulling it down. I untucked her shirt and put my hands up the back to unhook her bra. I stood up, pulling her with me, and we went to her little brother's room and closed the door.

She unbuttoned her shirt, showing me her fantastic tits. We both got completely naked, and I laid her on the edge of the bed and ate her out. Once she came, I laid down on the bed next to her and pulled her on top of me. She mounted and rode me while I fondled the hell out of those beautiful tits. I felt myself starting to get ready to come, so I pulled out and fingered her for a minute until I felt like I was ready again.

I mounted her missionary-style and fucked her hard. She was moaning so loudly I had to put my hand over her mouth, until I exploded inside of her. We laid there for a minute until we heard what sounded like someone coming down the stairs. We jumped up and got dressed quickly. The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and we haven't talked about it or done anything else since. I can't say that I wouldn't fuck her again if I got the chance.

Womanís Story: Good Day at the Office

I had always had a crush on one of the guys in my office. Lots of flirting, we took every smoke break together, all that. But I never thought anything would happen because he was eleven years older than me and lived with two of my bosses. The Friday after Thanksgiving we all had off, but I went in to pick up a few things and get my check. He was there, all alone, and we were both a little awkward.

After talking about work and other things for a while, he mentioned that he has heard from a coworker that I had gotten my nipples pierced. Surprised and naive as I am, I played it off like it was nothing. Then he asked to see them. I stood in front of him and exposed my nipples. Right away he reached for one, and started fondling it. He told me he liked them and asked if he could kiss them. He brought his mouth around my nipples and started kissing and biting them, while rubbing my breasts with his hand. I couldn't take it anymore and brought my mouth down to his for our very first kiss.

Suddenly, he broke off and looked around as if he thought someone was there. As he went to go check the lock on the front door, I traced where his lips had just been on mine and asked myself, could this be happening? When he got back, I was ready for him. We started kissing again and I reached for his cock. It was so hard! I undid his zipper and pulled it out. Still kissing him, I started stroking it, and then pulled away and told him to sit down at his desk. I got on my knees and got my lips around his hard, throbbing cock. He grabbed my hair and helped me to deep throat it. I sucked on his cock until he told me he was about to come. As I felt him come in my mouth, I sucked down all his cum until it was dry. Then I looked at him and we both started laughing. I'm not sure where it will go from here, but that was definitely a day at the office to remember!

Manís Story: Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full

This happened on Thanksgiving about 30 years ago. I was dating this girl whose parents were filthy rich -- doctors and lawyers -- plus they went to church 5 times a week. I'd been dating her for about 8 months. We were in the basement watching TV. So I pushed her hands on my dick. She played around a with it a bit, then pulled out my dick and started giving me a blowjob. We were expecting her mom to call us for dinner, but no -- she came down the stairs. We never heard her, and she caught her daughter with my dick in her mouth. That sure made Thanksgiving interesting. I think back on it now and laugh, about how she looked at her mom with my dick in her mouth.

Womanís Story: Holiday Fuck Buddy

So I spent Thanksgiving away from my family. I went a restaurant and sat at the bar and had a good time chatting with a lot of people. I came home bored as hell and called up one of my friends who was away from home too. So we started talking and hanging out. He has always liked me and I knew he wanted to get with me, so I asked him for some casual sex. He grabbed my arm and we ran into my bedroom and fucked for 5 hours. It was the best sex I ever had in my life. My mom called 3 hours into the session to see if I had a nice Thanksgiving. If she only knew!

Manís Story: Made Me Feel Young Again

The entire family was gathered at Gramma's house for Thanksgiving 1995. Kids were running everywhere and the game was on TV. Our team was beating the pants off the other guys and lots of beer and wine was flowing. I had my glass of red and was settled out of the way of the kids, watching the game and watching all the beautiful young girlfriends that came with the cousins and brothers. One sweet thing came over to introduce her self and we got into a very long conversation about medical school and her hopes and aspirations.

The guy she came with happened to be one of the most worthless bums in the group. He was the son of a son of an in-law. He had been in and out of trouble with the law for years and she was aware of his past. After learning about how she was doing in med school I couldn't help asking why she was running with this bum. She hemmed and hawed around the subject for a while and then whispered in my ear that he could giver her 2-3 great orgasms every time they fucked. I had to chuckle, but that is one hell of a good reason, and I told her so, I also told her I appreciated her candor.

Later at the dinner table, she sat across the table from me and at some time during the meal I felt her foot on mine. It wasn't long before I noticed she was staring at me and our eyes locked. Her foot went up my pants leg and she was rubbing my leg. It took me a minute to realize that her movements were no accident. I ran my foot up her leg too. We just smiled at each other between all the cross conversations. Here was this cute brunette about a third my age coming on to me.

After dessert and coffee, I found her sitting outside on a truck tailgate by herself and strolled up to her. She said, "You are the nicest man here. You have been so very nice to me and made me feel very much a part of the family." I told her she was a beautiful girl but it was hard to see much of her with the long denim skirt and heavy sweater. She pulled me close and kissed me softly. It was kind of like a thank-you kiss. I wanted to show her a different kiss so I gave her an I-want-to-fuck-you kiss back. She was quick to understand and our tongues danced in each other's mouths. I found her very exciting and as I ran my hands over her sweater she pulled it up to expose her full, firm young tits.

We caressed and our kisses became more passionate and exciting. She pulled back and looked up in my face. "You are a fucking wolf," she whispered. "And you, little lady, are a fucking fox," I responded. She grabbed my semi-hard cock through my slacks and began fumbling with my belt and zipper. "Help me," she said in a whiney voice. I wanted to help her get it out before I started to make pecker tracks on the inside. She held my cock in her hands and slowly stroked it. As she did I started to worry that I may not get a full erection, but her hands felt good on me and I started to run my hands up her legs.

She pulled her long skirt up exposing her thighs and I felt that she did not have any panties on. My hands were deep between her legs as she squirmed to pull the skirt higher so she could open her legs. At last she opened and I felt only soft flesh around a very wet pussy. She just moaned. She was stroking me but I just wasnít getting hard. "Come here," she said, pulling me up. I could step up on the curb and get my soft cock closer to her face. As I did she took it all deep in her mouth and started to fuck me with her mouth. As she took my cock deeper in her mouth it got bigger and harder. Once she pulled it out and said "Oh, my!" She was silent for a moment and said, "I just had an orgasm and I think I got it on my skirt." I felt around and she was very wet but her skirt felt dry.

She started again and it didn't take long before I was getting close. I was harder than I could remember. As she started to move away I said, "You're not going to stop now are you?" She just scooted closer to the end of the tailgate and said, "Fuck me." Her skirt was up and her pussy was wet and ready. I got in and was fucking this tight little cunt with all my strength. She has one hand on my buns pulling me closer and the other over her mouth. Each stroke I'd make she would let out a little squeal. I couldn't go long and shot my wad right in her. I did whisper, "Not to worry. I was clipped before you were born." I went totally limp in no time.

She was still rubbing her clit when I was all put away and zipped up. I pushed her hand aside and got my fingers deep in and up on her G-spot. I could tell by the look on her face that not many guys had ever been there. It was a look of total surprise and total enjoyment. She started to hump up and buck hard. Within only moments she let out a cry under both her hands and the whole tailgate of the pickup was wet. We pumped together for a few until I know she was exhausted and was pushing me away.

She got up quickly and took a fast look around to see if anyone was around. The evening was dark and everyone was inside just then. She gave me a deep thank-you kiss and looked up in my eyes and said, "Somehow I knew I could depend on you." I told her she was good and I sure would love to have some more of her sweet ass. She promised I would. But it never happened.

The bad news she did have a wet spot on the back of her skirt. The good news is she is now a top pediatric doctor just a hundred miles up the road. You know who you are. Thank you, dear. You made this old man feel young again.

Womanís Story: Memorable Drive Home

It was the first time my boyfriend had come home with me to Thanksgiving dinner. Because he had to work the next day, I was taking him back to his house, which was a couple of hours away from my home. I was driving down the road with my hand playing with his hard cock. He was enjoying the feel of me rubbing him. He began to play with my pussy as I was driving. We pulled off into a rest area along the interstate and parked away from the lights and the other cars. I finished him off with a blowjob while he continued to play with my pussy. That was a memorable Thanksgiving night.

Womanís Story: Junk in the Trunk

This past Thanksgiving was unforgettable! My family was inside the house preparing for dinner, and I went outside with my boyfriend to get some things out of the trunk of my car, which was parked at the end of the long driveway. As I was bending over picking things up, I felt my boyfriend slip his finger under my skirt into my moist pussy. He wiggled it around and within seconds I was dripping wet. He took out his throbbing hard cock and slammed it in me from behind. As he was thrusting in and out I looked through the back of the car and saw that I could peek into the house windows to see everyone else getting ready to eat! The fear that anyone could just turn and see us fucking gave me the wildest excitement.

Womanís Story: Right in Front of My Family

It was the day after Thanksgiving. My family was still all around. I told my uncle that I'd watch his children for the night if I could call up a friend. Of course I called up this guy I was crushing on at the time. He came over and we chased the kids around until they were tired. Then we decided to pull out the bed and watch a movie. We grabbed some pillows and sheets and layed them out on the bed to rest on. We all got under the covers.

I felt him slowly reach his arm around me. Then he moved his arm around and down to my pants. The rush filled me instantly. I couldn't help but be turned on by the fact that my family was right there! At the same time I couldn't help but worry about my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins catching us. The two little ones were inches away from us!

He slowly reached into my pants and slid his fingers into my, by now, extremely wet pussy. He went back and forth hard as we both breathed in and out at the same time. I was trying so hard not to moan as the youngest child asked me about the movie. I had so many problems answering him.

I couldn't help it. I reached behind me and into my friend's pants. I unzipped them and took out his cock. It was so hard by this time that I couldn't help but want to play with it. I rubbed it back and forth at the same time he went into me. The feeling was amazing.

I'm surprised the kids didn't notice we were doing something by the weird faces we had on. We did this for at least 15 minutes straight before we decided to stop in case we got caught. I'll never forget the time I did that with him.

Womanís Story: It Beats Shopping

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and our office was only open until noon. Most of my co-workers had taken vacation, so there were only a few of us working, including my boss. Heís a muscular, athletic guy, and Iíd always dreamed of having that hard frame against my petite, tanned body. I was using the quiet day to get caught up on all my filing and I didnít realize that everyone had left, except him.

Weíd made a few flirtatious statements and sent each other some sexy emails but nothing had really happened. I was concentrating on filing when I heard him whisper, ďYou are so hot,Ē in my ear and felt his hand slip quickly down the front of my pants. Even before his finger got to my cunt, it flooded wet with anticipation of his touch.

He knew exactly what to do has he rubbed my enlarged clit and then sent two long fingers deep into the hottest part of my body. All I could do was drive my ass back into his hard bulge and wish these clothes werenít in the way.

I love anal sex, but with no lube in my office, I was ready to do that hard thing any way possible. I reached down and undid my pants and we were both naked in seconds. That certainly beat shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Now every morning when I enter my office I look at the spot on my carpet where we both came and wonder if anyone else suspects what caused the stain.

Manís Story: Leg Warmer Wonder Girl

Last year at Thanksgiving was the first time I had spent the holiday away from family. I had just moved out and was too broke to drive home to visit. I had been job searching for the week prior to Thanksgiving and got hired at a popular retail store at the mall. My first day was supposed to be the day after Thanksgiving (biggest shopping day of the year and my first retail job), but I received a call a few days before, and was asked to help close on the night before Thanksgiving.

I showed up about an hour before the mall closed and was scheduled until midnight. This li'l hottass that had worked there for awhile was eyeing me and then being real friendly every time I went in the back room to get something. Soon I learned that it was her last night working at the store.

Eleven p.m. rolled around sooo slowly.  never knew time could take sooo long, and it was 11:30 when we actually finished everything. The store was perfect and I was glad to be done, but I got kinda bummed when I realized that it also meant I would see no more of the petite blonde with the short li'l skirt and leg warmers on. Leg warmers? It was only 70 degrees out, but damn, she made it look good.

All the employees who knew her were saying their good-byes while walking out the back door. She was holding it open. I approached the back door and she walked through to the hall behind the store. I missed my chance, but when I got to the stairwell leading to the parking garage she was waiting for me. Everyone else was gone and the manager had walked a different way. She was waiting for ME.

We started talking in the stairwell, swapped phone numbers, and when we got to the 3rd floor where she parked, she insisted on kissing me. She started to walk away, but neither one of us could stop at just that. Next thing I knew she was telling me how horny she had been all through her shift, and how all the other guys had ignored her and talked about dumb shit.

We started kissing again and she pressed her chest hard against mine. It was difficult to believe how big and real her tits were for such a petite li'l thang that she was. She unbuttoned my shirt and bit my chest, working her way down. As she knelt down, I could see down her skirt and knew she wore nothing underneath.

My cock hardened and she bit it through my pants. I hate biters but loved this one. After she opened my belt, button, and zipper with her mouth, she gave me the most incredible head EVER, slurping up every bit of my juices, not a drop anywhere else.

We worked our way to my truck as fast as anyone could when hands are mutually roaming. We fucked in the bed of my truck, until I made sure she had multiple orgasms. That petite body had matured VERY well and she had no problem sucking me off between go-arounds, which made my job sooo much easier.

I took her to her car, then followed her to her dorm. It was almost 3 a.m. by then. When we got to her dorm, her roommate was there and the dorm was tiny --  one room, two beds, a sink, a closet, and a private bathroom. I was crushed that we wouldn't have any privacy, but her roommate was hot and flaunting around in a li'l nothing nightie, so at least the company was good.

I sat and waited like she told me while she went in the bathroom. Her roommate finally laid down on her bed and my leg warmer wonder emerged from the bathroom in a robe, which she made clear had nothing underneath. She warned her roomie that we'd be up a little longer, and we actually fucked right there in front of her roommate. The nervousness of being watched made me tingle like crazy and the fact of how incredibly hot they both were drove me insane.

Thanksgiving turned out to be great, even away from home and I had something to be thankful for. I almost felt bad  -- I had received and not given anything, but ohh how great it was to receive! I never scored the threesome I hoped for, but got with the roommate two days after Thanksgiving.

She moved back home with family and the guys at work had bragged how close they came to almost bagging the leg warmer wonder girl. They talked about how mean she supposedly was and how they got shot down so cruelly, but no one ever knew about my night with her. Even if I ever told them, they'd never believe me anyways.

Man's Story: I Basted Her Cunt

My most memorable Thanksgiving occurred 30 years ago, when my girlfriend's house was full of people as it got closer to mealtime. Her two brothers and their wives and kids were there, and my girl was with the other women in the kitchen and dining room, preparing the food, setting the table and fussing at the kids, who were young and excited. She was wearing a housecoat that she had had on all day, and because of all the people, we missed a chance to fuck earlier. But as she proved, she was not going to be thwarted.

Her mother started calling people to the table. My sweetheart walked down the hall, but suddenly slipped into one of the bedrooms and motioned for me to follow her. Not sure what was up, I was shocked when she quickly sat on the side of the bed, flipped up the housecoat, naked as Eve underneath, and told me to take out my penis. I was nervous about the people walking up and down the hall, and the door was not locked, but she pulled me by my cock, spread her gorgeous legs and laid back on the bed. "Come on," she kept saying. She had never, ever done anything like this before, and it was hard to believe this was the same girl.

I was not fully hard but she rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips, which were smacking wet in anticipation. My girlfriend has the tightest cootchie in America, and the feel of her narrow, hot cunt stiffened me, and my erection grew to its full 9-plus inches as I bottomed it in her. I was expecting someone to walk in on us any second, but as I stroked her hard, slapping my balls against her ass, I decided if someone came in they were just going to get a eye full.

The fear of being caught, her boldness in wanting to fuck in a house full of people, the sound of kids running past the unlocked door, the calls for us to come to the table and that incredible pussy were too much for me. I came in her within a minute, my hot jism generously basting her deserving cunt.

Afterwards, it was hard to say what was more delicious, the great meal with family, or the looks we kept passing between us, as she ate and walked around, still naked under the housecoat, her pussy still oozing with my cum.

Manís Story: After Dinner Swim

We were visiting my girlfriend's parents during Thanksgiving as part of a family get-together. After dinner I got into my swim trunks and she into her two-piece bikini and we went for a dip in the hot tub. Well, soon we were kissing and rubbing each other and she turned around and sat in my lap. She took out my cock and pulled her bikini bottoms aside. She came down onto my cock and we started fucking.

A minute after we started her dad came and sat by the pool. I tried to pull out of her but she kept me in. In a few minutes her entire family was gathered around the pool and hot tub, all while we were doing it. I had to hold conversation with people ranging from her grandmother to her 5-year-old cousin, all while she kept moving slowly up and down on my hard rod.

I don't know how long we were in there, but I remember hearing a lecture from her dad about the virtues of abstinence while cumming into his daughter's tight cunt.

Womanís Story: Losing It on Thanksgiving 

It was Thanksgiving and we were all at my familyís house. My cousinís friend had come down with them because my whole family knew him. I was at the table sitting next to him and he started to rub on my leg and I started to get horny.

All the ďgrown upĒ people left to go to the hotel to play cards, so it was just me and him and the rest of my bad cousins. We went to my room and closed the door. We started to kiss and the next thing you know, he took my hand and put it inside of his pants to make him hard. I played with his huge dick until finally I said, ďFuck this shit, letís fuck.Ē So he put on a condom and drove into me. At the time I was a virgin, so I put a pillow over my mouth so I wouldnít yell in pain.

That night we ended up going at it eight times before he stopped. Then I went to the bathroom and he came in too. He sat on the toilet and he pulled my head towards his dick and tried to get me to suck it. I pulled my head away and he asked, ďDonít you give head?Ē I said, ďHell, no!Ē and he said OK. That night I couldnít walk because my pussy was hurting.

Manís Story: Hot French Exchange Student

I went to a family Thanksgiving one year. My brother and his wife were sponsoring a cute little exchange student from France. She was a little tiny thing, with plump tits, and a pinchable ass. She had long brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. She was about 19 and looked like a nice piece of ass who had never been touched. All through dinner we made eyes with each other.

After dessert she pulled me outside the house into their big backyard. She whispered something to me in French, but I didn't really care what she said. It just sounded sexy as hell, though. I pressed her up against a tree and she began to nibble on my ear. I felt myself swell up in a instant and took her ass in one hand and held her against the tree with the other. She fondled at my pants and began to unzip them. I went crazy. I ripped her shirt off and sucked and bit her nipples.

She moaned and whispered something else in French and pulled me towards her. She was sopping wet, and I just wanted to plunge into her. Instead she teased me, only letting me go in a little, and then moaning. When I went to put more than just the tip of my cock in, she would pull it away. She said "Too big, me never before." I took this to mean that she was a virgin, which made me want her more.

I went down and licked and sucked down there. She had a cleanly shaven pussy, and her hymen was intact. She began to go insane, and she came once, spilling her juices all over me. She pulled me back up, and pulled my cock towards her. I started to ask her if she was sure, but before I could finish she arched her back and pressed in there, and I took in for a yes. I plowed into her little pussy and felt the pop. I could barely make my whole shaft fit in and she moaned. I went to pull out, cause she seemed in pain, but she just bit me when I tried to pull out.

I fucked that little French whore against that tree till I had to come. Then I pulled out and she sucked me off and then swallowed. It was awesome. I had to go home and clean up before I could let myself be seen back at my brotherís house.

She and I kept in touch. I fucked my little belle baby until she had to go back home to France. She decided to major in English. I hope to see her again someday. I don't think she would be interested in an old guy like me now, though.

Womanís Story: Home Alone on Thanksgiving

Friday The 13th part 6 - I couldnít tell you what happened in that movie. I was a little preoccupied. It was late November, around Thanksgiving, and I was home alone. My parents had decided to go out of town, and I stayed home. I was not really having a good day. I had had a fight with my mom before she left and I still felt kind of mad.

So, I called my boyfriend that I had been seeing for about 4 months and we talked about almost nothing. Then the topic of my parents being away came up, and he knew I was feeling down, so he came to my rescue. I wasnít really sure if I wanted him to come over, because I thought all he would want was sex, and I wasnít in the mood. He came anyway, and we decided to watch a movie.

I was sitting with my legs cross-legged style and he was sitting in-between them. If you have seen one Friday the 13th movie you have seen them all, and I guess he just got bored. He started to sneak his hand up my leg, very slowly. I hardly noticed. Then I felt his hand on my thighs, and for some reason that really turns me on. I was sighing with relief. He could tell from my sighs that I wanted more.

Easily he got into my flimsy pants. He completely skipped massaging my pussy, and he just dove his fingers right in, thrusting them over and over, harder and harder. I was moaning in joy, and I told him I wanted him to fuck me. That was when the weirdest thing happened: he just stopped! Took his fingers out, and got back to watching the movie! I was so confused, it took me a minute to realize what happened. I was so horny and I told him to give it to me! I told him ten times and he just stared at that TV. I was so confused.

Then I reached around him and started to feel his cock. He was rock solid, so now I knew he was fucking with me. He spun around and slipped off his pants, and I gave him an amazing blowjob. He couldn't take it anymore, so he pulled down my pants and took his hard dick and shoved it in my pussy. He pumped me like there was no tomorrow. He turned me horizontal on the couch and started fucking me harder. He tore off my shirt and started to lick my tits.

It felt so good. I was screaming so loud as I jerked back and forth. I got my hands under his balls and started to massage them. Then he came and collapsed on me, and I came as well. It was not long till he got hard again and he proceeded to give me four more orgasms. After my last orgasm, he was so tired he just lay in my arms as I kissed his neck until we both fell sleep completely naked, drenched in each otherís hot juices.

Womanís Story: Fucking by the Fire 

Last Thanksgiving I went to visit my sister at her in-laws. I had to sleep downstairs in the game room on the pull out. My sister and her husband slept upstairs in his brotherís room, so his brother, Jake, was sleeping on an air mattress. Jake and I are the same age. We were partners in my sisters wedding. He is really cool and cute, too.

I went out to a party with him at his friendís house. We drank and had a really good time. When we got back everybody was already asleep. We headed downstairs. I went to change into my pajamas and when I got back Jake had lit a fire and made us some drinks.

We were talking and laughing and after a couple of drinks we just ended up kissing. He was touching me and then went down my pants and fingered me. He whispered in my ear that he loved how wet I was. I pulled my pajamas down and spread my legs. He pulled me over onto a blanket on the floor in front of the fire place and laid me down. Then he started to eat me out while he fingered me with two fingers.

The heat from the fireplace felt really good. He put a finger down my crack and started rubbing by my butt. No one had ever done that to me before and it felt so good. He put his finger in my butt and that made me cum so hard. While I was lying there recovering, he took his clothes off. I felt him spread my legs and he put his dick in me. He told me my pussy felt so wet and good and started to fuck me faster and harder.

He put his fingers up to my lips and told me to taste myself. I sucked his fingers and the taste of my pussy really turned me on. He rolled over and put me on top of him and while he fucked me he put his finger in my butt again. I had another really big orgasm. He then rolled me on my back again and fucked me until he came on my stomach.

We had wild sex the next three nights too. Then we left for home. I am really excited Ďcause we are going back to visit again this Thanksgiving. I will write back after.

Manís Story: Sharing a Bed with a College Chick 

It was Thanksgiving. I was horny as hell. My brother brought over his girlfriend and her roommate (who was alone for Thanksgiving) and we had dinner and all that. After dinner my bro and his chick told me and Trish (the roommate) that we'd have to share a bed. I was so glad I got to share a bed with a college chick!

They were in the room next to mine and we could hear the old bed shaking. We looked at each other and all of the sudden she jumped on top of me and started making out with me. It was the best. I reached down her skirt and found that she was wearing no panties. So I started playing with her clit. This drove her crazy because she pulled out my cock and started giving me the best head Iíve ever gotten.

Next thing you know we were fucking till the break of dawn. Iíve seen her again, plenty of times. Nobody knows about her, and she was the best lover ever.

Womanís Story: Thanksgiving Morning

It was Thanksgiving morning, about 3 am, when my boyfriend came to pick me up. Later we were going to his auntís house to spend the day with his family. We went to his motherís house, because he knew that no one would be there but his little brother. His brother, who was only a year younger than him, quickly fell asleep on the living room couch. We were going to sleep for a couple of hours, then go to his auntís house.

Well, my boyfriend and I ended up in his mama's room on the floor (we didn't want to make the bed up in the morning). After laying there for about 30 seconds, he started kissing me, and playing with my breasts. Then he started fingering me, and telling me how wet I was. He told me that I felt like a flowing river. He then started licking me, until he got down to my pussy. He ate me until I was about to come.

Then we heard his brother walking to the bathroom so we pretended that we were sleep. I got on top of him, and was riding him, when we heard his brother come out of the bathroom, I laid on his chest like we were still sleep. After a few minutes, my boyfriend went to see if his brother had fallen back to sleep. When he came back, we started round two.

He got on top of me, and began pumping slowly. He had never felt that good before. He slowly picked up the pace, and at my request, was pounding my pussy faster and harder. I kept telling him to go faster, and when he finally came, it was great. He was my first lover, we had some great sex, but he had never made love to me like that.

We always talk about that Thanksgiving morning. It was the best time we ever had. Well, Christmas in the park was even better, but thatís another story. . .

Manís Story: Thanksgiving Sex With Ex 

When I went off to college, I had to leave a beautiful girl behind, since she was a year younger than me. The pressures of a relationship from a thousand miles away grew everyday. We finally broke up and Iíve been seeing other girls ever since. But when I went home for Thanksgiving she was waiting for me.

She decided to stay the night at our house for Thanksgiving as she was a friend of my sister's. She hadn't said anything to me since Iíd been home, so I was amazed when she woke me up at two in the morning completely naked. She was gorgeous - large tits, short wavy hair, deep brown eyes, and a smoothly shaven clit.

I was very aroused and she knew this, so she sucked me off, which was weird because I had dated her for a year and she never did that. We then fucked several times until the sun came up. We bundled up and went for a walk in the freezing morning air.

Soon I left and went back to college. It was weeks before I realized that we hadn't said a single word to each other the entire time.

Manís Story: Mom's Hot Friend 

I fucked her like never before! It was Thanksgiving and my mom had invited her hot single friend over for dinner, and she was sitting next to me! When the first course came out, and I felt her start to slide her hand up from my knee towards my swelling cock. I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom, and in a minute she followed and gave me an amazing blow job. It was incredible.

Manís Story: Thanksgiving Break Fuckfest 

My girlfriend of six months and I were at my place at school. My roommates had already left for Thanksgiving break. We were sitting watching TV on the couch and at one point she got up and took her bra off, saying it wasn't comfortable... and she undid her pants a bit too. I leaned over and kissed her neck, which always starts to get her hot.

She climbed on top of me and I pulled her shirt off, running my tongue over her breasts and squeezing them, which never fails to get her very horny. Before long I had a couple of fingers in her wet pussy, and running over her clit, making her moan as she wrapped her arms around me, holding onto the back of the couch. I kept fingering her and teasing her clit, until she came a couple times, still above me.

She then put her hand on my pants and undid them, laying on the couch next to me, running her tongue over my very hard cock. She always sucks me so well, and she did... pressing her hot mouth up and down over my shaft and jacking me off until I came in her mouth.

I had to wake up the next day, so I headed to bed, and she came to join me an hour later, waking me a bit and we started kissing again. I could tell her nipples were hard again and I couldn't resist touching them, getting us both hot again real quickly. I started fingering her again and before long I was fucking her from behind, holding her hips as my thick cock slid in and out of her with her bent over in front of me.

It was great being alone, not worrying about the squeaking of the bed, and letting her moan as loud as she wants. I love how much she moans when my cock's inside her, holding onto the sheets and pulling against them. We fucked good and hard until we came together and collapsed on the bed.

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