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96. Woman's Story: Body Shots (12/25/01) 

91. Woman's Story: Me Talk Pretty Someday (12/1/01) 

My husband loves me to talk dirty while we are having sex. I have to constantly tell him how delicious his cock taste between slurps. I am not allowed to just say "your cock taste great" no I have to be creative and say things like "O baby this goddamn fucking hard on of yours has got my cunt so fucking wet." He likes me to kneel between his legs while he is laying on his back.  My huge (fucking) tits (he likes lots of filthy adjectives) are hanging there for him to hang on to while I inhale his beautiful dick.  You have to picture me kneeling there with my ass sticking out and him s looking over my shoulder to the big mirror that is in back of us.  I try my best to flex my ass hole for him as this really get him going.  

He will ask if anything else is getting hot besides my wet cunt hole and I have to say that my ass hole is so fucking hungry for a cock to fill it while I am sucking his prick that I would let anyone plug it if they just happened to come on the scene.  Then he goes on saying that he has brought him this really horny fucking guy that he met who has not had any good fucking in years because he has been in prison and just got out.  I play along with this by making these really loud lewd slurping sounds while I am blowing him.  "Do you want this guy to fuck you tight little ass hole baby', he says.  I come off the dick just long enough to say " Fuck yes Fuck Yes, I want that hard dick up my ass, I want both of your fuckers to shoot me full of cream at the same fucking time.  " Then what", he says.  Then I want to lick both of your hairy fucking ass holes until you motherfuckers get hard enough to sandwich fuck me.  I want to be filled with cum, covered with cum, drowned in fucking cum, I want your creaming loads splashed all over my cock sucking face, my tits, my ass hole and in my fucking hair.  Then I want you to take out that fucking camera and take lots of pictures of me and display them on the fucking internet so every horny motherfucker out there can jerk off in tribute to this great fuck session that we have just had.  

Usually he is shooting and squirting his load down my throat by now with all this sexy filth talk going on and when it is over I have to open my mouth to show my lover that I really do love him and his tasty fucking cum by showing him that I have swallowed every last fucking drop.  I hope you enjoyed my dirty mouth encounter as much as I did sitting here naked typing and sucking and getting licked all at the same time. Maybe someday he really will bring home that horny ass fucker, I think that would just be great!!!!!!!!!

41. Woman's Story: Talk to me (7/15/00) 

My husband loves me to talk dirty. I am usually very proper in my every day speech but when we are alone I will start dropping four letter words in our conversation just to watch his dick get hard. He loves me to use the word cunt. Once while in the car, stopped at a light there was a girl in front of us who did not go when the light changed fast enough to suit him. So I said "That fucking cunt is just sitting there day dreaming about some big fat cock to suck." With in two minutes we were on a secluded street in broad day light and I was gagging on a large load of cum. I don't swallow but I like to keep it in my mouth as long as I can. We drove away and went to the mall we had been headed for and for the next half hour as we were in there I would just smile once in a while showing my cum soaked teeth and tongue. Needless to say we stopped at the same place on the way back but this time I got mine.

28. Man's Story: Long Distance Lovers (6/20/00) 

I've been seeing my girlfriend for about 9 months now. During that time we've spent a lot of time apart as my job takes me all over the states. During one of our frequent late night telephone conversations after I just showered and was laying on my bed, we got talking about how much we missed each other. I told her I couldn't wait to get my hands on her when she came over to visit next week. She started asking what I was going to do to her. This really turned me on and I became rock hard.

I proceeded to grab my cock, pulling hard whilst I told her I was gonna throw her naked on the bed, and start licking from her feet upwards to her hot wet pussy, where I'd run the length of my tongue over her swollen clit. I could hear her say how wet she was right now and that she was stroking her pussy and it felt like I was there. I then told her that I was going to climb up over her and slip my tongue into her mouth so that she could taste her own juices. I could hear her breath on the telephone as she kept repeating "oh yeah, oh yeah" as I repeatedly told her how I was going to fuck her with my big hard cock. I heard her breathless moans build until she said "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" and she let out a series of loud moans at which point I shot all over my chest.

Pretty shocked at what had just happened we laughed over the phone and she told me that she had been wanting to do that for a long time! I'd certainly recommend it for long distance lovers.


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