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College Sex Stories 

239. Woman's Story: Dorm Room Lap Dance (7/17/04)

It was my one-year anniversary, December 21st. I was going to the same college as my boyfriend and this year I had a special surprise.

I stripped naked and put on my high heels and a long dress coat and rushed over to his dorm room. He let me in and I closed the door behind me. Then I let the coat slide to the floor, revealing my naked body. His mouth dropped open. I knew he was waiting for this for a long time.

I told him to sit down on his bed, because I had something planned. He sat down and I pulled his legs apart and began to slide my body up and down his crotch, giving him a lap dance. He pulled my ass closer so I could feel his hard cock against my thigh. I leaned over brushing my breasts against his face as I undid his pants and took out his cock.

His hands covered mine and he helped me to jack him off until he was rock hard. That's when he said it was his turn to play. He stood up and pulled off his pants and told me to lean over his computer chair. I did it and I felt him grab my hips as his cock circled my clit before he slid it in.

He pumped in and out of me, slowly at first and then he sped up. I grabbed onto the chair for dear life as he pumped harder and harder. I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my thighs. His hips ground into mine as he came violently inside me. As I felt myself fill up with his cum, I came as well. We spent the rest of the night having sex in various positions.

No Pop-Ups

232. Woman's Story: Well-Hung Nerd (7/2/04)

I was taking chemistry in college and having a hard time. This boy in my lab offered to help me study. He was kind of nerdy, but I needed the help. He came to my dorm room to study and I kept catching him looking at my shorts (which were kind of short). Then I noticed a bulge in his sweatpants. It was huge.

I have no idea why, but I couldn't help myself. I reached over and grabbed his dick through his sweatpants and rubbed it. He just sat there. I don't think he knew what to do. I pulled his pants down and stroked his big cock, and he came in about a second all over his notes and book. I kept stroking him and he stayed hard and I pulled my pants down and straddled him. I told him to tell me when he was going to come. He was really big and I came fast. I made him promise not to tell anyone. That is still the biggest dick I have ever seen.

207. Man's Story: Pulling an All-Nighter (1/25/04)

I was a sophomore engineering student at an Ivy League college, living in a coveted dorm located in Collegetown. I had not had a steady girlfriend since freshman year, and got by on the occasional drunken hook-up. One night I was studying (for an engineering calc final) in the common area of the dorm (located on the ground floor). There were a number of us studying in the common area, but as the hours passed, the crowd grew thinner. Eventually, me and a girl from my floor, Debbie, were the only ones left. It was about 2 a.m. I was casually acquainted with Debbie (enough to know that she had a boyfriend). Debbie was about 5'9", with short, curly blonde hair and blue eyes (very New England-y, J. Crew looking). We ended up sharing some coffee she had brought down with her and talking for about two hours. At about 4 a.m. (when the mind really starts getting hazy), we ended up in her room, where she proceeded to strip for me, and ended with a great blowjob (during which she complimented my assets glowingly). I fell asleep in her bed for a while, but awoke to find her in a robe, fresh from the shower. We parted ways. I called Debbie to invite her to a party my housemates and I threw the following year, but she declined. I had to retake the calc class.

26. Man's Story: Room Switcheroo 

In the middle of the night in college one year I knocked on my friend's door to ask if my girlfriend and I could sleep in his bed because she was keeping my roommate awake with her coughing.  He gladly agreed, and we switched rooms for the night.  Now that we were alone though, instead of sleeping we took to attacking each other.  There was something highly erotic about the scenario, and it turned both of us on to a boiling point.  At one point she was standing on the bed with one leg on the bed, the other on his desk, leaning on the wall for support.  I stood under her licking and sucking on her pussy as she thrust down onto my mouth.  I still can remember her juice flowing all over my face when she came.  The rest of the night we fucked in his bed and on his floor, trying our best to keep the noise down but having a difficult time of it.  The next morning, exhausted from out lack of sleep, we got up to go to breakfast only to find that we had completely stained his sheets with our cum.  Embarrassed as I could be, I told him, but he just laughed it off and told me it was no big deal.  Obviously, this was part of the reason he ended up fucking his girlfriend in my bed about a month later.

37. Man's Story: Memorial day 

Last year my girlfriend and I were both Freshmen in college. Unfortunately we were at different schools so I was really excited when she said she would come visit. Now my girlfriend has always been kind of a sheltered girl and I was not sure how much of the "College Experience" she had had. So that she wouldn't be overwhelmed, I decided to take her to an apartment party rather then the usual full blown Frat house parties we are so well known for around these part . As it turned out she quickly got drunk and bored and we were on our way out the door around midnight. 

The walk back to my place took us across campus and past the veterans memorial. All of a sudden she stopped and took my hand...walked my to the memorial and proceeded to give me the best head I have ever received. This was so exhilarating, being outside, a little drunk, a lot turned on (I had never seen my cock so big), and about thirty yards away from an all female dormitory. Needless to say with all the excitement I didn't last to long...I came after only about a minute and surprisingly she took every last drop down her throat. (Remember at the beginning of the night I still thought she was a sheltered girl.) When she was done she zipped me up, reached into my pocket and pulled out my dorm room keys smiled and said, "Come on, we gotta get home."


92. Woman's Story: Dorm Room Shenanigans

I attend a large private university and I have made friends with a guy down the hall. I had the biggest crush on him and apparently he felt the same way.  He usually stayed in our room until 3 or 4 in the morning but my roommate was always there, though she claimed to be sleeping. 

Last week, he came over to our room and as I opened the door, he hugged me, and undid my bra.  I giggled a little bit and whispered that my roommate was sleeping and he said "that's okay, we'll be quiet."  We laid down on the futon in my room and he slowly undid each of the buttons on my shirt.  He took my bare breast in his hand and grabbed and it and tugged and it almost hurt but at the same time it felt so good.  He brought his mouth to my tit and began to suck on it violently.  This turned me on so much I lifted up his head to mine and began to make out with him.  

As we were making out, I undid his belt and slid off his pants...I took his cock and began to rhythmically move up and down on it.  When he was starting to cum, I brought my mouth to it and swallowed every bit of what had come out.  His hand started to drift under my silk pajama pants and he fingered me like I've never been fingered before.  He used 2 fingers and pushed them inside of me with a thrust and then massaged my clit softly.  I ripped off his shirt and pulled his bare chest to mine.   I moved my tits up and down his chest, I love the feeling of bare skin against each other.  I have a big tit thing, anything a guy does with my tits turns me on.  He started licking them and making a pattern with his tongue.  While he was doing this he positioned his cock at my opening of my pussy and thrust in. I began to finger myself as he fucked me and he grabbed onto my breasts.  When we both started to cum, I couldn't help but make a lot of noise.  He shut me up by making out and after we were finished, we masturbated for each other.  My roommate still has no idea.


65. Man's Story: In the Dorm

It was 9:00 PM and I was with my girlfriend. We had been together for almost 3 months now. We were in my dorm room, and she said she wanted to suck my cock. I said sure, and she started to unzip my fly. By now I was hard, and my dick popped out from my unzipped pants. She surprised me by instantly putting her mouth on my throbbing dick and moving her head up and down. I was also surprised how well she sucked. She must have been very experienced. I came and she got every drop. She took off her tank top and bra. I fondled her 36c breasts and sucked her nipples. While I was doing this, I took off her shorts and panties and slipped my fingers into her wet cunt. Then she spread her legs and I licked her pussy. I went back and forth from her clit and her pussy. She moaned in pure ecstasy. She tasted so good. Before she realized it, I got up and jammed my cock inside of her. She started to moan pretty loud. Luckily, nobody had come in. I thrust in and out and massaged her tits as I fucked her. I came again and she practically screamed in enjoyment.

62. Man's Story: Dorm Room

My girlfriend in college and I had been dating about 5 months. One evening we were lying in my bed (I had the top bunk) fully dressed with a sheet thrown over us.  My roommate was watching TV with the dorm room standing wide open. After about a half hour the room was filled with our neighbors just shooting the shit and watching TV. My girlfriend and I had been secretively fondling each other this whole time & by now were pretty hot. She quietly unzipped my jeans. My cock was at full attention but laying on my stomach. She inched herself up and then slid my cock up inside her shorts into her dripping pussy. We lay there quietly, the room full of people not 3 feet away, as she rhythmically squeezed my cock with her pussy. It didn't take long for me to spurt my cum deep inside as she came a few seconds later, and no one ever suspected a thing


44. Man's Story: Collegiate Activities 

About a month into our relationship, my now-wife and I had been getting progressively hotter in our intimate sessions.  We we both still virgin, and attending a large private university.

We were both taking the same Psychology class, and one afternoon after class let out, we sat alone in the classroom talking. Out of the clear blue, I slipped my hand under her shirt.  It was my first time touching a girl, and I felt her immediately stiffen up and pull my hand away.  She scolded "Why did you do that."  to which I replied, "I don't know, just felt like it.

Thinking that was the end of my sexual escapades, I was surprised when she later led me into the stairwell of the library building. We started kissing stroking each other on the steps of the 6 story stair well.  She told me she wanted my had down he pants, to which I quickly obliged.  Soon, she had her pants down and I was humping her furiously.  I shot inside her within 2 minutes of entry. She didn't cum on this first occasion, but was duly satisfied in my dorm room that night.


111. Man's Story: Frat Boy Sex Toy

I had just finished pledging my fraternity and had moved into the house.  There were always girls hanging around and some of them were known to be real sluts.

I typically don't pay attention to girls who are overly easy but, one of them was smoking hot.  I had heard a few stories about how wild she was in bed.  I kept catching her looking at me and then looking away.  It turned me on to see a supposed slut acting so bashful.

Our next party was raging.  Everyone got loaded, even myself. I saw this girl dancing, walked up to her and started making out.  She was way into it.  She whispered in my ear that she wanted to go back to my room.

We got back to my room and one of my roommates was passed out with a friend of his crashed on our couch.  She didn't care and started to unbuckle my pants.  She dropped down, pulled out my cock and started to suck me off.

At first I didn't think I would be able to get it up with all the booze and these two guys in the room, but she was really good.  It wasn't long before I was stiff as a steel rod. It was such a turn on looking down at her sucking my knob while she looked up at me.  She had incredible hazel eyes.

She paid special attention to the space where my balls and dick meet.  Sucking especially hard.  She'd also get the head of my cock super slick and then blow lightly on it.  I had to hold onto the closet door to keep from falling over.

The booze gave me lasting power and after awhile she just couldn't suck anymore.  I wasn't about to eat a girl like this out, but I didn't need to.  She was sloppy wet already.  We both got naked and climbed in my bed.  She said she she couldn't cum mission style and got on her elbows and knees.  How perfect.

I slipped a condom on and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her.  I don't think I've ever pounded a girl with such wild abandon.  I could see her tits flying all over the place from the force of our impact.  She tried to steady them against the mattress. I watched the flesh on her ass bounce and jiggle with each thrust.

Between the liquor and the condom I felt like I could last forever.  This girl was cooing, moaning and urging me to fuck harder, harder.  She told me to cum on her ass and I said I wanted to cum on her tits and face.  That sent her over the edge and twat started to twitch with an orgasm. I was near exhaustion.

She rolled onto her back pulled off the condom and proceeded to suck me off again.  I felt an orgasm building and couldn't keep quiet.  I started yelling, I'm coming!  My whole body went rigid and then I shot four massive streams of cum into her face and open mouth.  She groaned and rubbed my cock all over her lips, chin and neck.  She massaged and jerked my balls.  Smaller loads followed as I grunted loudly and emptied myself.

I'm sure the guy on the couch was feigning sleep and watching us, but that just turned me on more and I force fed my limp dick back into this girls mouth.  I seriously felt like a porn star.  I actually ended up dating this girl for six months just because of that experience.

No Pop-Ups

110. Woman's Story: Studying at the Library

I had just dumped my boyfriend because he wasn't spontaneous and free-thinking enough sexually. So, I was pretty horny and ready for any hot guy to give it to me hard.  I was sitting in the library at Boston University when I noticed this really handsome Italian-type staring at me.  I have a pretty great body...I train with a couple of girls in yoga and fitness, so I am pretty hard.  I have long chocolate brown hair, a good tan, and I am 5'7" and about 115 lbs.  So I can understand why he was just in awe of me and my firm little body.  

The guy came over and introduced himself as Joey.  He smiled a killer smile and I know that in 24 hours he will be in ecstasy under my tight body.  We talked for about 45 minutes and I found that he was 25 and studying the in the same field I am, except at UMass.  We agreed to go out on a date that night...and that's when things got hot.

He arrived at my apartment, which I shared with another girl who is out for the night.  He greeted me with flowers and kisses me on the cheek.  He grinned and shook his head in amazement at what I was wearing, a tight black top and even tighter blue jeans.  He just stood there taking me in and said, "You look...amazing."  I smiled and went up to kiss him....that's when it happened...

One minute later our clothes were all over the floor and we were on my bed tearing off each others' underwear.  He pulled of my black bra and bikini like an animal....oh this guy is good, I thought....  I ripped off his underwear in the same hungry manner.  He stopped me and asked me if he could just run his fingers over my body before he fucked my brains out...I say yes! 

Over my perky nipples he traced his fingers....I felt like I was going to come, and a light sweat is covering my body already.  He traced his fingers down my taut abdominal muscles.  "You have a very beautiful tummy," he says.  I rubbed my hands over his six pack .  Then he ran his hand down to my pussy...and my hips are already slightly moving, I was so fucking horny and ready.  His dick, which I would say was 7 inches, was hard as hell and ready to make my body ache.  

He laid on his back and then grabbed me by the hips and pulled me on top of pussy slid onto his throbbing cock and we started fucking each other for from what the clock says 2 hours.  I rode him like he was the last good fuck on earth....the sweat rolled down my cleavage and over my glistening belly.  My cooch was so wet that my wetness covered us both.  His hard sweaty abs contracted as he pumped me, on and on and on, and then when we managed to finally come at the same time as each other, I screamed out and dug my nails into his chest.  His eyes rolled back into his head as his cock released into me. 

As the months went by we fucked each others' brains out.  At 24 I married him and the sex we have is so hot, so wet, so long that I don't think another man could ever please me this way. 

143. Woman's Story: Girl Interrupted

Campus was empty. The Friday before spring break everyone clears out, most importantly my roommate. When he walked into my room I was already wet. I shut the door behind him and began unzipping his pants, started jacking him off to get him hard. I pushed him into my roommates chair, lifted my skirt, and slowly lowered myself onto him. Starting off slowly, we soon worked into a rhythmic flow, allowing gravity to pull me down, thrusting his cock even further inside. We came together, hard and fast. As I screamed with glee, at the very moment of climax, the phone rings. "Hello? Its me. I left my scriptures on my chair. Could you bring them to me? I need them for church on Sunday." It was my roommate. Heh heh... little does she know.

118. Man's Story: Living the Good Life 

My girlfriend came up to visit for the weekend.  We spent most of it in my dorm room fucking all day and night, only going out to go pick up food delivery from the lobby and use the bathroom.  

Unfortunately, my roommate came back from home early Sunday and pretty much ruined any plans for the rest of the day.  As we lay in the bed me on my back her head on my chest she began to rub on my dick.  With my roommate watching TV in the bed at the foot of mine, she slipped her head under the covers and pulled my dick out of my pajama pants and slowly sucked my dick until the head was throbbing.  

As she felt the thumping of the veins, she started to rhythmically stroke the shaft as she sucked on the head and like a cannon, I exploded in her mouth while my roommate watched TV!  She proceeded to suck me until I was clean and dry to the bone.  It was the first time she let me come in her mouth and the first time I got my dick sucked while someone else was in the room.

134. Woman's Story: Home From College

I was home from college for the first time this semester, so my high school boyfriend and I were quite happy to see each other.  One night we were at a party with a bunch of friends.  After catching up with friends over some drinks people started to disperse.  My boyfriend, his best friend, and I went to go crash in a friend's apartment living room.  There were two couches and my boyfriend and I were on one while our friend was on the other. 

They had convinced me to take off my jeans because they "couldn't possible be comfortable to sleep in."  At this time both of the boys were naked.  They insisted that they were the most comfortable that way.  This was not the first time I had seen both of them naked, but for some reason, my other friend being naked with me and my boyfriend was very exciting to me.  We all settled down in our respective spots and our friend turned on the TV softly.  Of course my boyfriend and I started to mess around, and I was quickly completely naked.  We tried to keep the blanket over us to be respectful to our friend.  He must have felt a little lonely over there by himself.  We knew he could hear us, but it sure didn't stop us. 

As he was pumping in and out of me I looked over to the other couch and saw our friend, naked, over there pretending to sleep; but I could see through the blanket that he was aroused.  At this point the blanket was gone and we were completely exposed and fucking each other like it was our last chance.  I was quite turned on by this naked audience, combined with my boyfriend's amazing, hard cock pumping in and out of me.  It was all topped off when my boyfriend, when moaning, said "I love you." It was one of my greatest sexual experiences with my boyfriend.  I guess you could say I'm a little excited to go party there again for New Year's Eve...

187. Man's Story: Behind My Roomie's Back (11/24/03)

I live in a dorm room with a roommate and my girlfriend lives in the next town over. She comes over a lot, but my roommate never leaves the room! One night we were cuddling watching TV under the covers, and he had his back to us, spinning his turntables, headphones on. My girlfriend started rubbing her ass cheeks in a circular motion against me as we spooned. I reached around and slowly began rubbing her clit as she kept on grinding. We both knew how it would eventually turn out, so we continued rubbing each other quietly under the cover. When I couldn't take it anymore, we quietly dropped pants and I went right in, no messing around. We couldn't make any noise for fear the roomie would turn around, but it made it so exciting I came quick. I never knew I would enjoy "risky sex" so much until this experience.


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