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Sex During Christmas 


Womanís Story: Well-Hung Ornaments

My boyfriend had come over to help decorate the Christmas tree with me and my family. It was tradition for my family to make a big thing out of it and I really wanted him to be a part of it. Until late that afternoon we listened to Christmas songs and hung ornaments. After we were done the family began to watch a movie.

I was lying on the couch with him lying in front of me, both of us on our sides. Considering I have young siblings we had barely hugged all day so we were both really horny. With a blanket wrapped around us I slipped my hand around his waist and down his pants to grab his cock. As the movie played and my family sat all around us, I jerked him off so good he actually came in my hands. The best part was he couldn't make a sound.

I was getting quite uncomfortable in the tight jeans I was in, so I excused myself and changed into a pair of my brother's loose sweatpants. When I returned to the couch I lay down in front of him, and he in turn rubbed my clit and pushed his fingers deep inside of me, pushing against my cervix. I've never wanted to scream louder in my life. Instead I bit into the pillow and waited for the movie to end.

After it was over we headed back towards his house. I was driving. I was still wet and horny and then this song came on the radio that never fails to get me wet. Immediately I pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of a high school that I used to go to. Climbing into the back seat I pulled him on top of me. We ripped each other's clothes off and fucked like you wouldn't believe. I was practically screaming by the time I came, grabbing onto to his back with one hand and the seatbelt with the other. He came too and we just lay there for a minute, sweating and creaming all over the seat.

Out of nowhere this bright flash sweeps across my car. Bolting up, we realized through the foggy windows that a security guard had spotted us and was walking towards the car. Still naked, I jumped into the front seat, started the car, and floored it, hoping I wouldn't hit him or anything else, considering I couldn't see through the steamy windows. On a back street just a few blocks away, I pulled over and climbed back into the backseat where my boyfriend slowly dressed me again. I'll never think of tree trimming, or the back of my car, or, for that matter, my old high school the same way again.

Manís Story: Light Up the Night

A few years ago there was this gorgeous blonde cashier where I worked. I used to flirt with her and she gave me her number. One night out of the blue I called and invited her over to my house, since my roommate was working. She drove over and we watched a movie and kissed a bit. When she left she told me the next time would be more interesting.

The next night I was at work and she was off early, and she called and asked me to meet her to go for a country drive and see some Christmas lights. She picked me up and drove me out to the middle of nowhere, and we were talking and looking at the stars, parked on the side of some farm road. I was sitting in the passenger seat and she asked if she could come sit on my lap. I obliged, and we started kissing and fondling. Then she told me to move so I could sit on her lap.

She had these drawstring pants on, and she pulled them down showing me her beautiful pussy. I became instantly hard at the sight of such a beautiful pussy. She told me she wanted me to fuck her and to fuck her hard. I will never forget the sight of my dick thrusting in and out of her beautiful pussy. By the time we were done her car seat was completely wet. We ended up dating a couple months and I've always regretting getting rid of her.

Womanís Story: Happy Coincidence

A couple years ago I was invited to my best friend's house for Christmas. Her 26-year-old brother was there and had been smiling at me. So I ask my friend if I could go for a walk to clear my head. Jim (that's her brother) had followed me to make sure I was OK. He ask me out on a date and I was like, "Sure."

We came home to find no one there and a note that said they went to dinner at their mom's friend's house. So he was like, "Guess we're alone." And I was like, "Well, thanks - had a great time tonight. Well, I'm going to bed." As I walked up the stairs, he grabbed my ass and we fucked right there on the steps. After that was over we stopped because they could have come back at any time. Later that night I snuck into his room and gave him head.

After Christmas we dated and fucked almost every day. Then I moved out of state three months later, and breaking up with him it was really hard. Four years later my step-sister asked if I'd come go to school for parent day with her daughter. I got to her 7th period class and there was Jim - he was the teacher. I almost died. He asked me out to dinner and we had the best sex ever. I mean, we were on the floor and I was giving head to him on the chair. He said he had missed me and could not go on with out me, so he asked my hand in marriage.

We're going to be married in June. I swear he give the best doggie-style sex ever. We have had it on his counter and his neighbor hates me. He's always yelling for us to shut up so I just moan louder. Plus it makes Jim even more hard!

Manís Story: Smile for the Camera

My wife was a virgin until she was 21 years old, then she had sex with her boyfriend who worked in the same office. I met her when she was 22, and she was hot and up for most things. But I wasn't very pleased when she said that her Christmas party (being held in a posh London hotel) was for employees only. She said that nothing would happen and to trust her. A few years later she told me what went on.

After a drunken evening she found herself in a bedroom with her ex-boyfriend and 3 of his work mates who were daring her to strip for them. She was wearing only a long black evening dress, tights and a very small pair of knickers, so she said that she was naked in front of them very quickly, and as she waited on the bed they got undressed and joined her. She said that 2 of them positioned themselves either side of her grabbed her legs lifted them up and held them apart. Her ex-boyfriend said, "I told you she was a real blond" and invited his mates to fuck her.

She said that his friends all took turns, they came in her cunt and mouth. They had her doggy style with a penis in her cunt and one in her mouth and covered her in cum, but when it was his turn he said that as he had never fucked her in the arse that is what he would do. His mates held her legs so that her knees were on her shoulders, exposing her cunt and arse and with the cum from her fanny acting as a lubricant he pushed his penis into her arsehole.

They then took loads of pictures, and one of the pictures is with her being held bent over bum in the air with her cunt being held open. She said that she enjoyed every minute and the photos prove that; she is smiling in all of them (apart from the ones where she's sucking a penis). They gave her some of the pictures as a memento of a very successful evening.

Womanís Story: Mile-High Masturbation

I got turned on by a great story my husband told me about being masturbated by the woman who sat next to him on a night bus trip. Next time we were traveling together we decided to do the same.

We were flying to a northern city for Christmas. The plane was packed. After the meal was served and tidied away most people fell asleep. I was by the window and my husband was in the middle. I put the blanket over him and as he pretended to sleep, I unzipped him and started on a slow hand job in the dark. He put out so much precum his whole shaft was soon wet and he came on my hand and on the blanket in a few minutes.

The woman sitting on the other side of him, facing a little away, squirmed a little in her seat as my husband came, and she turned toward me a bit afterwards and gave me a great big smile. I was very wet after this and excused myself to go to the toilet. I had a beautiful orgasm there, with another woman just outside the door waiting to be next!

Manís Story: On-the-Job Training

Our office division secretary is an average looking 23-year-old strawberry blonde. At our last Christmas party she got really drunk and wanted to sober up before going home. I decided to help her down to the break room and get some coffee. As we opened the door we surprised another female coworker giving two of our sales managers blowjobs. As they hurriedly left, our secretary laughed and pointed at them. A little later she started laughing again and said that she wished she knew how to give a good blowjob. Figuring she was just drunk and talking out of her head, I jokingly told her that when she was ready that I'd be glad to help her out. She never really sobered up so I got another of our female coworkers to take her home.

A week later as our New Year's Eve party ended, our secretary pushed me into my private office, and thanked me for what I'd done. Then she told me that she wasn't that drunk when she said what she did and wanted to take me up on my offer. She then unbuckled my belt and pulled my trousers and briefs to the floor. She told me she was ready to learn how to be a great cocksucker as she stroked and licked my cock. That's been almost a year ago now and the lessons are continuing.

Manís Story: It Was in the Cards

During Christmas 2001, our friend visited us. Both my wife and I had not seen Frank for over seven or eight years. On Christmas Eve, the three of us were playing cards and watching TV. To make the game challenging, we agreed that the winner would get blindfolded and get a 20-minute body massage by one of the two losers, without knowing which one.

My wife won. We put the blindfold on her eyes and rested on her stomach. Frank started giving her a massage in the shoulder area. She was quiet and relaxed. As Frank's hands moved closed to her under arms and breast area, she opened her mouth and started to breath harder. Then she lifted her legs, and her nightgown slipped and exposed her legs. I could not help but come closer and touch her legs. She did not mind having four hands on her, not knowing whose hands were where! When I moved my hands up her legs, Frank started to move his hands closer and closer to her breasts. Then he worked his hands under her nightgown and started to squeeze her breasts.

I pulled her panties down as Frank pulled up her nightgown. At that point, she had nothing on except the blindfold! She was smiling and sometimes laughing while asking, "Who is up and who is down?" She did not hear an answer back! Both Frank and I got naked and switched positions. Frank started to kiss her by her belly. Then, he went down kissing her in her vagina. She started to move and breathe harder. I brought my body closer to her until my dick was near her face. She pulled my dick and started to suck on it. Frank and I switched positions. I was kissing her as she was sucking on Frank. She pulled off her blindfold and started rubbing on Frank's ass. I was so hot. I started fucking her as she was sucking Frank, and I came inside her in less than a minute.

She rolled Frank over and sat on the top of Frank until he came. Then she pulled both of us by her and said, "Merry Christmas!!! This is the best Christmas gift you ever gave me!"

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