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242. Man's Story: Smell of Sex (7/17/04)

My girlfriend and I were walking on the street one day and there was a small wooded area next to the road. Impulsively we went inside the little forest and started kissing and touching. The trees were young and thin so anyone passing could see us. We decided to lie down.

I was under her sweater in to time and caressing her inner thighs. She was immediately gasping. I moved my hand between her tummy and closed pants way down under her panties. She drew in her belly for my hand to pass through. I felt her pubic hair and got excited. She became horny as hell. I was just a few inches away from her pussy lips but all was wet already.

I heard my belt being unclasped and one by one my buttons being opened. I felt the open air on my half naked body. She pushed her hand against my briefs, felt my scrotum and undeniable lust. She reached up and then back down under my underwear and grabbed my horny rod which was by that time as hard as a baseball club. There’s nothing more thrilling than a woman’s hand being inches away from your heart-knocking penis.

I opened her pants and moved her zipper down, moved my three fingertips gently downward again inside her panties between her half open legs into her pussy that felt warm and soaked. We were kissing in agitation while she stroked my penis back and forth moaning for more. My penis became harder, red hot, moist and slippery.

I made little circles around her clit and worked her inside. She panted heavily as I was stimulating her stronger. We were having our mouths sucking and tongues twisting like mad. Her hand kept going back and forth my wet penis with less controlled repeats as she started to get spasms. Her intense breathing and my want to cum with a full load had us heading towards a real messy climax. The messier the better! The smell of sex was all over us.

214. Woman's Story: We Became Oblivious (4/1/04)

My lover and I, being married and not to each other, have a difficult time finding places to get together since we can't afford a hotel every time we get the itch. One of our more public displays was in a park on a blanket. We had agreed to stop seeing each other on a sexual basis, but enjoyed each other's company so we would go to lunch often. Well, it had been a while since we had been together and after we ate, all it took was a well placed hand to cause us to jump on each other. We began to kiss and stroke each other in this secluded section of the park. Pretty soon we became oblivious to anything around us. I had his fly unzipped and his penis out and began sucking on it. This drove him wild and soon he was determined to be in me. I was dressed for this and was afraid that people would start coming into our section of the park, but he was determined. He had my pants and undies down and his dick in me in short order. When we became aware there were people in the area he would pull out of me and act like nothing was going on. Then people would leave and in soon we were back to what we were doing earlier.  Before long both of us couldn't stand and decided we needed to finish properly. We gathered our items and raced back to his van. He moved it to a less trafficked area and laid into me, pumping me until we were both relieved. We have made love in parking garages, parking lots, parks, park-n-rides, and even on his downstairs patio standing up with me plastered against the house while our spouses were upstairs watching TV (that was really intense!). I have even pulled his penis out and stroked him while we were standing at a winery bar tasting wines. He has fingered me when we had his family and friends at our house while standing in the carport, and he pulled me in to the bathroom twice to fuck me. Our fire and desire for each other outweighs the thought of being caught.

209. Man's Story: Fucking by the River (3/22/04)

I was cruising down the main street of downtown Fairbanks, Alaska, and saw this tall beautiful woman walking down the street. She was looking at me as I drove slowly along. I pulled over to the side and she came over and got in the passenger side of the car. We drove to a more secluded spot in town and she immediately told me in a very sexy voice, "I want to sleep with you." I was frightened because I was a married man, but I really wanted to screw her. I couldn't bring myself to do anything that day with her and took her back to where I picked her up. Later that month, I saw her again and she got into the car and we drove to a park area by the river that goes through town. We got out off the car and lay on the grass next to the river. It was a warm day and we were both rather hot. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock and began to rub it tenderly. It felt so good.  I unzipped her pants and pulled them down and rammed my cock into her. We fucked until we both came right there where we could see houses on the other side of the river. I saw her again and this time we pulled into a quiet area in town and I opened her pants and slid my fingers into her cunt and massaged her clit for a while. Finally, her body stiffened up so rigid as she exploded with her pussy juices. That was a very exciting time for me, to say the least. We met many times again, but the fucking we had by the riverside out in the open was one of the best I have ever had.

194. Man's Story: Sex-Soaked Sleeping Bag (12/10/03)

I hadn't had a date in weeks and hadn't had sex in almost 6 months, but my friends are  always trying to set me up with a friend of theirs. They said that they wanted me to come camping and have some fun for a few days, so I said what the hell, I'll come by after work on Saturday. The drive to this place took about two and a half hours and it was about 7 by the time I got there, just in time to set up my tent and meet this woman. She was a bit older than I was — 9 years older —  but I had no intention of doing what I did that night so I really didn't care. I got all set up, met her kids and had a few drinks. After a few hours the others went to their tents and I went to mine. I offered this woman  the company of my tent for the night and she accepted. Once she got settled she asked if I would mind if she slept naked. I said OK, so she got undressed. I just got hot and so was she. We ended up having the wildest sex ever, at least a dozen times in that one night. We tried every way and did almost everything and she was cumming almost every 5 minutes. She was cumming so hard and so much that my sleeping bag was soaked in the morning, and she had a hard time walking. I just couldn't stop smiling. It was the best camping trip of my life.

17. Man's Story: Step Up

My long legged girlfriend was driving me home from the bar one night. It was about 2am on a cool clear night in California. We stopped at the park and she led me to a large jungle gym like thing. We found one nice sized step at the end of a small bridge about 10 feet above the ground. It didn't take her long to remove her pants and sit with her legs spread on that step. Before I knew it I was on front of her on my knees (with my pants dropped to my knees) feeling the brisk air on my ass and shaft as I sloppily stroked her hot wet box.

She told me I should pull my pants up a little just in case someone walked by and I laughed at the thought of someone in the park at that hour. A few minutes later I turn around and there was a group of teenage boys walking through the park. They didn't act like they noticed but they sure were quiet...

21. Woman's Story: Out In the Open

Do you remember the first time you ever fucked outside?  I do.  I can still feel the cool summer air on my skin.  My boyfriend and I were at a bar and left because we were so horny.  We decided to walk home since the weather was so nice.  As we walked past a local school, we both got the same idea to start messing around on the playground.  He pulled me to the swings and he sat down, slowly swinging.  I was standing in front of him as he slid his hands up the back of my thighs.  It was then that he noticed that I had no panties under my skirt.  This set him on fire.  I unzipped his pants and he pulled me onto his lap facing away from him.  I felt his cock slide into my hot, wet cunt and it was amazing.  The thrill was expecting someone to walk by at any moment as he pumped deeper and deeper into me.  He was making me crazy.  I felt him bite into my neck as he thrust hard one more time and I felt the explosion of his hot cum deep inside of me.  This triggered the most intense orgasm for me and the pulsing of my pussy kept him cumming and cumming.

24. Woman's Story: Rain Man

This happened about 6 years ago before I met my husband, but it was the most erotic experience I have ever had.  A guy friend of mine and I went ran into each other at the bar.  We started doing tequila shots and having a great time. Well, he said he would drive me home.  We got into the car and were driving along and he started rubbing my thighs.  It was a sprinkling a light rain so he decided to pull over into a field down the road from my house.  We took our clothes off and were dancing naked in the rain, I felt like a Hippie at Woodstock.  We started kissing and touching each other and he laid back and brought me on top of him.  It started raining harder and thundering and it sent jolts through our bodies.  The warm wet rain on our bodies felt amazing in the summer heat.  I came the hardest I ever had before that night!  I only saw him once since then but, whenever it thunders I think of that night.  Wherever you are Brad, Thanks for that night.

34. Woman's Story: Under the Moon 

One night my husband and I went up to a picnic spot at a lookout that overlooked the city. We were kissing and the next thing I knew I had my pants off. I sat on top of a picnic table in a dark spot and he stood between my legs and pushed himself into me. I moaned with pleasure and begged him to push himself harder and harder. He then pulled me down off the table and I lent over the guard rail and he fucked me from behind. I heard some people in the distance but all I wanted was to feel his throbbing dick thrust into me. It was so passionate and forceful and I wanted more so we walked to the center of the picnic ground. The moon was full and the light was bright there and we laid down on the ground and fucked again. I looked up to the moon and trees not caring who saw us.

63. Woman's Story: Fun in the Sun 

My boyfriend was visiting me at college down in San Diego during his Spring Break. I couldn't skip my classes so he decided to come with me to school. To reward him, I put on this skimpy little blue dress he likes and I left off my bra and panties--I was completely naked underneath. As we were leaving I gave him a quick glimpse so he would know just how little I was wearing. This made him hard immediately! And it was all I could to keep his hands off me during class.

The minute class was over we began to look for a spot where we could be more intimate. Finally we settled for a sunny spot of grass near the parking lot. There were tennis players near by, construction workers about 100ft away and students walking to and from their cars but I didn't think they would bother us.

My boyfriend could hardly stand waiting any more. He pulled the straps of my dress down and pulled out my large, soft breasts. He nibbled and teased my hard nipples with his teeth and tongue until I couldn't stand it anymore and forced his fingers into my wet cunt. But that's not all he had in mind. Giving me a mischievous grin, he pushed me onto my back and pulled my dress up above my waist. He forced my legs apart and slowly began to lick my wet lips, slipping deep inside my cunt and playfully nibbling my clitoris. I moaned with pleasure and began to caress my own nipples while his tongue twirled around my clit and his fingers plunged deep inside of me. I could feel the heat of the sun on my cunt, I could feel the breeze tease across my nipples, and I could hear people come and go very close to us. We were totally exposed. It was not long before all of this combined inside of me to create a mind-blowing orgasm of pleasure. To this day, even just thinking about it makes me really really wet, and I can't help slipping my fingers down to my moist cunt and massaging my hard and aroused clit. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

183. Woman's Story: Afternoon Swim (11/13/03)

My boyfriend and I went to a well-known river for a swim. After some playing around in the water, we got out to dry in the sun. Seeing him laying there, I started thinking of all the things I could do to him. Feeling myself getting wet, I squirmed down to his hips and pulled out his cock to find he was nearly hard. I slowly started licking and nibbling at his cock, feeling his excitement. As I took all of him into my mouth, I saw a guy sunbathing  naked on the other side of the river. He was jerking himself off and that made me want more. As my man came in my mouth, he grabbed my hair, pulling my head into him, groaning and panting as I drank his load. He then ripped off the bottom half of my swimsuit and started to slowly lick my pussy and slipped two fingers into me. As I moaned, I watched the other guy jerking off and could see he was close to cumming, as was I. By now my man had seen the other guy, too, and turned me around on top of him so he could lick and finger my soaking pussy as as I sucked on his huge cock. It seemed we all came at the same time, and sat back in bliss. The guy across the river left after an hour, but we stayed and did it all over again. To this day I still get hot when I think of that afternoon, and I have become addicted to sucking my man's cock.

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