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700. Woman's Story: Mystery Fuck (5/27/08)

This is short and sweet. I was at a Halloween party, dressed as Alice in Wonderland, and there was this guy dressed in the Scream costume. Keep in mind, I had no idea of what this guy looked like (he had the full robe and mask) and I casually said to him, "I bet you could make me scream." He motioned for me to follow him, and he took me into a bedroom and locked the door. He started to take his mask off, and I told him I didn't want him to speak, to leave his costume on and fuck me.

It was so erotic to be fucked by someone wearing that costume. All I heard from him was his little grunts and a long "Ahhhh" as he shot his load. After he came he fingered my clit until I came, and then we left. He eventually walked away from me, and then when I went to the bathroom and walked back out to the party, there were three other guys with the same costume!

699. Woman's Story: Pounding by the Pond (5/27/08)

It was my first time, and I was with my soon-to-be boyfriend. We were outside my grandma’s house on a sliding rocker for two. When everyone was gone we spontaneously started to make out. When I rubbed my breasts on his chest he said, ''Wanna carry this to somewhere else?'' I told him, “Yeah, wanna go to the pond?''

We ran down there and stopped at a tree. He pushed me against it, kissing me and taking off my pants. I was dripping wet and his cock was a raging hard on by now. He fingered me with two fingers and told me that I was very tight. Then we moved to the ground and he started to eat me out. I almost came in his mouth when he stopped. I sat up and took off his pants. He pushed me back to the ground and he slowly teased me, rubbing his 7 inches against my clit. Then finally he thrust into me, making me gasp with pleasure. I told him to fuck me harder and he did.

I kept pulling him down to my face for more sweet kisses. Then I bit his neck and he told me he had to pull out. He put my leg up to get deeper in my snatch and he finally pulled out. He put his cock in the sweatshirt he was wearing and busted all inside of it. He took that off and we just laid there, until we heard my uncle pull into my grandma’s driveway. We put our clothes back on and started to walk up. My uncle smiled at us and we went upstairs for a shower. Since that night we've been together.

698. Man's Story: Wild Beaver Hunt (5/7/08)

I always go hunting with my brothers, up where my cousins live. They had this one family friend next door who was really hot but I never really did anything with her. I always knew that she must have liked me though, because she would always brush up against me. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was about 5'4", and 115.

One time I asked her if she wanted to go out and sit in my deer stand and she agreed. We were out there for no longer than 10 minutes when she placed her hand on my leg and began rubbing back and forth on my leg. I just looked over at her and smiled. We just went at it: I stuck my tongue down her throat and she did the same to me. She unzipped my long overalls and undid my belt buckle and whipped out my dick.

She immediately went down and started to suck it just like a pro, like she had done it before, which she probably had. I lifted her head up and said, "Let’s do this." I picked her up by her hips and set her slowly onto my dick. She bounced up and down and I blew my load all up in her. It felt so good.

She kissed me and said she was cold and she went back into the house. Later that night I said goodnight and as I gave her a hug I whispered into her ear. "Let’s do the same thing tomorrow." We did and we fucked in that tree stand the rest of the week.

697. Woman's Story: Double-Dipping (5/7/08)

Though I've always loved anal stimulation, I'm a newbie to anal sex. I have been dying to talk to someone about it and none of my girlfriends would ever dream of taking a cock in their ass. My lover is a hot Polish Sicilian stud. The first time he and I did anal was back in June 2006 and we used a condom and Astroglide. He slid in so easy I almost asked if he was in! It felt great and I am now officially hooked on anal sex.

The second time we did it was maybe two weeks later, without a condom. Either his cock had grown or my anus shrunk, because entry was not easy. He used plenty of lube but he really had to strain to get past my sphincter. I think it's because I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders. Once he was in though...Wow! He just pile drove my ass. The feeling of his hot jizz shooting inside me was incredible I actually had a pretty intense orgasm and I am one of those women that doesn't cum all the time. Don't get me wrong; I always enjoy sex, I just don't always cum.

My darling fucked my pussy and came in me so hard I was surprised he didn't leave a dent in my cervix. Still hard, he butt-fucked me again doggy style, this time slow and easy. It was sublime, and I actually wept with joy. He washed his dick off, and I sucked him just long enough to get him hard again. Then he fucked my pussy and just before he was about to cum, he pulled out and shoved his cock in my ass, and just kept fucking my ass. I came again and he came seconds later.

I always loved the feeling of a pussy full of cum, but an ass and pussy full of cum is the best. It makes me feel womanly, sexy, and slutty all at the same time. He could only spare an hour, but what an hour it was! As I walked him to the door, I could feel my pussy lips and ass cheeks slip sliding against each other from all the cum and lube. I love that feeling!

696. Woman's Story: He's the Sweetest (5/7/08)

My boyfriend and I have really good sex life. Only thing that gets in our way is our parents. We both live with parents, so if we want a little privacy, we have to wait for them to go to work. I like to tease him and few days ago we were sitting in my room and my mom was in other room. I started to talk dirty to him and kiss him. He asked me if my mom was there. I didn't lie.

I teased him until he could not take any longer, so he had that dangerous look in his eyes and he just tore off my skirt and panties and turned me toward the doors. His cock slid into my wet pussy and he started to fuck me hard right away. It lasted for ten minutes - and I came so hard, like I always do when we make love. I heard my mum coming toward the doors, and my darling got scared, so he put his jeans on and zipped the fly.

I felt sorry for him - I came and he didn't, so I told him to lie down and to enjoy. I unzipped his jeans and kissed the beautiful head of his cock, still glistening from my juices and his pre-cum. I licked it and kissed the tip, then licked him all the way from the top to his balls, which I sucked slowly. Then I took his cock in my mouth and while going down with my head, I used my tongue to feel every part of his cock's skin.

After about 15 minutes of my deepthroating and sucking and kissing and licking him, I looked at his body and he shuddered. I realized he had his nails buried in pillows. I knew he was close, so I took him as deep as I could and just worked with my tongue till I felt he got even harder and then he came. More and more of his sperm was in my mouth and I drank it all. His cum is the sweetest thing in whole universe.

695. Man's Story: Caught by a Cougar (5/7/08)

I have always been attracted to older women and one night I met a 50-year-old lady at a dance club. She had a nice firm body and she was very attractive. I was only 22, and I didn't think I had a chance with her. We sort of hit it off and we talked for over an hour.

 She needed a ride home after the dance, so I gave her a ride home. She invited me inside and we talked and had drinks. I confessed to her that I was attracted to older women and she told me she had always had a fantasy of being with a younger guy. I told her I hoped I could be part of her fantasy when it came true. She said she wanted that too, right now.

She turned off the lights and we began touching and kissing each other on the sofa. I felt her hands on my pants and before I knew it, she was kissing, licking, and sucking my erect dick. She led me to her bed and she rubbed sex silk lubricant all over my cock. I was ashamed of my penis because it’s not that big – about 4 inches – but she reminded me that hard was better than big. I gave her a total of 10 fucks in about an hour. It felt slippery, warm, and delicious. She came five times.

She asked me to spend the weekend with her, but she wouldn't let me put on any clothes. She said she enjoyed seeing me walk around naked, with my small, hairless cock sticking out. I was uncomfortable with being an exhibitionist, but it got me a lot of hot fucking.

694. Man's Story: Viagra Takes the Years Off (5/7/08)

We are both from the same community and met on a "dating" website. We're older and both in sex-starved marriages, so decided to risk it. When we met it was a shock - we had met socially and agreed to go to a motel. She immediately went into the bathroom, peed and I suspected cleaned herself really good. I went next and popped a Viagra.

She was sitting on the bed and very nervous. I kissed her and briefly tongued her upper lip and her hand went down between my legs. She asked if my slacks were too tight and unbuckled my belt. My stretch boxers pushed my cock upward and I straddled her, giving a sensual back rub, working around her black satin bra. She rolled over and I then pulled her skirt off. A black silk bikini covered her pussy and I could see the wetness coming through. I massaged her stomach and legs - she begged me to remove the panties.

I pulled my shirt and boxers off. I'm not long, maybe six inches if I cheat, but am very big around. She spread her legs and I got in between them, rubbed my cock against her wet pussy and then pulled back so I could suck her perky nipples. She begged me to fuck her so I pushed my cock up against her clit and worked it around in circles. It penetrated a little and I pulled back and fucked her like that for a couple of minutes. Then slowly I pushed it all the way in. Her sweet spot was so swollen she said she was going to come, so I rode her to a shaking climax, rolled her to her side and entered from the rear.

She was breathing hard and crying which concerned me. She said they were tears of joy and she had never come so hard. I rode her from the back and told her to rub her cherry and she came again and we rested. She said she wanted to feel me come in her so I got her doggy and pumped her in a slow rhythm and told her to talk really dirty to me. After about fifteen minutes she kept screaming for me to fuck her hard and told me she was coming. I buried my load deep into her and she screamed with joy. We caressed and rested for a half hour and started again.

What a combination: two sexless people, time alone and Viagra. We continue to see each other a couple of times a month and are planning a trip away without our spouses. Not bad for a couple of people in their late fifties!

693. Man's Story: A-OK Anal (4/28/08)

I have been married for quite some time now. My wife was totally against anal sex because she had a bad experience in her prior marriage. I began to read articles about it and how it shouldn't be painful if done correctly. We began to talk about it and for a while she was very at odds about it. One night we were fooling around and I stuck the head of my penis in but I used saliva and it didn't provide enough lubrication, which caused her some pain. So we didn't try it for a while.

One night before her birthday we were in the bedroom. She started to grind on me, making my penis become erect. We were standing in front of the mirror while she was grinding me. She then pulled my penis out of my underwear and started to push it against her panties. She turned her back to me and pushed my penis against her panties around her anal area as we stood looking in the mirror. I asked her if I could use lubricant to at least put the head of my penis in.

She then got down on all fours doggie style, revealing her beautiful anus to me. I got down behind her as she began to rub my penis all over her anus. She began to moan with pleasure! Then she told me to put it in. I got up and grabbed the lubricant and poured some on her anus and on my middle finger. I inserted my finger and asked if it hurt. She said no and told me to insert my penis. I lubed her up some more and lubed myself up real good and slid it in real slow. It was the best orgasm of my life. She said it felt good and wants to do it again. I can't wait.

692. Man's Story: We Made Beautiful Music Together (4/28/08)

My lover and I met in the local community orchestra. Although she was 40 years old, she looked about 30. She was athletically built with wavy brunette hair, a pretty face with rather exotic eyes, lovely feet and legs, and a nicely rounded ass. When the orchestra season was over we decided to get together to play some chamber music duets together over summer break. Although we had begun flirting a little, I really didn't expect anything, given that she was married.

The first duet rehearsal was at her house and was nothing more. We decided it would be convenient to have the next rehearsal at my house. When she got there, she was upset and told me about how a professor had been making unwelcome propositions to her. I listened sympathetically. Then she said she needed a hug, so I gave her a nice hug, but wasn't trying to be anything more than a supportive friend. She said that felt good, and she turned her face toward me in an obvious "kiss me now" gesture. So I did. And it was good -- so good that before long our shirts were off and we were petting on the couch.

I don't remember who suggested that we retire to the bedroom, but in any event, we did. Neither of us, it turns out, had had sex for several years so our coupling was enthusiastic and hungry. I was so excited that I could NOT come and my erection lasted the entire morning. We made good use of it, of course! We would make love then rest with my erection still up inside her, then we would go at it again for a while. We stopped to eat a light lunch then we went back to bed and explored each other some more.

This sort of thing went on for ten months, the ten most sexually satisfying months of my life! We eventually worked in some actual musical rehearsal, but we would make love when we were done. She would get off in any number of ways, including regular thrusting and, memorably for me, when I jammed my tongue up her pussy. Oooh, it was exciting to feel her vagina pulsing on my tongue.

Once we were rehearsing alone in her mom's church late in the evening for something we were going to do the next Sunday, and although I'm not exactly proud of this, we couldn't resist the temptation to do it right there up front where we had been playing. Once we were driving back from a gig where we'd been playing in a town a ways from our own and she told me to get off at the next exit. Then she directed me to a state park, where we took a blanket with us out on one of the hiking trails and found a place in the tall grass to make love. That was many years ago and our lives have drifted apart, but when I think of her, I still get aroused.

691. Man's Story: You're an Inspiration (4/28/08)


Me and a group of friends had pooled our money to rent two RVs and go up to Canada. We brought some girls we knew from back in high school. This one girl, Sara, had an amazing body and her ass was irresistible to stare at.

We had planned to stay at a friend's land with no one around for two miles. When we got there, we set up and pitched a few tents for the more "private" couples. During the night when the party started, I chose to talk to Sara and catch up. We sat down by the campfire and chatted away. After a few hours she went inside the RV to sleep. I thought it would be a night alone, when she asked if I wanted to come in for while.

I had just come into the bedroom when she grabbed me and started to kiss me. I started to French her and move my hands up her legs and skirt, then grabbed that ass that I dreamed about. She pushed me down onto the bed and began to rub my cock through my pants until I was as hard as a rock. I took off my pants and she went after my dick like a crazy woman. She must have done this before because I was going to blow after just a few minutes but she kept on until I came in her mouth.

She lay down next to me and grinned, saying that it was her turn. I pulled down her skirt and thong and licked that pussy and felt my way up to her chest with my hands. Sara started groaning and panting in no time and I began to worry that the people outside could hear her moaning. She said not to worry and that if someone did, it would add to the fun. After a few minutes of eating out her cunt, I had her on the brink of an orgasm but I wasn't going to miss a chance to fuck her with my cock. I pulled her close and began to tease her with it, just barely going inside her until she couldn't take it and pushed me inside her. That pussy was wet to the point that it was honestly soaking the sheets under us.

By now she was moaning so loud that I was sure that everyone could hear, but I didn't care because I was just lost in fucking her. She let out a final scream and she tightened up inside on my cock. This put me over the edge and I pulled out to cover her stomach with my spunk. We both lay there panting, trying to catch our breath when Jimmy walked in with his girl, who was half naked, congratulating me and walked off. We woke up in the morning to find that everyone had heard us and that was most likely the cause for everyone getting some action.

690. Woman's Story: Vegas Can Wait (4/28/08)

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about two months now. We hadn't had any sex yet, but we had planned a trip to Vegas and both knew something was bound to happen. I packed all I thought necessary: thongs, bikini, tight jeans, short shorts, and some bras (aside from my regular clothes). We decided it would be cheaper to drive than pay an airfare. We left at about 5 pm and by 8 it was pitch black outside.

We had been vigorously talking and continued a strong conversation. At a red light, my boyfriend put his hand on my leg and gently rubbed. I returned the small favor by rubbing his semi-hard cock through his jeans. He slid his hand down my pants to my clit and rubbed that too. We both knew what was coming. We barely made it past that green light before he pulled over into a small wooded area isolated from everything else. We both leaped into the back seat and started out slow -- first gentle kissing, then rubbing, then making out.

His cock was harder than ever and I quickly un-zipped his jeans while he pulled down my jeans and my thong. He pulled off my shirt and bra and began sucking my tits. We were making each other so hot. I begged him to fuck me, no condom -- I didn't care. He stuck his rock hard cock into my wet cunt and thrust hard. It felt amazing. He continued until he came in me and I came on him. He returned to sucking my tits before I grabbed his cock and gave him a BJ. We finished by him eating me out and then passionately making out. It was the best sex I've ever had!  

689. Man's Story: Sex Drive (4/28/08)

The first time my girlfriend got into my pants was four months after we started dating. We had always been the kind of couple where it was more fun hanging out than getting down to business, but that night turned out different. I picked up my girlfriend at about 7 pm. For the first time she was wearing a really low-cut shirt that showed off her stuff, 36 Ds that she never really let loose.

As we headed off to meet up with my friends, it was the same typical conversation. Then out of nowhere she yelled "sex" and told me to take off my clothes. Apparently "sex" is a game where if there is a vehicle with only one headlight the person who doesn't call it gets naked. Being kind of horny anyway from seeing her boobs hanging out, I started stripping while she held the wheel. Once I was naked I grabbed the wheel and she moved her hand down to my dick.

At first she started stroking it, and then leaned over and started to full on suck my cock while I was trying to drive on gravel. The stick shift seemed to be getting in her way, so she told me to pull over. We moved to the back seat where she started sucking again and I pulled down her pants and started fingering her. I don't think she'd ever been fingered, because I had trouble at first just sliding one in, but after rubbing her pussy and tweaking her clit a bit she started to juice and loosen up. After awhile I was going pretty steady in her with two fingers.

I started to feel a load working up and gave her a soft warning, and to my surprise she just kept on sucking! Right before I blew I let out a little moan and she pulled it out and shoved it between her tits where I shot enough to soak through her shirt. After "ruining" her shirt, she  stripped it off and pulled her pants the rest of the way off and started sucking the cum off my dick. At first she just sucked me limp, but then I started to harden up again. She used her hand this time to stroke me until I was hard. Then she pulled a rubber out of her purse and told me this story of how her friend and her have a bet to see who could get fucked first, and that she wanted to win. I sure didn't care either way, by then I just wanted to fuck!

At first she tried to straddle me, but that didn't work. So I had her lean between my two front seats and hold onto the dash as I slowly slid my dick into her. At first I could just get my head in with her letting out short gasps and moans. Then she just moaned for me to shove it in and get it over with, so I grabbed her ass and rammed down hard. She screamed at first and her pussy tightened around my dick till I thought she was going to crush it. Then she started to loosen up and move around, at first just scooting, then thrusting up and down on my dick. I lasted about 20 minutes before I pulled out and blew a load all over my center console, which she then sucked off. Since then we've been fucking in that same spot on that same back road every month as a kind of "anniversary.”

688. Man's Story: Your Ass Is Grass (4/22/08)

My friend’s wife always seemed to flirt with me while he was in the other room. One day while he was outside working in the yard, she passed me and pushed her ass against me. I grabbed her by the hips and ground my cock into her great ass. She responded by grinding back, and my cock quickly got hard.

She turned and kissed me hard and as she unzipped my pants, said, “What do we have here?” She then took my hand and led me to the family room. While we continued kissing, I pulled her shorts down and felt her wet pussy. She said to fuck her from behind. Ss I turned her around, she slid her thong to the side and guided my cock into her hot wet pussy.

I fucked her slowly at first until she started bucking her hips and said to fuck her faster. She came and I said I was going to cum. She told me not to cum in her pussy, but to put it into her ass. I pulled out and tried to, but it wasn't going in at first. I rubbed it in her wet pussy a couple of times to lube it, and then I managed to get it in her ass. I came within a minute, which made her ass wetter. Slowly, I went deeper until my cock was all the way in. She was moving her hips, loving my cock inside her. She was telling me to fuck her ass. I came a second time and was spent.

She turned and kissed me, and said that it had been a while since she had done that and her husband wasn't into it. She told me that she was watching him cut the grass as we were fucking and it really turned her on.

687. Woman's Story: Full Spread on Kitchen Table (4/22/08)

This is the first and only time I ever did this. I was talking to this guy that sent me a very clear pic of himself and he was not only hot, but hung as well. We decided to meet that night for sex, and met briefly at a local bar first before I followed him to his house. We started kissing and he pulled my shirt, my bra, and pants off before getting undressed himself.

We were in his living room which was adjoining the kitchen. He whispered in my ear, "Do you like it rough?" and I said, "Oh yeah." That's when he picked me up and bent me over the edge of his kitchen table. He ripped my underwear off and with surprising precision, thrust into me with his full shaft. I had to grab hold of his table as he rode me hard and then "accidentally" poked it into my ass, where he pumped it a few times before unloading his wad.

He then turned me over on his table and had his dessert - licking my wet pussy - and boy, did I open my legs wide for him! He was licking my clit and then put two fingers in and licked while finger fucking me. When I felt him hit my G-spot, I begged for him to keep going. He teased me by slowing down, so I told him, "Make me cum and you get my ass again!" Then my pussy had his full and undivided attention. The second time he fucked my ass that night, I got on all fours on the floor and he squeezed my tits as he rode me hard. That time he shot his load on my back.

686. Woman's Story: Hot Tub, Hot Times (4/22/08)

I randomly met this guy at my friends' pool party, where I spent the night. This guy had been looking at me all day and evening. Me and my friends were going into the hot tub and he and another guy joined us. He sat down right next to me. When we started playing “Truth or Dare” he got dared to kiss my neck for five seconds, which he did, and it was very good. I started to get attracted to him.

As my friend and the other guy went into the pool, me and “my guy” decided to stay in the hot tub. He went in front of me and grabbed my neck and face, and we made out for a long time. I got so horny, I felt him up under his shorts. His cock started to get hard as I gave him a hand job, and he kissed me harder and harder. He fingered me and I came twice. It was awesome.

As we got more and more horny, we took off our swimsuits and started humping, still making out. By then I was ready and told him to fuck me. Right before he came, I took his cock and put it in my mouth. We didn't use protection, which could have turned out worse, but it was two weeks ago and I got my period. That was the best pool party of my life. He's my boyfriend now, and we fuck about every week - with protection, though.

685. Man's Story: Always Worth a Shot (4/22/08)

My ex-girlfriend and I enjoyed great sex and she loved to do almost anything, but she would always refuse my requests to fuck her in the ass. One winter she was prescribed antibiotics, which interfered with her pill, so I couldn't fuck her without a condom. One evening we didn't have any condoms, so we got down to a bit of oral. We were in the 69 position with my missus taking my cock into her mouth while I darted my tongue in and out of her wet pussy.

After changing positions I had her on all fours while I finger fucked her cunt with three fingers. I began to explore towards her asshole with my finger. Using juice from her wet pussy as lube, I began fucking her ass with my finger. She made pleasure noises, so I began rubbing my rock hard cock between her ass cheeks and she didn't complain.

I then pushed the end of my cock into her ass and she groaned with pleasure, so I slowly forced my entire 8" length into her ass and she pushed back as if she wanted more. As her ass softened up, I thrust in and out. Eventually she had a huge orgasm, forcing me to pull out. She turned over and I knelt above her, jerking off until I shot my load all over her tits. After that I fucked her ass as often as her pussy. The lesson is, it’s always worth trying!

684. Man's Story: Cum for the Camera (4/22/08)

I have this awesome online friend. We would always get each other hot and bothered by heavy flirting. Then we would go take care of business when we would log off. One day I had the day off and she came online. She asked me if I had Yahoo messenger. I said yes but she had to install hers. She wanted me to see her on camera.

It was like our old times chatting, then she asked me if I want to see her skirt. I said yes, so she stood up and showed it off. Then I mentioned to her that she "dropped something," knowing she doesn’t wear any panties. She turned around and bent over. Talk about getting an instant hard on. I wanted her so bad, I asked her to do it again and she did. My cock was so hard for her because I finally got to see the shaved pussy that she was always talking about.

She then proceeded to hike her skirt up and play with her shaved kitty as I started stroking my hard cock. Then she said, “I want you to see my dildo in my pussy.” She got it out and sucked on it and slid it into her wet pussy. Oh, I was so horny for her. I started jacking faster, wanting her so badly. She told me she wanted my hard cock. I couldn’t help it.

She and I played online for a good two hours. Making each other so horny and cumming together was just too hot. I know she will be reading this one day and she will know who wrote this and play with herself and think of me.

683. Man's Story: Naughty Night Nurse (4/13/08)

I was in my late 20s (and married) and worked in a London hospital on night duty. She was a nurse and some 8 years older than me. We'd been friends for some time, but then one night something seemed to change between us.

For complicated reasons, instead of going home, she got herself an on-call room, but didn't tell me until after breakfast. She just happened to mention to her colleagues that she'd be "sleeping in today,” and then gave me a long sideways look which said volumes - and I went rock hard under the table. I was so hard that there was no way I could leave the table with everyone still around. Before she left, she leaned over and whispered her room number.

About 20 minutes later I went there and found the door unlocked. Inside, she stood naked in the middle of the room and said, after I’d shut and locked the door, “You can do with me whatever you like.” She stripped me naked and touched and kissed me in ways my wife never had, and took me into her mouth and did what no one to that date had done to me. I, in turn, had her stand on two chairs so that her cunt was level with my face, and I attempted to eat her out, but she was so sensitive! I was very naive then - I thought I’d done something wrong.

She took me to the bed which was wide enough for a single skinny body (the authorities knew what they were doing) and guided me onto her and into her. She fit like the proverbial glove and I luxuriated in the feel of her wrapped around my cock shaft. It was her who began “fucking me,” thrusting herself up. It was just pubic bone to pubic bone as we thrust and banged away at each other until she came, seconds before I did. When she came, she dug her fingernails into my backside and went completely rigid, and seemed to faint. I cleaned up, covered her up, and left.

Later that night, she came to visit me in my department and said she wanted to do it again. This time we did it up against a wall. I was amazed that she wore stockings for the occasion and had left her panties off. She was built in such a way that standing facing each other with both feet on the floor, in spite of having to stoop a fraction to gain entry to her, we could stand like that and just do it. We fucked each other so much so that for two days afterwards we both complained of “sore pubic bones.” Unfortunately, we lost track of each other when we both moved. I miss that special friendship.

682. Woman's Story: First Time on Turkey Day (4/13/08)

Me and my boyfriend had been dating for a year and we were both virgins. We had fooled around with oral a lot and had talked about having sex, but we wanted to wait till we were completely alone. On Thanksgiving that day finally came. We drove to my house from my grandparents'. We went up to my room.

I went to the bathroom and put on some sexy lingerie (I knew about this day beforehand). When I got back to the room Dan was lying naked on my bed and his cock was the hardest I had ever seen it. I lay down beside him and he started touching and sucking on my large breasts. I was soon wet and panting for his cock. He reached to my bedside table and got a condom. He rolled it on and climbed on top of me then rolled down my soaking panties.

I spread my legs wide and held them up in the air. In one move he thrust forward and his cock glided into my pussy, stretching and tearing my virginity. I cried as he lay still inside me, waiting for me to adjust. When I was comfortable, we started a slow rocking movement that built up faster and faster until he was pounding his cock into my pussy. I felt my pussy spasm and I screamed and twitched until I was done with my orgasm. Dan was still thrusting and I finally felt his cock gushing his seed into the thin condom. We lay there bodies entwined for another hour before taking a shower together and again having sex. We are still together and still having mind-blowing sex.

681. Man's Story: Beautiful People at the Pool (4/13/08)

I can vividly remember when the first time I got laid in a swimming pool. I was invited over to a singles party at one of my classmate’s parents’ house. They had an in-ground swimming pool in the back yard, with all of the privacy a horny couple could desire! I met a 19-year-old blonde who was athletic, toned and in shape. At the party we clicked, complimenting each other on how we were dressed. She was dressed in light blue wind pants and a grey halter top. I was dressed in a white t-shirt and light orange nylon swim trunks. She noted that I was ready for the swimming pool later.

We talked for three hours until nearly everyone left the party - except for the two of us and our friend's party hosts. She winked at me and took my hand as we walked out to the pool. The privacy fence door was locked, and the only light was the glow of the swimming pool lights. She stood up against the fence and pulled me closer to her as we started kissing. She was rubbing her hand on the zipper of my swim trunks, hardening my cock. She gently pushed me away from her for a moment, holding my hand with one hand and slowly unzipping her wind pants with her other. As she plucked her button on her waistband and her pants slowly drifted down, she was exposed in a thong-like swimsuit.

She walked me over to the pool and we stepped into the shallow end. She took off her thong as we became chest high in water, and leaned up against the side of the pool. I reached down to unzip my fly and free my hard-on. I slowly thrust my cock into her and felt my pre-cum stream. We rode each other for about ten minutes until she came under water. A few seconds later my nuts could not handle it anymore, and I blew my load up inside her. As I finished emptying out my balls, I put my cock back in my swimsuit and zipped my flap. We were both ecstatic and chuckling as we stepped out of the pool soaking wet. She dried herself off and put her pants back on.

We sat on the lounge chairs until my shorts dried off and we talked. We never got to know much about one another as we drifted apart after we left the party. She commented on the good fuck and said thanks, and that was all she wrote. It must have been how seductive we were both dressed. You win some and lose some, and that is just the way it is.

680. Woman's Story: You Slept Through the Best Part (4/13/08)

My best friend invited me over to spend the day with her and her boyfriend. It was the first time I’d seen him, and OMG - he was so sexy! It was 10:30 PM and we decided to watch a movie. My friend was between me and him, but that didn’t stop us to look at each other. Then my friend fell asleep. Her boyfriend looked at me, and at that same moment the sex scene of the movie came on. I suddenly found him over me and we were kissing passionately. He started to pull my shorts off, then my shirt. I unzipped his pants, and through his boxers I could see that he was getting pretty horny.

He unhooked my bra, and started to fiddle a bit with my breasts, sucking on my nipples. I couldn’t wait, so I just pulled down his boxers and started to suck his thick dick, admiring how it grew in my hands. I massaged his massive balls, then started to kiss, lick, and suck them. Soon he was ready to give out his load, so I opened my mouth wide and took it all in, and he showered the rest on my face. My friend was still fast asleep!

He took off my thong with his mouth and started to lick my wet pussy. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled his cock into me, and whispered in his ear to fuck me hard. He told me, “I’ll fuck you like you've never been fucked before.” I think he did. After we finished, we were really torn out. We put our clothes on, kissed some more, and continued the movie.

After 10 minutes, my friend woke up. She said "Did I sleep for long?" and we said no. Then she reached out and French kissed her boyfriend. She had her eyes closed, but he didn’t, and he was looking over her shoulder at me. I was kinda jealous, but still, I did much more than her French kiss. Later on, he broke up with her, and asked me out, and on our date we did it the bathroom!

679. Man's Story: Perfect Pair of Kiwi Tits (4/13/08)

I went to a club in Orange County with a friend from work while in town for a meeting. After several drinks I notice these two perfect braless tits under a hot blouse on the dance floor. Upon further review I noticed that they were mounted on a cute girl. Unfortunately she continued dancing with the same guy, who really didn't look in her league. I wanted to fuck this girl in the worst way. I figured it was unlikely; however, it would be impossible if I didn't try.

I decided to strike up a conversation with them. It turned out they were on holiday for a couple weeks from New Zealand, and that were brother and sister. I sensed opportunity, but hadn't figured it out yet. I had to be in Orange County again the following week while they were still there. I got their number and called them a couple of days later and arranged dinner on Balboa Island. We went for seafood and champagne. We all caught a bit of a buzz on the drink and went back to their hotel to drop them off. I went up to their room with them.

The girl and I lied on one bed and he on the other to watch some TV. Soon it was apparent that he was getting drowsy, and she was getting a little frisky. As he was starting to fade off I started to kiss her, not knowing how far it would go. I knew I needed to at least suck on those absolutely perfect tits before I went.

Once again she was braless. Her tits were perfectly firm and natural. She was about 22 and her entire body was tight. She had a perfect little ass and tight abs also. I reached up under her shirt as I was kissing her. I took the hard nipples to mean that I could proceed a little more. She was only a little anxious about the brother passed out in the bed a couple feet away. Soon I had her top pulled up and I was sucking on those perfect tits. It seemed worth it to try and slide a hand down her pants. She resisted until I felt a little wetness. I persisted and began to massage her clit. She got very excited quite quickly.

Soon I had her pants down and off and we were under the covers in case he awoke. I went down on her hot and nicely trimmed pussy. It was only a few minutes before I was in heaven and fucking her slowly and quietly. Every now and then he would move a little, but he was still passed out. We enjoyed an awesome and fairly quick fuck. At one time I looked over and thought, it's too bad he never got to see his hot sister being fucked. I came deeply inside her while keeping our noise level down.

I went down on her one more time to ensure she had good memories of her trip to California. Then I left and we never saw each other again. She didn't have a phone number as she was between two apartments. I was living with a girl and couldn't give her mine. This was before the days of email, or I'd be still in touch and making regular trips down under.

678. Woman's Story: We Made Love in a Chevy Van (3/31/08)

My boyfriend used to work at a Chevrolet dealership. It was his job to drive customers where they needed to go after they dropped off their cars to be worked on. One morning I was really horny and I asked him to stop by my house to see me. When he got there I jumped in the company van with him. We found a secluded place to park and jumped into the back seat to ravish each other.

It happened to be an extremely hot summer day and our bodies were sweating as they rubbed against each other. He slipped his fingers into my wet pussy and began to fuck me with them. I got so wet, my pussy juice was dripping down my man’s hand. I quickly pulled his pants down around his ankles and took him into my mouth. His throbbing dick was so big I couldn't fit all of it into my mouth, but I sure tried. I pushed the head of his dick into my throat as I heard him moan for more.

I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled my panties down and sat down on his cock. My legs were spread and he had a full view of my ass pumping up and down on him. I bent over into the front seat and begged him to fuck me hard. He definitely did. I soon turned around and straddled him. My pussy was so wet I was sliding all over his dick. I pushed down and leaned into him. I could feel the base of his dick rubbing on my clit each time I thrust down. It didn't take long for me to start to shudder and moan before I felt the full wave of my orgasm!

He could not take how wet he was making my pussy and soon after I came he began pumping in and out of me faster. He pulled down on my shoulders and pushed all of his dick inside of me. I could feel him beginning to cum inside of me. I grabbed his dick hard with my pussy and helped squeeze every last drop from his swollen cock. Afterwards I lay back dripping with sweat.

We quickly dressed and he took me back home so he could return to work. He is no longer at that job, but I still see that company work van - and smile every time.

677. Man's Story: Good Neighbors (3/31/08)

I lived in one of the nicer apartment complexes in town. One breezeway over from mine lived an attractive older (but not old) lady. She and I had passed by each other and had always been cordial. This one evening she was at the pool and hot tub and had apparently been there a little longer than me. She was drinking rum and coke and I had a couple of beers with me. We were hanging out in the hot tub. She was getting flirtatious but I didn't act on it...yet! It began to rain hard with thunder and lightning so we both got out and went back to our respective apartments.

A little while later it stopped raining and I heard a knock on my door. It was her. She asked me to join her back at the pool and hot tub. We walked down there together arm in arm. Her flirting got heavier so I decided to make a move. I kissed her heavy, open mouth square on the lips. She responded by probing my mouth with her tongue. After kissing for a little while, she reached down and started to massage my cock through my trunks and then reached inside my trunks.

We got out of the hot tub and sat poolside, where there were fewer lights and she blew me almost to ejaculation. I told her that I wanted to fuck her and she said, "Good, because that is exactly what I was thinking too." We left the pool area and went to my apartment where we sucked, and ate, and fucked, and fucked until we were both exhausted. We went back to the pool to cool off and wash up while we enjoyed each other's company.

After a little while, I walked her back to her apartment expecting a goodnight kiss but instead she welcomed me in. We sat on the couch and talked for a little while, which led back to kissing, and then she blew me and swallowed every last drop. We retired to her bedroom and fell asleep together. We had another encounter but nothing like the first one when we were strangers.

676. Woman's Story: Rude Ranger (3/31/08)

My boyfriend and I decided to do a short hiking trail, and drove to a National Forest to climb this hill. We were half-way up when we stopped at a resting point. We hadn't seen anyone else the entire day. We started kissing and he was begging for me to let him fuck me. We didn't get undressed. I bent over the picnic table with my ass facing him and he just pulled out his cock with his pants mostly up.

Now, I rarely cum from just fucking - I usually need to have my pussy licked. I bent over for him, and he started fucking me, and we had sex for about two hours before we left. He had some major stamina. I could feel the first twinges of an orgasm starting to build and told him I was going to cum, but he needed to keep fucking. He was VERY excited, as this was a rare treat for him and he knew his cock was working its magic.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a forest ranger start to approach us. I told my boyfriend, but I said, "I don't give a shit, just keep fucking me!" We kept fucking, and the ranger was about 25 feet from us when I started to cum. Once he could see what we were doing, he started shouting, telling us to stop. The ranger was screaming at us at this point, my boyfriend was quiet, but as I finished cumming, he shot his load inside as well. He pulled out of me and pulled the back of my pants up so the ranger wouldn't see any naked parts. He gave us a ticket for indecent exposure, which we GLADLY paid!

675. Man's Story: Sheets Tell the Story (3/31/08)

A few years ago when I worked for a hotel chain I won a competition where the prize was dinner and a night in the hotel. I took my girlfriend along since we hadn't had a good night out for a while. After we had finished the dinner, we headed upstairs and took a bath together. I quickly brought her to orgasm by playing with her clit under the water. After we got dried off we got into bed and I went down on her which drove her wild.

After she came again I grabbed her hands and held them above her head as I entered her warm and very wet pussy. I proceeded to fuck her slowly and suck on her nipples for some time. I could feel her hole begin to tighten as she neared her third orgasm and upped the speed a little and let go of her hands. She responded by digging her nails into my back and wrapping her legs tight around my waist.

This just got me even more horny and I started fucking her as hard as I could. She started to scream a little and scratched her nails up my back, piercing the skin and drawing blood. We flipped over so she was on top and she began to ride me forcefully, grinding her clit on my front. I sat up and began sucking on her tits as she came again and again, with me following soon after.

Once we had recovered, she slid me out and put my dick in her mouth and proceeded to suck the remaining cum from it. She kept going until she had some fresh in her mouth.

The next morning we got out of bed to find blood stains from my back all over the sheet and I just knew whoever came to clean the room would know what we were up to the night before. When I finished work that day, I went over to her house and threw her on the bed, pulled off her jeans and fucked her hard up the ass. It was the best "prize" I have ever won.

674. Man's Story: First Time She Swallowed (3/31/08)

My girlfriend and I had been dating for about six months, and the two of us were drinking with some of my male friends at her apartment when they needed to leave. I walked them downstairs to the door and locked it, and when I got back to the top of the stairs, my girlfriend was standing there, in my favorite skirt, topless.

She started grinding her ass all over me when I got to her, and after a few minutes I was as hard as I’ve ever been. I told her I needed to sit down because I had way too much to drink. So she led me over to the couch and quickly got on her knees and unzipped my pants.

She looked so amazing, and she slowly started going down on me. I had never once had a woman swallow my cum while blowing me, but I was definitely getting a weird feeling from her this time in particular. About ten minutes later I told her I was going to cum and she just sped up the pace - didn’t flinch at all.

She would usually just take it in her mouth and let it run down her chest when she was done, but this time I kept cumming and cumming until I went soft. She looked up at me, smiling, and opened her mouth - her EMPTY mouth. I swear I’ll never forget the look she gave me that night and how great the sex was afterwards.

673. Woman's Story: Rockin' the Boat (3/22/08)

My boyfriend was the son of a local tuna fisherman. One summer, we spent every day at his dad's boat hanging out and swimming in the lake. It got heaps hot one day so we went in the cabin to get a drink. We were rarely left alone so we were surprised when his dad left us to go to the shops. Realizing we didn't have more than about half an hour, we went straight to it.

My boy knows that I'm more likely to come during sex if he goes down on me first, so he pulled my bikini to the side and started licking my pussy. It felt so good! It was so hard to keep a straight face, so that the people walking past couldn't tell what we were up to. A few minutes later, he came up and we started making out again.

When he pulled down his boardies and put his massive hard cock in me. He teased me at first then I grabbed his ass and pushed him in deeper. We fucked with him on top of me for about 20 minutes until I whispered, "I'm gonna cum baby," in his ear which set him off and we both came at the same time. We cleaned ourselves up and made out some more. We smiled all day knowing we both had the most amazing sex. Later that day I gave him a thank-you blow job.

672. Man's Story: Lap Dance Deluxe (3/22/08)

I never thought I would cheat on my wife but I got so horny I couldn't help it. I was on a business trip and decided to hire a private dancer to come to my motel room versus going to a smoky strip club. Boy, was I in for a surprise because I got much more than a dance. Her name was Monique. She was originally from Germany and spoke with the sexiest accent. She had red hair, green eyes, and had the most perfect, natural breasts I have ever seen.

After she danced for a while, she could see I was aroused and said, "It's OK to take your clothes off and be comfortable." I didn't hesitate as my precum was already soaking my underwear. After I got naked she came over to the bed and sat right on my lap and rubbed her wet pussy up and down my shaft. She started out facing away and I fondled her beautiful tits. Then she turned around and pushed me down and started sliding her pussy lips back and forth on my cock as I sucked those perfect boobs. She got up and pulled me into a sitting position and began to give me a great blowjob and hand job.

I asked her to fuck me with her tits and she went to her handbag and got a bottle of lube. She lubed up her 36Ds and wrapped them around my throbbing cock. I was so hot it only took about 20 strokes and I came all over her chest and tits. We fooled around a bit more and then we showered together to clean up. It was way beyond what I expected but I was glad I got it.

671. Man's Story: Fireworks in My Pants (3/22/08)

My dad was taking me and my girlfriend home after we went to see Fourth of July fireworks. The crazy thing is we had oral sex in the backseat while my dad was driving. I asked my girlfriend to pull out my cock and stroke it, and after about 30 seconds she started sucking on it. When I finally came she had to keep her voice down, which was tough, because she was laughing about it. She said it squirted like a fountain.

670. Woman's Story: Effective Advertising (3/22/08)

My boyfriend and I were sitting watching TV at his place. His parents had gone out to dinner and weren't supposed to be back till pretty late. All of a sudden a commercial for Trojan condoms came on. We both joked and laughed saying, "Hey we're gonna see those later tonight!" Then, ironically, a commercial for KY warming lotion came on.

All of a sudden I got really turned on and grabbed my boyfriend's cock and started rubbing him through his pants. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock. He then reached up my skirt and felt I had no panties on. He started rubbing my clit while I gave him a hand job.

We moved onto the floor and started fucking like rabbits! We started out missionary then he flipped me over and went doggy style for a while. I kept screaming, "More, more!" and then I felt him pull out. He whispered and asked if he could try anal. I just nodded my head and he eased his way in. It hurt for a minute but once we got going it felt so good and we were both moaning and screaming. I had multiple orgasms that night. I'll never forget it.

669. Woman's Story: Take a Hike (3/22/08)

My husband and I decided to hike a mountain one day during the fall foliage season. It was a beautiful Indian summer day and the sun shining on me was making me horny. After our picnic lunch on top of the mountain, I started to undo my husband's jeans. Then I sucked his rock hard cock and brought him to the edge over and over again. Meanwhile he was fingering my wet hot pussy and brought me to the edge over and over again.

After awhile I couldn't take it anymore and I had to have him. We undressed each other and I pushed him down on the blanket. Then I rode his cock like a horny cowgirl. I brought myself to orgasm at least three times before I let him shoot his hot load deep inside me. Meanwhile, airplanes were flying overhead and I'm sure the passengers got quite a show.

672. Man's Story: Taking a Long Lunch (9/12/07)

I was bored at work one day and hit the internet chat rooms looking for local girls to talk to. I started chatting with this cute, kinda freaky chick who worked at a cell phone store close by. The conversation turned to sex, and she said she was horny. I egged her on and she snapped a few pics of her playing with herself with her cell phone camera and sent them to me. I couldn't believe it, and asked her what she was doing for lunch. She said hopefully me, so I told her to pick me up at lunch.

We went back to her store, where she was the only one working, locked the front door and went into the back office. As soon as we got back there she sat in a chair and I started kissing her and rubbing her tits through her shirt. Then I stood up and pulled out my cock, which she immediately started sucking and continued to suck till I came in her mouth. Afterwards, I lifted her onto the desk and returned the favor, making her cream all over my face. Then I flipped her on her stomach and stuck my hard cock inside her and fucked her hard.

We fucked on the desk, in the chair, on the floor, standing, all over that office for the next 45 minutes. When it was over, she took me back to work. I had been gone for over an hour and a half. What a lunch!

671. Woman's Story: Martini Mayhem (9/12/07)

The last of our friends had just left and my guy's roommate went to bed. We started making out in the kitchen. We had been at it all night, pulling each other randomly. But this time was different. Everyone else was gone, except for the roommate 3 feet away.

We made these special homemade martinis for everyone that night so we had martini glasses and stuff all over the place. After some playful and teasing kisses - some soft and pulling away and then pulling his head in close and hard, grabbing his ass and pulling him close - I unbuttoned his pants. He starts to pull me downstairs to his room, but I pull him with me over the counter.

We fuck like this for a while until his hand slips on the oven and his roommate's martini glass shatters everywhere. He sends me downstairs were I wait for him to clean up the mess with his pants around his ankles, belt still buckled.

670. Woman's Story: Easy Access (9/12/07)

I had not seen my boyfriend in a month, so when I visited him at school we were both really excited to see each other. We had been going out for awhile and had fucked a few times, but never like what was to come. When I got to his room, we got right to it.

He started to lick my cunt for a few minutes to get me wet and then I pulled out some lube and rubbed it all over his dick. I gave him a hand job so he would be able to go for a long time during sex. He even fingered me with lube to make sure I was very accessible. After he came, he got right into me and started riding me like crazy. My legs were spread so wide and his big cock was so far up me, but it felt great. We went for about 2 hours, and it was by far the most amazing sex I have ever had.

669. Man's Story: The Billion-Dollar Touch (9/12/07)

Me and this girl were related, but very distantly. Me, her, and her sister went to visit a mutual relative for a weekend in LA. This girl was the hottest ever and worth just under $1 billion. (I’m broke btw.)

After having a couple of drinks in the restaurant, we took a tour of the city with our hosts. I began resting my cheek on her shoulder, then kissing it, then started sucking on it. We never did anything ever before. She played it cool.

That night she was sleeping with her sister in the same room, while I was in a different room. I came over, woke her up and started caressing her. She kept telling me her sister might wake up. We began making out, then I began fingering her. She couldn’t be quiet.

Our hosts came in and her sister hadn’t woken up. I hid then and they didn’t suspect anything aside from her having a bad dream. Later she jacked me off. We went to roof for a swim and did all over again there. Her sister saw us, but played it cool.

668. Woman's Story: Don't Wake Up Granny (9/12/07)

Me and my boyfriend had been dating for a while and we never had sex before. We just did a lot of touching and flirting. Then one day we were at his house and his grandmother was in the other room. There was this hallway that had a bathroom right next to the room she was in.

I took him into the hallway and put him up against the wall. Then I started to rub my ass on his already hard dick. He reached over and pulled my pants down and then my underwear. So then I pulled his pants down and he took his dick out. He put it in between my ass cheeks and we started grinding on each other. It was so hot and it felt really good.

I could feel him about to cum and I stopped and took him to the bathroom. We fucked on the counter and he had to put his hand over my mouth just to drown out my moans so his grandmother could not hear us. It was a great day.

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