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New Years Sex

No Pop-Ups

Woman's Story: I Didn't Know His Name (12/28/04)

I had gone to a New Yearís party with a friend after breaking up with my boyfriend. As soon as I got there I noticed a really hot guy. I was wet within seconds. He saw me and came over. I knew what was on his mind. He started to talk but I told him, ďDon't say a word.Ē

He led me to a spare bedroom and lifted up my skirt he started fingering my clit until I came. I bent down and undid his pants, pulled out his hot throbbing dick and started to lick it in circular motions. He groaned with pleasure and I carried on until he came all down my throat. I savored every drop. He then grabbed my waist and threw me on to the bed. He fucked me hard and came all over my chest. Then I climbed on top of him. It was the best sex of my life and I didn't even know his name.

Man's Story: Designated MILF Man (12/28/04)

It was New Yearís and my family and I and another family were partying in downtown Lake Tahoe. Everyone was really drunk, especially my mom's friend Maryanne. She is a very hot MILF, about 45 years old. She's tall and skinny and has the body of an 18 year old with huge fake tits. She looked really hot that night. She had on a very small black mini skirt with a red tube top that barely covered her tits. She had a little too much to drink and she was having a hard time not revealing her boobs.

My dad said I should drive her back to the house. We were walking to the car and she dropped her purse. Her skirt was so short when she bent over I saw her G-string. As I was checking her ass out she caught me. I thought she would get mad, but instead she stood up and pulled her tube top down and showed me her boobs. As I was driving she started asking me if I thought she was hot. Of course I said yes, and next thing I knew she started rubbing my crotch. I slowly slid my right hand up her skirt and under her G-string and started fingering her bald pussy.

We finally arrived at the house and we went straight into her room. I lay on the bed and she climbed on top of me. She removed my clothes and started giving me a blow job. She stripped and climbed on top of me and I started fucking her. We fucked in a couple different positions for about 20 minutes. I was on top fucking her. I pulled out and stuck my dick in her mouth. Before long I started to cum and she swallowed all of it. We lay in bed and she fell asleep and I just lay there smiling. I couldn't believe it I was only 22 and I just fucked my mom's friend, whom my buddies and I have all dreamed about fucking.

No Pop-Ups

Man's Story: Cocksucking Lessons (12/28/04)

Our office division secretary is an average-looking 23-year-old strawberry blonde. At our last Christmas party she got really drunk and wanted to sober up before going home. I decided to help her down to the break room and get some coffee. As we opened the door, we surprised another female coworker giving two of our sales managers blowjobs. As they hurriedly left our secretary laughed and pointed at them.

A little later she started laughing again and said that she wished she knew how to give a good blowjob. Figuring she was just drunk and talking out of her head I jokingly told her that when she was ready that I'd be glad to help her out. She never really sobered up so I got another of our female coworkers to take her home.

A week later, as our New Yearís Eve party ended, our secretary pushed me into my private office, and thanked me for what I'd done. Then she told me that she wasn't that drunk when she said what she did and wanted to take me up on my offer. She then unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers and briefs to the floor. She told me she was ready to learn how to be a great cocksucker as she stroked and licked my cock.

That's been almost a year ago now and the lessons are continuing. She mastered swallowing cum quickly and we're still working on her deep throat skills. At under five feet tall she fits easily under my desk and likes to take her breaks there. Not being a selfish guy I've been improving my pussy eating skills with her coaching too. I won't fit under her desk but her office supply room locks from the inside. The adventure and danger of being at work when we do it just adds to the pleasure.

Man's Story: New Year Cumming In (12/28/04)

Last year on New Year's Eve, my wife went to bed early and I decided to ring in the New Year in a different way. I took a bath and got naked. I went to the fridge and got a carrot and whittled it into the shape of a butt plug. I grabbed a sandwich plastic bag and inserted the homemade butt plug in the bag. I used KY Jelly to lube up my anus and inserted the butt plug.

At 11 o'clock I was ready to watch Dick Clark and ring the New Year. I began stroking my penis and took myself to the point of nearly cumming, but I didn't. I kept doing this until the countdown for the New Year. I was about to explode at this point. I was trying to time my orgasm with the countdown. As the countdown began, I stroked myself for the last time. As the year rolled in, I released my own fireworks. The New Year was truly cumming in.

Man's Story: New Year's MILF (12/28/04)

It was New Yearís Eve and a buddy and I were going to the house of this girl that he met on a chat line. Her parents were pretty cool and they said it was all right for us to come over and drink. We werenít 21 yet so we jumped on situations like this as much as possible. When we got to the house everybody was already having a good time so we took our coats off and made ourselves at home.

Well, after midnight everyone was pretty toasted and my buddy was making out with his lady friend in her room, so I went upstairs. The mom was up there by herself, just chilling listening to some music. She was a definite MILF, in her mid 40's with short colored auburn hair, a nice tight body, a cute little nose stud and sexy tattoo on her arm. I complimented her on her tattoo, which was of a unicorn. "I'm glad you like it," she said, then she showed me a tattoo she had done on her ass. I was shocked that she just pulled her pants down and stuck her fine ass in my face. I couldnít help myself as I reached over and rubbed it.

"Hey, Iím a married woman, you know!" she said as she started unbuttoning her shirt. "Uh, where's your husband?" I asked, as she started unzipping my pants. Apparently he was passed out in the bedroom because I could hear him snoring. She started sucking my dick, and I was getting really excited. I couldnít take it any more and I just turned her around and started fucking her doggy style as hard as I could over the couch. She had to muffle her face in the cushions so no one could hear her moans. After a couple of minutes I was ready to cum and she turned around and sucked me dry. I told my friend later on what happened but he didnít believe me. Thatís OK with me, I still had the best New Yearís ever.

Woman's Story: Office Party Orgy (12/28/04)

I've been married 10 years and have 2 children. My husband Chris is 41 and often away on business. Since the kids went to school I've been very bored. I got an office job. There are 13 blokes working there and just me. All the men chatted me up. I liked it a lot. They dropped things and since I wear short skirts they lingered in front of my desk or they stood over me looking down at my 36Cs and making smutty talk.

Last Christmas office party I drank a lot and kept my word to dance with everyone of them. My boring husband hadn't the time to come with me. The married blokes and ones with girlfriends got to go first. There was an awful lot of slow music and the bumping and grinding got some of the ladies very agitated. Two couples left early and another 3 men left around midnight with their partners. That left me with 8 men. They put on music to slow dance and I obliged with 2, 3, 4 at a time clutching onto me. It got really, really heavy and exciting as their hands begun wandering under my little black tight, low cut dress as they kissed my arms, neck and face.

After about 15 minutes of this I was so worked up I didn't notice them unzip me and when they were pulling my dress down I didn't care. With all their lusting attention I felt like a million dollars. Stripped to my sexy see-thru knickers and bra I just got more excited dancing amongst them being fondled and embraced. Someone asked if I wanted more and I lost my voice and just nodded. They put cushions on the floor and shoved me on them as I squirmed. Some began dropping their trousers and pants and the boss took my face to ask was I sure? I began unzipping him and heard him tell the others, "Mandy's up for it. She'll gangbang us."

Then another asked me if how I wanted it but I couldn't reply as by then there were fingers in my mouth, cunt, arsehole and everywhere. Someone answered for me, "It don't matter to her, look at her, she'll take it any way we do it!" And he was sooooooooo right! It must have been 3 or 4 hours that they were at me. I loved some of it and bits were very tough to take. Cocks in my mouth and cunt, three in me at a time, double-pussy while I pulled a cock in each hand it just went totally wild and I got fucked so hard, so strong, so many times I swear my stomach was swelling from the spunk. They got downright dirty sexy and I was poked and fisted like they'd never do with their wives or girlfriends. I just didn't care. It was the most hectic, fantastic, pulsating sex I'd ever known.

When they finally let me back up I was a sticky, gooey mess from head to toe and my cunt lips so sore I felt like I'd been in a car crash. The 5 remaining men helped me clean up so I'd look a little better when I got home to the babysitter. Luckily Chris was away overnight and didn't see I was struggling to walk! For 10 days I hid the love-bites on my tits and thighs after Chris came home. We made love in the dark. Even he noticed it was unusual. He didn't know my moans were from the pain between my legs and not his lovemaking!

Chris and I went out New Year's Eve and he got so drunk he didn't notice that we'd teamed up with 4 of the office guys. He slept like a log in our bed while the 4 did me all over again on our lounge floor. Just as I was getting over things they made me all sore and marked up! In the morning while Chris was still sleeping they dragged me upstairs to our bedroom and each fucked me on the bed beside my husband. Then they left. 

Man's Story: Don't Miss the Countdown (12/28/04)

My girlfriend and I had been invited to a New Yearís Eve party at a friendís house. We had been having sex on a regular basis, but the birth control she was on made her sick, so the sex was off for a while. At the party we both were drinking heavily and at about 10 minutes till midnight, she says, "I wanna fuck you!" Not believing my ears, I say what about the birth control? She says letís just get a condom! So we find a condom, and went to my truck to get the KY Jelly.

there is only one problem - where do we do it? So we look around and find that there is a hole in the fence that leads to an electrical box. I say, "That looks like a good place." She instantly led me there, she unzipped my pants and took my dick in her mouth! Then she bent over the box and dropped her pants to the ground and said, "Get in me!" She didn't have to tell me twice! I pounded her doggy style for about 5 minutes until we heard someone pissing on the fence right next to us! I figured this would make her get out of the "mood". God, was I wrong!

She told me to lay down, then she straddled me and rode my cock like never before! I thought I was about to cum and wanted to prolong it, so I bent her over doggy style again (this time in front of the electric box so she could hold on for extra leverage) and pounded her from behind until she started to moan, then I instantly filled the condom up with my hot cum. When we returned, everyone asked where we'd been and thought we would miss the countdown. Our New Yearís Eve celebration was the best.

Man's Story: Secret New Year's Ass-Fuck (12/28/04)

My wife is not in the least interested in anal sex, but I have wanted to fuck her tight little asshole since the first time we met. Unfortunately, any time I bring it up, she just says no and won't even discuss it further. She is afraid it will hurt and she won't enjoy it. So, not long ago, we were at a New Year's party and she got really drunk. I was drinking, but can hold my liquor pretty well, so I was enjoying myself while she got shit-faced. Finally, she was on the verge of passing out, so I helped her to the room we were staying in that night, undressed her and helped her into bed. I went back out to say goodnight to the others and returned to bed myself.

There had been lots of hot women at the party besides my wife and I was pretty worked up and horny. I slipped into bed and snuggled up to her to try and get something started. She was sound asleep and I couldn't get her to wake up no matter what I tried. Then, a dirty little thought crept into my mind, and I just had to smile. I stripped off the covers and spread her legs wide open. I began eating her pussy, thinking if she woke up at least she would have a good time.

She became very wet and I started working her juices down into her crack. As I continued to eat her, I worked a finger into her tight ass and began lubricating and loosening her up. Still, she snored away. Finally, when I couldn't take anymore, I turned her over and raised her ass in the air the best I could. I worked more of her juice into her lubricated asshole and covered my cock with the built up pre-cum and juices from her dripping pussy.

I positioned the swollen head of my cock at the entrance to her ass and slowly entered her. She was tight, but the massive lubrication coming from her cunt kept things nice and slippery. Her rectum was so warm that I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I slowly fucked her ass for about five minutes before I deposited a huge load of come in her bowels. She never did wake up and to this day has no idea what a great ass-fucking she got on New Year's Eve!

Man's Story: We Woke Up Naked (12/28/04)

When I was 16 and just started college I became really attracted to my best mateís girlfriend. I soon realized she liked me too after some serious flirting when none of our friends were around. We used to touch and stroke each other under desks trying not to be seen by anyone. That itself was quite a turn on. When we were drunk it just got more intense. At one party we snuck off and I gave her oral.

It was a New Yearís Eve party where we first had sex. My friend, her boyfriend, had to leave at 11 because of work the following morning. It was a friend of a friendís party so we knew hardly anyone but each other. After about three bowls of punch each we went upstairs and started kissing and touching in an upstairs bedroom. She stood up and removed the dress she had been wearing. She straddled me and slowly removed my clothes too.

We had sex three times during the night, in between the passing out. When we woke in the morning our memories were hazy about the night before, but we were in the same bed with her lying naked on top of me. Without hesitating she positioned herself and started riding me again.

Woman's Story: Kitchen Quickie (12/28/04)

I have been having an affair with my husband's friend, Geoff, for over a year. My husband and I held a New Yearís party at our house and had lots of friends round. I went into the kitchen to get some more wine and was followed by Geoff. He quickly bent me over the sink, hoisted up my little red dress, pulled my G-string down and shoved his cock in my pussy. It was a fast and furious fuck which didnít last long, but it was great.

Man's Story: Nice Neighbor Lady (12/28/04)

I was 15 years old and in my own bedroom just before bedtime. My parents were having their annual New Yearís Eve party downstairs. My bedroom door opened and standing there was a woman who lived across the street. She had a smile on her face as she came into my room without saying anything. She sat next to me on my bed, placing one hand on my leg.

Soon she pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me, pulling my pajama bottoms down and exposing me. She took one hand and grasped my dick like a pipe. After gently stroking it, my dick enlarged to a huge erection. She positioned herself over me and with her hand guided my dick into her already wet pussy. She pumped up and down, moaning with pleasure. I shot into her like a semi-automatic weapon. This was my first experience with a woman.

As she got off me, she asked if I could be her fix-it man around her house twice a week. She said my pay would be very rewarding, so I accepted. Thereafter, I became her sex pupil. She taught me to do just about anything for her and soon she had friends to her house to play with my dick.


Woman's Story: Put It In Reverse (12/28/04)

Some friends invited me to join them on New Year's Eve for dinner and dancing. It's about a four hour drive to meet up with them, but good friends are worth it. I had to work on New Year's Day so I knew that I couldn't drink much and that I would have to make the long drive home in the middle of the night. The evening went very well, the dinner was great, the dancing was fun and with all the girl talk and such it was no time before everyone was caught up with what everyone was doing. It was getting late and I regretfully had to leave and get back home so I could catch an hour or two of sleep before heading into work. I left right from the dining establishment so I didn't bother or have a chance to change back into my driving clothes.

I started getting tired shortly into the drive and needed something to keep me awake. I tried driving with the window open, singing to the radio, but nothing was working too well. I then decided that if I fingered myself that I wouldn't have a chance to fall asleep so I pulled up my skirt and put a hand down my panties and started to play with my clit. This started to feel really good but I needed more access. I pulled off my panties (not an easy feat while driving but not impossible) and threw them on the passenger seat. With my skirt hiked up this gave me full access to my pussy and I had a good time playing with myself. My goal wasn't to orgasm, just to keep myself awake, so I fingered and played on and off, keeping myself on edge so I wouldn't have a chance to fall asleep.

I was half way home and was passing a service center when I realized that I needed some gas. I pulled into the gas pumps and asked the cute 20-something year old attendant to fill the tank. He asked if I wanted my windshield washed and I agreed. He started to clean the windshield and I didn't notice until he was almost done that he had a larger than normal smile on his face. That is when I realized that even though I tugged my skirt back down a little before entering into the gas station I guess I didn't pull it down far enough and he had a clear view of my wet pussy through the windshield. Looking over to the passenger seat I could see that my panties were sitting there in clear view as well. Feeling a little embarrassed, and I didn't want to make it look like I knew he was getting a free view, I didn't try and hide anything and just waited patiently for him to finish cleaning my windshield and pumping my gas.

After getting back on the road, all I could think about was this gas attendant looking at my exposed pussy through the windshield. Now I needed to cum and putting it off until I made it home was not an option. I pulled over on the side of the road and started seriously fingering my pussy. I was getting frustrated (in more than one way) until I looked and took notice of the gear shifter. Normally I wouldn't have thought of using the shifter as a sexual device but I couldn't find ANYTHING else and I was frantic. I spun around on the front seats facing the back of the car and positioned myself over the shifter. I slowly lowered my pussy over the knob and down the shaft. I was surprised that it slid in so easily but I guess I was really wet from the earlier activities that there wasn't any resistance at all. Having the shifter shoved right up my pussy felt so unreal, so stiff, so foreign. I must have sat there with the shifter jammed up my pussy for about five minutes, just enjoying it totally filling me while I straddled it. It felt so amazing.

My body then started crawling with pleasure so I started to finger my clit and bouncing up and down on the gear shifter. All I could think of was the young gas jockey back at the station jerking off after seeing my exposed pussy. In no time I was writhing in pleasure, bucking on the gear shifter like there was no end. After the tidal wave of an orgasm subsided, I slump onto the seats with the shifter still inside me, quivering with aftershocks from my orgasm. A few minutes later I pulled myself off the shifter sat back into the drivers seat and tried to compose myself for the rest of the drive home while cleaning off the gear shifter. Needless to say, after my fun on the side of the road, I wasn't tired anymore and made it home in time for a short nap before work.


Man's Story: Under the Blanket (12/28/04)

It was New Yearís Eve and I was having a party at my house. About everyone had left except my girlfriend and a few of my buddies. We were downstairs watching a movie with five other people. Me and my GF were sharing a blanket so I decided to take advantage of the situation. I started to tease her by running my hand up and down her inner thigh. After a minute or two, I slipped my hand down her pants and over her panties. I started to rub her over her panties and before long found myself under her panties fingering her. She then reached down my pants and started to rub my hard cock.

After a few minutes she was biting me on the shoulder to stop herself from moaning in front of all my friends. She then took my hand and asked me to help make her bed upstairs. We ran upstairs and she immediately pushed me down on the bed and ripped off my pants. She started to kiss me and rub my cock again. She then lifted up my shirt and kissed all the way down to my waiting dick. It did not take long for me to cum because of all the prep. When I did, she took it all in her mouth and afterwards kept rubbing till I was all done.


Woman's Story: New Year's Three-Way (12/28/04)

It was New Yearís Eve and me, my boyfriend, and another two couples got really drunk. One of the couples had to take care of their son and went off to sleep. My boyfriend and I were horny as hell. So we went to a room and started fucking immediately. As I was being pleasured, the girl from the third couple walked in on us.

At first I was shy but when I felt her staring at my perky tits it turned me on like fire. I knew I had to have her. As I was riding my boyfriend, she licked my tits gently and made me feel so hot inside. My boyfriend threw me on the bed and opened my pussy lips while she licked me like crazy. Luckily her boyfriend was drunk enough to not notice she was not with him. If she ever reads this, I want to let her know that it's my turn to do her a favor.


Woman's Story: Fun Before the Party (12/28/04)

One night my parents went out to a New Yearís Eve party, and my party didnít start till about 11. So I called my cut buddy "Chris" over just to have some "before-the-party-fun". When he got there I was in the shower freshening up, so I came down to the door with just a towel. I invited him to shower with me.

When we got in there, first we started kissing then he slid his fingers down my tummy to my wet clit. He started rubbing slow at first then harder and faster till he made me scream and shake from an orgasm. Then he started finger fucking me with 2 fingers, while he was getting down on his knees to suck on my juicy clit. First he started licking it and fucking my vagina with his tongue and sucking on my clit hard.

Then we get out of the shower and I lay him on my bed, still wet, and started sucking on the head of his hard cock as if it were a lollipop. I started sucking harder, taking his cock in my mouth and licking his balls every time I went down. Next he pulls me up on top of him and slams his 7" cock into my pussy. I push his body down and get on my knees so I can make my wet pussy clap on his hard cock. He flips me over so he's standing behind me and pounds my ass, over and over again. Then he flips me over on my back and throws my legs over his shoulders. Then he starts fucking me from side to side.

He starts playing with my clit and screams, "Baby, I'm cumming," as he slams harder. I moan and scream, "Let it go in me, I want you all in me." Then he lets go, but before he stops cumming I suck his dick and let his nut run down my hard nipples.


Woman's Story: I Rode Him Like a Horse (12/28/04)

It was New Yearís 2000 and my friends and I had decided to go to a great party down the coast. Once there, I met a very sexy guy. We got along well and soon he was fingering me while standing around a crowd of people. When they left we went inside the car and I was soon jerking him off.

With a huge erection he couldn't stop me from putting my head down and I started sucking his boner. He then pulled me on top of him and pulled my panties to the side. As he was sucking my tits I rode him like a horse, every stroke getting deeper and harder. Then, just before the car door opened, we had the biggest orgasm ever. It was the best fuck of my life

Woman's Story: Dirty Dancing (12/28/04)

I came home from college on New Year's Eve one year and my girlfriends invited me to a club that night. I was looking hot in my form-fitting blue jeans and tight tube top. The place was hot and jumping! I was dancing around the dance floor on top of all these different guys when I went to the bar for a drink. This hot guy just happened to be there sitting at the bar drinking a beer. He turned around and it was the hottest guy I had ever met.

His dark brown hair and tan skin was so hot. He grabbed me and started kissing me like I had never been kissed before! His hot tongue felt awesome against mine. He asked me to dance with him on the dance floor. So I willingly agreed. We were dancing so dirty, pelvis against pelvis. It got hot and his dancing made my panties incredibly wet.

I guess we both felt horny 'cause he asked me to his room. Of course I went along with him and as soon as we got there, our clothes were ripped off of each other! I got the best view of his throbbing dick. I told him I liked it fast and hard. So that's just what he did. He first licked my hot tight pussy. His tongue going in and out felt so good! I got horny and asked him to pound me. So I guided his dick to my wet pussy and in his hard dick went.

As he was thrusting harder and harder my orgasms got bigger and bigger. Suddenly I felt him cum inside of me. It as the greatest feeling I had ever felt. I asked him if I could lick it all off his dick and he said yes. As I was licking, he came again, and my pussy was already oozing with his cum. After that night I never saw him again but I still think it was the best New Year's I had ever had.

Woman's Story: A Night to Remember (12/28/04)

It was New Year's Eve 2000 and I was with my brother at an exclusive party in downtown NY. My brother had his best friend, Jason, with him. I was having such a ball, dancing, drinking, and flirting with all the men. Then Jason came up to me. He was obviously very drunk. I told him to follow me and we went into the upstairs bedroom of the townhouse where the party was.

As soon as we walked through the door he was sucking the back of my neck and his hard cock pushed at my pants. I turned around and ripped off his remaining clothes and then my own. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. I could tell he couldn't wait to penetrate me. I got on all fours and he slammed his thick dick into my wet inviting pussy. He fucked me while I moaned, "Harder! Harder!" That night I had hours and hours of great sex. It's a night Iíll never forget.

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