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193. Woman's Story: After-Party Whoopee (12/10/03)

My friend had been trying to hook me up with this guy that she knew, but I wasn't a big fan of blind dates. When I finally met him at a party, I asked he why she hadn't told me he was so hot. We both ended up drinking quite a bit and decided to spend the night at my friend's house. They pulled out the hide-a-bed for us, and since I had to be to work in like 4 hours, I asked him to help me stay awake. We started making out, and he took off my clothes and kissed my breasts and then he went down on me. I was so turned on that I started taking off his clothes and told him to lay down, where I proceeded to go down on him. After a few minutes, he took over and flipped me onto my back and started to fuck me. It felt so good, and I was so hot for him. Then we switched positions and I got on top for a while. Then he switched again and entered me from behind, and when he was about to cum, he pulled out and blew his load all over my ass. A few minutes after we finished and got dressed, my friend came into the room where we were. To this day, she still doesn't know what happened on her hide-a-bed.

179. Man's Story: Party Girl (11/6/03)

My girlfriend and I were at a party. We were dancing in the living room.. That's when it got dirty. I had a couple of beers and I felt a bit drunk. I said to her, "Follow me." I led her to one of the upstairs bedrooms and locked the door. She said, "What do you want, babe?"  I said I wanted to fuck her.  I began to rip her top off and sucked on her breasts. She took my pants off and bent down to suck my dick. It felt so good I thought I would cum. Then I pushed her to the bed and pulled her panties off, and slid my hard dick into her wet cunt.

184. Man's Story: Sharing Hotel Room (11/13/03)

My kid sister was having a ballet recital in a large city about 200 miles from home. To keep up good relations with my parents (that extra help makes the difference in college), I decide to take my girlfriend and best friend to the hotel and stay the night so we could watch my little sister. That morning I woke up with my girlfriend playing with my balls. She had apparently planned this as she lay in bed sans clothing. After awhile she climbed up on top of me and slowly started sliding up and down my cock. My friend pretended to be asleep in the bed next to ours, but when I looked over to check up on him he burst into laughter, cackling himself to tears. Oblivious and not really caring, we finished up. He can laugh all he wants...he only has one testicle.

6. Man's Story: Blind date

Jennifer and I met as a result of a setup by by friends I worked with, and our first date was a doozy.  I picked her up at her parents' house and when she answered the door I was pleasantly surprised to see a 19 yr old 5'7" blond with shoulder-length hair and a thin shapely body. With long legs and medium sized breasts, she was dressed in tight blue jeans and a tight v necked shirt without a bra.  We made some small talk and then left to go to a female friend's from work 21st birthday party.

The party was to be held in adjoining hotel rooms at a local inn.  We arrived with the party in full swing and made the rounds of drinking, dancing and getting to know each other.  Later that evening found us dancing alone to some slow music as the party wound down.  To my surprise as we danced she started to grind her pelvis against me and we started kissing with small pecks and then intense French kissing that was giving me a raging hard-on. Jennifer kept rubbing against me first with her body and then with her hands in seeming accidental touches.  By now the only people left at the party were Jennifer, Valerie the birthday girl, and myself.  Valerie was a bit down since she had been dumped by her boyfriend a few days before due to a lack of putting out for him.  For some perverse reason she was watching pay-per-view porn on the TV while laying on one of the 2 double beds in one of the rooms. 

Jennifer took me by the hand and we lay down together on the other bed.  Watching the movie with Jennifer snuggled up next to me kept my dick as hard as stone.  It didn't help that while I was stroking her thigh she would alternately rub her ass and her hand against the bulge in my pants.  She made the next move by unbuttoning my fly and taking ahold of my dick and stroking it just right.  At first I had been hesitant with Valerie right there but by now my sexual hunger for this blond slut was not going to be denied.  I pulled off her top and began to alternately suck her nipples and kissing her.  Valerie at this point got up and said she was going to give us some privacy and she went into the next room. 

With her leaving all restraint left us and it was a race to strip down and hold each others naked bodies.  I kissed my way down her body to her blond haired pussy.  I began to kiss and lick her already moist slit and Jennifer began to thrash wildly on the bed moaning "Oh God lick my cunt" over and over again as I alternately teased her clit and fucked her with my tongue.  She came in convulsive groans and her cunt became flooded with juices that I eagerly lapped at.  She begged me to come up for air and kissed me with fierce desire as she pulled me back up the bed she then had me roll over and turned herself around on the bed in a 69.  I saw that the couple on TV was doing a 69 and that was what inspired Jennifer.  I felt her tongue began a trip up and down my 6" length with above average girth.  I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her inviting cunt down on my tongue and proceeded to tongue fuck her.  This seemed to spur her to try deep-throating me and I felt her mouth engulf my cock in her warm wetness.  As I brought her off again and again she seemed to alternate between loud groans of pleasure and whimpering "Oh, God"s and a wanton slurping as she wavered between sucking my knob and my balls.  As she began a rhythmic fucking me with her mouth I felt the cum began to boil in my balls and I warned Jenn to stop unless she wanted to have to chose between spit or swallow.

She began to bob he head up and down even faster and as I began to spurt runnel after runnel of cum into her hungrily sucking mouth, she took even more of my cock in her mouth and I could feel her throat working to swallow the cum in her mouth.  Rather then stopping her oral assault on my dick she continued to suck on my still hard cock as I flicked my tongue over her clit in a pattern that brought quivering orgasms from her sweat slicked body.  She finally came up for air and faced me while straddling me.  She pulled her sopping wet cunt open with one hand while guiding me into her with the other.  Her dazed eyes seemed to go wide with surprise as her tight wet cunt was spread wide on my thick dick.  She took a moment to revel in the feeling of having me all the way in and she then began a rhythmic grind on my dick as she sat up on me.  I grabbed her round tits with erect nipples in each hand and thrust up into her in time with her grind. She began to lean back as she started an up and down fucking that we timed to pull me almost all the way out and then slam us together in an obscene wet sucking noise of my dick in her cunt.  She suddenly pitched forward and covered me with her body as she ground her clit against the base of my dick as she came.  She moaned "Oh God your dick feels so good" as I felt hot streams of cunt juice run down my balls and she went still.  A few minutes later she climbed off of me and started to turn around on her hands and knees and said "I want you to fuck me while we watch the movie."  At this point the movie was on a scene where the girl was fucking a guy while sucking another one, but even more of a sight was Valerie standing in the doorway watching us with no clothes on and her hand grinding and penetrating her red-haired cunt. She said "Don't stop, pretend I'm not here."  Jenn looked at me and winked and waved her ass in the air while rubbing her swollen and soaked cunt lips. I moved behind her and grabbed her ass while she positioned my dick at the entrance to her steaming pussy. I plunged all the way in to the hilt with one motion that slammed her down on the bed and elicited a "Oh yessss fuck me hard." from her.  With the 3some on the TV and Valerie now laying on the floor finger fucking herself while watching us, and the sight of my dick plunging into Jenn's cunt while I grabbed her ass I knew I would not last long.  I felt Jenn fingering her own clit as I pounded into her and it wasn't long before she was savagely fucking me back and rotating her hip as she moaned through yet another cum. Valerie was leaning back with her eyes closed and 2 fingers in her cunt while her other hand teased her clit to an orgasm. I couldn't hold out any longer and I slammed all the way into Jenn and spurted my spunk deep into her cunt.  She kept fucking back at me as she used the muscles in her cunt to milk me dry. She finally let go of me a few minutes later and as I lay back on the bed she turned and kissed and sucked my dick before laying beside me and we kissed and tasted ourselves on our lips.  Val got up dazedly and started to leave the room when Jenn told her to come up and lay with us.  She climbed into the bed next to Jenn and what happened next is another story....    


80. Woman's Story: He Totally Understood

I had been dating Elliot for a few weeks, but we had never gotten very physical. Yesterday, as I was getting ready for out date I realized I would have to make the first move. I carefully selected matching panties and a bra and smiled as I imagined fucking him. We went to dinner, and to see Planet of the Apes, and I couldn't wait to get him back to my house. When we finally got home and he went to kiss me good night, I pressed myself against him and told him I didn't want the night to end yet. 

I led him inside to my bedroom and gave him a look that meant, "come here and fuck my brains out." Lucky for me, he totally understood. We passionately kissed and as out tongue wrapped around each other, I unzipped his fly. He had the most beautiful, huge, throbbing cock I have ever seen...he licked my nipples, pulled my hips to him...sucked my clit...pushed his tongue deep deep into my wet and warm cunt...I couldn't believe it, he knew how to give head like it was his profession. He sucked me until I screamed out his name in the pleasure of my orgasm. 

Then, I slid down him and proceeded to suck on his huge manroot. I sucked and pushed his cock deep into my mouth, swallowing his wad of cum which quickly shot out. Next I decided I couldn't take it any longer, his hard prick had to go inside me. Elliot mounted me and slowly moved his penis around the opening of my wet pussy. My entire body ached for him and his teasing was too much, I screamed " come on, FUCK ME!!!" And with that, he took his hard dick and plowed it into my tiny cunt...I gasped with the pain and pleasure I felt in that instant. He humped and humped and I moved my hips to meet him. His incredible meat pushed deep into my pussy making me scream and yell with pleasure. I just couldn't get enough...I sucked his tongue as he rammed his cock in me....and I placed my hands on his butt and helped him ram it in super deep. Soon we were both ready to cum and we humped in unison until we yelled and tensed up at the exact same pussy tightened around his throbbing cock, and he came with a huge thrust...I could feel his cum in me...warm and wet...As he slowly pulled his semi hard cock out of me my pussy remained tight around it...I wanted him in me forever, I was the hottest night of my life, and he made me cum 3 more times...Elliot, I am your sex slave baby!


73. Man's Story: Blond Goddess

About a year or two back, I was seeing this HOT little blond goddess. One night when I was at her house, we were out in the garage lying on a bed that had been set up there. Things started heating up quickly. I was spooning her, squeezing her breasts, feeling her nipples through her shirt, and leaving hot, wet kisses on her neck. we began kissing and removing clothing almost immediately and I quickly made my way down to her steamy pussy and began sucking on her clit. She was normally very loud and I think trying to contain it was like trying to hold back a tidal wave for her. just as she finished coming, I moved up, kissing her, because she had told me she loved to kiss a man that tasted like her. I teased her briefly before slowly inching my cock up inside her. Her facial expression was priceless as I started slamming myself into her. She rolled me over on my back and called my name just as she was coming again. I burst inside her but didn't go limp - I could never go completely limp with her. Both of us were still ravenous for more. I flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style, reaching around and tickling her clit while she moaned and talked dirty to me. With my come now dripping out of her hot cunt, I blew my load again and we collapsed. I still dream of the hot sex I had with that woman... mmm.

133. Man's Story: Watch Me

Katie has the sweetest body...creamy skin, a little extra meat on her bones, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and shapely breasts. I woke up horny one morning, but she said she wasn't up for sex. I started to touch myself, working a slow rhythm. Katie asked what she could do to help. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity I asked her to straddle me and play with her soft round breasts. 

We'd never done something like that before, and I was pleased when she went along with it. Her thighs hugged mine as she rubbed her breasts while staring into my eyes. She would smile slightly and pinch her dark-pink nipples. The hardened nipples rolling between her thumb and forefinger were a wonderful encouragement. She cooed and sighed for me, and would lift her hips slightly as I stroked. She cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and ran her hands up and down her sides. 

Occasionally, I would brush my fist against the front of her panties and she would tilt her head up and sigh. I began to jerk my hips at the sight of her hands pressing into her breasts, and I closed my eyes. As I came, she bent forward causing my cum to splash onto her breasts and drip down off her rock-hard nipples. As she stood up I began to tell her who great that was, and she slowly pulled of her panties. Katie got back on top of me and guided me into her hot, wet pussy. She felt incredible, and I was hard again in an instant. She pushed down on me a few times, with her rosy breasts bouncing gently. 

Soon she rolled over and I spread her thighs and pushed past her beautiful swollen lips. She continued to squeeze and caress her breasts as I stroked in and out faster. She was burning up inside, and her wetness was heavenly. Katie's face grew flush and she began to moan loudly. She bit her lower lip and pinched her nipples furiously as I pounded into her. She clamped her legs tight around my waist and ground her hips hard against mine. In an instant she yelled out and arched her back up high as I thrust into her as deep and as fast as I could. She shook and moaned and touched herself all over, and finally I came again shooting deep into her tight and throbbing pussy.

20. Man's Story: Strange Love

After two quick pregnancies, my wife and I decided to use alternatives to intercourse. (The pill and other birth control was not available where we lived during the early 1960's.) Our favorite position was for her to lie on her back, legs spread, feet in the air, with me kneeling between her legs. Instead of inserting my penis, I would insert two fingers while rubbing her clit with my thumb. She positioned her hand so I could fuck her fist. Her orgasms were great and she often finished me off with  a great blow job.

4. Woman's Story: Wake Up Call

He was sleeping alone in our bed when I got home at 3 am. I'd raced up the stairs on my return from the nightclub, thinking about his tongue, hoping he'd be awake. Disappointment flooded me as I stood in the bedroom door.

I took my outfit off, leaving my black bra and knee high boots on, and wandered over to the bed.

"Sweetie?" I whispered, kissing his face. "Baby, wake up."

Nothing more than a sleep sigh in response.

Torn with indecision, I pulled the covers back from his sleeping body and straddled his chest with my back to him. He'd wake up eventually, I figured. I leaned down and took him into my mouth silently.

31. Woman's Story: Early to Rise

I talked to my boyfriend on the phone the night before and he suggested that I go to his house early in the morning so that he parents wouldn't know a thing. I got to his house at 3 am the next morning. I sneaked in we went to his bedroom. We both lay in bed, I was on top of him and we were both in complete darkness. 

Then he started to feel my breasts, rubbing my nipples and playing with them. He moved down and put his hands into my pants and started to stroke my clit. I started to moan as he bit, licked and sucked on my neck. I reached down behind to feel his cock. I turned around and started to straddle and rub my pussy against his bulging pants. I slowly took his clothes off and he took mine off. I continued to ride on his cock, on the outside spreading my juices all over while he squeezed and played with my ass with his hands and fingers. At that time he sucked and nibbled my nipples hard. we tried not to make too much noise as his parents could hear. He couldn't take it anymore and rammed his hard cock hard into my pussy. He pumped harder and harder. my brain was about to explode with the pleasure. Pumping his meat into me hard while devouring my breasts. He came in me, and I felt his juices go all over inside of me. My head was whizzing and I soon came. Soon after we lay in his bed exhausted and breathing hard, while I was still stroking and teasing his red hot cock.


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