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753. Man's Story: We Acted As If We Had Been Lost (6/1/09)

I was at a baseball tournament in Las Vegas. One of my teammate’s families was there. His older sister was smoking hot. After our games I went with a group of friends out on the strip. My teammate’s sister and I got lost together, so we headed back to the hotel. No one was there. We were in my room and we started talking about how long it had been since either one of us had had sex. So we fucked! She wasn't wearing panties under her tight white pants and when I pulled them off, her pussy was dripping, waiting for my dick. I was as hard as I have ever been while I ate her pussy. I slid my dick in from behind. She was on the bed while I stood behind her fucking her hard. She was screaming and I was panting as we fucked. I pulled out as she turned to see what was going on and I came all over her back and face. It was a huge load. She loved every bit of it. She finished sucking me off and we headed back down to the lobby where we met up with most of the team. We acted as if we had been lost the whole time.

752. Woman's Story: Sucking Him in the Car Was the Best (6/1/09)

My husband and I have been together for ten years. We have three small children and still manage to find time for sex. It never gets boring and we love fucking each other so much. Last night, after driving a friend home from a night of drinking, I started feeling frisky. I was thinking out loud about all the things he could do to me. That got us both horny and within minutes his dick was rock hard.

I hate giving blow jobs but I didn't care at that moment since we were still in the car. I made a comment about how great he would feel getting sucked on while driving. He said I would never do that. He was wrong. I sucked him hard, deep throating him, licking him and caressing him for the 20 minute drive. I didn't let him cum...I wanted that for home. Boy, sucking him in the car was the best thing I ever did because we had hot and wild sex like it was straight out of a porno. I am wet just thinking about it!

751. Man's Story: I Had Her Bent Over a Desk (6/1/09)

This happened to me a few years ago between a co-worker and I. She had a boyfriend and I had my wife. My wife and I worked different schedules and it was difficult finding time for each other. I had never cheated on her before until this co-worker of mine and I started to get to know each other more. In no time, we started flirting with each other and you know that feeling you get when you and someone else want each other so badly but don't know how to go about it? Well, that's the feelings we had for each other. We started flirting heavily and even talked dirty to each other. It was driving both of us crazy but we went for about 2 weeks while just flirting.

For some reason, it worked out that we were in an office alone working on something and no one else was around. It was late, it was quiet, the mood was perfect. Again, we flirted and she was wearing these tight grey stretch pants revealing how tight and round her ass was. Oh, I had wanted that ass so badly but didn't think much about it since I had never cheated before. So, there we were in the office and she was bending over reaching for something. I happened to look over and saw her bending over and I was staring at her ass admiring it. She looked back and saw me. She smiled and I just told her the flat-out truth: "You've got a nice ass!"

We continued to flirt some more and our work eventually was done and it was time to leave. We both kind of stalled in hopes that one of us would make a move. We headed for the door and I just couldn't take it anymore so I went for her hand and turned her around and stood up close to her and began kissing her. She put her arms around me and we began kissing heavily. I reached around her and grabbed a hold of her ass and whispered in her ear, "I want that.” She then turned around and rubbed her ass against my cock. That's when it happened. I took down her pants and panties and then my pants and boxers came down. Before I knew it, I had her bent over a desk and I was fucking her from behind. I held onto her hips as I looked down to enjoy the view! It was great doggy style sex that night!

750. Woman's Story: He Was Just Too Thick (6/1/09)

About 5 years ago I had a very sexy encounter with a trucker. We met online, and one day while we were chatting, I found out that he was only about 10 miles from where I worked. I was the only one in the office that day. When I told him that, he said he'd be right there.

When he got there I quickly led him into the weight room in the company gym. We both knew we were going to fuck, so there was no need for any foreplay - I was soaking wet and he was rock hard. I unzipped his jeans and got down on my knees on the mat and started sucking his huge cock. It was so thick and hard I could hardly get it going the right way into my throat. After a few minutes of hard sucking and playing with his balls he pulled me to my feet and stripped me. Reaching down between my legs, he slid two fingers into my pussy - he loved how tight I was!

I got down on my hands and knees and he fucked me doggie style. His hot hard cock felt so good inside my tight wet pussy. He fucked me with long hard thrusts, and I took every inch of him inside me with every stroke. Then he tried to fuck my ass, but he was just too thick - it hurt! So back to my juicy pussy he went, fucking hard. He pulled out and turned me over on my back and slammed that big dick right back into my pussy. I came so fast and so hard, it was amazing. Then I got to do what I love best - suck him till he came - it didn't take long. He blew a huge load in my mouth and I swallowed it all. Then we got dressed, and he got in his truck and drove off. It was awesome!

749. Woman's Story: Our Secret Wooden Fence (6/1/09)

My boyfriend and I were walking alongside the river in our hometown. I'd been away for the past week, so we were pretty excited to see each other. We'd been making out and teasing one another for a few hours, but wanted to wait until evening to really get things going. We were holding hands, and playfully kissing each other, when we came across a little wooden fence. He immediately picked me up, and lifted me onto it, wrapping his hands around my waist and flicking his tongue against mine.

It wasn't long before he'd hiked up my skirt and removed my panties entirely. His fingers were back and forth between my clit and my tight wet pussy while I played with his now enormous cock. I was moaning louder than I ever had before. He took off my shirt and bra so that I was completely naked in the clearing, and began sucking on my nipples in a way that he knew I liked. Soon he was inside me, at first going slowly and then gaining speed. Never before had he fucked me that deeply or passionately, and I thought I might pass out from the pleasure. We had an amazing simultaneous orgasm, and I've never screamed like that again. Since then, we've had many little strolls down by the river, always to our secret wooden fence. Only when we're there can we fuck so intensely.

748. Woman's Story: Felt So Good to Finally Get Some (5/18/09)

My second year of college was starting off pretty well, but I had been needing to get some for a long time! I hadn't had sex in a year and a half. Some of my friends and I were up in my dorm having some drinks and then we were going to an event for my university. I really wanted a date for the evening. I hinted at this guy who had been up in my room with us drinking that I needed a date. He agreed to go with me. All the way over we were flirting and touching each other. At this event there are about 10 seconds when the entire stadium goes dark and people make out. Well, of course that happened. This guy was hot and really sweet.

Afterward we went back up to my room and I hinted at my roommate to leave. When she finally left, the guy and I put on a movie. We didn't even get past the credits and we were making out and taking off our clothes, and then his fingers were inside me. It felt so good because I had been celibate for so long. I was ready right then to come.

When we finally got totally naked he rolled on the condom and started pumping inside me. I screamed so loudly my neighbors heard me. I bit his shoulder and scratched his back. It felt so good to finally get some again. I came about four times in the span of 30 minutes. It was so amazing and almost worth the year and a half wait. I will definitely be hooking up with him again.

747. Woman's Story: He Bent Me Over the Couch (5/18/09)

I met him at a party on the beach in the Hamptons. It was nighttime at a house party at the ocean. I was tipsy and walked down to cool off after dancing with some guy I just met. He followed me down. We giggled and talked each other into skinny dipping. There was no moon, so we could get away with it.

After many minutes of kissing and touching each other, we ran carrying our clothes to the pool house. We locked the door and heard all the dancing and laughing at the party right around the corner from where we were. He bent me over the couch and entered me in one swift push. It was amazing. I was so wet. He reached around and stroked my clit while gently pulling on my nipple with the other hand. I had to brace both my hands on the back of couch to balance as he rammed from behind. He was talking about how much he enjoyed fucking me. I came so hard he had to cover my mouth with his hand. After our session, we both dressed and returned to our dates. I will never forget that intense night.

746. Man's Story: She Whispered to Fuck Her Hard (5/18/09)

One time during my junior year of college, one of my best friends, who was also my roommate, had one of his old girlfriends from home come to visit him and she stayed at our house with us. From the first time we saw each other I sensed an immediate attraction between us. She was sexy with dark skin and hair and a perfect body with big tits. I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I decided it was a bad idea because of my roommate.

There was a pool party that weekend so we all went together and were drinking and partying all day. She was constantly flirting with me and touching me, but I tried to play it off as no big deal so my friend didn't get mad. Later that night when we got back to our house, she went and lay down in his bed because she was tired from drinking and being out in the sun all day. Meanwhile we threw an after-party with a bunch of our friends and continued drinking and having a good time.

I was pretty drunk and as I walked by the room where she was in bed, she saw me and motioned for me to come inside. I closed the door behind me and went and lay down with her. Without even saying a word, we began making out heavily. I untied her bikini top and felt her perfect tits, teasing her nipples. She reached down and grabbed my hard cock through my shorts and told me to fuck her. I immediately took off her bikini bottom and rubbed her pussy with my fingers.

She was so wet I couldn't take it, so I ripped off my shorts, got on top of her, and shoved my dick deep inside her. She moaned with pleasure as I entered her and she whispered in my ear to fuck her hard. I rammed my cock into her as hard as I could until she orgasmed. I came deep inside her right after. We just laid there for about five minutes with my dick still inside her until I realized I better get back to the party so my friend didn't wonder where I was. She left the next day and he never found out. That was some of the best sex I have ever had.

745. Woman's Story: There Are Cameras Everywhere (5/18/09)

My boyfriend and I work in the same place. Whenever we are on the same shift, we fuck before or after work in the office. It is so wild because there are cameras everywhere and we have to do it at the blind spot. There was one time when it was only the two of us on shift and the cafe was already open but there were no customers. He pulled me in and locked the door for a real quickie. I unzipped my pants and bent over for him to ram his dick into my pussy from behind. Oh my god, it was so wild. I was wet and his dick felt so good inside of me. Too bad we could not do it longer. But oh my, it was so kinky and exciting.

744. Woman's Story: I Came So Hard I Saw Spots (5/18/09)

I was with one of my guy friends on our apartment roof on a really hot afternoon. I was tanning and he was keeping me company. He then suggested he put on sun-block on me because the sun was very strong. He began rubbing my shoulders and his touch got me really excited. I returned the favor, but I decided to make it a little interesting and straddle him. While I was sitting on him and rubbing my hands up his chest he said, "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?" I laughed and started grinding up against his bulge. We undressed and fucked so hard. It was honestly the best sex I've ever had. I orgasmed so hard I saw black spots. The entire time, I forgot we were outside on the roof. I don't know about him, but every time I go on the roof now, I get extremely horny.

743. Man's Story: My Cock Ruled My Brain (5/7/09)

I met Judy at a party. We were having a smoke outside. She said she was bored and did I fancy a stroll. We set off through a park and sat on a bench. "Fuck me," she said. I was a bit taken aback but my cock ruled my brain. I pushed her down on the bench and lifted her skirt. Her panties were damp around her cunt. I slid them down, released my cock and slid it along her very wet slit. She moaned quietly. She adjusted herself and I felt my cock enter her warm tube. I pushed firmly into her and she groaned with pleasure. We moved together for several minutes, my strokes getting stronger and her groans getting louder. I felt the usual pressure build in my balls and I was soon spraying my warm juices into her. We lay together until we recovered our breath and my cock shrank and slid from her. She cleaned herself up with a hankie, adjusted her clothing and we walked back to the party.

742. Man's Story: We Spent Hours Fucking (5/7/09)

It was welcome week during my freshman year of college. I went to a frat party with some guys I just met in my dorm hall, but not being much of a partier, I left early and came back to my dorm. I left my door open in the hopes that some other people had stayed in and I might meet someone. After a little while, a girl stopped by my room, saying she lived in the hall upstairs and was just trying to meet some other people in the dorm. She was absolutely stunning, with long blonde hair, green eyes, a stunning body, and big, perfect tits. I asked her if she wanted to come in and hang out, to which she quickly obliged, shutting my door behind her.

She sat down on my bed and we started talking, flirting, and before long we were making out. After a few minutes of making out, my hand moved underneath her shirt, and she responded by removing it altogether before taking mine off as well. She then proceeded to unzip my pants and massage my cock through my boxers until it was as hard as a rock. I pulled her back up to my mouth, kissing her deeply as I unzipped and removed her pants, leaving her in just a matching hot pink bra and thong.

I rubbed her clit through her thong and she removed her bra. Seeing her perfect tits come free made my cock pulse with anticipation. She began to moan as she got wetter, and I pushed her thong aside and inserted two fingers deep inside her. She let out a gasp before climbing on top of me and rubbing her clit against my rock hard cock. After a few seconds she ripped off my boxers while I removed her thong and she climbed back on top of me. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock as it filled her tight pussy. She arched her back as she moved her hips up and down around my cock, her perfect tits bouncing until I reached up and grabbed them.

She began to moan louder and louder, and I began to fuck her faster and harder. Before long, I couldn't contain it anymore and I thrust deep inside her as my cock exploded. The feeling of my cock swelling up and shooting cum into her sent her over the edge as she erupted into a massive orgasm of her own.

She didn't leave until the next morning, after we spent hours fucking in various positions before falling asleep naked with the sunrise. We have been dating ever since, and needless to say, that was not the only night she spent naked in my room.

741. Woman's Story: Our Spot in the Cemetery (5/7/09)

We had been having an affair for months now when we decided to meet again in "our spot." The spot is an old cemetery out in the middle of nowhere. When he pulled in, I was sitting there on the trunk of my car in a mini skirt and no panties, white blouse tied under my chest unbuttoned with a black bra, and my hair in pigtails. As soon as he saw me he hopped out of his truck and rushed to please me. He saw my wet pussy as I spread my legs for his eyes' pleasure.

After rubbing my clit and sucking on my tits just the way I like it, he laid me back and pulled my hips towards him. He hurried to undo his jeans and thrust into my pussy like he had wanted it forever. He later took me off the trunk and turned me around, me bending over the trunk while he grabbed hold of my pigtails and fucked me harder and harder. I began to orgasm stronger than I ever have just as I felt his cum burst inside me. Soon we said our goodbyes, and when I saw him at work a few hours later, there was a smirk on our faces and a glow in our eyes no one would ever understand.

Even now that I only see him twice a year, that's twice a year that we both get to have the best sex of our lives at our spot in the cemetery. "If there is life after death, they have gotten a great show."

740. Woman's Story: I Told Him to Fuck Me Harder (5/7/09)

It was my first time, and I was with my soon-to-be boyfriend. We were outside my grandma’s house on a sliding rocker for two. When everyone was gone we spontaneously started to make out. When I rubbed my breasts on his chest he said, ''Wanna carry this to somewhere else?'' I told him, "Yeah, wanna go to the pond?'' We ran down there and stopped at a tree. He pushed me against it, kissing me and taking off my pants. I was dripping wet and his cock was a raging hard on by now.

He fingered me with two fingers and told me that I was very tight. Then we moved to the ground and he started to eat me out. I almost came in his mouth when he stopped. I sat up and took off his pants. He pushed me back to the ground and he slowly teased me, rubbing his 7 inches against my clit. Finally he thrust into me, making me gasp with pleasure. I told him to fuck me harder and he did. I kept pulling him down to my face for more sweet kisses.

I bit his neck and he told me he had to pull out. He put my leg up to get deeper in my snatch and he finally pulled out. He put his cock in the sweatshirt he was wearing and busted all inside of it. He took that off and we just laid there, until we heard my uncle pull into my grandma's driveway. We put our clothes back on and started to walk up. My uncle smiled at us and we went upstairs for a shower. Since that night we've been together.

739. Man's Story: Making Out in the Rain (5/7/09)

I decided to take my friends on a trip. There were four of us plus one girl my friend was trying to get with. One night we all went to the bar and in the confusion we all left at separate times. The girl and I were the last ones to leave. This girl had long dark hair, long toned legs, and a face to die for. On the way home it began to rain and we were too far from the hotel to get back with a chance of staying dry. We talked and stumbled the whole way home.

By the time we got back to the hotel lobby entrance we were soaked, and before I knew it we were making out in the rain. It was something out of those sappy love movies, but you should have seen the raindrops dripping down her neck and disappearing into her huge cleavage. We spent a few minutes making out in the rain, my hands roaming her chest and ass. Eventually it stopped and we both realized it probably wasn't very fair to my guy friend and we went inside.

I decided to take a shower, the whole time rubbing myself and thinking of what could have been. When I came back into the living room, the girl had changed and was watching TV. The guy friend who liked her was passed out on the other couch and the rest of the guys were sleeping in the bedroom. I wasn't really tired, so I sat down and watched TV as well, trying to sneak peeks down the girl's shirt. Eventually she caught me staring and in a flash grabbed me and continued our rainy engagement.

I was rock hard, and she was trying not to moan. My hands slowly climbed up her thigh. My fingers were going in and out of her soaked pussy. I couldn't take it any longer and ripped our clothes off. I threw her on top of me and she gave me a ride like the earth was about to explode. Every once in a while my friend would make a noise in his sleep and we would pause, look over, smile, then continue. After about a half hour there was a knock at the door. We panicked, thinking the knocking would wake my friend, and we threw our clothes back on. I answered the door with my rock hard dick tucked up into the waistband of my shorts. It turned out to be one of the guys that I didn't notice hadn't made it back to the hotel yet. He came in and fell asleep on the couch we had defiled. By the time he had actually passed out, so had the girl.

The next morning we checked out. The girl and I just looked at each other, smiled, and then shook our heads. To this day I've always wanted another chance to finish the job. That will never happen though. My friend ended up marrying her about a year ago. They're expecting their first child in four months. Believe it or not they're naming it after me since I was the one who got them together eventually. Nothing has ever been said about that night, and I doubt my guy friend will ever know.

738. Man's Story: Looking Forward to the Big Game (4/20/09)

There are two major colleges in our state and when they play each other in football it is a big intra-state rivalry. My wife and I root for different teams. We made a bet last year that whoever's team lost would have to be the other's sex slave and provide any requested sexual service after the game. The anticipation all week made us both extremely horny.

As the game began we watched on our big-screen TV and drank beer. We would make out frequently during the game, teasing each other and getting each other excited.  By half-time we were drunk and pawing each other's bodies during each commercial. I slid my hand under her tight T-shirt and massaged her firm bra-less breasts while making her mouth wet with kisses. She slid her hand down my jeans and rubbed and fondled my rock-hard cock. We would break from petting and making out as the game resumed. Every commercial we got hornier and hornier. The sexual tension was unbelievable. She was squirming with sexual desire as I rubbed her clit through the crotch of her jeans.

The game went down to the wire and by the end, her pussy was dripping wet and I was so turned on there was a wet spot on my jeans. My team won on a touch-down pass into the end-zone with just seconds on the clock. I led her into our bedroom and made her kneel down in front of our big full-length mirror. She stripped her shirt off so I could stare at her big breasts as she began unbuckling and unzipping my jeans. She hungrily began sucking on my thick cock, burying it deep in her mouth. Watching a big wet cock slide in and out of her mouth in the mirror was more than I could handle. I shot my load deep into her as she buried my cock to the hilt in her throat. I am looking forward to the big game this year.

737. Woman's Story: Our Memorable Sex Scene  (4/20/09)

I was a married woman, but the first time I met my co-worker's son Scott I was attracted to him. He was 16 years younger than me but we had instant chemistry. He soon became like a part of my family and we invited him to do everything with us. Everything except the thing I wanted to do most. He eventually moved to another state, but one summer he came back for a visit.

One night my husband was working late and we were all going to meet up for drinks after he got off work. Well, Scott and I decided to go out for drinks early and play some pool. After a few drinks we were heavily flirting and kissing on each other in the bar. Or when I would bend over to make a pool shot, he would come up behind me and rub up against my ass. To get some air, we went out to the back of the bar where we started kissing pretty heavily and rubbing our hands all over each other, but nothing else. Suddenly Scott asked me if I wanted to get out of there and I said YES! We only made it to the car.

He leaned over and started kissing me so passionately and lovingly. He ran his hands from my face down to my breasts and to my jeans zipper. He undid my pants and started stroking my clit and pussy like he had done it a million times before. He knew just where to touch me. I felt like I was going to cum and I told him. He guided my hand to his hard cock inside his jeans. I unbuttoned his jeans and he pulled his pants down around his ankles. I grabbed his gorgeous cock and started stroking it with my hand and tracing the tip with my tongue.

All this time we were still in the parking lot of the bar and pretty soon the windows were all fogged up so no one could see in, but they would sure know something was going on. This just made me hotter. Pretty soon he removed his pants from his ankles and climbed on top of me. "Are you sure this is okay?" he whispered. "Yes, baby, I want you to make love to me more than anything else right now." He entered me and made love to me for about 15 minutes. It was the most magical, amazing sex I've ever experienced. He didn't last long because we were so worked up by then, but after he came he just lay on top of me and held me for a long time. "I've been in love with you for 3 years," he told me. My husband never found out but the next year we got divorced. I still see Scott once a year and we always replay our memorable sex scene.

736. Man's Story: Check Please! (4/20/09)

I finally got a girl I've always liked to go out with me. The dinner date was at a local Japanese restaurant, and one of the items we ordered was oysters.  She began to tell me how they acted as an aphrodisiac while she slurped them down, trying to get a rise out of me and tease me a bit.  A rise it got, that's for sure.

After about half an hour, things were really going good. The conversation turned into an unspoken contest of who could turn on the other the most, just by the subjects we were bringing up:  her first orgasm, my craziest fantasy, that kind of stuff.  I wasn't really planning for the conversation to ever go this way on our first date, but hell, I wasn't going to tell her to stop!  She got up to go to the bathroom, and left me with an erection that I wasn't sure how I was going to hide when it was time to pay the bill.  When she returned, she walked past me on her way to her chair and plopped her panties in my lap.  They were wet and a little sticky in just the right spot.

"Check, please!" 

735. Man's Story: I Acted Like It Was My Plan (4/20/09)

When I was much younger and sex was all new to me, I just couldn't seem to get enough. Living near the coast, I had my pick of easy girls looking to fuck the first guy who seemed worth a quickie. Late one evening I was up to my old tricks, and found a blonde who was a stunner, with big firm tits and an athletic body. Said her guy was in Nam, didn't want a long term boyfriend, just a good hard fuck to tide her over. Just what I was after.

On the beach that night we wasted no time getting right down to it. She flattered me, saying she was surprised I could fuck more than just once in short order. Second time she wanted it doggie style, from behind. She sucked me to rock hardness and I stuck it to her as she wished, hard and fast. She was so tight I was in heaven, she felt so good. Banging away as hard as I could, I got a cramp in my hamstring muscle and lurched in pain. My cock popped out of her and I frantically attempted to get back into her! I took aim and plunged forward to find I was in new territory - her ass! Tighter than her cunt, hot as hell - I wanted this girl's ass in the worse way. So I acted like it was my plan. She was screaming at me NOT to stop! Damn! I continued banging her ass until I erupted deep inside her.  She was gasping in the throes of a massive orgasm too. Three months later we got married. I still surprise her with my trick maneuver from time to time! She loves it!

734. Man's Story: She Loved It All (4/20/09)

I was visiting this older woman who was married and had three kids. Her husband was a drunk and when he came home at night he got soused on cheap wine. She was 30 years old and I was much younger.

We were doing dishes in a very small pantry, and I was drying and she was washing. Every time I walked behind her to put away a dish, she would stick her butt back into my crotch and swish her hips from side to side. What did a dumb kid like me know? All I knew was I very much enjoyed the contact and the attention. She was wearing jeans and a loose sweatshirt. I started pushing back when she would rub her butt on me, and then I finally grabbed her his and gave a fucking motion against her and she turned around and told me that she loved what I just did, she was standing very close and I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.

She put her wet arms around me and pulled me in tight and was rubbing her crotch on my swollen cock in my jeans. My god, I almost came right then it felt so good. She stood up and lifted her sweatshirt. She didn't have a bra on and her 40" tits were beautiful. She pulled my mouth down onto her tits and she had the biggest nipples from nursing her baby. I started sucking milk and she loved it, and even came whilst I was sucking her.

She took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom that was accessed from a door in the pantry, then locked both doors. She undid my belt and pants and let my pants drop and then she sat me on the toilet. She slowly stepped out of her pants and came over to me and spread her legs and lowered herself down onto my hard cock, and took my cherry. I didn't last very long, but that was OK because it was just the start of a very fun relationship that lasted for five years. She loved it all: she taught me oral, both receiving and (my favorite) giving her oral to orgasm and then beyond, and she taught me the joys of anal sex (she really loved anal). She finally divorced her husband and moved away, and I lost contact, but I will never forget her.

733. Man's Story: We Forgot About Lunch (2/18/09)

I was visiting an office building in another city close by and I happened to run into a woman who used to work for me. We had always liked each other and we were both really happy to meet. She said she worked in this building and was on her way home for lunch, and would I like to join her? I said sure. She told me that since I had last seen her she had gotten a divorce and now had her own apartment within walking distance.

When we got to her place, she asked me if a sandwich and salad was OK, and I said sure. While we were chatting she asked me if I had ever known that she had had a crush on me. I told her no, I hadn't known. She said that it drove her crazy that I never picked up on her subtle hints. She just stood there looking at me and I decided to go for it. I took her in my arms and kissed her with lots of tongue. She kissed back and started rubbing my cock through my pants. I bent her over her dining table and lifted her dress. I pulled her panties down ! and dropped my pants and fucked her right on the table.

We were both very excited and it didn't take long before I was pumping my cum into her. Of course we forgot about lunch and I walked her back to her office. We still communicate by email and will probably hook up again in the future.

732. Woman's Story: My Bachelorette Party (2/18/09)

I gave a guy a blowjob in the bathroom of a stinky bar at my bachelorette party and I never even got his name. We were all dancing and having a good time when this hot guy asked me to come to the bar with him. We had a couple of shots and he started kissing me. I don't recall much after that until I was on my knees in the men's room with his dick in my mouth. He finished and I swallowed and then he left. I got married the next weekend.

731. Woman's Story: My First Real Penis (2/18/>

My parents sent my best friend and me on a graduation trip and I vowed to myself I was going to get my cherry popped. After a couple days of sitting on the beach and checking everyone out through my sunglasses, I saw this really hot guy, and it didn't take long for us to get to his hotel room. We started out slow, he carefully undid my bikini top, and touched my boobs. We kissed gently and pulled at each other. I got hotter than I ever have with a guy and began to feel my pussy get wet and tense.

I moved closer to him, unlaced his trunks and saw my first real penis. Oh my god it was beautiful, it sprung up to meet me. I really couldn't believe how big and hard it was. I am used to sticking just my finger in my pussy. So, needless to say, I was a little worried. He was really sweet. He sucked me all over, my breasts, my neck, my stomach, my clit...his lips made me so hot and horny. I touched his penis and wanted to suck it, but realized I really just wanted it in my pussy - I mean, I can give head whenever.

He sat on the bed and I tried to lower myself onto his cock, but it was so big. I could get it half way in, but it hurt, and I wanted him to be able to really fuck me, I wanted to feel his weight on me. We rotated and he mounted me. At first he just placed his hard cock near my pussy and made me move my hips searching for it, then he slowly pressed it into me. It was so warm and hard I really felt the best connection with him. It hurt like hell, but then again I was being fucked so I can't really complain. After about 8 strokes of him entering my vagina, we really got into a rhythm. I stopped having to cringe with pain and began to pant, he was making me so hot.

He pumped my pussy and I began to yell, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my wet pussy...." I don't even know where it came from, but yelling made it so much better. He did fuck me, and while I have nothing to compare it to, it was so much better than fingering myself. As his cock slid in and out of me and my pussy got tighter around it, his cock got bigger and exploded so much cum into me. The best thing was, he kept pumping a little, as if he was trying to really jam the cum in me. I cannot wait to be fucked again!

730. Man's Story: In the Parking Lot (2/18/09)

I have a submissive woman who makes herself available to me at my whim. The other night I told her to meet me in the back parking lot of the Cracker Barrel. She was to wear a skirt with no panties and be sitting in the back seat waiting for me. When I arrived in the lot and walked up to her car, I opened the door to find the skirt up around her waist and her fingers sliding deeply in and out of her soaking wet pussy. I unzipped my fly, pulled out my aching cock and slid easily into her slippery pussy. We fucked madly and she came from my thumb rubbing her clit while we fucked. I filled her with my orgasm and then zipped up and left. She's dying to get me in the parking lot again.

729. Man's Story: Making Her Hubby Happy (2/6/09)

It was a few days after our honeymoon. I had never gotten a blowjob before, and let me tell you, I was QUITE interested in getting one. I was a little nervous about asking my wife, because she's an intercourse type of girl. But I worked up the courage, and she reluctantly agreed. I thanked her over and over.

She pushed me down onto the bed, removed my briefs, and began slowly licking. It was the most heavenly feeling in the world. She continued, unfortunately reminding me not to cum in her mouth. So when I was ready, I told her I was going to cum, and she stopped and let me finish. Of course, I would have loved to finish in her mouth, but it was okay all the same. I was just happy that she wasn't disgusted about the whole thing. She eventually learned to enjoy making her loving hubby happy. Now she usually starts out with it, and I finish in her mouth.

728. Man's Story: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover (2/6/09)

I met a much older woman through the personal ads. We met at a local mall for a movie and dinner. I was kind of disappointed because she was pretty plain looking. Half way through the movie she slipped her hand into my lap, unzipped my fly, and started stroking my cock. It was so hot, but I was getting nervous, so after a few minutes she zipped me up and whispered for me to follow her but not to talk.

We left the theater and went into a small women’s bathroom that said Staff Only. She locked the door, stripped, and sat on the sink while I went down on her. God, she was dripping. After a few minutes of this she bent over the sink and guided me into her dripping slit from behind. We were so turned on! Honestly, altogether it must have only lasted a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. When we left the bathroom, the manager was waiting about 10 feet away and asked us to leave and not come back. Turns out we were pretty loud!

That was our last public adventure but we dated off and on for 2 1/2 years. Sex was always great and it always had some kinky twist. Never judge a book by its cover!

727. Man's Story: She Just Smiled and Swam Away (2/6/09)

This happened over 20 years ago but I still think about it today. I was working at a park district as a counselor and my girlfriend worked there as a lifeguard. The children in my camp received an hour of swim lessons each morning before the pool opened for the general public at mid-day.

On the day that the kids were learning to jump off the high dive, my girlfriend was assigned to be in the water while the kids jumped in. As my group lined up to jump in one at a time, I got in the water with my girlfriend.

As the kids took their turns jumping in and swimming to the edge and getting back in line, I reached down and grabbed my girlfriend between her legs under water. I fully expected to get a dirty look and be sent on my way. Instead she reached in my suit and grabbed my cock.

Since there were so many people around us, she couldn't just wrap her leg around me and face me. So I leaned against the wall and she backed up into me so I was just right behind her. Little did the people and children know that my cock was pulsing in her pussy. She would push back against me and I would press against her. We couldn't make it very obvious. Finally I felt my cum rush into her pussy and she just smiled and swam away.

That night we fucked like crazy and she did things that she would never have done before. The thrill of doing that in public made her a wild animal. That was the first night a woman licked out my ass and I loved it. My wife refuses to eat my ass, so I just have that memory of that wild day at the pool. Believe it or not, I actually told my wife this story.

726. Woman's Story: He Was Just Too Big (2/6/09)

I was dressed up for an anime convention, but after the long bus ride, I stopped in the mall to use the bathroom before going to the con. On my way back, a cell phone salesman stopped and asked me about my character, and offered to take me to eat.

We got along great and went out on a date a couple days later. We heavily made out in the movie theater, and after it ended, he took me to his house. He was a raver, so he had hours of endurance. This wasn't even close to my first time, but I took pride in my tight pussy. He was just too big, so he used a little extra "help". To have something so big inside me was mind blowing. After half an hour, I came, but he wasn't done.

He pulled out and started fucking me in my ass. It didn't hurt, but I acted like it did, just so I could dig my fingers into his back and moan loud enough that his roommates would hear. We came together right after we knocked over a lamp and shattered the light bulb.

It was amazing, and though we met up a few more times, we lost contact shortly. Nothing has compared to that first night with him, and since him, I've always been unsatisfied during and after sex.

725. Woman's Story: That Shit Hurt! (1/20/09)

The first time I had sex with my boyfriend was October 31, 2007, Halloween. I remember it clearly - he had gotten jumped earlier that day, on the way home, and he beat both of those boys' asses (not lying, I saw it). My family had just moved out of our old house and rented it out to my boyfriend and his family. For some reason my mother decided to let him spend the night at our house.

We had already experimented with oral in our old houses, so after everyone went to sleep we got up and locked my bedroom door. He took off all my clothes (we had done so much already that I wasn’t nervous) and he started fingering me. Then he put on a condom and slid his dick inside my pussy.

Everybody else made sex out to be the best thing ever and they tell the story as if it was great from dick-in to dick-out. Well, that shit hurt! Anyway, we kept doing it until he came. I didn’t come the first time because, like I said, it hurt! It was the same for the first five (give or take) times, which sucked for me. Now we’ve just had our one-year anniversary. I have orgasms now - do you think I would still be doing it if I didn’t?

724. Woman's Story: Five Positions, Five Orgasms (1/20/09)

The early days of a marriage are the best. We used to have sex almost three times a day. In about four months we had tried almost everything. Then we decided that it was time to take a break and have sex only once in four days, in order to feel more passionate. But due to the waiting, he used to cum soon and I was mostly left unsatisfied.

That Saturday evening he was enjoying his booze and we were watching a very erotic and passionate romantic movie. It was an absolute turn on for me, but I tried not to rush him since we had made love that morning. The more I tried to control myself, the more I started to feel wet and horny. We were having a discussion about how a guy fails to keep an erection when drunk. Feeling a bit disappointed and set back by that, I decided to just cuddle up and give up the idea of having sex.

After some cuddling and kissing he excused himself to the wash room. By then the scenes in that movie were highly erotic and I felt even more hot and wet. So by the time he came back from the loo, I undressed and waited just outside the washroom's door for him to walk out. As soon as he came out I switched the lights off and made it dark, hugged him from behind and started pushing him towards the bedroom. He felt my back softly and realized my desire while I undressed him. By then he had a huge erection and his penis felt very warm.

The erection was not only quick but also sustained for about two hours, without any Viagra. We both had a glorious time of our life. I sucked him roughly and he ate me hungrily. That was also the first time when we tried five different positions and he made me cum each time. Finally I sucked his cum out all over me and fell tired but satisfied on the bed in his arms. That was the best sex we’ve had to date.

723. Man's Story: Tongue Like a Belly Dancer’s Stomach (1/20/09)

I was about nineteen and it was close to my birthday. I was dating this beautiful girl who had the most amazing body. She had long smooth legs and a small flat tummy, hair that had a little bit of every color but naturally and hazel eyes that reminded me of sunflowers.

One day about 3 or 4 days before my birthday we went to the movies. As soon as the lights went down we started fooling around. We started making out and I slipped my hand over the armrest to touch her legs. She shivered as I moved my hand closer to her already dripping cunt. I put my hand up her skirt to find that she wasn't wearing any panties! I teased her clit with the tip of my finger as I moved my other hand up her shirt to fondle her breasts. That's when I felt her reach over and start to pet my bulging cock through my jeans. I thought I was going to come right there in my pants.

She leaned over and whispered into my ear that she wanted to suck me off. I nodded yes and took my finger out of her skirt to unzip my pants, but she grabbed my hand and told me that she just wanted me to relax and enjoy the ride. We were seated in the back row and the theater was nearly empty so I wasn't really nervous about getting caught. She got down on her knees in front of me and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. She pulled them down a little ways and petted my cock through my boxers. She was being such as tease because she knew how badly I wanted it. Finally she pulled down my boxers to reveal my throbbing cock.

She grabbed it gently and moved her head in to suck me. It was the best head I've ever gotten in my life. She used the tip of her tongue to lick my head and the upper part of my shaft. She then proceeded to jam my whole shaft into her mouth (which I didn't think she could do) and worked her tongue like a belly dancer’s stomach. I came within minutes and she swallowed every last drop.

722. Man's Story: Balls Deep in Her Butt (1/20/09)

I always thought my wife had a sexy body and an ass that would drive a man crazy. Little wonder I wanted to be balls deep in it. She finally gave her permission and I laid her on her belly. Using pillows, I propped her round ass up. Her thin body looked so sexy, it made my cock harder than ever. I used plenty of lube before placing the tip upon her backdoor. I started off slowly, working myself in. Her sphincter suddenly popped open and I was balls deep in her beautiful butt. Her sphincter grabbed the shaft tightly while the head bobbed in the softest velvet.

I pounded that ass good, but it was taking a while to reach orgasm. I loved the feeling, hearing her moan. Then she turned her face toward me, a tear rolling down her cheek, and she said, "Cum, hurry up and cum in my ass." The feeling of being balls deep in her butt was great. But the tear and the begging made me blow in seconds. When I finished she quickly pulled away. I apologized, explaining how wonderful it felt, and I was sorry she didn't enjoy it as well. She looked at me and said, "Who said I didn't enjoy it?"

721. Man's Story: Don't Forget the Glove (1/5/09)

I was in the hospital for severe depression. I had to go through all that therapy bullshit, so of course I wasn't happy to be there. After a few days there I noticed a new patient. She was pretty with short hair, stood about 5'1" and had a nice figure. I noticed her but cared only about going home. The next day she was talking to another patient. They were giggling and looking at me. It wasn't bad, though, because she was flirting. "How the fuck can you flirt when we're supposed to be getting help," I thought.

Later on at dinner time they sat near me but not too close. As I was eating she looked toward me and said "Yeah, I do want something while I'm here," loud enough for me to hear and look at her. "What's that?" I said. "You'll see." she responded. Later on while I was going to my room she came up behind me and said, "Come on." I let her in and said I had a roommate, plus staff pops up to check on patients. She told me her friend was looking out and would knock on the door if someone popped up. Then she pushed me to the bed and said we had to hurry.

She pulled down my pants and I did the same to her. "We don't have a condom," I said. Then I remembered the cleaning staff left some latex gloves in the bathroom. I jumped up and grabbed one by the sink. She wanted to fuck me so badly she didn't say a word about it. I put my dick in the glove as far as it could go and wrapped it securely around my cock. I got on top of her and felt her drenched pussy and slowly put in my dick. She immediately started moaning and after awhile I had to cover her mouth. I was fucking her with deep long strokes and she wrapped her legs around me tighter. Her friend opened the door slightly and whispered, "Y'all better hurry up."

I continued fucking her, not missing a beat. She removed my hand and said, "I'm cumming baby. Fuck this pussy." I started fucking her harder and was about to cum too. I had to cover her mouth again as she seemed to scream more than moan. She came hard as her body shook. She removed my hand from over her mouth and grabbed my head to bring me down. I came as we kissed, giving her hard fast stokes. As she screamed again I had to put a pillow over her face. Her friend opened the door and said, “Y'all are too loud,” and closed the door. We were both done, got up, got dressed, and kissed as if we were a couple. I fingered her another day in her room after that, as she begged me to make her cum.

Eventually we both went back home and stayed in touch. I went to her house a couple of nights and we fucked like we were porn stars. Soon I moved and that was that. I think about her from time to time but I moved on. Maybe I'll see her again but maybe I won't. Even so, how many men can honestly say they fucked in a hospital with a latex glove, and not the kind you buy for your dick? My friends still can't believe it but know it's true because I showed them a sexy picture she gave me before I moved. She wrote on the back, “Don't forget a glove the next time.”

720. Woman's Story: In the Wal-Mart Parking Lot (1/5/09)

I broke up with my boyfriend not too long ago. He realized that he messed up and didn't want to lose me. He asked if we could talk about things, and me still being in love with him, I was up for it. We went to Wal-Mart to get a new cell phone charger, and just acted like friends. Then in the Wal-Mart parking lot we start kissing and his hand ends up in my sweatpants. He told me watch out for the security, who had already stopped by our car once. He began to do his favorite thing and eat me out. I noticed a guy getting in his truck a few rows down and he was staring at me. I told my boyfriend to pause because I couldn't keep a straight face. Instead he pulled his head up and we had to leave because it was obvious what we were doing.

We got to the house he lives at but his roommates were home, so we decided to pull up under the willows at the bottom of his driveway to continue our car experience. He knelt in front of me and kept going. Then he climbed on top and went deep. I screamed and we both loved it, because for the first time I could be loud. He hit the right spot with my leg in the air because I was squirting like a waterfall and he felt like a champion. It was the first time he had a girl do that and it was the first time for me. The great thing is we did all this in a small Volkswagen Beetle.

719. Man's Story: She Still Likes to Flirt (1/5/09)

My girlfriend's mom looks like an older version of my girlfriend, with bigger tits. She has always been kind of flirty with me, slapping my ass when I walk by, etc. On New Year’s Eve, after a night of hard drinking, another couple and my girlfriend and I went back to her house to stay the night. Apparently, her mother had been out partying too, and she was hammered, offering us more alcohol when we arrived. Anyway, while we were all in the kitchen, I walked by and accidentally brushed her ass. I told her that it was an accident and she replied saying that she didn't mind. A little later, still in the kitchen, when no one was looking, she walked by me and "accidentally" brushed the back of her hand across my penis. This definitely excited me and we shared a look right after.

At the end of the night, when everyone was asleep, I snuck out of bed and went to the master bedroom where she was sleeping (her husband was out of town). I climbed in bed and began playing with her large, soft tits while she wrapped her hand around my stiff cock. After a few minutes, she went down on me and gave me the best head of my life, taking my entire cock in her mouth without a problem. After putting my dick in between her luscious breasts and having her suck me off, I began to eat her out. When she started to go crazy, I came up and started fucking the shit out of her. Her legs were around my body and her titties were bouncing up and down as I fucked her. We fucked in many other positions that night (my favorite was fucking her doggy style and playing with her titties hanging in the air). After that night, we have never gone that far again but she still likes to flirt around with me.

718. Woman's Story: From Playmates to a Lot More (1/5/09)

We were young and curious. We lived two states away from each other but we spent several weeks together every summer and I would say that we were close. He was a year and a half older. That summer our relationship changed from playmates to a lot more. At 16, he was hot - tall, trim and athletic - and I had developed nicely too: Long shapely legs, 34C-25-33 measurements on a 5 foot 4 frame. We were swimming in the lake where our family cabin is, and I was in a skimpy bikini. We started wrestling in the water as we had done since we were little kids. But we weren't little kids anymore and the contact was electric. My nipples hardened and so did his cock. Without saying a word, we went to a secluded shed.

Our wet bathing suits were quickly stripped off and I saw my first erect cock. It wasn't huge, but 6 inches is big enough for a tight virgin. We explored each other tentatively at first, then we began smothering each other's bodies with kisses. His warm mouth on my nipples was exquisite. I lightly mouthed the head of his cock but he stopped me before I had a chance to really get into it. He wanted to make love he told me. Then it happened. I lay down on the only bench in the shed and parted my legs. His smooth, warm head felt so good as it rubbed up and down over my labia. His penetration was slow and gentle and it caused only the slightest discomfort. Then it was all pleasure. He had, I found out later, jacked off that morning, so he had some control. He stroked gently in and out of me for at least 5 minutes before he finally had to release. I loved feeling my pussy being filled with cum for the first time. I didn't climax that first time, but we made love at least two dozen times before our annual summertime reunion was over and I did achieve orgasm at least half of those times. That was 5 years ago and we obviously look forward to our summers together.

717. Woman's Story: Out of Our Comfort Zone (12/20/08)

A few years ago when I was 17, I had a boyfriend who had just entered his freshman year in college. I had wanted to stay abstinent until I got out of high school. Unfortunately, he had graduated, and in his opinion, had waited long enough. One night I told my parents I was going to my boyfriend’s parents' house. Little did my parents know, my boyfriend lived in a dorm at his college. I met him completely alone for the first time in our relationship. It started off a quiet evening, watching DVDs on his piece of shit TV. We were lying on his twin bed which was small, so I was lying somewhat on top of him. His roommate was "out" for the night so we were totally alone. I had always had a strict “above the waist” rule when it came to touching, and he always obeyed. Tonight however, he ventured out of our comfort zone and worked his hand down my thigh and slowly into my inner thigh, extremely close to my cunt.

At first I was uncomfortable and thought of removing his hand, but suddenly he began to do something so pleasurable, I just couldn't resist. He rubbed up and down on my clit through my panties. I felt myself becoming wet. He did too I'm sure, because he began to rub harder. I wasn't sure what to do; after all I was a virgin and he was much more experienced. I didn't want him to stop but I needed guidance so I let out a soft moan of pleasure to let him know. I looked up at his face and he was looking at me with a bit of a shocked expression.

He laid me down on his bed and kneeled over me. I was really scared. He slowly and gently lifted my skirt and removed my soaked panties, exposing my throbbing clit. He was hard for sure now. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his dick out. It was pointing straight up. He grabbed under each knee and lifted my legs up high. Then he slowly massaged my hole with the tip of his penis before thrusting inside of me. I was moaning and letting out cries of both pain and pleasure as he slammed into me over and over again.

He got really aggressive, as he had told that he does during he has sex. He told me to shut the hell up and let him fuck me hard. Suddenly he dropped my legs and pulled out of me so fast. All of the sudden a huge load of sperm streamed out of him, all over his bed and my legs. Then he lay down beside me and told me to get up. I sat up on my knees and he pulled me on top of him. I was straddling his waist and he said to ride him hard, I followed my natural instinct and bounced up and down but slowly started to dig into his body in hard rubbing motions. I was basically riding him. This was amazingly pleasurable. I moaned and suddenly I thrust my head back and began to shake with pleasure. I let out a huge "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" and slowly shook until my chin touched my chest. I got off of him and lay down, my mouth hanging wide open. He then told me I was fucking tight. He licked me clean and we just lay there. He had his boxers on and my panties were on the floor, my skirt ridden up to my chest, legs spread. His roommate walked in suddenly and I quickly closed my legs. One thing led to another and I ended up leaving after his roommate gave me a nice good fingering. I will never forget my first time.

716. Man's Story: My Wife Riding My Best Friend (12/20/08)

My best friend, his wife, my wife, and I have been close for a while and when they come in town we all go to dinner and hang out at our house while the kids sleep. We are all comfortable and have seen each other naked at one time or another. We all got dressed up and went to dinner one night, had some drinks, and came back to hang out on my porch which is partially blocked by trees. We were all joking around and the conversation turned to sex. I said I couldn't cum from oral sex and his wife pops out, "I bet I could make you cum." He looks at me and says, "I bet she can." My wife looks shocked but nods her approval. So she unzips my pants and starts blowing me. My wife looks at my buddy and says, "We gonna let them have all the fun?" and she gets down and starts blowing him. After about 10 minutes, his wife gets up, pulls her dress up and sits on my lap, sliding onto my cock. She starts riding me slow but speeding up and clawing my back while I sucked on her huge breasts as they started to pop out of her dress.

We notice our others are gone and we get up to finish inside. We open the door to find a trail of clothes leading to my buddy hammering my wife doggy style on our couch. They get up and we all went to the bedroom, which has a wall of mirrors and a king bed. I loved watching my wife ride my best friend as I fucked his wife. It was sooo sexy! At one point my wife was sitting on his face while his wife sucked his dick and I pounded her pussy with my thumb in her ass. My wife sucked him off and he passed out shortly after I came in his wife's ass, and then I went for round two in my wife's pussy. We all woke up naked the next morning and laughed. We've had another rendezvous since then and this one was videotaped.

715. Woman's Story: His Parents Weren’t Too Happy (12/20/08)

My boyfriend and I had been dating three months. He invited me to sleep over at his house. His parents were very strict, so I had to sleep in his room and he had to sleep in the guestroom that’s at the other end of the house. When his parents were asleep and we had to be in our rooms we started SMSing each other. He asked me if I wanted to come to his room, and I said of course! He said I first had to take my underwear off then put on my clothes again and he would come fetch me.

When he got to my room he immediately started kissing me and touching my breasts. I got wet already. Then he picked me up and carried me to his room. The lights were all off. When we got there he threw me on the bed and took my pants off. He fingered me so hard I orgasmed almost three times. He spread my legs open and sucked my pussy for a while. Then I took his pants off and gave him a great blow job. He moaned softly, and then put on a condom on his hard dick. He grabbed me and put me on top of him. I went up and down so fast and I came so much. He then threw me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and went so fast I had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming! We fucked for almost two hours then fell asleep. His parents weren’t too happy when they found us sleeping in the same room the next day. Oops.

714. Man's Story: I Still Wank Off to the Thought (12/20/08)

I had met a friend for a few catch-up drinks, and when he had gone home early I spotted my girlfriend's hot best friend in the bar. I decided to stay and joined her and her mates. We soon got chatting and I ended up walking her home. My cock grew hard as I fantasized about her tight sexy arse. She noticed and asked if I wanted a bit of fun on a one-night only basis. Of course I said yes, and we dropped into the local park on the way back to her place to fuck.

We played a game of truth or dare to undress, with her talking dirty about my girlfriend's sisters and me talking dirty about banging her in front of her husband. I must have come so hard, as my cock wouldn't stop throbbing and her big heaving tits only made me want to fuck her again. I loved banging her from behind as she moaned so noisily, which made it hard not to come. It made me so horny that I still wank off to the thought of it now. I occasionally meet her still, but nothing will compare to that first sexy lustful liaison.

713. Man's Story: I Came All Over the Studio (12/11/08)

I had become acquainted with this girl from class. She knew I had a girlfriend but we'd always flirt with each other. We were both taking a class in radio production, so after class we'd spend a lot of time in one of the three radio studios working on projects, or just killing time before our next class.

One day I was in radio studio B (the middle one out of the three) and the girl came in to say hello. It was just us in there, but the door was wide open and people were constantly walking past us. We began doing some touching and feeling and before you know it she had unzipped my pants and was just rubbing it with her thumb.

It felt so good so I told her to keep going, and that if she did I'd probably cum soon. She was hesitant at first, but she continued. As much as I was concerned if people could see me behind the audio equipment or not I was really enjoying it. After a couple minutes of the greatest hand job ever I came all over the studio equipment. I was a little late to class that day.

712. Woman's Story: In a Hot Tub Overlooking the Ocean (12/11/08)

A few months ago, I took a road trip along the California coast with a guy I was dating. We stayed at hostels and found an amazing one in an old secluded fishing town. Aside from the amazing scenic beauty (the ocean outside the back door and lighthouse at the front), the most unforgettable thing was the hot tub overlooking the ocean. I smoked a bowl and for a half hour rental, rode his hard cock with the hot water lapping against my clit, the waves crashing below us and the stars above.

Sounds a bit corny, but I get wet thinking of how his cock felt sliding deeper into my tight pussy - not to mention that the water's buoyancy made it all the more fun. We finished our session with him fucking me from behind. Luckily the sound of our bodies slapping together and my moans of ecstatic delight were drowned out by the sound of the ocean.

711. Man's Story: The Performance of My Life (12/11/08)

While at university we used to go to this pub and do karaoke. It was mainly for the locals and few students went there. The women who frequented the pub were in their 30s and 40s and would attend with their fat, balding husbands. I went up and did a version of Hawkwind’s Silver Machine. This woman who was a good 10 years older than me was in the pub. She was with her girlfriends drinking and dancing the night away. She was so impressed with my rendition of Silver Machine that she spent most of the night buying me drinks and chatting me up. She was slim with pert breasts and curly blond hair and about 33. At the pub closing time she asked if I would walk her home. I did not hesitate.

We literally got just outside the pub door and we were groping each other and snogging. We had the most amazing chemistry. By the time we got back to her place we were so horny for each other. When I stripped her naked I couldn't believe how fine her body was even though she had had a kid. She had the body of a 20 year old. We spent forever in her living room in front of the fire, fondling and kissing each other and sucking each other. By the time we got into bed the precum was literally dripping off my cock. I slowly moved between her legs, which she started to open, and I slid into her. As my rhythm built up, after around five minutes I took her through the first of eight or so orgasms she had that night. She said that having my dick inside felt like it was going through her body and coming out of her mouth. My dick isn't that big, at around 7 or 8 inches, but I spent the next five or six hours torturing her with it, doing missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and taking her through orgasm after orgasm. I never came all night but remained rigid throughout.

After about six hours of pure sex and intimacy we were exhausted and slept for two hours until the sun came up. When we awoke we were both sore from so much sex, but we started getting excited and wanted more. It felt like razor blades were at the opening to her vagina, but after a few strokes she was sopping wet again and inviting me to penetrate her more deeply. We had sex another three more times in the morning and she came again twice and I came once. It was the performance of my life. She told me that she had been single for a couple of years before she met me. She told me that she would never be single again. Her body and need for sex had reached boiling point. She told me I was the greatest lover she had ever had. I have slept with many women over the years but this rates as my greatest sexual experience. Strangely enough though all my greatest sexploits have been with older women.

710. Woman's Story: We Forgot the Ranch (12/11/08)

My boy friend came home for a four-day leave between training in Texas and deployment to Kuwait. He had been in Texas for three months and we were both feeling sexually deprived. He was staying at his mother’s house while he was home. He wanted to have pizza rolls for a snack that night, so we jumped into my car to go to the local corner store that was about five minutes away. We got there and bought the pizza rolls and some ranch dressing to dip them in.

Well, one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex down a back road while we were driving back. I sat on his lap and steered while he pushed the gas and brake. All in all it was a good time. When we returned home over an hour later, his mom asked what took so long. He replied that we forgot the ranch! Keep in mind that the store was only five minutes away. His mom was well aware of what went on in my car that night.

709. Woman's Story: I Fucked All Three of Them (12/11/08)

In May of 2004 I went to a convention in Atlantic City. While at the bar I met three "gentlemen" from Philadelphia. We had a nice time and one of the guys was really great looking. I guess I was horny because I had broken up with my boyfriend a few months earlier. The good-looking guy invited me back to his room where we immediately undressed each other and had great sex for about an hour or so. I wasn't really drunk but did have 4 or 5 drinks earlier and I just feel asleep.

I started waking up when I felt myself getting wet and aroused again. The room was really dark. We started to fuck again when I realized it wasn't the same guy. It was too late to stop, as I was getting ready to orgasm. I didn't know who I was fucking but he had a bigger cock than the first guy. My eyes started adjusting to what little light there was when I realized the guy sucking my tits was a different guy than the one fucking me. Instead of being alarmed or scared I found it even more arousing, since I had never before had sex with more than one guy at a time. The only thing I said to them was to ask if they wore condoms, which they did.

Within the next few hours I fucked all three of them, and one guy even fucked me anally, which again was a first. I didn't particularly like it but it wasn't too bad and didn't hurt as much as I thought anal sex would. The only guy I gave oral sex to was the original one while his friend was fucking my ass. I really had a great time and I think knowing I wouldn't see them again let me relax and have the greatest sex of my life. The only person I ever told this story to is my sister, who thinks I'm crazy for letting them have me. I don't know what would have happened if I resisted them, but they really seemed to be nice guys and I know they had a good time also. I didn’t get back to my room till 6 am. Oh, what a night.

708. Man's Story: Car Service (11/22/08)

When I was in college I owned a fairly nice car, which got me all kinds of requests to take people here and there. A couple of girls would avail themselves of my taxi service into town but never had to pay as they were all beautiful. Just being seen with them was reward enough. This went on for months.

One girl with these fantastic tits and flawless skin, who was engaged to an Army guy away in Viet Nam, ventured to tell me that she was incredibly horny. I told her there was always masturbation. She giggled and said, “I'd rather pay my bill for all these free rides.” I tried to tell her it was not necessary. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head to show me just how outstanding those tits were. Talk about a hard-on! I nearly wrecked my GTO!

She just smiled, leaned over, unzipped my jeans, yanked out my 9 inches, and tried to swallow it whole! Over and over she did this until she begged me to pull the car over under some trees. I had to, anyway! She pulled up her skirt, yanked the crotch of her wet panties to one side and climbed on top of me, embedding my cock as deep as she could. Hot, wet, tight as hell, and with a movement I had only dreamed about. I knew this was too good to be true.

I sucked one tit then the other until she went into some kind of convulsions. She was cumming and I was just about there too. Gasping and grunting something about, "Gotta have it, gotta have it!" she disengaged from my turgid member and attacked it with her mouth! Over and over, sucking as hard as she could, until I filled her mouth with my load. I was shocked, surprised, and amazed at the sensation of my cock in her throat! I have never experienced anything like it to this day! She swallowed all my load, looked up at me, and smiled one of those freshly fucked looks. Weakly she said, "They thought you were queer or something. You never tried to get in any of our pants. Wow, you certainly aren't! And, I'm glad you’re not!"

707. Man's Story: She Came Like a Fountain (11/22/08)

One day when I was at Cambridge Uni, I spotted a new girl. She was so fit it was unnatural. (Fit is a British saying for good looking.) Throughout that week I kept seeing her everywhere went. In the canteen, the library, the quad - and when I saw her in the gym I just couldn't stand it anymore, I had to talk to her. I asked her her name. She told me, and I said, "Me and my friends are having a party this the weekend. Do you want to come?" "Yeah, sure," she replied.

At the party we all got a bit drunk but I was amazed at how many drinks she could put away! Five Buds and eight vodka shots. That’s how much she took without going cross-eyed! Then she explained that she had played darts for her county in a North England championship. After a while I plucked up the courage to kiss her and to my amazement she kissed back. We found a room and she ripped my jeans off and deep-throated me straight away. We were there, me standing up, her kneeling down, for five minutes until I blew my load. She had a whole mouthful and she swallowed it all.

I grabbed her, threw her onto the bed, ripped off her skirt and tights and completely devoured her glorious, dripping, pussy. She was positively screamed with pleasure. I could sense she was close to climax so I plunged my cock into her glistening vagina. Long deep thrusts made her naked breasts ripple. She screamed again "HARDER!! HARDER!!" So I duly obliged. I exploded into her soaking vagina and pulled out just as she came. Oh my god, did she cum! It was like a fountain! I had heard of this before. I've no idea what it was, but it wasn't pee.

She asked me to finger her again. I did one better as my tongue and two fingers worked her clit. Meanwhile she stroked, licked, sucked and kissed my cock. We were fucking for hours, a good thing it was my flat. After she drank cum two more times, I turned her on  all fours and pounded her sweet virgin ass. I needed no lube as her ass and my cock were soaking wet. She moaned and groaned over and over as I pushed deeper and deeper. I felt I was about to cum again so I pulled out and jizzed all over her back. We finally stopped and fell asleep at 4:30am. We started at 12:00! We woke up and remembered that it was the weekend, and so had a complete repeat of the previous night.

It is now six months later and we are engaged and will marry next year. I hope the honeymoon will be just like that!

706. Man's Story: Sorority Secret (11/22/08)

It was a typical night of partying at my frat house. Some of the sophomore girls (I was a senior) ordered some pizza to their dorm across the street. I was in that drunken hunger stage so I asked if I could join them. I was casually flirting with one of them and asked for a back rub. She turned me down, saying my girlfriend would be upset.

They decided to go to bed for the night, so thinking nothing of it I start to walk out. I told one of her friends that I was bummed I didn't even get a massage. She said, "You want one?" I simply nodded and she took my hand and led me to her room. Her roommate was asleep so I quietly lay down on her bed with my back up, waiting for a massage. She starts to massage me and truthfully it was a pretty bad massage. She wasn't very attractive, but she was massaging and leaned over and said, "Doesn't this remind you of sex?" I nervously laughed and said, "I guess so."

I turned over and she lay next to me. She then whispered in my ear saying, "What if we fucked? I wouldn't tell anybody, would you?" (She was referring to my girlfriend and her boyfriend, who were acquainted.) I shook my head no and she put her hand down my pants and felt my already hard cock. She started moaning and asked, "Wait, do you have anything on you?" Again I shook my head no, as I was not expecting any action of this type. She got and started looking through her desk drawer and couldn't find anything. I said it was alright and told her that we could just mess around.

We were getting a little loud, trying to keep things at a whisper. Her roomie was still snoring so I knew she was truly asleep. I was fingering her and she was stroking my cock. We were making out hard, taking out our frustrations with our tongues. She then said, "I can't take this anymore!" She straddled me and guided my cock into her warm wet pussy. The feeling was amazing. She rode me while I pounded her from below. I got a little worried when I could feel myself about to come. I said, "Oh God! I feel it coming!" This turned her on more and she started riding harder and said, "I want it inside me!" I busted my load inside her pussy while she too was having an orgasm.

When we were finished I stood up and put on my clothes quickly, worried her roomie would wake up. She never did. We made an agreement to not act weird around each other, especially with her boyfriend or my girlfriend around. We've remained friends and have even seen each other since college. I married my girlfriend and she married her boyfriend, and we both even have children. We've never mentioned it, but when we lock eyes I know that we both remember and appreciate the good time we had that night.

705. Woman's Story: Scamming Some Baby Gravy (11/22/08)

I finally convinced my husband that we should try for a baby. We had used condoms for years, so I told him that we could start having sex "unprotected". He liked the idea of being able to fuck without wearing a rubber (we almost never did that), but he said he still wasn't sure if he was ready for a baby. So I decided to get a little creative. "Okay babe, here's the deal: we fuck from now on without any condoms and if you still aren't sure about a baby, you pull out. But if you cum before pulling out, then we see what happens. Okay?" He agreed.

We fucked that night, but he was a bit nervous and pulled out way early. He jacked off into a towel. I told him that wasn't fair, he had to either cum in me or on me, and jacking off was not allowed. If he wanted to get off, he had to fuck me to do it. The next night, he did play by the rules, fucking me really hard, but he pulled out and came all over my tits. It was sexy, but I was wanting him to cum inside me, so I took the idea a bit further.

The next day (which was a Saturday) I walked around the house naked most of the day. I would let him touch me, I would stroke his dick, but then I would go do something else. A little later I came back and started to suck his dick, but I stopped before the "payoff". I did this most of the day. I even masturbated in front of him while he was on the phone. He never jacked off, but I could tell he was getting hornier and hornier as the day went on. Finally I let him fuck me and he pounded into me...and forgot all about pulling out. He came so hard inside me, it made me cum too. Afterwards he told me that cumming inside me was "incredible" and he would do it from now on.

We have three kids now and my husband never wears a rubber and always cums in me. It's great.

704. Man's Story: Bareback Boo Boo (11/22/08)

I'd been seeing this gorgeous older blonde for about six months. She was out celebrating one of her friends' engagements at a local bar. By the time she invited me over, she and her friends were well and truly pissed. She told me for the first time she loved me and had something special for me when we got home.

At home, I came back from the toilet to find her naked on all fours, as drunk as drunk can be. She said, "Do you want to fuck me up the ass?" Of course I said yes. Then she started getting scared, saying, "Be careful", "Go slow", and "Don't hurt me." I lubed her up properly, and I was so hard. She didn't want fingers in there first so I slid my prick in straight away.

You could see she was in pain but she tried rubbing her clit to make it go away. She rubbed so hard and fast that she came, her ass convulsing on my cock, getting me closer. I pumped harder and forgot she had told me not to cum in her ass (we were bareback). I pushed deep and let out a huge load and groan. She turned around screaming at the top of her voice, "You asshole!" screaming at me for cumming in her ass, while I was cumming. It was the most erotic thing ever. We do it at least once a month, but now I always make sure I pull out.

703. Woman's Story: Honey, I'm Home (5/27/08)

My husband was away on a business trip and he wasn't supposed to be home until the next day. To my surprise he came home a day early, only to find me masturbating on the couch. He smiled and said, "Hey, you dirty girl, we're going to have fun tonight."

He removed his clothes and joined me on the couch. His dick was rock hard and pointing straight up. I got on top of him and I began to ride him. Then he got on top and began to suck on my dripping pink pussy. He sucked very hard on my clit and I had the single most mind-shattering orgasm I have ever had in my life. I screamed with pleasure.

Now it was my turn to reward him. I got on top and sucked on his dick. I sucked so hard I thought my eyes were going to pop out. I could tell that he was enjoying it so much because he was having trouble breathing and he was clutching the sofa. We went on for several more hours and we fell asleep with him inside of me. In the middle of the night we woke up for round two. That was a fun night.

702. Woman's Story: Getting Lucky at the Lake (5/27/08)

It was my first time. My boyfriend and I had dated for about a year and a half and neither of us had ever done it. Yes, we would feel and touch but that was it. So one night he was bringing me home from a date in his truck and stopped by the lake. He said, “I just want to talk,” but one thing led to another and we started taking each other’s clothes off.

He was so hard and I was so wet so he lay down on his back and I straddled him. We just kissed at first and he started rubbing my nipples and sucking them and it was making me even more wet. He seemed to get even bigger by the second. He didn’t want to hurt me so he gently stuck one finger into my dripping pussy and I screamed because he hit my G-spot right off the bat. He was afraid that he hurt me and was going to stop. I begged to him to keep going. He waited a few seconds and put two fingers into my pussy and kept kissing and sucking and caressing me.

He asked me if I was ready and I said, “Yeah!” And so he pulled his fingers out and told me what to do with his huge cock. Then he inserted it inside me. It took a few tries but when he finally got it inside me it felt so good. He started fucking me slowly at first and then he sped up and went deeper and deeper. I had my first orgasm that night and after that we did it every chance we got. We are no longer together but whenever we see each other we go for a ride and fuck each other for several hours.

701. Woman's Story: Military Maneuvers (5/27/08)

I had met this guy over the internet. I had agreed to meet him sooner than I normally would have, because he was leaving for Iraq and he was going to be driving through my town. We met at the mall and walked around for hours. Then we went outside to his truck and talked and started heavily making out.

I told him I would not fuck him in the mall parking lot, so we went to this hotel. When we got there I was initially thinking that I don’t usually do this, but he was going to Iraq and I probably wouldn't see him again even if I did sleep with him, so I might as well enjoy this too. We wasted no time and got right down to business.

He was so long and he was truly experienced, because he would rock from side to side inside of me. He would roll over and let me get on top. I would have my feet on the bed and be riding him, and he would all of a sudden jolt his cock in me. All I could do was scream. He rolled me back over and fucked me from behind and I would play with my clit. He is still the best I have ever been with, and since then I’ve seen him a few times.

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