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Sex with Strangers 

185. Woman's Story: Tied Him to the Bed (11/13/03)

We met at a bar. I was attracted to him the minute I saw him. He was very sleek and sexy, and I was getting aroused just thinking about him. After about half an hour and 4 beers, he approached me. We then began to talk for a while about everything -- who I was and what I was about, and vice versa. By the time we were done talking, I was was too intoxicated to drive myself home. He offered me a ride and I agreed. The whole way home I kept glancing at him, my cunt pulsating at the thought of fucking him. When we got to my house, I suggested he come in for a bit. He agreed, and followed me inside. The second he was inside, I grabbed his cock and told him how much I wanted him. He said he felt the same way, and we began ripping each other's clothes off. I took him to my bed. All he had on was his shirt. I took off my bra and panties, and proceeded to tie his hands to the bed with them. Then, very gently, I sucked on the tip of his head, but nothing else. His precum was already dripping into my mouth. He moaned slightly, and I proceeded to suck the tip of his massive cock. Then I straddled him, and rubbed his head through my clit. I kept this up until he yanked his hands to free himself, grabbed my ass, and pushed himself  inside of me.

169. Woman's Story: Roadside Rendezvous 

I was traveling back from visiting family back in Nebraska to my home in Minnesota. A very good looking guy in a Nissan sports car passed me but then slowed alongside. He smiled and waved and we went along for several miles flirting back and forth. Eventually he waved goodbye and sped on ahead. About 20 minutes later I pulled off into a rest area to do what you have to do once in a while on a long car trip. There his car was, and he was just walking back to it. He started right in flirting as soon as I got out of my car and we talked for a few minutes with his comments getting more and more lewd. My own were too, which I don't usually do. The outcome of all this was that after about 10 minutes of talking by our cars, we walked behind the rest area building and I gave him a blow job. So far it is the only totally anonymous sexual encounter of my life, since we never asked each other even our first names.

84. Woman's Story: Honk His Horn 

Driving late one night from work to see my boyfriend at college  I found myself following a white truck. He wasn't going fast so I passed him, and then he tried passing me turning on the light in his cab so I could see what he looked like. Finally after miles of passing each other I finally pulled over into a parking area, and he pulled in behind me. He got into the passenger seat of my car, and we just started talking about how stupid we were being. He was actually married and on his way home, but somehow his lips met with mine and things just took off. His hand made its way down my pants and he started playing with my clit. I unzipped his pants to find the biggest cock I had ever seen, it was huge. He took off my pants and pulled me on top of him. I rubbed the tip of his dick around my wet pussy and finally he pushed me down on top of it. He fucked me so hard it was amazing, it was the first time I had orgasmed during sex. He moaned and yelled and finally when he got close to blowing his wad I went down on him and sucked him until he came in my mouth. We thanked each other, got dressed and then went on to our destinations. It was the most incredible 45 minutes of my life, and I didn't even find out the guys name.


83. Woman's Story: Complete Stranger

I have been in a long term relationship since high school.  What my boyfriend doesn't know is that I fucked another guy.  I went backpacking through Europe before starting university.  I picked up a guy at a Dublin bar.  We started out just dancing but I soon found myself at a quiet table in the corner of the bar.  I climbed on top of the guy and he started kissing my tits and rubbing my ass.  His fingers found there way under my skirt and into my dripping pussy.  I undid his pants and slipped out his hard cock.  He ripped off my panties and I began fucking him.  I let him finger my ass and I rode his hard cock.  Before he came, I slid off and wrapped my lips around him so he could cum down my throat.  We left the bar shortly after that and headed to a hotel.  He slipped the clerk $100 us to let us take a room for a few hours.  The things he did to me from there I couldn't begin to explain.  I can only say I was thoroughly fucked and enjoyed every second of it.  My boyfriend back home still thinks he has been the only man for me . . . if only I could tell him how much I liked fucking a complete stranger.


70. Woman's Story: Roadside Rendezvous

I was traveling from visiting family back in Indiana to my home in Minnesota. A very good looking guy in a Nissan sports car passed me but then slowed alongside. He smiled and waved and we went along for several miles flirting back and forth. Eventually he waved goodbye and sped on ahead. About 20 minutes later I pulled off into a rest area to, well do what you have to do once in a while on a long car trip. And there his car was and he was just walking back to it. He started right in flirting as soon as I got out of my car and we talked for a few minutes with his comments getting more and more lewd, and my own were too which I don't usually do. The outcome of all this was that after about 10 minutes of talking by our cars we walked behind the rest area building and I gave him a blow job. So far it is the only totally anonymous sexual encounter of my life, since we never even asked each other even our first names.

147. Woman's Story: Spanish Fly

I was at a waterpark in Spain with a couple friends with me. We all decided to try out the tube slide. So we got our tubes and started going down the slide, at the third pool, a hot lifeguard was assisted me down the next slide, and he asked something in Spanish...I simply nodded, not knowing the language.

At the end of the slide we decided to go again, but as we were going back the the beginning, the same lifeguard was walking towards me, he grabbed my had gently and lead me to the men's changing rooms... I was completely shocked, but I could feel myself get wet, I never even noticed leaving my friends.

By the time we entered the changing room he was completely hard and ready to go. Not being able to resist we both started kissing passionately, and I lowered myself down to his cock, and I heard his groans as I sucked at it, after 5 minutes he pulled me up and slammed me against the door, and we fucked. That was my best fuck ever.

144. Man's Story: Park This

I work as a security guard for a public parking garage during graveyard shifts. It's normally pretty quiet but there's a bar a couple blocks down. A lot of people from that bar park in our garage, and when the bars let out we sometimes have some problems. One night, I was down by the street at the entrance to the garage keeping an eye on things when a trio of gorgeous girls staggered into view on the way to their car in the garage. Two were wasted and I guess the third was a designated driver but they were all hot as hell.

One was a short blond girl with striking features and huge tits. She looked like she was ready to fall out of her dress and she started coming onto me as soon as they got within earshot. I could smell the booze on her but she started rubbing up against me really tightly as the other two watched and laughed. She then whispered into my ear that she wanted to give me a blowjob so I pulled her over into a stairwell. She dropped to her knees and pulled out my dick, licking and sucking on it as I leaned back against the wall.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled her up to her feet before digging a condom out of my wallet. She was giggling as I pulled the rubber on and then I lifted up her dress and slammed into her with all I had. She wrapped her legs around me as I pulled the top of her dress down so I could nibble on her tits. I came within minutes and so did she and then she left me there gasping as she pulled up her dress and went back outside to meet her friends. I never saw her again but every Friday I keep hoping she'll come back.

141. Man's Story: Girlfriend for the Night (3/11/03) 

We met at a party. I didn't have a date and neither did she so we became each other's date just to give us someone to talk to without busting in on other couples. We had a couple drinks and danced a little bit and pretty soon we were really hitting it off and I offered to give her a ride home since she probably shouldn't drive. She accepted.

Back at her apartment, as soon as we hit the door, she wrapped herself around me and we made out in the hallway. She lost her dress on the way to the bedroom and she had me stripped down as soon as we hit the bed. Her moth went to work on my cock in the best blow job I've ever experienced and then I had her breast in my mouth as I worked my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She slid a condom on me and said she couldn't wait anymore so I plowed into her and we fucked with reckless abandon until I couldn't hold it anymore and I exploded with an AMAZING orgasm. She didn't cum the first time so I went to work with my mouth until she finally came herself. We fucked all night and have been dating ever since.

112. Man's Story: Acting Partner (6/2/02) 

I was in Toronto participating in some theatre workshops there. I met a girl named Britney who was originally from Texas but I guess had come from Virginia. I was immediately attracted to her as she had a gorgeous face, long and silky brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a knockout body. We did some scenes together through the workshop and hit it off right away. 

One day after the class was over, I was in the dressing room getting changed and she walked in to grab some costumes since she was running crew that week. Her eyes widened when she saw me there in my boxers and then she blushed a bit and turned away but I could see she liked what she saw. 

Fast forward two weeks to the end of the workshop and everyone was getting trashed at a farewell party and we ran into each other. She looked AMAZING in a black tube top and tight leather pants and she was also slightly intoxicated, but not flat-out drunk. We started dancing and she turned and slid her ass back against my pelvis as I had my hands on her hips. I could feel myself getting aroused as I turned her back around and pressed her firmly to my chest and I could feel her breasts heaving against me as she breathed. We started to rock slowly from side to side and I brought my hands down over her ass and pulled her in even tighter as we danced and her hands slid down my chest and then grabbed my ass in return before wrapping her arms around my neck as she brought her face up closer to mine.

"I've wanted you since I saw you in the dressing room," she whispered into my ear.

I felt her tongue flick into my ear for an instant and I was immediately as hard as a rock.

It didn't take long for us to get to her room where the dancing continued. What started as a slow disrobing turned into us ripping the clothes off each other as we fell to the bed and she kissed me deeply, her tongue sliding against mine. I leaned down and took her breast in my mouth as she moaned loudly and then she slid down the whole length of my body and took my cock into her mouth. 

I thought I was going to lose it right then as nothing ever felt so good but she was soon back up and had her legs wrapped tightly around my hips as I fought to get the condom on and then plowed into her with everything I had. Her nails raked my spine as I pounded in and out and then ran my tongue up and down her throat and across her lips.

I pulled out and then ate her out as she pulled my mouth even tighter against her pussy and screamed my name, sending me totally over the edge as I entered her again and we ground our hips together. Sweat was pouring off of our bodies and our moans got louder and louder until I thrust into her and had the most mind numbing orgasm of my life.

 Even after I came, she was still rocking back and forth into my dick as it started softening and then she came herself, covering the bedsheet with her juices as she wrapped me in an embrace and we kissed. We laid there for a while and dozed for a few hours and then we had sex again when we woke up and I will always remember her as the absolute greatest fuck of my life.

116. Woman's Story: Neighbor (7/12/02) 

I was in my apartment smoking a cigarette and downing a few beers, when someone knocked.  I opened the door and found a thin, beautiful black goddess smiling at me.  She had a tight t-shirt on, with no bra, and a pair of form-fitting shorts.  She said that her friend, who was may next-door neighbor, was having a party.  They had just run out of booze and they sent her over to see if I had any.  "Sure."  I said, holding up the beer in my hand, "come right on in."  

She followed me to the kitchen and I offered her a beer.  I was wearing shorts at the time and the beer was knocking down my inhibitions. I had the beginnings of a hard-on and we both knew it.  "You're cute."  She said while eyeing my ever-growing dick.  I told her that she wasn't so bad herself.  

The next thing I knew, she came over to me and wrapped her arms around me.  She pressed her pussy against my hard dick.  "I haven't had a good fuck in weeks."  She said.  I didn't reply.  I just lowered my shorts and exposed my prick.  She grabbed it and started to massage it.  After several euphoric minutes, I removed her hand, lowered her shorts, positioned her on the countertop, and began to eat the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever had.  As she moaned and wriggled on the counter, she removed her shirt.  I stared at her firm, small, dark breasts.  Periodically, I would reach up and pinch her erect nipples.

Finally, after twenty minutes of oral joy, she exploded like a firecracker.  Her juices soaked my face.  "In me!" she moaned, as he guided my still hard dick into her cunt while licking her juices off my face.  I got to be honest, she was so hot that it only took a couple of minutes of slamming my dick into her before I came.  I pulled out just before I spewed.  I blew my load all over her black, firm belly.  Without hesitation, she scooped it up with her fingers and licked them clean.

Later, she left with my beer and a satisfied look.  I never saw her again.  Hell, I never got her name!  

127. Woman's Story: Italian Stallion (10/2/02) 

It was my first day in Italy. I don't speak the language, but I met one guy who knew a few words of English. After about a week, we were spending everyday together. One night we went to this field, it was like a stadium. We sat on the bleachers and started to French kiss-he kept asking me something in Italian but I had no idea what it was so I just said, OK? 

All of a sudden he laid me down and started grabbing my breasts, softly and then harder. He climbed on top of me and pulled out his penis, unzipped my pants, it happened so quickly, all I remember is this large cock in my wet pussy, it was the best sex I've ever had.

71. Woman's Story: Handy Man (7/1/01) 

My apartment complex has its own maintenance crew, and of course, seeing as how the place is pretty dilapidated, I call every once in a while. When my toilet got clogged up, and I called over to the maintenance office, and they sent a guy over. I was pretty upset about the toilet, but when I answered the door, the guy made me feel all better. He was the hottest black guy I'd ever seen. He had dreads and blue eyes (A definite turn on).

He came in and snaked the toilet. I offered him some water, which he accepted and we stood in my kitchen for a while and talked. After a while, he put the glass in the sink and said he thought he should get going. But, I stopped him. I don't know, I'm usually really quiet and all, but I couldn't help myself, he was so hot! I said: "I just wanted to tell you I think you're really good looking." He said: "I think you are, too." So, from this, I walked a little closer to him, because I thought we were thinking the same thing. When I got right up to him, he put his hand around my waist and pulled me to him. I was wearing a button down shirt, and he put his hand up the back and undid my bra. I was getting really wet, when he took off my shirt and then started to suck my nipples. I couldn't believe it was happening! 

So, after a bit, I undid his pants and started to give him a hand job. I'd never fucked a black guy before, but always wanted to. I told him so, and that really turned him on, and he picked me up, put me on the counter top, and lifted up my skirt. He pulled my panties down, and started to eat me out. It was incredible. He had a little stubble, and it was awesome. I started to feel like I was gonna cum, when he pulled my lower body towards the end of the counter, and braced himself against the wall. He started to fuck me, slow at first, then really hard, which is just the way I like it. He was bareback, and that felt incredible, too. His cock was enormous, and it hurt a little, but I was really into it. So, we fucked there, me with my legs around his waist, and him still in his uniform. He pulled out and shot his wad on my tits, which he seemed to get off on. After a while, he got a beep for another apartment and had to go. I can't wait for something else to break here.

77. Man's Story: Money Well Spent (9/7/01) 

This rather good looking woman was walking up to people at the local self-serve gas station next to the interstate asking everyone for "gas money".  As she approached me, she told me her sob story of running away from an abusive relationship and she stated that she was totally broke and "depending upon the kindness of strangers".  I asked her how well it was working and she told me that it was pretty bad. 

I offered her a business opportunity. I had $50 set aside for sex and I was willing to give it to her if she fulfilled my need. She laughed, and said she wasn't that type of girl but thanked me for the offer and proceeded to ask others at the station for cash.  As I finished pumping my tank full, I noticed that she was still penniless and asking the last few people around for cash.  This time as she approached again, she opened by saying. "why does a guy like you have to buy it anyway?"  I told her that I didn't like to feel obligated to a woman and that I really just like anonymous recreational sex.  She said "Ok what if I say yes....will you give me ride back here?" I told her " better than that....we can do it here." 

She was somewhat reluctant, but a few minutes later, I unlocked and followed her through the outside men's rest room door and had some of the hottest sex ever.  She wore a knee length dress and white sheer to waist stockings, complete with g-string thong panties underneath  and a pair of 1 1/2" conservative black heels.  I lifted her skirt, rolled her hose to her mid-thigh and untied her thong panties on one side.  I first probed with my finger finding, she was tight, wet and had one of the finest shaved bushes I've ever seen. We did it doggy style with her holding onto the sink watching me in the mirror as I pumped her tight pussy full of my cock.  I sprayed sperm deep into her pussy as I probed her asshole with my index finger of one hand and rubbed her clit with the other.  She stayed in position as I jacked myself hard again and pumped her poop-chute full of my scummy load too.  It was heaven and the best $50 I've ever spent.  Ahh the kindness of strangers.


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