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Car Sex Stories

250. Man's Story: Bachelorette Party (8/3/04)

My wife went to a bachelorette party with some girls and I picked some of them up and drove them home afterwards. My wife was waving a big dildo around when she got in the car. All these women were loaded and laughing and having a good time.

No Pop-Ups

After the last girl gets out, my wife starts rubbing the dildo like she is jacking off. I asked her if she would like to get fucked by a big cock like that, and she said, Let's find out.

She took off her pants and underwear and put her feet on the dash and started rubbing her pussy with the dildo. She licked it and sucked it to get it wet and then started doing it again. I about wrecked the car when she popped the head of that thing in her.

She came really hard and kept fucking herself with that thing all the way home. When we got in the garage, I went around to the passenger side and she sucked my cock while I fucked her with the dildo. What a night!

198. Woman's Story:  Layover Quickie (1/18/04)

My boyfriend comes from a small town originally, 1000 km from where we live now. Last holidays he went home to see his family for a month, but after 3 weeks I couldn't take it anymore and I caught the plane up to see him. He was picking up me and his aunt from the airport at the same time, but he text messaged me just before I boarded the plane to say that his aunt's plane was delayed by two hours and that we'd "have to kill the time somehow" between 9 and 11pm. It was the longest flight of my life. We grabbed something to eat and sat in the car at the beach eating it, but neither of us could take the politeness much longer, and I put my hand on his thigh and kissed him. He stopped me and started up the engine, taking us somewhere more private. The front seat was awkward, so I climbed over the back, giving him a good view of my g-string underneath my purposefully chosen skirt. He got out of the car and walked around then, and he'd barely closed the door as he ripped off my panties and pushed his rock-hard cock into my wet pussy, which was tighter than ever from 3 weeks without a good hard fuck. After we came, he went down on me, and I soaked the car seat as both our juices poured out of me. We had to make sure that his aunt sat on the other side!

192. Woman's Story: Roadside Rest Stop (12/10/03)

One night my husband and I were driving home from a wedding reception. When I asked him which way was the best way home, he had me turn onto a road that took us out of town. I knew what he had in mind, so while I was driving I started taking off my panties. He started playing with my already dripping pussy. We found a place to pull over. I slid over to the passenger's side and he got on his knees outside of the car and ate my pussy until I came. Then he put me up on the rear end of the car and fucked me harder then he ever had before until he filled me up with his load. All the while we could see many cars passing by.

190. Man's Story: Meet the Parents (11/24/03)

I was 18 and working a job just out of high school. I had started dating a 23-year-old girl whom I worked with. We would go driving around in my '87 Bonneville late at night and find a place to screw around. On this particular night we had ended up right in front of her parents' house in the driveway. It was 2:30 in the morning and all the lights we off, so we started playing around. I started by playing with her beautiful firm breasts and became hard right away, so she lay down and started sucking me off. We both got real excited, and being that the Bonneville is a roomy car, we reclined the front seat and I got on top of her and proceeded to make very enjoyable, but messy love. After fogging up the windows and getting dressed again, we realized the the lights were on in the house, the front door was now open, and her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, which was next to the the door, which she was facing. From then on I was so embarrassed whenever I went over to her house.

178. Woman's Story: Relief on the Road (11/6/03)

I had been teasing my fiancÚ for a while at home. I would kiss his neck, slip my hand down his pants, and play with him until he got hard. Then I would stop altogether. I would do this off and on for a few hours at home. Then it was time for us to go out on our date. He was so worked up from me playing with his cock that he had become grumpy. So we got in the car and I started feeling bad for turning him on and then not making him cum. As soon as he pulled out of the driveway, I undid his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. I leaned over and slowly slid my mouth down his shaft. He groaned extremely loudly out of appreciation. I then added my hands, giving him a blow job and a hand job alternately. He could barely keep the car on the road or his eyes on the traffic, but that's what made it so much fun. He came so extremely hard as his cum hit the back of my throat. Sometimes I still give him this extra treat while he's driving, just to let him know how much I love his cock.

No Pop-Ups

93. Man's Story: Oh the Ride Home

Getting a lift home with Tonya was awesome. We would caress each other's legs while she was driving, anticipating what was to come next. We parked and she moved over to the passengers side, on top of me, and grinded herself onto me. We kissed passionately while I pushed her shirt up and fondled her breasts. She has the most exquisite breasts with beautiful rosy nipples. I leant down to suck them. Holding each nipple between my teeth while my tongue flicked over them. Then I took out my cock and she bent down to suck on it. She sucks cock like no other. She is amazing! The feel of her mouth on my cock is almost as good as her pussy on my cock. I didn't cum and we didn't get to fuck because I have to get home to my wife. To this day I will never forget the lifts home from Tonya. 

66. Woman's Story: Payback Time

When I was seventeen, I went to a club with my boyfriend, we had been having some troubles lately, so we went just for a good time. I could tell he was looking at every woman except me, so I pretended to look at every man except him. Just as I had hoped, he got jealous and left to "go to the bathroom." Naturally he didn't come back, so then this cute guy walked over and asked if he could join me. I said yes and we talked. When he found out my boyfriend had bailed he was concerned. He immediately offered me a ride home. I said sure, and we left.

The ride home was very quiet - I think any conversation there was was done in the club - so it wasn't all that interesting. I was feeling rather horny though and I couldn't help but stare at his crotch. He must have really liked me because it was BULGING! I could already tell it was a big one... I couldn't resist. I broke the silence and said, "You know it was really nice of you to take me home... so I guess I should repay you." I grinned at him and placed my hand on his crotch and unzipped him. I slowly went down and pulled it out. It was a magnificent sight! It was massive and not too hairy, with a nice head. I placed my lips around it and, amazingly, started to suck every inch of it. I  loved the feel of it in my mouth and sucked it with passion. When he finally came I savored every drop of his cum, enjoying all of this. When he dropped me off, I could definitely say he had a big smile on his face!

49. Man's Story: On the Road

My girlfriend and I were driving home and I dared her to screw me while we drove down the road.  She slid her pants and underwear off and scooched over and sat on my prick.  The motions were slow and comforting.  I undid her bra and fondled her bare breasts.  As I could no longer take the agony of not cumming, I pulled over and we started to grind harder.  Then I pulled the recline lever on the seat allowing me to lay down and my last two inches to enter her.  She cried out, "Oh my God!" and began to buck harder and faster than I could ever believe.  We came together in a huge orgasm. It was some of the best sex we ever had.


98. Man's Story: Give Me a Hand 

I was on a road trip with friend of mine. As we were going over the mountains, I bet her I would drive the rest of the way back home naked, but she couldn't touch me. She took the bet and so without pulling over I took off my shirt, pants, and boxers. She couldn't keep her eyes of my cock as I hardened and softened. I could feel the pre-cum dripping down my shaft and on my thigh. When she licked her lips I couldn't stand it anymore. I stroked my rod, spreading the pre-cum up and down my dick. She breathed deeper, but she didn't touch. I realized there was little chance of any extra help. Right when I was about to cum however, she reached over to feel "the spongy head." I exploded, drenching her hand. She gripped my cock and pumped up and down, her mouth hanging open. She held me until I got soft then quietly cleaned her hand off.

152. Man's Story: We Made Love in My Chevy Van

There was this girl in high school who really liked me.  She was good looking but kinda unpopular.  That was because she was really outgoing and always telling people off.  Through her friends, she kept asking me out, but I always said no. Then she asked me to a dance. Once again I said no. I ended up going to the dance with one of her friends.  About halfway through, the girl came up to me and asked me to dance.  I figured what the heck and said yes. It was a slow song so we were dancing close. She was leaning against me when I felt her take her hand off my shoulder and slowly bring it down to my crotch. She stuck her hand in my pants and began to rub my cock.  When the song was over she asked me if I wanted to go somewhere private.  I said sure.

I drive one of those huge vans.  It has a full-sized bed in back, which I will admit had not seen a lot of action.  When we got in we fooled around for a little bit.  Then I went up front to turn on the stereo.  When I turned around she was buck naked with her legs spread, playing with her pussy.  I quickly undressed and slipped on a condom. Then I stuck my cock right in her.  She was real tight and wet.  I began to slowly stroke in and out of her.  After a few minutes of this she was moaning and panting.  Then she grabbed my ass with both hands and rammed me into her and screamed 'Fuck me!' Well, that picked up the pace. She soon came, and a few seconds later I did too. After that we lay there with my dick still inside of her. We had sex 2 more times that night. It was great every time.  I never did go out with her.

137. Man's Story: Taxicab Confessions

She was the best thing I had ever done. I had come back to New York after a business trip in Washington. Waiting for a cab this beautiful blonde walked up next to me. She was hot shit! While we waited we flirted back and forth. Finally, a cab came and stopped in front of us. Well naturally, we both got in and gave our addresses to the cab driver. Shutting the glass window pane, I realized that she lived a block away from me. We continued flirting for about five more minutes until she winked and slid her hands down my pants. Excited, I moved next to her so that one of her legs was right on top of mine. She unzipped my pants and gave me the best hand job I have ever had.

No Pop-Ups

I felt myself harden and I turned horny. She seemed to sense that and told me it was my turn. Eagerly I swept her up onto my lap so that she and I were in the position of "dirty Santa" and lifted her skirt. To my pleasure, she had no panties on and I saw that she was hot and sticky. I needed to taste it and plunged into the sweet nectar making her groan with delight. Playfully I nibbled the hot sexy pussy until she yelled out "fuck me damn it! Fuck me til I'm dry!" Well naturally, I was a guy and an opportunity presumed. She grabbed my rock hard cock and shoved it into her pussy, making both of us moan in pleasure. We started humping like no tomorrow and pretty soon the cab driver tapped on the glass yelling for us to cut it out. Luckily, fifty bucks kept him quiet. We fucked like animals all the way to our houses. We never contacted each other again. Luckily, when I went home my wife didn't seem to notice anything wrong! :)

122. Man's Story: Back of the Van

My friends and I went to the beach last summer.  It was around ten in the evening when we decided to head for home.  My girlfriend and I sat in the back row of the van.  We didn't get a chance to fuck all weekend and we we're really hot for each other.  

Seeing that most of my friends were asleep, I reached under my girlfriend's skirt and started massaging her clit.  She tried to push my hand away at the start but I continued to stroke her pussy lips through her panties. She finally allowed me to play with her.  She later started to pull down her panties trying not to make to much noise.  I continued to stroke her until she finally came.  

Not to be outdone, she unzipped my shorts and swallowed my dick.  She started licking the head and slowly went up and down the shaft.  After a couple of seconds, she looked up to see if anyone was still awake.  Jeff, the driver was the only one up and he was intent on driving.  She pulled up her skirt and sat down on my hard and wet dick.  It went through her pussy easy since we were both wet.  She grinded down on me and it didn't take me long to come in her hot and tight pussy.  


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