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813. Woman's Story: I Dropped the Towel (3/15/10)

I was lying in my dorm room and was texting my friend Sidney. I told him to come over and watch a movie. He told me he couldn’t make it, so I decided to jump in the shower. When I got back to my room, I found him lying on my bed. He stood up and I could tell he was hard. He asked if this was a bad time and made his way to the door. When he was passing me, I dropped the towel that was wrapped around me and grabbed his arm. He pulled me close and started to kiss my neck. We fell onto my bed and we took his clothes off as fast as we could. He very aggressively slid his cock into my pussy and went at it. He was going so fast and so hard that I couldn’t keep in my screams. After about 30 minutes of amazing sex he stood up and I got on my knees. I sucked on his cock until he came all over my face and tits. We lay together all night naked in my tiny dorm bed.

812. Man's Story: My Wife Walked In  (3/15/10)

My wife and I were divorcing, but still sharing a bed. After a long day's work, I hit the bar with friends to unwind. No sooner did I get my first drink, then the waitress comes over and hands me a folded note from a woman at the bar. All it says is, "Feel like freakin?" The woman was large and in charge, with a cute face and tits for days. My buddies were curious to see what I would do, so I made them jealous and took her back to my place.

We started kissing and grinding on the bed, and she told me she couldn't wait to taste me. I stood near the side of the bed and she hurriedly opened my shorts, pulling my cock out. She began licking, stroking, and sucking me, almost deep throating my entire shaft . I was in ecstasy!!

Just then my wife walks in and gets pissed! She starts yelling at me, cursing me out - but the chick doesn't stop sucking me - didn't miss a beat. Before things got too heated, I grabbed the girl and left the house, and we ended up licking, sucking, rimming, and fucking each other at her son's place for over four hours. Amazing!

811. Woman's Story: Raw, Hard, Sweaty Pumping (3/08/10)

I was 19 at the time and was chatting away in an AOL chat room. I started talking to this one guy. He was 25 and Hispanic and absolutely gorgeous according to the pictures he sent. After a month or so, we finally decided to meet, on the terms that it would be strictly sex. We both had broken hearts in the past and wanted no strings attached.

He picked me up from my apartment and we went to his apartment. He put a movie on and we sat down on the couch. I started rubbing my tongue ring across the top row of teeth in my mouth, causing a bit of noise. He paid attention. We started making out furiously. We then decided to move back to the bedroom. He sat down on the side of the bed and I pulled his engorged throbbing cock from his pants. I began sucking it like there was no tomorrow. Finally, he had had enough and threw me down on the bed, tearing my clothes off. He positioned himself between my thighs and proceeded to eat me out. No one had ever been able to make me cum like that, but he did, over and over and over again.

Once I had had enough, he cupped my ass and positioned me to meet his cock as he thrust into me, hitting harder and deeper every time - the feeling was pure bliss. After about 10-15 minutes of raw, hard, sweaty pumping, he pulled out and came on my stomach. We then got dressed and he took me back home. That was truly the best sex of my entire life. I am now 24 and happily married to this man and let me tell you, the sex never gets dull.

810. Woman's Story: He Came All Over the Car Seats (3/08/10)

I was dating this boy named John. We had been seeing each other for a while now and we were ready to take the next step in our relationship. One night I snuck out at around 2 a.m. and John was waiting outside in his new Honda Civic. It was nice with leather seats. When I got into his car, we drove to an alley way (I know…skanky) and then we started making out. Then he undid his pants and I started stroking him hard. He then slipped his hands into my pants and slipped three of his fingers inside of me. It felt amazing. After that, I gave him a nice deep, hard blow job and he came all over his expensive seats. He got a little mad, but whatever. Then he went down on me and started tickling my clit with his tongue. After I came, I was still horny as a bastard. Then he slipped a condom on and he started slipping in and out of me real deep. I loved when he had his way with me. Anyways, after about 19 minutes of fucking, we both came. He ended up nutting right in me and got me pregnant.

809. Man's Story: We Rolled on the Office Carpet (3/01/10)

Once I was working in the Accounts department, and one of the office girls had some difficulty in doing an entry. She called me over and asked if I could show her the correct way. I went near her chair and was standing to see the transaction. She turned around and her hand accidentally touched my fly. I adjusted a little bit and her face turned red. I told her, “It’s OK - it happens.” But she flushed and put my hand on her shoulder. I told her, "It's OK," again. Then she put her hand on my hand, planted a kiss on it, and dragged it down to her boob. I was surprised and pleased. I reached in from the top of her shirt, stroking her tits and moving down towards her cleavage. She stood up and turned and embraced me and started kissing me. I removed her shirt and opened her pants button. Her pants fell and I kneeled down to suck her juicy cunt. She made me stand up and put her hand into my pants. Then we both got down and rolled on the carpet of the office. This was too much for me. I thrust my penis into her pussy and started pumping. It went on for 10 minutes: slow, fast, slow, fast - then the climax. Both of us came together and I could feel the juice rolling down her thigh to the floor. Then we stood up and promised to have a second round on the office table.

808. Man's Story: I Was Tempted to Grab Her Ass (3/01/10)

My neighbor asked me to help her move some boxes to the garage, because her husband was at work. She was tall with straight blond hair and a fair complexion, and I always had this crush on her. Thirty minutes into the job, I felt so tempted to grab her ass. Then there was the perfect time to do it. She bent over, picking up a box. I went over and grabbed her ass with my two hands. She looked back and looked at me and she said, “Why don't pull down my pants and fuck me from behind.” I picked her up and spread her legs over the table and quickly pulled her pants down. There was no foreplay, just hot sex. She was so tight and wet. She said her husband never fucks her, only when he wants to. The sex was amazing. I never had this kind of sexual energy. Ever since then, we always fuck every Monday at her house when her husband isn’t home.

807. Woman's Story: Out in the Barn (2/22/10)

I had been going out with this guy for a while but we had never had sex. He was the farm boy and I was the fairy princess, so you could imagine neither family accepted the other. I had gone to see him one day at the barn where he worked. It was a Sunday so no one was around. It started at as a bit of kissing and some occasional teasing but other than that everything was pretty low key.

But in a whirlwind everything changed. He was cleaning the stalls after he had put the horses out to pasture. I just stood watching him and talking with him. Suddenly we were playing around, and in a moment I was on the ground and he was on top of me. We looked into each other’s eyes. Everything fell into place. We started making out. It was wonderful! Soon we were naked and he was about to penetrate. When he did we both moaned. It was the best moment ever. Soon we both came. Him inside me. It was the best feeling ever! Now we are married and expecting!

806. Man's Story: Wintertime Session (2/22/10)

Me and girlfriend were at a friend’s house. There were a few of us there, and we were sitting on her friend’s bed. We had been caressing and making out the entire time, waiting for a miracle. It happened. They left the room, and it was just me and her. She looked so sexy that night and I just couldn't wait to pound her pussy with my now pulsating cock.

She kissed me and lifted my shirt up. I was stunned at how skilled she was. She kissed down my neck to my stomach, and as soon as I knew it, she had my pants half down, and was kissing around my penis, where I had just shaved earlier that day. She teased me so badly, I just wanted to shove my cock down her throat. She found herself at the head of my cock and got it nice and wet. She sucked on the head of my cock, it was exhilarating. I let out a brief groan, and she put her hands on the shaft. She sucked and tugged on my 7 inch cock so well, I’d never had a better blowjob in my life. I kept my cool, remembering not to cum in her mouth. I held it back, and grabbed her hair with both hands. I pushed her head up and down on my cock and she took her mouth off my cock and jumped on top of me. She started unbuttoning her pants, but just then, we heard her friend coming back up the stairs. We rapidly zipped our pants back up and tried to look casual. We sat around for a little while but couldn't take it anymore. We needed to screw around some more. We told her friends we were going for a walk, which was far from the truth.

We walked over to the school across the road, and started fondling each other. I slammed her against the door of the high school, and started pushing my cock up to her vagina. She moaned uncontrollably. I kept pumping away at her pussy and I remembered I had a condom in my pocket. It was cold out, but I didn't care. I undid her button and unzipped her pants, and she did mine. I let her slide the condom over my throbbing cock which made me go crazy. She told me that if the sex was as good as the foreplay, she'd need an entire pack of cigarettes afterward. I teased her little tight pussy with the head of my cock, rubbing it around her clit and the opening of her cute little pussy. I used one hand to go up her shirt and grab her little pink nipples. She moaned and screamed, not caring about anyone who may hear us, and  I didn’t care either. I got tired of playing around, and shoved my cock as deep as it would go into her pussy. She screamed so loud it hurt my ears. I pumped away on her pussy, slowing down some of the times and pushing it in all the way, adding to the pleasure. I licked her nipples and kept slamming her.

I was nowhere near done when a car pulled up and honked the horn madly. She didn't notice, but I did. I wasn't sure who it was, but I pulled my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and put it away, condom still on. She asked me why I stopped, and I told her a car had pulled up. She put her shirt down and her pants up. We tried to hide our faces as we walked away, still raring to fuck the shit out of each other. Turns out the two girls in the car were cheering us on! Not bad for a wintertime session, I didn't even notice the freezing cold, neither did she.

805. Man's Story: One Hell of a Party (2/15/10)

I was at my mate’s house party and everyone was pretty much wasted or getting there. I looked up and locked eyes with a girl across the room. I went to get a drink and coincidently, so did she. I gave her a drink and we went out of the room and proceeded up the stairs. She dropped her drink and pressed me against the wall, kissing my lips then working down my neck and down my stomach. This extremely turned me on. She pulled down my trousers and pulled out my hard awaiting cock. She sucked it hard, working it with her hands as well until I unloaded in her mouth.

She stood up and I threw her on the bed. She took off her clothes and said, "I want you inside me." Obviously not complaining, I climbed on top of her, teasing her wet pussy with my gear. I finally stuck it in her and she let out a moan. I started slow and then went harder and harder as she moaned louder and louder. She screamed in pleasure from her orgasm, and I carried on until I was about to cum. I pulled out and came all over her stomach. She took hold of my throbbing wet cock and began to suck again harder and faster, till I came in her mouth. I fingered her for a bit, playing with her clit, rolling my tongue around her wet pussy and teasing her. She moaned in pleasure and made me once more put my 8 inches into her. At this point I’d come about four times, so went at an intimate, slow pace. After we both came together, she lay next to me and we kissed for a bit. It was my first time, and the same for her. We then went on to go out for two years, having many more times just like this. ONE HELL OF A PARTY!

804. Woman's Story: He Dared Me to Suck My Own Nipples (2/15/10)

I guess you could call me a bit of a slut, but I really like sex, so I have it a lot. The guy that I am with now is the best fuck EVER! The first time that we fucked, it started with a dare. He dared me to suck on my own nipples in front of him. I couldn't quite reach my nipples to my mouth, so I walked over to him and shoved my tits in his face and told him that he could probably do better. Then we moved to the couch where I took off my pants and kneeled next to him. I began to suck his cock, feeling it get harder in my mouth. Meanwhile, he was fingering me, playing his skillful fingers inside me, outside me, and all over. I was having a difficult time concentrating through the orgasms that slammed into me.

After about thirty minutes, we finally went to the bedroom. He slid his pants the rest of the way off and climbed on top of me. At first he teased me with his cock, and he finally slid it in. I bucked against him because it was so big that it hurt me, but I finally began to relax and he pumped me hard. I came a couple of times. We did a bunch of different positions, him carefully rearranging our bodies each time for the next position. Finally, he pulled out and slid himself into my tight virgin asshole. I told him to stop because it hurt, but he promised he would be gentle. After a few seconds, I wanted him to pound my ass as hard as he was just pounding my pussy. It felt so good for me, and him too.

803. Woman's Story: He Was Hard With a Curve (2/8/10)

We had just gotten together for the second time, the night before he flew off to his then-girlfriend. I was hot and burning up inside. We drove down to the peninsula, taking in the chilly sea breeze. We got out and sat on the car, basking in the crashing waves and wiggling our toes in the damp sand. His hand reached around my waist and I cuddled closer. My nipples were so hard they hurt. The throbbing inside me got deeper. I knew I just had to have him tonight. I turned and kissed him hard, piece by piece. In the chilled night, covered by the twinkling stars, we fucked each other. It was indescribable. I'd been married for two years and it was the first time I felt such an orgasm. He was hard with a little curve, which really turned me on. We 69’d and brought each other to a screeching climax. It was absolutely erotic as cars passed by but without stopping. We have been together for the last six years and are soon to be married.

802. Woman's Story: Found by the Cops, Covered in Cum (2/8/10)

I met this cute guy on the internet. We usually talked in chat rooms and I would tease him. Then I finally told him we could meet. We met at a restaurant and talked. I didn't wear any underwear that night. He reached under the table to play with me and realized I was not wearing any. He smiled and started touching my clit. I had to hold back a moan. It felt so good. He kept going and inserted a finger in my pussy, then another, while still rubbing my clit. This time I moaned aloud, attracting customers’ attention. I managed to tell him that we should continue this elsewhere. He said sure.

We got in the car and drove to an empty lot. Before I could ask why we were here, he reached for my clit again. This time I moaned aloud as he did the same thing – finger fucking me with 2 fingers while still touching my clit. I was reluctant at first the open my legs, so he could have more access. He smiled and said, “You dirty girl. Acting like that in public! I am going to have to fuck you with my big cock so you won't do it again.” I nodded. I wanted him to fuck me so hard, but he kept toying with me, fingering me then holding out before I burst. He finally pushed back the seat and climbed on top of me, first showing me his thick 10" cock. I was a little scared because I had never had one so big before. He saw my face and said he would be careful. He put it in inch by inch. I couldn't stop moaning. He was finally in. He fucked me slow, then went faster. I screamed so loud it would put hyenas to shame. He kept going, then changed positions. He fucked me doggy style while playing with my clit, then missionary, and some we made even made up. Finally we woke up, found by the cops and covered in cum. It was two women officers and we both smiled. But that’s another story.

801. Man's Story: She Followed Me Out of the Bar (2/2/10)

My wife and I had been hanging out with this couple for a few months when we went to a bar at a hotel. After a few drinks I had to use the bathroom. Little did I know that T (the woman from the couple) followed me out of the bar. She was waiting for me when I came out. Without a word she grabbed my hand and led my down the hall and pushed me up against the wall. She then undid my pants and dropped to her knees! She could suck a cock like I’d never seen. After a few minutes of this I was ready! I pushed her up against the wall and lifted her skirt. She was soaking wet and I slid all the way into her pussy on the first stroke.

We were going at it nice and slow when she whispered in my ear, "Look down the hall." About four doors down stood a man. Who knows how long he had been enjoying the show. This got us both really worked up so I started pumping that sweet cunt hard! I was getting close to dumping my load and she knew it. She pushed me away from her and dropped back to her knees. As I started to cum, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and let me squirt my jizz in her mouth so the guy down the hall could see. After that we went back to the bar. I can’t say for sure if that guy enjoyed the show but about 10 minutes later my wife noticed a guy in the bar staring at us with a big smile on his face - but it wasn’t nearly as big as mine.

800. Woman's Story: I Wanted Him to Taste Me (2/2/10)

My boyfriend and I had just come back to his dorm after a long night of drinking. He was pretty much close to sober but I was extremely wasted. The whole night he had been sliding his hand under my dress to play with my thong. I was so turned on. He would rub his fingers across my clit under my thong in the middle of the crowded room. Needless to say, when we got back, I was more than ready to go.

As soon as we got into the room, he yanked my dress off me. I didn't have a bra on so I was standing there in nothing but a thong. He turned off the lights, picked me up, and pushed me up against the wall. He ripped off my thong and slid two fingers inside me. I was so wet. All I could do was scream in pleasure. But it wasn't enough. I wanted him to taste me.

I got down and threw him on the bed, and immediately we began to 69 after I stripped him of his clothes. It felt so good. We both came almost instantly. I love the way he vibrates his tongue all over my clit. We had never had sex before this, but I knew this was the night. "I need you to fuck me now!" I screamed. He quickly grabbed a condom and pushed his dick deep inside of me. I have never orgasmed so much. I flipped him over so I could be on top, and he came inside of me. I can't wait to fuck him again.

799. Man's Story: Good Bathroom Sex (1/25/10)

Me and my girlfriend were arguing in my bathroom at my house. I was still living with my family, so we usually didn’t stay in a room with the doors locked, because it looked suspicious. But we were arguing and didn’t want anybody in our business and hearing us, and because everyone knew we were arguing, they left us alone. After arguing, we kissed and made up. She surprised me, though, because she got horny and wanted to fuck. Usually she doesn’t like doing it unless we're in the house alone. She pulled her pants and thong down and bent over. I got my hard cock out and started fucking her hard. My mom and her mom came to the door and asked if we had made up yet and were done fighting. So while we’re still fucking, we said, No, leave us alone. They left and I fucked her until I came. It was good bathroom sex.

798. Woman's Story: Had Too Much to Drink (1/25/10)

I was on the first date with this guy who was definitely cute and my type. I had a little too much to drink and he drove me home. He helped me get into bed and was about to leave when I pulled him back toward me. I'd been thinking about licking his cock all night. I saw him get hard at dinner and had kept imagining his dick on my tongue and down my throat.

He reluctantly lay down with me and I reassured him it was okay, while unbuttoning his pants. We started to kiss as I straddled him while pulling his shaft out. I started flicking my tongue on his head as he moaned. His long hard cock was throbbing for my wet, sexy mouth. I spit on his cock and started deep throating him as he moaned. His cum was throbbing from his big cock and exploded in my throat.

He pulled my dripping wet pussy up to his mouth and made me sit on his face as he tongue-fucked me and wiggled his tongue all along my cunt, while I wiggled and screamed with pleasure. I came and all my pussy juice went into his mouth and he used his tongue to clean up my clit. He then mounted me as I faced into my closet and held onto the sides, and fucked me hard and strong until it hurt. I begged for more and then we came together and shivered with pleasure.

797. Woman's Story: Licking My Cunt Juice From His Fingers (1/18/10)

I was out at a nightclub with my boyfriend, but we'd had a row that day and he was sulking. He wouldn't dance with me, but I was determined to have a good time. I'd dressed up for the evening with a short black skirt, black lace hold up stockings - and no knickers. I began to dance when a good song came on. A man joined me and began to dance with me. He groped my arse - he could see I liked it. Slowly he moved me towards a darker corner of the club, and I willingly submitted. I could see my boyfriend still at the bar refusing to enjoy himself. The other man backed me into a dark corner, still dancing with me. He slid his hand up my skirt, and to his delight, his fingers went straight into my wet cunt. He finger fucked me hard and I came. He smiled at me and walked away, licking my cunt juice from his fingers.

796. Woman's Story: My Desk Was Shaking (1/18/10)

I'm 27 and an attorney. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we already have one child. Our sex life is pretty great! We have sex almost every night.

One night I had to stay late at my office (I have my own firm) doing paperwork, and finishing some other stuff for a case. Everyone else had already gone home. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw my husband walk into my office. He said, “I didn't know when you'd be home so, I dropped our little girl off and brought you some food." But he had a mischievous grin on his face. I said, “What are you thinking?”

He came up behind me and massaged my shoulders and slipped off my blazer. He started kissing my neck and telling me that he'd missed me all day. While I tried to concentrate on putting my papers in the necessary files I tried to get up, but my husband stopped me and pushed me back down on the chair. He lifted my skirt, pushed aside my thong, and begins to plunge his tongue deeper and deeper into me until I came. He started to kiss me again and undressed me and himself. We've had sex in a lot of places - kitchens, in the back of his truck when we were teenagers, in his Uncle's basement, in his Uncle's pool and his hot tub, and so on, so the thought of doing it in my office was a huge turn on for me. And apparently it was for him as well.

I stood up and pushed him into the chair and began to give him a hand job that ended in a blowjob. He was still very horny after that, so he laid me on the table and said, “I want to fuck you so bad.” I said, “So what's taking you so long?” He plunged all 9 inches into me and started going in and out slowly. He was teasing me so bad, I told him to go faster. He started to pound into me so much that my desk was shaking. I came so hard, I screamed his name, and with that he came and pounded every single bit of cum in me. We maneuvered to the floor and he told me that was the best sex we've had in a few months, and I agree it was the best in a while, but it doesn't top the sex in the back of his truck when we were teens.

795. Woman's Story: Every Time I Pass the Library (1/11/10)

Me and my boyfriend met at the library to do some work, when he decided to go outside to the benches. We started making out. He was kissing all over my neck, feeling on my tits, and grabbing my ass. He went under my dress and started rubbing my wet pussy. I couldn't help but moan out loud. I pressed my mouth harder against his and started rubbing his dick through his jeans as I could feel him getting hard. He moved my panties the side and fingered me for the first time. It felt so good. I unzipped his jeans and pulled his black dick out as he went deeper in me and stuck two fingers in. He asked me if I was ready and I said, "Yes, baby!" We kissed our way down to the ground. He pulled my panties off and stuck his dick in me slowly and got faster and harder. Every time I pass that library I always think of my first time.

794. Man's Story: "Yummm! Coconut!" (1/11/10)

My girlfriend and I were visiting her aunt and uncle in another town. We frequently had sex, but my girlfriend had never given me a blowjob. One day we were messing around in her aunt's sewing room and she said that she would like to give me head. I couldn't get my cock out fast enough and she took my already raging hard on into her mouth and began sucking and pumping it. After just a few minutes I felt the orgasm rising in me. She sucked my cock harder and faster until I started to shoot a large load of cum into her mouth. She didn't miss a beat and kept sucking and not letting a drop of cum escape her hungry mouth. When she was finished she looked up at me and said, "Yummm! Coconut!" Let's just say that wasn't the last time she swallowed my cum.

793. Man's Story: She Rode Me in the Car (1/04/10)

I had been detailed to follow one of the office girls up to Leeds to drop off a vehicle and then carry on over to Wales to collect some paperwork for some vehicles my company had recently purchased. It was very early the next morning when we left. She was dressed in jeans and a plain jumper and we were soon on our way up the motorway. We had agreed to get up to Leeds without stopping. Six hours later, we were having lunch. She had also changed into blouse and skirt. She had put her hair up and splashed on some make up. She looked so sexy and I could not help getting an erect cock.

We took it in turns driving the estate car and arrived in Wales, collected the papers and made our way back. We stopped off for a meal and decided to have an hour's nap in the car, so we found a nice car park. Being an estate car, it was ideal; we just put the rear seats down and relaxed. We snuggled up, both lying on our sides but she was close against me. I found my right arm around her and she was using it as a sort of pillow. I moved to get comfortable and realised my hand was now brushing against one of her breasts. I spread my fingers out getting a good feel of it. I was also getting another hard dick.

My left hand slowly slid onto her thigh. She stirred and turned slightly towards me, her left hand clasping mine and to my surprise guided it straight on to her other breast. Now on her back, she pulled open her blouse telling me to suck them. I licked and sucked on her titties, which were firm and plentiful. I started kissing her neck and soon we were mouthing each other. As we kissed, she got my hard cock out and then went down on me, sucking and wanking as she teased me. Then she was on top of me, and I felt her wet pussy slowly sink down my cock. She rode me, bringing on her own satisfaction, then stopped. She rolled over next to me. We stayed where we were for a while, then looking at me she said, "Well, you can fuck me too." It did not last long. When ejaculation came, it drained the energy out of me. We both slept well after that.

792. Man's Story: The Moment I Had Waited Two Years For (1/04/10)

It was my first time. I was at my sister's friend's house. I had liked her for about two years and she knew it, but I was never able to be alone with her because my sister was very protective of her friends and didn't want to share them. One weekend her and my mom went on vacation to look at houses. My sister's friend called and wanted to hang at her house alone and watch a movie. When I got there her mother and father were sitting there as well, so we ended up watching a movie first before her parents went to bed. She asked me to go downstairs with her, where we couldn't be heard.

We started talking about school, and she started to rub my thigh, which instantly gave me a hard-on. I tried to cover it but it was bulging a good 6 inches. I was really embarrassed because I thought she didn't like me, but she giggled and smiled, and started to rub it. I was so nervous. I was a virgin, and so was she. She grabbed my hand and slid it into her shorts, and I knew this was my time. On my own I slid my hand till it was touching her pussy, and started to rub like all men naturally know how to. She was still giggling and smiling, but with some groaning and grunting here and there. I then attempted to take off her shirt and bra, and she didn't stop me. I started sucking and rubbing, and nibbling on them, trying to relish the moment.

Then the moment I had waited for, and imagined for two years, and jerked off to: she pulled my shorts down, and stuck my dick right in her cute mouth, and her cute button nose pressed all the way up to my pubes. It didn't take long for me to blow, and as she tried to pull away as I was about to blow, I held her face in place, to assure that every last drop of my cum ran down her throat. Afterward, I ate her beautiful pussy out, and she came all over my face, leaving my face drenched. We are now dating and my sister can go fuck herself, 'cause I'm fucking her best friend.

791. Man's Story: Frisky Business (12/01/09)

Me and my girlfriend had gone to see a film as we usually did most Saturday nights. We always sat at the back and got up to a little "frisky" business, but it was all in good innocence. However, one time - in fact, the last time before I broke up with her, I felt her reach for my crotch and start rubbing it gently. I returned the favor, and about 20 minutes later, she was on top of me with my hands under her panties, rubbing her wet pussy. About 3 minutes later she came! Once we walked out of the cinema, I noticed this white stain on my jeans. Needless to say I was embarrassed when I noticed the cashier staring at my crotch!

790. Man's Story: We Jumped Into the Backseat (12/01/09)

I have been with this gorgeous, sexy lady for 12 months now. At 42 she has a body to die for and uses it to perfection! I had been away for a week out of state visiting a relative but we still managed to talk and text daily, often ending in phone sex at all hours of the night. Our video calls were something to see.

On my return I couldn't wait to see her that night, so I went directly to her work from the airport. We kissed softly in her office but couldn't pash as we had other staff around. She looked as hot as ever with her breasts showing out of her top. She saw me looking and moved closer to me and brushed her hand across my cock, which was starting to harden quickly.

She said "Let's go for a drive and have a pash." That was it, no holding me back then. We drove about 1 km down the road to a school car park where we stopped at the most remote end. Within seconds we were kissing and had our hands all over each other. My hand was inside her top while she had unzipped my cock, which was now flowing freely with pre-cum. My other hand was down behind her, reaching underneath to massage her clit through her pants.

That was it, she wanted to fuck, so we jumped into the back seat, stripped each other’s clothes off and then she proceeded to climb on top of my cock and fuck me. Not even passing cars and one or two pedestrians could stop us now. The thought of others watching us turned us on even more. Within minutes she came to an earth-shattering orgasm, fucking my rock hard cock as she did. She slid off, then took my cock to her mouth, which pushed me over the edge. I exploded all over myself as she wanked me off. That was the most amazing orgasm one could have!

789. Woman's Story: The Risk of Getting Caught (12/01/09)

I’d been going out with this guy for four months. He was my first serious boyfriend. We attended the same high school. After about three months of dating, he started asking me if I would like to have sex with him. I explained to him that I was a virgin, and me being pretty and wanted by a lot of guys, he didn’t believe me. I told him that we should wait and see how things went and then I would decide if I would let him be my first or not.

One day I had a field trip and would not be back at school until 5, which was the time that he got out of football practice. As he was leaving the gym I was arriving at the school. We hadn’t seen each other all day so I was quite anxious to kiss him when I saw him. He asked me to walk with him to his locker and I agreed. By this time there was no one left on the school campus except for the janitors. While standing in front of his locker we began to heavily make out. I started getting so wet and I could feel his cock poking me.

He pushed me into the girls’ bathroom and we were still making out. He asked if I wanted to have sex and I told him that I was scared and that I didn’t want to get caught. He told me not to worry, that everyone was gone. He started unbuttoning my pants and I could feel that I was getting even more wet. I forgot that I was at school and that I could be expelled for this and told him to hurry up - that I wanted him in me NOW! He took his lettermans jacket off and put it on the floor. He slowly laid me down on it and slipped my jeans off.

He barely had his cock in me and I screamed in pain he told me that he would go slow on me and he did just as he said. I start moaning and pulling him tighter onto me. He finally gave one big shove and broke through. I screamed again in pain but also in enjoyment. I asked him to fuck me harder and he did. It felt so good.

I will never forget my first time. After that we had sex at school several times. The best sex that we had was at school because of the risk of being caught turned both of us on!

788. Woman's Story: Came So Hard I Pushed His Cock Out (12/01/09)

My fiancé of 3 years and I had split up. I was dating an older rich guy and he knew about him. The guy was married and very obese. I still sexually desired my baby daddy, so I invited him over one night. We had been feuding for about 3 weeks. Finally I gave into him and let him into the apartment. It was late and the baby was gone to my mom’s house.

Once I saw him I began shaking as if it was a first date or something. Meanwhile he kept plucking at his cock like he was getting all hot and bothered over my night shirt. My nipples are hard all the time and he always calls them Hershey kisses. They were poking him in the eye, basically. At this point I was getting a chubby myself.

Next thing you know, we are having the greatest makeup sex ever! I was so wet and I was so tight, he said he felt like he was fucking a virgin. I came so hard that I pushed his hard cock right out of me with a huge gush of my sweet juices. The sex was so good we made love again not 10 minutes later. Needless to say, we are back together again having such great sex that we both wanna just stay in the house all the time and hump our brains out.

787. Man's Story: Getting Paid to Fuck at Work (12/01/09)

I work as a projectionist and I have been seeing someone for almost 2 years. I have never been tempted to do anything considered sinful throughout that time, but that was about to change. I was at work like usual - I was the man upstairs putting the movies on. One of the girls I worked with was rather upset from her recent break up with her ex. She was a petite, sexy girl with summer blonde hair and a smile that gets attention.

So there we were chatting away and she was talking about how she almost slept with another guy because of how sexually frustrated she was. Being a slightly turned on friend, I said to her, "You could do so much better than fucking that guy. I mean, hell, I’d rather fuck you right here and now if it’s what you really need."

The look in her eyes made me harder than a diamond in an ice storm and without another word said she got down on her knees, slowly moved her mouth over the tip of my cock, and started giving me the best head I’d received in a long time. She was so wet I just had to bend her over right in front of the projection booth screen where she copped an eye full as well as a cock full.

She screamed and moaned as she took it from behind like a well paid prostitute. With one last gasp, I unloaded my exploding juices inside her. She kisses me once more, before going back to work. It’s one thing to get paid to work, but getting paid to fuck at work is another story. Anytime we're working together now, she comes back to feel the thrill once more.

786. Man's Story: I Had Blue Balls (10/28/09)

My senior year in college me and several friends made our annual trip to a beach house for spring break. Long story short, I spent the week getting blue balls from a girl who made out with me five nights in a row but never did give in and let me use her for release. Needless to say by the end of the week I had some serious pressure built up.

On the drive back to school I decided to call the girl who had taken my virginity my freshman year. She had since transferred to a college about 90 minutes away. She had an incredible body, big natural tits and very tight, athletic ass and legs. She had always wanted us to be more than we were and I was hoping she would meet me back at my dorm for a little rendezvous. When I called her and asked her to come visit, she agreed.

I met her back at my dorm. After going out for a bite to eat we wasted no time getting naked in my room. She gave me one of the best blowjobs ever and let me blow a huge load into her mouth and down her throat. After a bit of laughing and recovery time, I was hard again and she was willing to please. I got on top of her and fucked her with her feet in the air for what was a good 15 minutes. She then rolled me over and got on top. While I massaged her tits, she ground her pussy back and forth until she started to contract with an uncontrollable orgasm. I was barely able to hold off long enough to let her finish. I told her, "I want you to swallow me again." She quickly dismounted and deep throated me while massaging my balls. I ended up emptying my balls into her mouth again. She spent the night and had to leave early for work the next morning.

785. Man's Story: My Sack Was Wet (10/28/09)

I am married and have been for about five years, and if there is one person I couldn't stand it was my sister-in-law. She was a bitch. We didn't get along at all. She is one of those prideful women who always gets her way by bullying or whining people into submission. She treats her husband of about 10 years like shit.

I was surprised one day when she was babysitting for my youngest and I went to pick him up after work. When I got there my son was fast asleep in her bedroom. My sis-in-law was wearing sweats and a tight shirt that made her big tits stick out. Even though I didn't get along with her, I couldn't keep my eyes off her chest. She noticed me looking and got this evil smirk on her face. The bitch started teasing me. She would talk about my son's behavior while she was cleaning the kitchen and would "accidentally" rub her chest on me as she cleaned her kitchen. My dick got so hard.

Then she asked if I wouldn't mind rubbing her back, I said I would and we moved to her living room and she sat on the couch and I sat next to her and gave her a massage. To my surprise she lifted up her shirt and her back was exposed to me. I rubbed it and she asked me to go more to the side. Next thing you know I was rubbing her nipples as she moaned quietly. My dick was so hard, I thought I was going to blow right there. She got up, turned around, sat on my lap and took her shirt off right in front of me. Then she took her bra off. It was fucking hot. The bra opened from the front and her big tits just fell out and her nipples were hard and I couldn't help it, I started to suck them hard.

She fell back and lay on the couch and moaned with pleasure. She rubbed her crotch against my knee. Her pants got so wet that she soaked my knee. Then she couldn't take it. We took off the remainder of our clothes and she got on me and rode me hard and fast. I was switching between sucking one tit and rubbing the other while she moved up and down. My sack was wet from her dripping pussy. I put my face between her tits and rubbed them against my face, as she moaned real loud. Then I blew a wad in her so hard my balls hurt for three days. Needless to say, we got along fine after that.

784. Man's Story: My Body Felt Electric (10/28/09)

I was at a friend’s house with some other folks. We were drinking spirits and got ourselves really drunk. There was this one girl there, she was a friend of a friend and this was my first time meeting her. We all decided to go for a walk with lots of alcohol. We ended up in a park, and while we were there this girl started touching my leg, saying I was gorgeous and she wanted me right there, right then. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I knew she was drunk so I kept resisting, knowing I’d regret it.

After a lot more alcohol everyone decided to leave, and I agreed to take her home. We were sitting in a bus station when she started grabbing my cock and kissing me. The alcohol told me, "What the hell?" I went for it, and I started sucking on her big tits. She undid my jeans in the bus station and took me in her mouth, repeatedly tugging my dick. She stopped just as I was about to cum and waited a few minutes for me to calm down and began licking my balls and jerking me off.

The bus was coming so we stopped and got on, and sat in the back. I was still hard and she was horny as hell, so she started sucking me off in the back of the bus. Around 15 minutes later the bus was nearly home. We got off and she dragged me round the corner, trying to pull down my pants and kiss me. I undid her jeans and put my hand in her panties, rubbing at her clit, she was dripping wet and almost begging me to fuck her. I took off her jeans and she stood there in just a tiny pink thong and a short top.

She was grunting and moaning as I rubbed her clit through her panties. I pulled the thong down to her ankles and licked her pussy. She almost came in my mouth before shouting, "Fuck me now!!" so I took my rock hard cock and teased her with it before thrusting it inside her. She started biting my neck and pulling me in to get me as deep inside her as possible.

Two women walked past. I quickly pulled up my pants and she was standing there exposing all, her luscious tits and her perfect shaven pink pussy. They never noticed us. So we continued as they left, I turned her around and stuck my cock in her from behind as I forced her against the wall and pounded her. I could feel her coming all over my cock as it slipped deeper in and out of her.

She kept asking me to cum in her mouth. I was nearing climax so I pulled out and shoved my manhood down her throat. As she tugged my cock, I came and filled her mouth She swallowed the whole load. She fell onto me and we landed on the grass. She had cum on her lips and I still had some on my cock. I was shocked. My body felt electric. She was so hot, and I’ve had public sex with her again since.

783. Man's Story: Porn Stars for Half an Hour (10/28/09)

I was in San Francisco on business at a party to mingle with some business partners, and this petite fine Asian woman was talking to an acquaintance of mine. She was a couple of drinks ahead of me. We had talked just a bit when she said point blank, "I bet you want to fuck me, don't you?" My boss and colleagues were across the room and I didn't know who she knew so I replied with an exaggerated, "Oh, wouldn't I!" so I could claim to be joking around if she were.

We chatted for just a few moments and her friend returned, whom she asked if I was an OK guy. He (lucky for me) said yes, and then she said, "Why don't we go, then?" I offered to go dancing somewhere - I don't know why I just didn't offer to take her straight home. After we walked and talked for two blocks she said, "Let's go to my hotel," and we caught a cab.

When we got to her hotel room we started kissing passionately. We stripped each other wildly and I was hard as steel. She was wearing gorgeous red and black panties and bra and she had a super sexy flat tummy. She proceeded to sit between my ankles and lean over to lick my hard cock while looking me straight in the eyes. Then she went down on me while sliding her hand up and down my cock with her saliva. I almost came just watching her give wonderful head.

I pulled her up to me and I started playing with her clit and sucking her little hard nipples. She then sat up and grabbed my cock and slowly aimed it to her pussy and slowly sat down. We fucked with abandon and I turned her over and then she got on hands and knees and I reached around and fingered her until she came. It was getting sloppy and slippery when I finally pumped my hot load into her pussy. We sat around for a few moments and then I regrettably had to get back to my hotel, so we said a very sleepy goodbye. I'll remember her simply as the girl that I shared some of the best sex of my life!

782. Woman's Story: Not Dry and Tight Anymore (10/28/09)

I was really horny as I had not had sex for a week. My pussy was all tight and I really could not wait till my boyfriend came back from his trip to France. I had to have sex NOW. I called up this really hot guy that I saw occasionally at the club. We’d done it before in the bathroom and he has an absolutely gorgeous dick. It was huge and I loved the feeling of it against my wet clit.

He started rubbing my thighs with his dick and then he slowly moved up between my big tits. It felt amazing to hold his dick between my boobs and he moaned loudly as I played with his cock. Taking my nipple in his mouth, he sucked on it real hard, wetting me with his warmth. His tongue circled around my tit, which was now hard.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I moaned in desperation, grabbed his cock and stuck it in my pussy. He was hard and big. We stayed like that for a second, then he started pumping me like you wouldn't believe. It was all I could do to clench my teeth and not yell out loud as my roommate would hear us. He whimpered softly as I ran my hands up and down his muscular body. Our juices went all over our bodies, and before he came he took out his cock and let the pre cum roll onto my tits. Then he came and moaned so loudly. I was so turned on I started humping him.

Knowing I hadn't come yet, he ate my pussy. I couldn’t help screaming, "Fuck me harder!" and I really couldn’t stop panting and groaning, faster and louder until I came and gasped so loudly it really turned him on. After that I sat with my legs spread out on his cock while his fingers gently rubbed my wet clit. It was the best day I ever had and my pussy was definitely not dry and tight anymore.

781. Man's Story: Better Than With the Cheerleaders (9/21/09)

I was with the jock clique in high school and this one girl was with the nerds - real Harry Potter freaks. I never looked at her twice. This past summer I was up in the woods walking my dog when I ran into her skipping stones on a small pond there. We couldn't ignore that we recognized each other, so we started talking and I suddenly realized how cool she was.

I said something about her looking a little different than in high school and she said that was because she'd gotten fucked since then. I laughed and then she just said, "I went from nerd to nympho." I didn't know what to say and just stuttered. She fell to her knees and took out my cock and started sucking. I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

She took my hand and we walked hand in hand for a while because she wanted to find "a log we could fuck on." We found a log and took off all our clothes and she sat me on the log. She sucked me hard and then stood on the log so I could eat her out. She had an amazing body, long black hair, perfect round breasts, and trimmed black hair over her pussy. She had a Harry Potter lightning bolt tattooed on her lower stomach.

She almost came from my licking, but fell off the log. She sat down on my cock and rode me 'till she came. Then she leaned on the log and let me take her from behind. I was getting closer to cumming and asked her if she was on the pill. She said yes, but to cum in her ass. I'd never done anal before and wasn't sure what to do, but she reached behind and put my cock at her hole and I pushed it in. It was so tight and I was so turned on that I came right away.

We got together and fucked like four more times, till I found out she was fucking lots of other guys. Still, it was the best sex I had - much better than with the cheerleaders in high school who either just gave head or fucked but without enjoying it so much.

780. Man's Story: Office Hottie (9/21/09)

I work in a small factory with about 20 workers and 10 office staff. One of the office staff is very hot with huge titties and luckily we get on really well and have some long conversations. She was walking round the factory as she does, looking amazing as always. She was wearing a white shirt and black skirt. Her top was undone a lot already, and from the side she looked amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

When she came over to me on my corner, she stopped and we were just chatting for ages, then she dropped a pen. She bent down to get it and on her way up, noticed my boner, which I was hoping she wouldn't see. She stood up completely but stayed focused on my crotch. I was looking at her huge titties the whole time. Eventually our eyes met and she gave me the most mischievous sexy smile ever.

We walked behind a storage space into one of the storage vaults. She unzipped my pants and ripped down my boxers. I tore off her top and unclipped her bra. She started to rub her bare clit up and down my thigh whilst I was playing with her tits. She started to fiddle with my balls and I couldn't concentrate. I grabbed her round the hips and leaned against the wall and started to bounce her up and down standing. She started to moan but we had to keep quiet. I kept her bouncing for over 8 minutes then she started making noise. She had juices dripping down her. Then she started to suck me doing hand motions as well.

I started to screw her up the arse pushing her harder than I ever did to my girlfriend, but she seemed to be able to take it. I laid her on an upright box and started to lick her out she then whispered to me, “Cum, cum, cum,” so I did, all over her huge titties. She rubbed it in and lapped some of it with her fingers then we went back to standing up and fucking. When it was over she said it was the best ever and since then we meet up regularly and go dogging or to hotels.

779. Woman's Story: Sweet Stolen Love (9/21/09)

I’ve been fucking this guy for two weeks now and it is electric. None of the friends in our circle know that we even talk to each other. So last Monday three of us met for coffee. After we had been sitting for some time, I looked out of the coffee house window and saw him. Later he came and pulled up a chair and joined us. Normally he would chat a little and then excuse himself and go. But this time he stayed and stayed. Every time our eyes would meet, I could see the desire in his eyes - very sexy.

It was cold inside and I had my jacket on. At one time I opened the top two buttons of my jacket to show my breasts and I saw him change. He was looking at me very sexily and none of the other people on the table could guess the signals. Much later we all said goodbye and all three of them walked off through the opposite door. I went out through the opposite door onto the next street. I already knew what would happen. He walked with the other two just a distance and then saw them off. He crossed the street and waited for me to come out. He beckoned me to come and I crossed the street. I could see he was very happy and we hugged. We both walked over to his place and made sweet stolen love. Did I mention he speaks very little English? Still, we communicate beautifully, with strong desire. I cannot remember a time I desired a man as I desire this Chinese man.

778. Man's Story: Porn Stars for Half an Hour (9/21/09)

It was spring break and my fiancée and I were on vacation in Costa Rica. We had a suite in a hotel high up on a hill overlooking the ocean. It came complete with a large balcony that got plenty of sun. One day my fiancée decided to take advantage of this and do some topless sunbathing on the balcony. She put on nothing but a thong string bikini bottom and I went out completely naked to join her. The sight of her lying there, with her breasts glistening in the sun, got me really aroused. My fiancé has an amazing body. She's very petite and thin, with perfectly perky 34C breasts and an ass you could bounce quarters off of.

Well, after I took a few pictures to document this beautiful setting (and the ocean view was nice too), I sat down in a chair near her and was getting pretty hard. She saw this and got a devilish smile on her face. She came over to me, kneeled down and started to suck my cock. As usual, her dick-sucking skills were phenomenal. As she continued to twirl her tongue and lips around my cock, I looked out over this beautiful view and saw something that made this morning even more exciting. About 200 or 300 yards further down the hill was a construction crew putting the roof on a new house. One by one they were stopping and sitting down and it was clear they were watching us. The thought of these guys seeing this beautiful naked woman sucking my cock got me really horny.

I told my fiancée that they were watching and she just looked at me with those sexy eyes, said, "Mmhmm," and stuck out her butt a little more. This pushed me over the edge and I exploded in her mouth. She of course swallowed it all down. When she stood up after finishing, a couple of the guys whistled at her loud enough that we could hear it. This put a big smile on her face, so she stood up straight, turned around and waved to them, giving them a wonderful view of her whole body and breasts. This of course garnered more whistles and some Spanish cat calls.

Being still hard, I came up behind her, pulled down her thong and bent her over the railing. She said, "Now what do we have here?" with a grin on her face as I slid my cock into her especially wet pussy. "Let's put on a show," I replied. I fucked her and she began moaning very loudly. The guys below were watching intently. I went deep inside her and squeezed her bouncing breasts as she came, screaming loud enough for the guys to hear her. This of course made me come again as well, and I filled her up. As we finished and caught our breath, the guys below were whistling and cat calling like crazy. My girl waved again and had the world's biggest smile on her face. We had become porn stars, if only for half an hour.

777. Woman's Story: So Manly and Passionate (9/21/09)

I fancied my boss from the minute we met. He might have been 20 years older than me but he was tall and had broad shoulders, blue eyes, and this Australian accent that made me melt. He always gave the impression he fancied me back - flirty looks and brushes on the arm, private jokes, looks that lingered for a second too long - but then he would talk about how I was young enough to be his daughter. One night, he asked me to work late with him and sent everybody else home.

I was down in the linen closet with my back to the door when I heard someone come in. I knew exactly who it was, and my cunt pulsed with excitement when I realized I was about to get what I'd wanted for so many weeks. He didn't say a word, just came up behind me and started kissing my neck, his big hands caressing my stomach and tits, occasionally wandering down to tease my clit-area, as I moaned softly and ground my bum up against his hardening dick.

He spun me round and kissed me hard. He was so manly and passionate. He unbuttoned my blouse some, popped my breasts out of my bra and proceeded to lick and bite my nipples. He was driving me wild and all I could do was whimper for him to fuck me. He pushed me down onto one of the mounds of laundry bags and I eagerly opened my legs as he unbuttoned his trousers to let his big dick flop out.

He positioned himself in between my legs, pulled my knickers to one side and began to thrust into me, locking his hands around my thighs so as to pump as deep as possible. The thing that turned me on more than anything was his grunting and moaning as he fucked me - he was so confident and not at all self-conscious. That was so sexy. We groaned and panted our way to a shuddering climax, right there in the laundry room. Just thinking about it now is making me want to touch myself. I hope there's a repeat performance.

776. Woman's Story: Behind the Tea Cups (8/21/09)

My boyfriend and I were at an amusement park one night. We were kissing here and there all over the park. Finally we couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to go father. We went behind the tea cups and I pushed him onto the ground and kissed him down his neck and all over his body, while taking off all of his clothing. I knew there was a high chance of us being caught.

I went down on him, sucking his huge juicy, long, hard cock and he fingered my tight, wet, warm pussy. Then he went down on me, licking my clit and getting me all wet. I started to moan a little when I got on top of him and slid his long cock into me. I tried to stifle my moaning as he fucked me harder and faster. Suddenly we hear, “Hey you two! What are you doing?” “Um, uhh, wrestling.” “Sorry, but you need to get up and out of here, now!” Uh-ohh.

775. Woman's Story: "Do You Want a Picture of My Tits? (8/21/09)

I had liked this guy for a while and his friend told me that he like me. I got all excited when he said that, but I had already somewhat figured it out since we had been texting a lot. He texted me one night and said "I’m hard." I was in a flirty mood so I texted back, "Do you want a picture of my tits to help you?" He texted back, "Hell yeah," so I took off my shirt, snapped a picture, and sent it. I giggled and the next thing I knew he had sent me a picture of his dick. I texted him back, "I want to suck it." He sent a smiley face back. My parents were out, so he came over. He walked into the house and we sat on the couch. I unzipped his jeans and sucked his hard cock. He pushed me back and I was surprised. Then he got on the floor next to me and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees and he was fucking me from behind. It was amazing.

774. Woman's Story: We Couldn't Contain Ourselves (8/21/09)

It was a warm summer day and my boyfriend and I were going to the movies, but when we got there it turned out that we had missed the movie we wanted to watch. Neither one of us had anything to do so we went to the park. We laid down on the grass in the shade and cuddled for a while until both of us were so horny we couldn't contain ourselves. As the sun started going down we moved closer to a tree, where he lifted my skirt and started fucking me hard, not caring that there were people doing laps and families all around. I was really surprised that no one saw.

773. Woman's Story: We Couldn't Contain Ourselves (8/21/09)

I had this ridiculous idea that I was going to stay a virgin until I got married. Of course, this didn't work out. I was 21 and as was our weekly ritual we went out to a club about 45 minutes away. This time, though, our coworker, who recently left his wife, came. I had been hot for this guy since day one, so I made sure I looked hot. We got to the club and proceeded to get hammered, and all night he kept buying me drinks. We danced and flirted all night and I was hornier than hell, but nothing happened.

Eventually we left and piled into the designated driver's car as I whispered to one of my other friends how badly I wanted to fuck this guy. At some point that same friend got sick and we had to pull over. Afterwards, the guy ended up sitting next to me with my head laying on him. We started making out and rubbing all over each other while all my friends just stared at us. He was the first to get dropped off and he asked me to stay. By this point I was so horny you could swim in the lake between my legs, so I waved goodbye to my friends and followed him inside.

He turned on music for us and quickly had me against the wall as we were undressing each other. Now, let me say that I had popped my own cherry long before this, but when I unzipped his pants, I got a little scared. He was HUGE! We made our way to the bed and I struggled to get my panties off, eventually throwing them across the room. He kissed my hard nipples and made his way down my body and proceeded to lick my clit till I came the first time. Then we switched and I took his cock down my throat (this I was experienced at) and sucked him for a while, until he flipped me on my back. He lifted my legs in the air and entered me slowly at first and then started fucking me hard. I came two more times until he pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth again and I sucked him until he exploded down my throat. We fell asleep after that, and he drove me home the next day. We continued to have our fun for the next couple months until he got back with his wife. I have to say it was pretty good while it lasted, although I heard they split up again, so maybe I should give him a call...

772. Man's Story: I Was Nervous (8/21/09)

When I was seventeen, I was dating a girl from a college about two hours away from me. I went to visit her and we slept in her friends' dorm room in a small twin bed. We spent most of the night touching and rubbing and kissing and trying to be as quiet as possible with her two friends in the other bed. We didn't have any condoms so we weren't able to have sex until the next morning. I took off my pants; she took hers off and climbed into the bed. I climbed on top of her and gradually slid myself inside of her, eventually working myself as deep as possible. I was nervous because it was my first time, but we had sex for 20 minutes before I came.

771. Man's Story: She Said She Couldn't Wait (7/29/09)

My wife and I were on our way home from a friend’s house. She was driving when we passed a empty forest preserve out in the country and she pulled in. I asked what we were doing and she said she couldn't wait to get home. My dick started to get hard in anticipation.

She pulled in to a parking spot and put the car in park. She immediately reached for my zipper and pulled out my now rock hard cock. She started slobbering on my hard rod and I could feel the cum starting in my balls. I told her to stop and get on her hands and knees with her head in the back seat. I shoved my face into her wet cunt and started licking and sucking her tight pussy. After she came, I moved up and started licking around her tight asshole. I reached up with one hand and started fingering her swollen clit. With the other hand I put two fingers in her pussy and started working them in and out. Her cum was all over the inside of her thighs and the entire car reeked of her sex.

She said she couldn't take it anymore and got out of the car and went to the trunk. She bent over and said she wanted my cock in her wet cunt. Eager to please, I moved behind her and on the first push sent my rod balls-deep into her hot pussy. She threw her head back and let out a loud moan. I started fucking her brains out and she was yelling, “Fuck me harder!” That really got me going and I started to really pound her sloppy hole. The cum was moving from my balls and I couldn't take it anymore and let my hot load blast deep in her snatch. As I was clinching, my load was flowing out of her vag and dripping on the ground. She turned around and said I had never fucked that hard before and she had never come that hard either. It was a good night.

770. Man's Story: The Bed Was Broken (7/29/09)

My girlfriend and I were watching a movie one night at her parents’ house on the couch. Of course, her parents weren't in and her sister was sound asleep in the bedroom upstairs. One thing led to another and we madly started making out. My hand went up her shirt, and her hand went down into my pants and she started giving me an unbelievable hand job. Before things got too crazy, we decided to move this show into the bedroom. But with how horny we both were, we decided to have our fun on the parents’ king size bed.

She threw me onto the bed and pulled off my jeans, and the next thing you know she is giving me the greatest blowjob ever. I grab her and throw her down onto the bed and started kissing her madly, ripping both of our clothes off at the same time. She pushed my mouth away and told me to fuck her now. I put my cock into her hot, dripping wet pussy and started thrusting in and out of her. With every moan she gave I went faster and faster, and deeper and deeper.

By this point she was now screaming and my body was slamming into hers so hard. She told me she was about to cum, and at that point I was going to as well. Finally she started cumming then I pulled out and she took it into her mouth, sucking every last drop out of me. Finally when I opened my eyes I noticed her nose was bleeding from me fucking her so hard. Not only that, but the bed was broken. We had snapped the middle support beam, and to this day her parents still don't know how the bed ended up broken.

769. Woman's Story: What a Way to End a Fight! (7/29/09)

My boyfriend and I were just done having a big fight and I left to go sit by the lake and think. As I was walking over towards our boathouse, I saw him standing there with a grin on his face. He told me to come over to the boathouse and close my eyes. When I opened my eyes he was standing there with his cock out and it was so hard. It made me so horny that I started rubbing my pussy and knelt down to suck him off. He got so excited and his eyes were rolling back in his head. We put a towel over the window so no one would see. He then bent me over a wooden chest and put his dick inside of me. We fucked for about an hour before he busted his load inside me. What a way to end a fight!

768. Woman's Story: I Had Just Broken Up With My Boyfriend (7/29/09)

This guy from college was a good friend with benefits. We met at a bar and I had just broken up with my boyfriend so I was pretty down. He sat down next to me, and at first I didn't recognize him until I saw his eyes. We talked and caught up and everything, and when he was about to leave, he kissed me on the cheek. My stomach dropped. I grabbed his hand and told him to take me home with him.

We pulled into his driveway. Before we entered the door we started making out. Once we got into the apartment he dropped his keys and shut the door with his foot. We stopped for a second so he could lock the door, and I took a look around the apartment. It was blue and there was a couch, a bed, a small bathroom, and a kitchen off to the side. We stripped and started fooling around.

 We ended up on that couch. We didn't want to be like normal people and fuck regularly so he entered from behind. We were nervous because we hadn't had sex with each other in 8 years or so. As he was pushing, I was telling him to fuck me harder. Once he knew that I wanted it, he fucked so deep and it felt so good. He mostly got leverage from having his hands on my ass. We moved onto the bed and had normal sex.

Now I see him regularly and we have fun. After our hobby started again, my boyfriend called and asked me to come back. I told him that I was seeing someone privately and I couldn't.

767. Woman's Story: I Was a Virgin, a Complete Virgin (7/13/09)

On the fourth Sunday of the month after church, some of the youth group would go over to the pastor’s house and just play games, hang out, talk, or play sports. It was one of those Sundays, and my crush of four years was playing guitar for me in the living room. I had bruised my knee and thigh the day before, and it still hurt real bad. I was talking with my best friend on the couch when my crush squeezed my kneecap to get my attention and I yelped and was like, "Ah, that hurts" and he said "Oh, sorry, I didn't know," and I was like, "Well, it does. You can squeeze anything but my leg," and with a grin he says, "Anything?" I laughed and said, "Anything, within reason," and then he's like, "Oh, dang it."

But then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the living room, through the kitchen, the hallway and into the bathroom, where he proceeded to lock the door. He started kissing me as he ran his fingers across my back and neck. I started unbuttoning his shirt and rubbing my hands across his chest, but then he looked at me and we thought the exact same thing. I undid his belt and pulled down his jeans, kissing him while giving him a hand job. I could tell he was really enjoying it, which surprised me because I had never done anything like that before. I was a virgin, a complete virgin. I faked it the best I could as I gave him about a three-minute blow job. As I continued to suck, his juices were running down my face and neck. Afterward we cleaned up and went back to the living room. He knew it was my first blow job, but he said it was the best one he had ever received. We are still dating, three years later.

766. Man's Story: My Hands Started Getting Happy (7/13/09)

My girlfriend and I had been talking about having sex and making out with each other for a little while. One day she asked me to come to her house and go horseback riding with her so I agreed. While we were out there we got off of the horses and started walking. I decided that this was a nice little place and just sat down on a log. She walked over and sat in my lap kissing me. After a little bit of just kissing my hands started getting a little happy and started to feel around. I ended up taking her pants down, fingering her to orgasm twice. We would have gone further and had sex, but I didn't bring a condom down with me. We drove home and took a little side trip to my house and ended up making out on my bed. I finally got to eat out my first girl. She tasted very good. After a little while we cleaned up and I took her home.

A few more days later  we were hanging out in a central place in town, and we decided to go to my house since no one was there. We did our making out, and me eating her out, and then she asked me if I had a condom. I told her I did and then I started to mount her. Her pussy around my cock felt very good, but we didn't get to orgasm, either of us. After only a couple of minutes of fucking my dad got home early from work, so we quickly sneaked her out of the house and I left the house for a little while. This was the last time that me and her did anything, and we ended up breaking up soon afterwards.

765. Woman's Story: I Instantly Began Sucking It (7/13/09)

I went to the movies with a bunch of friends one night. There were about six of my friends who were girls, and some guys who I didn’t know. I met this guy named Alex and he was so hot. I sat next to him in the movies but when he tried to make me sit on his lap I remembered I had a boyfriend. I told him I couldn’t and he said it was OK. About 20 minutes into the movie I thought to myself, "Fuck it - my boyfriend’s an asshole", so I put my hand on his leg. He kissed my neck and we made out for about 10 minutes.

I told him we should go somewhere more private because it was getting hot. We walked out of the theatre and saw another theatre that didn’t have a movie starting for another hour. We walked in casually and ran up to the top. We began making out again and then he picked me up. He sat me down in the chair and began unzipping his pants. At first I didn’t really want to give him head but then when I saw his cock I instantly began sucking it. After he came all over my mouth, I took my skirt off and he starting to eat me out. He tongue fucked me for like 10 minutes. It was so fucking hot. He asked me if I wanted to be fucked with a hard cock. I told him yes and he slammed his dick into my dripping wet pussy. I moaned so loud I thought someone was going to come in. After he took his dick out and came all over the seats I told him I wasn’t finished yet. I gave him another blow job!

When we were done we walked out of the theatre and back into our theatre. We sat down like nothing happened. It just so happened that he was bringing me home that night. When we got to my street I told him to stop. I pulled up my skirt and he fucked me again. After that he pulled into my driveway and asked if he could have one more blow job. I gave him one and then he ate me out again. I got out of the car and saw my boyfriend sitting on my front porch with flowers. I felt like such a bitch but I just walked in my house, shut the door, and went upstairs.

764. Woman's Story: I Rubbed My Foot Against His Dick (7/13/09)

One night after a concert I was quite drunk. I was in the back of a van with my friend’s boyfriend’s friend. I was feeling very horny so I just rubbed my foot against his dick. He grew hard and I asked him if he wanted to come over. He said yes. We got in my apartment and I asked him if he had a condom. He said no. I was so drunk, I asked my roommate for a condom and he said no, he didn’t have any. So we decided to walk to the gas station. It was a few blocks and we were so horny it was unbearable.

We finally got condoms and the gas station clerk was laughing at us. We were so horny that on the walk back we just fell on the ground and he started dry humping and making out with me on someone’s front yard. Then all of the sudden there were siren lights and some cops told us to scram. Laughing, we made our way back to my place. I ripped off my shirt and he tore off his. We made out and then ripped each other’s pants off. Before I knew it he was fucking me. But I wanted him to go down on me, so he did, then all of the sudden we were 69ing. That was pretty intense. Then we started fucking again, this time without a condom. He was groaning and so was I. Before I knew it he shot his load in me as I was cumming. We fell on top of each other. In the morning he was gone and I never even saw him again, which was fine with me.

763. Man's Story: She Let Me Run Deep Inside Her (6/24/09)

I went on a date at White Water Six Flags. This was my first time being there on a date, and my girl looked so right in her swimming suit. She had been trying me all day. Mostly by trying to give me head while driving. I kept telling her that I would get her back. Later, on the way to the park, I asked her to dive. We had just switched into our swim suits to save time. While she was driving I dropped down onto the floor and pulled back her panties. I blew warm air on her and allowed my hand to wander. She came so hard and almost crashed the car. But still she laughed. Later on, when we were in the wave pool, my shorts came down with a wave. She grabbed me to conceal me, or so I thought. She pulled the inner tube around us and let me run deep inside her for the next 7-10 waves. I've never felt anything like that before.

762. Man's Story: Swallowed by Her Throbbing Wet Pussy (6/24/09)

We both worked at the same company but different shifts. She worked 6am to 2pm and I worked 2pm to 11pm. On this particular night, I saw her sitting in a rental next to my car so I asked, “What’s up?” She said, “I told my boyfriend I'm going to the store.” She told me to get in and that’s when the fun started. We found a dark parking lot where we started to make out, kissing, touching, grabbing, and sucking. Before you knew it, we were in the back seat of the rental. I started fingering that fat juicy cunt of hers and playing with her clit. She took my dick in her hand, put it in her pussy, and slid ever so slowly down until it disappeared, swallowed by her throbbing wet pussy. Minutes later, she got even wetter so I knew she had come. I exploded deep inside her. We looked at each other with lustful eyes, saying, until the next time. After a few more kisses she went home and so did I.

761. Man's Story: With My Holiday Man (6/24/09)

When I was 23 years old, I went out with a girl 5 years younger. She lived with her parents and many times she'd sneak out after they had gone to bed. I'd pick her up and take her to my house for some good fucking. One night her father was out of town and she talked me into sneaking in her room. We had been playing around for about an hour and were naked on top of her bed. We started to fuck doggie style and I was really pounding her good when all of the sudden the door opened and there stood her mother with a startled look on her face. "Oh my God!!" she said. I quickly pulled my cock out of my girlfriend, but as I did I shot a large stream of come into the air. "Oh my God!!" she said again. My girlfriend and I both scrambled for our clothes. I grabbed my underwear and pulled them up as her mother stared at my still-hard cock. Then her mother told us to get dressed and come out at once, and then she went out to the other room. We were still in shock but managed a laugh after she left the room. My girlfriend asked me why I came and I told her I couldn't help it. We got scolded by her mother. She said she felt like she walked into some porno movie, and I went home. My girlfriend got a speech about safe sex and was grounded for two weeks but her mother never did tell her father. I still get turned on when I think about her mom staring at my cock when I shot my load. I wonder if it turned her on.

760. Woman's Story: I Kept Jerking Him Harder (6/24/09)

I was at a club in the city with my husband and got really drunk. We were sitting at the bar and he left to go to the bathroom so I decided to dance. The club was packed, but I pushed my way to the middle of the floor and started dancing. All of a sudden I felt hands on my hips and someone pulling me against them. I figured it was my husband, so without looking back I started grinding up on him. I was really horny and was ready to grab his cock, so I turned around and quickly realized it was some strange guy. At this point I was so drunk and horny I was willing to take what I could get and I knew my husband wouldn't mind, so we pushed our way into a corner and I put my hand down his pants and started jerking his big cock. I couldn't believe how big it was. He put his hands up my shirt and started rubbing on my tits. I kept jerking him harder and faster and he put his hand down my pants and was rubbing my clit. I jerked him off faster and he rubbed my clit faster while playing with my tits. I jerked him off till he came and thanked him for the dance. I went back to the bar and my husband asked if I had fun. He had watched the whole thing. We went home and fucked like crazy while I gave him the juicy details of what he couldn't see.

759. Man's Story: Stood in Front of Her Desk and Jacked Off (6/24/09)

I was working in a dental office. Our female boss was out for the week on business so the receptionist and I had the office/lab to ourselves. At lunch time I would go into her office just to talk. She sat there smiling and looking at me, leaning over her desk just enough so I could see down her blouse. First she asked me if I liked what I saw. I said, "Sure," not wanting to offend her. She did have a nice set of knockers and I sort of got turned on. Then she asked me if I wanted to suck her nipples and fuck them. She said her cunt was very wet and she wanted my cock inside her. My cock was getting very hard but I thought I'd just let this be a conversation thing and go no further than that. I left her office and went back to work but found myself going back for more.

The more I went back, the more explicit and dirty she got. She told me how she would listen at the boys’ room when I was in taking a piss and how she fingered her cunt standing at the door waiting for me to come out. The next couple of days got more intense. She kept asking me if I wanted to lick and fuck her goddamn cunt; that her pussy was wet and she wanted me to fuck her right there on her desk. Every question she asked started out with, "You want my goddamn.........don’t you?" She knew what I wanted to hear.

On Friday afternoon before leaving the office she kept asking me to take my cock out and fuck her cunthole. Without thinking and by now extremely hot, I pulled my cock out and stood in front of her desk and jacked off for her. I had never shot that much cum in all my life. It landed all over the floor. She just looked at me and smiled, got up and left for the day.

On Monday the next week the boss was back to work and that afternoon she called me into her office. She started accusing me of all the things this girl and I did the past week and made some pointed threats if I didn’t either quit or get fired. I denied it all but walked out the door never to return. To this day I will always be on guard when it comes to office sex.

758. Woman's Story:  In Front of My Sleeping Roommate (6/10/09)

My boo often slept over in my dorm room on the weekends. I only had a twin size bed, so we were always cooped up together in a spoon position. Everyone morning he'd have morning wood and I could feel his hard dick on my booty. He'd start rubbing my hips and butt and breasts, eventually lifting my shirt and exposing them as my roommate lay sleeping directly across from us. I'd be extremely wet and he would slip down my shorts and enter me from behind. I was so wet and his dick was so big! It was thrilling to have him fucking me with my boobs exposed right in front of my sleeping roommate. One day he even went as far as to get out of bed and stand in front of me while I lay sucking his dick.

757. Woman's Story: Looking Like a Slutty Secretary (6/10/09)

It was my husband's birthday, so for a surprise I went to his office when I knew his break started. When I got there I changed into stilettos and undid my shirt. I paged him and sat on his desk looking like a slutty secretary. When he got there I said, "Hey, Boss. Happy Birthday." He just pounced on me and ripped my panties off and I undid his zipper so we could go right there on the desk. Then I got him on his chair and straddled him. He grabbed my waist and sort of shoved me back and forth every time he drove deeper. The whole time we ran our mouths over each other, and a couple times he would suddenly kiss me just to stop my screams because we were trying so hard to stay quiet. It was absolutely amazing. By the time his break was over we were dripping so hard we took 5 or 10 minutes to clean up. He said it was his favorite birthday ever.

756. Man's Story: With My Holiday Man (6/10/09)

I was on holiday with my girls last year. On the first day we went out for drinks and met some lads from the same area back home. I was single at the time and I couldn’t keep my eyes off one guy. I noticed he kept looking at me, stealing glances and smiling shyly. He was tall with dark hair, cut short but wavy. His eyes were deep brown and at the time all I could imagine was how big his cock was.

The group was all in a club, and each of us were paired with a guy. We all wanted to get some holiday love by the end of our two weeks. I saw my opportunity to have some alone time with my holiday man, so I took his hand and led him through the crowds of people and onto the balcony. Before I could turn around he had put his strong arms around my waist and pulled me towards him. We kissed and I pressed up against him. I could feel his hardness against my stomach and it made me so wet. I broke from his hold and led him onto the nearby beach. It was dark and quiet, nobody was around.

I wasted no time undoing his trousers. I slid onto my knees and revealed his bulge, and I took him in my mouth instantly. He gripped my shoulders and began to moan. I sucked hard and moved my hand up and down his shaft. He stopped me after a while, moving me onto my back. He lifted my skirt up and his head disappeared between my legs. With his tongue, he moved my thong to one side and began to flick his tongue in and out of my dripping pussy. I moaned so hard as he began to suck, sliding one finger into me. My clit was on fire.

Before long I couldn’t take any more excitement and pulled him up on top of me. I whispered, "I want you inside me now." In a second he positioned his hips between my legs and gently pushed his rock hard cock into me. He moaned and smiled as I took him inside me. He thrust harder and harder, and I screamed with pleasure as he kissed my neck and moved inside me. We both came with ecstasy at the same moment, and he squirted his load into me with one final thrust. We stayed together that night and to this day we are officially a couple, still sharing steamy sessions at home and abroad.

755. Woman's Story: At the Bus Stop (6/10/09)

My boyfriend and I were at the bus stop waiting for the 10pm bus to come. It was 9pm and he was straddling the bench leaning against the wall. I leaned toward him and we started to make out. I would tease him by slightly brushing my lips against his and he would laugh and force a kiss, hard and passionately. Then we would make out again. He would carry me up on him and grab my ass. I could feel him getting hard as he slid his hand up my shirt and grabbed my breasts. When we finished he would kiss me down my shoulder bone. This gave me chills.

I teased him again but his time he grabbed my wrists and pinned me down to the bench. He looked down at me with his gentle eyes and kissed me fiercely. I was turned on. He slowly unzipped my pants and slid his hard dick into me and started to penetrate me harder and faster while the cars passed on the highway. I was trying to contain myself but I found myself moaning and screaming. He unbuttoned the top half of my shirt and moved my bra over my right tit and started to play with it with his mouth. I couldn't move because he was still holding onto my wrists. My pussy tightened and he would just continue to go in and out.

It was midsummer and a humid as hell. We were both sweating and breathing hard. He kissed me and whispered/moaned into my ear, "I love you". He sat me up and I rode him for quite a while. It felt so good. I was wet and he came a long time before. We continued this but sadly the bus was about to come. We cleaned ourselves up and made out again for the last few minutes before the bus came.

754. Man's Story: She Put a Hurting on Me (6/10/09)

I met one great woman and her pussy was tight – very tight. She had had 5 kids. She was about my age (45 at the time). I met her at the VFW post while having a few drinks and dancing. We danced and drank a few and we decided that we should get together. We talked over the phone one night when I was at work on break. I just asked her what she thought about us getting together after I got off that night, around 1:20 in the morning. She said she had to work the next morning and didn't know if she could get up. I promised her that I would get her home by 4:00 am. She agreed and I went by and picked her up.

We went in a big field my father owned and laid a blanket down. It didn't take me about 10 minutes to have her clothes off. She sucked me off like it was the first real BJ I ever had. It was great! She was a pro cock sucker. I started sucking her tits and I thought she was coming unglued. She was screaming, moaning, and making noises. It was very loud and I loved it. When I went down on her she went off like a rocket! It was the like it was her first orgasm. She said she had never had her pussy licked as good and I did since she first started sex.

I thought if she was this excited, what could I expect when I fucked her? Well, it didn't take long to find out. Her pussy was so wet, but so tight it hurt to put my dick in her. I said what the hell is going on? Why are you so tight? She said she exercised her pussy muscles while at work. It was like fucking a virgin again. After fucking for 20 to 30 minutes she loosened up. We fucked for about two months until I got married, but she called me several weeks later wanting more. After fucking her I didn't want sex for three days. She put a hurting on me I'll never forget.

753. Man's Story: We Acted As If We Had Been Lost (6/1/09)

I was at a baseball tournament in Las Vegas. One of my teammate’s families was there. His older sister was smoking hot. After our games I went with a group of friends out on the strip. My teammate’s sister and I got lost together, so we headed back to the hotel. No one was there. We were in my room and we started talking about how long it had been since either one of us had had sex. So we fucked! She wasn't wearing panties under her tight white pants and when I pulled them off, her pussy was dripping, waiting for my dick. I was as hard as I have ever been while I ate her pussy. I slid my dick in from behind. She was on the bed while I stood behind her fucking her hard. She was screaming and I was panting as we fucked. I pulled out as she turned to see what was going on and I came all over her back and face. It was a huge load. She loved every bit of it. She finished sucking me off and we headed back down to the lobby where we met up with most of the team. We acted as if we had been lost the whole time.

752. Woman's Story: Sucking Him in the Car Was the Best (6/1/09)

My husband and I have been together for ten years. We have three small children and still manage to find time for sex. It never gets boring and we love fucking each other so much. Last night, after driving a friend home from a night of drinking, I started feeling frisky. I was thinking out loud about all the things he could do to me. That got us both horny and within minutes his dick was rock hard.

I hate giving blow jobs but I didn't care at that moment since we were still in the car. I made a comment about how great he would feel getting sucked on while driving. He said I would never do that. He was wrong. I sucked him hard, deep throating him, licking him and caressing him for the 20 minute drive. I didn't let him cum...I wanted that for home. Boy, sucking him in the car was the best thing I ever did because we had hot and wild sex like it was straight out of a porno. I am wet just thinking about it!

751. Man's Story: I Had Her Bent Over a Desk (6/1/09)

This happened to me a few years ago between a co-worker and I. She had a boyfriend and I had my wife. My wife and I worked different schedules and it was difficult finding time for each other. I had never cheated on her before until this co-worker of mine and I started to get to know each other more. In no time, we started flirting with each other and you know that feeling you get when you and someone else want each other so badly but don't know how to go about it? Well, that's the feelings we had for each other. We started flirting heavily and even talked dirty to each other. It was driving both of us crazy but we went for about 2 weeks while just flirting.

For some reason, it worked out that we were in an office alone working on something and no one else was around. It was late, it was quiet, the mood was perfect. Again, we flirted and she was wearing these tight grey stretch pants revealing how tight and round her ass was. Oh, I had wanted that ass so badly but didn't think much about it since I had never cheated before. So, there we were in the office and she was bending over reaching for something. I happened to look over and saw her bending over and I was staring at her ass admiring it. She looked back and saw me. She smiled and I just told her the flat-out truth: "You've got a nice ass!"

We continued to flirt some more and our work eventually was done and it was time to leave. We both kind of stalled in hopes that one of us would make a move. We headed for the door and I just couldn't take it anymore so I went for her hand and turned her around and stood up close to her and began kissing her. She put her arms around me and we began kissing heavily. I reached around her and grabbed a hold of her ass and whispered in her ear, "I want that.” She then turned around and rubbed her ass against my cock. That's when it happened. I took down her pants and panties and then my pants and boxers came down. Before I knew it, I had her bent over a desk and I was fucking her from behind. I held onto her hips as I looked down to enjoy the view! It was great doggy style sex that night!

750. Woman's Story: He Was Just Too Thick (6/1/09)

About 5 years ago I had a very sexy encounter with a trucker. We met online, and one day while we were chatting, I found out that he was only about 10 miles from where I worked. I was the only one in the office that day. When I told him that, he said he'd be right there.

When he got there I quickly led him into the weight room in the company gym. We both knew we were going to fuck, so there was no need for any foreplay - I was soaking wet and he was rock hard. I unzipped his jeans and got down on my knees on the mat and started sucking his huge cock. It was so thick and hard I could hardly get it going the right way into my throat. After a few minutes of hard sucking and playing with his balls he pulled me to my feet and stripped me. Reaching down between my legs, he slid two fingers into my pussy - he loved how tight I was!

I got down on my hands and knees and he fucked me doggie style. His hot hard cock felt so good inside my tight wet pussy. He fucked me with long hard thrusts, and I took every inch of him inside me with every stroke. Then he tried to fuck my ass, but he was just too thick - it hurt! So back to my juicy pussy he went, fucking hard. He pulled out and turned me over on my back and slammed that big dick right back into my pussy. I came so fast and so hard, it was amazing. Then I got to do what I love best - suck him till he came - it didn't take long. He blew a huge load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Then we got dressed, and he got in his truck and drove off. It was awesome!

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