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Concert Sex Stories

82. Man's Story: Against the Wall 

I went to a concert with a bunch of friends.  After the bands got into a few songs I spotted this hot girl.  I introduced myself and we started talking.  She told me that it was hot inside the ballroom so we stepped outside.  She led me around the corner and proceeded to kiss me on the neck.  We started making out and feeling each other up. She unzipped my pants as I took off her shirt.  She had this great pink bra on. I unhooked it and caressed her nipples.  I then lowered myself and started sucking on her nipples. They were great and then she pushed my head down.  We undid her pants and I stuck my tongue about 1/4 inch into her pussy.  It tasted exquisite. I then stood up and started fucking her against the wall.  She lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around me and we just rocked back and forth. Slow at first and then harder and harder.  I got so far deep into her that she actually had to push me off a little.  She then licked all of the cum off my penis and we went back into the ballroom.  It was hella good.


52. Man's Story: Rocket's Red Glare 

It was the fourth of July, 1998.  My girlfriend and I went to the lake to watch the fireworks from the shore.  We were sitting up in a lifeguard tower to get a better view above the crowd.  The entire night we had been messing around with each other and soon enough my girlfriend put her hands down my pants and started rubbing my dick.  At this point we were both so worked up that stopping wasn't an option.  She told me she wanted me to fuck her and make her cum at the exact time the fireworks went off.  She pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles and sat on top of me with her back facing me, and a blanket pulled over her lap.  We went slow for about ten minutes but as soon as the fireworks went off she started to ride me like she never had before.  We both came instantly with about 500 people looking on, I guess the fireworks weren't the big show that night!


121. Man's Story: Slam dance  

The concert was in an old concert hall, and there were clearly more people there than normally allowed.  The crowd was packed in and I felt her soft body and blonde hair in front of me, and she was facing the other direction.  As we stood packed close together, I reached under her black cotton miniskirt and touched her bare butt cheek. She didn't move or even turn around as I grabbed her ass.  

I was hard instantly and I decided to unzip myself, and allow my cock to peek out of the top of my zipper.  I reached under her skirt again as the crowd pushed and felt her bare ass cheek.  While I felt under her skirt, I noticed that she had no panties.  I positioned my cock directly behind her pussy and lifted her skirt slightly as I put the zipper flap of my pants in her ass crack, and pushed forward with the crowd.  She didn't turn around as I ground my body against her.  

I lowered my body and the bare head of my cock touched her between her cheeks, and she didn't even flinch.  I reached forward and slipped a finger in her pussy from behind and she spread her legs slightly.  I unzipped all the way and slipped my cock between her legs from behind.  I rubbed my bare cock the length of the outside of her pussy.  She was shaved ,smooth and incredibly wet. 

I slipped my cock into her wetness and pumped slowly with the crowd pushing against me.  I came quickly, slipped out of her pussy, and zipped up, worked my way back through the crowd and left.  What a concert!


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