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605. Woman's Story: Going Down for the First Time (9/29/06)

I had been dating this guy for a few months and we had had sex, but nothing oral. He decided that it was time for me to meet his family so we drove up there. The first night there we were in his old bedroom messing around. I told him to lean back and relax then I went down on him, and after that we had sex.

The next night we went to a party where I got piss-ass drunk. We were driving back to his house and got half way there when he pulled off to the side of the road. I again went down on him and he came inside my mouth.

I was feeling left out about all this. I had never had anyone eat me out and I wanted it. That night in his bed we started kissing and messing around. I felt his mouth kiss my stomach and slowly kept going lower. Finally he touched his tongue to my clit and I lost it. He kept going after I came, drawing the orgasm out of me. Afterwards we had the best sex of my life. I am not sure if he was just good because that was the first time a guy had gone down on me or if he was just good. I still get that boy to go down on me almost nightly!

604. Woman's Story: Happy Coincidence (9/29/06)

A couple years ago I was invited to my best friend's house for Christmas. Her 26-year-old brother was there and had been smiling at me. So I ask my friend if I could go for a walk to clear my head. Jim (that's her brother) had followed me to make sure I was OK. He ask me out on a date and I was like, "Sure."

We came home to find no one there and a note that said they went to dinner at their mom's friend's house. So he was like, "Guess we're alone." And I was like, "Well, thanks - had a great time tonight. Well, I'm going to bed."

As I walked up the stairs, he grabbed my ass and we fucked right there on the steps. After that was over we stopped because they could have come back at any time. Later that night I snuck into his room and gave him head.

After Christmas we dated and fucked almost every day. Then I moved out of state three months later, and breaking up with him it was really hard. Four years later my step-sister asked if I'd come go to school for parent day with her daughter. 

I got to her 7th period class and there was Jim - he was the teacher. I almost died. He asked me out to dinner and we had the best sex ever. I mean, we were on the floor and I was giving head to him on the chair. He said he had missed me and could not go on with out me, so he asked my hand in marriage. We're going to be married in June 19! I swear he give the best doggie-style sex ever. We have had it on his counter and his neighbor hates me. He's always yelling for us to shut up so I just moan louder. Plus it makes Jim even more hard!

603. Woman's Story: Sorority Girls Suck  (9/29/06)

It was the night after I had found out what sorority I was going to be in. My girlfriend and I went to a frat house where we knew a few guys from high school. We got pretty wasted. I kept eyeing this cute guy and I eventually talked to him.

We wound up in his room and started making out. I slipped my dress off and let it drop to the floor. I took off my bra as he moved to lock the door. Before he could turn around, I was already waiting on my knees. He turned around and I unzipped his jeans and pulled his pants down to his ankles. His cock was huge! It was like a cucumber, the biggest I had ever seen! I palmed his balls and took his hard cock into my mouth as far as I could. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged.

It was hard to suck, but I didn't give up. I sucked and stroked his cock for 15 minutes until I could finally tell that he was about to come. I lifted up my head and asked where he wanted to come. He told me in my mouth. I then dove down and deepthroated his cock like I never had before. I went up and down as far as I could until his cock started throbbing and I felt the warm come fill my mouth. He came so much, and I swallowed it all. I put my clothes back on and went back to the party. He would return the favor later.

602. Man's Story: Double Decker Doozy (9/22/06)

I used to live in a flat above a shop on a major road with my ex-girlfriend. One day we were on our way out when she stopped me, knelt down, and unzipped my jeans. Instantly I started to get a hard on and she pulled out my semi-erect penis and started to suck it. The curtains were open but we never thought that anyone could see in and so often left them open while we fucked.

As I stood there in the middle of the room enjoying my unexpected blowjob, I became aware that a double-decker bus had stopped outside the window and everyone on the top deck could see in. I found it such a fantastic turn on that all these people could see me getting my cock sucked, and as the bus pulled off, I came into her mouth.

I never told her what happened and despite a few attempts to re-engineer the situation I was never able to relive the experience.

601. Man's Story: Have a Seat, Coach (9/22/06)

I had a great game and my friend was there. She never let me know that she liked me. I just always thought she was being a supportive friend. After the games my high school coach would make us clean up the field. I had all the keys so I was always the last one there to lock up. As I was walking to the locker room, I saw that my friend’s car was still parked and she called me over. She told me I did great in the game, but I looked better working hard and sweating. She said shed wait for me to get my things and after I did I asked her to give me a ride to my car.

As we left the parking lot it was dark and I realized I forgot to lock one of the gates. I told her to come with and she willingly did. As we went on the field to lock the dugout, she hugged me from behind and told me she'd never been in one before. I took her inside and sat down and let her look around.

Next thing I know she is straddling me and starts to kiss me. I start to peel off her clothes as fast as possible and she's doing the same to me. Soon as my dick got hard, she sat on it and began to fuck me.

About 30 minutes in I was fucking her from the back and felt the cum coming so I pulled out and nutted on my coach's chair.

The next day at practice, the first thing I saw was my coach sitting in his chair. Now every time I go to see my old high school play I think to myself how I had the best day ever on that field!

600. Woman's Story: Remedy for a Break Up (9/22/06)

I had just turned 19 and he was 26. We had only seen each other at the local bar that both our mutual friend owned, but that was good enough for me. We flirted with each other for months but nothing ever happened because he had a girlfriend and my boyfriend at the time was one of his better friends.

One night while we were at the bar, I got into a huge fight with his friend and we ended things. I was so upset. I went back into the bar, ordered another drink (which would have been my 12th of the night so I was pretty tipsy) and went and sat down by myself on the couch to thinks things through.

I was there for about 2 minutes when he came over and asked me what was wrong. I told him what had happened and he leaned over and kissed me. I was shocked. About 5 minutes later we were outside the bar and walking together to get a cab.

The cab was taking forever and at this time we didn't have that long - we wanted each other fast. We started walking some more, the whole time kissing and touching each other. He was hard as a rock and I was wetter than a swimming pool. We found our way to a bench that happened to be in a school yard, and he pulled off his pants.

I wanted him so bad, I couldn't believe it. He looked me in the eyes, kissed me and undid my pants, and pulled both them and my panties down. He lifted me up until I was on top of him and put his huge cock in me. It was a January night and I was freezing, but couldn't tell because he had me so hot.

I rode him for a good hour and the whole time he talked dirty to me, telling me how much he wanted me and that my ex was an idiot to give me up. It was probably the best sex I ever had in my life, but the only time we ever did it. It's a shame that his girlfriend found out and put a stop to it. Just imagine the great sex I could be having right now instead of writing this.

599. Man's Story: Hey, Where's the Bathroom? (9/22/06)

I had been single for a couple of months and hadn’t had sex since I split up with my ex. I was going to a friend’s party and I knew his sister was hot but never had made a move before. I arrived at the party and she was there. I saw her and instantly went hard.

It was nearly time for me to leave and she came over and asked me if I wanted to stay a little longer so I agreed and we sat and talked for a while. I asked her if she could show me where the bathroom is, so she took me upstairs, but instead of taking me to the bathroom she took me to her bedroom. I didn't say anything because I knew what was coming.

She was beautiful, with beautiful breasts and legs. She stood in front of me and took off her top to reveal her bare breasts, then her jeans to reveal a beautiful black lace thong. She walked over to me, but by now I was already half naked. She walked over and took off my pants and led me to her bed.

She lay me down and I could see her beautiful shaven pussy. She started to suck on my rock hard cock, then she said are you ready? She jumped on top of me and I rolled her over and fucked her missionary, then doggy style. We just fell to sleep in each other's arms and when we woke the next morning we proceeded to finish where we had left of. I'm now going out with her.

598. Man's Story: Double Feature Orgasm (9/22/06)

Last summer, I took my wife to the movies for her birthday. It was a warm day and she wore a skirt and flip flops. Just after the movies started, she leaned over and told me that she wasn't wearing any panties. I reached up her skirt and felt her pussy. She leaned back in the seat a spread her legs so I could continue to rub her clit. About three minutes later, she let out a little whimper and I felt my hand get all wet. She relaxed for a few minutes while we watched the movie.

Then she leaned over said, "Your turn." She undid my belt and reached down my jeans. I was already hard (from feeling her pussy) so it only took a couple of strokes to get me really going. She told me to relax and she reached into her purse and removed some lube. It felt so warm on my cock and I reclined back as she stroked. She whispered to me to stay quiet. I nodded, opening my jeans some more. She pulled faster and faster until I pulled my pants back over my cock. I squirted so hard in my jeans. What a feeling.


597. Woman's Story: Cherry Harvester (8/29/06)

Last year my best friend took me to that show called The Silver Ring Thing where I met this guy who follows the show around just looking for girls. The preachers were so fake, saying nothing like Jesus ever said, but I loved the bands and later bought the ring and even got my photo taken with it to put on their website!

This guy  was really friendly, and I got talking to him, and after a while he took me over to his motor home. First we just kissed until he said it was cool if I didn't want to lose my virginity yet. I really wanted to impress him so I rang my friend and told her to cover for me. I guess he couldn't wait because as soon as I hung up he was all over me, and we just fell on the bed where he pulled my panties off real fast.

First he tried his finger inside me but he had to push very hard to get his penis in. It didn't so much hurt as feel funny to have his massive thing forced up there. We were both gasping for air in a hot sweat, and the bed was creaking like crazy with each thrust. I was thinking everyone about would hear us. That time it didn't take him long to come and he told me how good I was, which might have been a lie, but it felt sweet to be told!

We finished up most of his condoms in the night, and the final time I even got an orgasm, the kind where you tremble all over. I closed my eyes so tight when the feelings grew inside me and there were waves of colors like golds and reds.  Afterwards we laughed because I had gotten the hiccups, and he stroked my hair so gently until I had to go.

596. Woman's Story: A Whore? Who, Me? (8/29/06)

Last year I fooled around with a man who thought I was a hooker. I was traveling for my work and had to have a late dinner by myself in my hotel's restaurant. I had a drink at the bar while I was waiting for my food, and while I was there a man sat down and started chatting me up. I was sort of vague about why I was there, which might have contributed to his confusion; anyway, he propositioned me to come back to his room for $100.

I was obviously surprised, although women sitting at a bar alone after 10 are a little unusual, so I suppose it isn't shocking. I wasn't dressed in an especially 'whoreish' way, although my job is informal and the weather warm, so I was wearing a miniskirt. Maybe that's the internationally recognized sign? Anyway, the relevant point is that I agreed! It was a stupid thing to do for lots of reasons, not least of which that I'm married and have been for 11 years.

When we got to his room he got undressed right away without saying much. I wanted to 'resolve' things quickly and was losing my nerve, so rather than get undressed myself I just sat him down on the edge of the bed, kneeled on the floor and gave him a blowjob. I had been monogamous for over 15 years, so it felt pretty out there to have some new guy's cock in my mouth. But I don't regret it. I've always thought I was pretty good at at oral sex, and he didn't complain.

I felt guilty and told my husband what I'd done a couple of weeks later. He was pissed but forgave me. I think it helped that it was anonymous and impulsive. The experience actually improved our sex life in the long run; he gets turned on if we talk about it during foreplay.

595. Man's Story: Adult Education (8/29/06)

While I was an undergrad in a psychology course, one of my classmates was a non-traditional student (in her mid-40's). We both enjoyed the class and from time to time would swap notes and study together at the student union.

As the class progressed we started spending a couple times each week going over assignments and preparing for tests. One night we went out for a few beers after studying, and as we were walking back she asked if she could perform oral sex on me. It really threw me. It was the best BJ I ever had. I never did have "sex" with her, but she did give me four more BJs. I never told any of my fraternity brothers, and I since learned she has two kids and is married.

594. Man's Story: Hot Laundry (8/29/06)

I was traveling throughout Australia, and stayed in Perth for a while, where I met a young lady. On the first night she stayed in my dorm, and by the way she was talking to me I could tell that she wanted me. So the next night I arranged to go out with her and her friend. The conversation started to get really dirty so we all decided to go and watch a peep show. We were all giggling but decided to get a porno.

We took the porno back to the hostel and played it in the TV room. She made me sit between her and her friend, and I got so turned on. At the end there was only me and her awake and still there. We got really horny on the sofa. I gave her something to moan about with my mouth.

We then took it up to the laundry room...oh, and did I mention that she was really hot?! The night ended with us both having an explosive orgasm over the "Queen of Speed" tumble dryer. Needless to say, we repeated the incident for the rest of the week!

593. Woman's Story: Cops and Robbers (8/29/06)

I had recently gone down to visit my cousins. While I was down there I had met this guy who was drop dead gorgeous and smart. Nothing happened while I was there though, except flirting. But then 2 months later I had gone down to visit again.

It was about 12:30 a.m. and all of us (cousins and friends, hot guy included) decided we wanted to play cops and robbers. Well, I was a robber and so was the hot guy. I had found my spot to hide. It was in this 10 -foot a bush. I was trying to be as quiet as possible when the guy decides he wants to hide in my spot. We were both quiet for 10 minutes, but then we heard the "cops" coming so he pulled me close to him so they couldn't find me.

I was beyond horny at this point, and I'm guessing he was too because I could feel his cock throbbing up against his jeans and my legs. Then the weird part was, he asked if he could kiss me. I was in absolute shock, and instead of answering I started to kiss him. His hands were everywhere on me. He started to lower my shorts, and put his hands in between my legs. He was fingering me. He was rubbing me faster and faster.

I started to moan, and I couldn't handle the pleasure. He put his free hand on my mouth, in case we got caught. I got so excited that I got down on my knees and started to unzip his pants. Without hesitation his cock just flung out without any help. I started to lick and suck him until he came.

After that we decided to fuck. We were still hiding so we had to be quiet. He picked me up and I had my legs wrapped around him. He entered me so fast that I screamed in pleasure. His hands were under my shirt and my lips were on his. He just kept thrusting in and out. It was ecstasy. After we were done we put our clothes back on and just made out for 10 minutes. We soon realized that our fuck took us a whole hour! It was my first time and it was perfect in a weird fantasy sort of way.

592. Woman's Story: Like the View? (8/2/06)

My husband took me to Cincinnati for our anniversary. We had plenty of drinks before dinner, and on the way to the casual riverside restaurant, he asked (totally out of character) if I might pull a "Sharon Stone" at the restaurant for him.

After we were seated outside on the patio, I excused myself to the ladies' room and removed my panties from beneath my gauze skirt. It was hot out, so when I returned to the table, I casually hiked my skirt up over my knees. I think he knew what I was trying to do, because he shook his head as if to say "No, I can't see."  I was too close for him to see anything.

I propped my feet on the legs of the table to raise my thighs, and then pulled the skirt closer to my stomach. His eyes widened as he stared right at my most secret spot. He tried carrying on a conversation as he stared, and once in a while I had to change position as the waitress came by.

Eventually, a woman at the table behind us mouthed to me, "Close your legs!" as she drew her two raised index fingers together. I didn't think the couple behind my husband could see anything because he was in their way. Apparently, the woman's husband had an even better view than my husband!

When I told my husband this, he got even more excited knowing the lucky bastard behind him had a perfect view between my legs. My pubic region is not shaved, but I cut my hair very close and short. Now my husband asks wherever we go if I'll wear a skirt. But I usually don't, unless I'm in just the right mood.

591. Woman's Story: You Know That Was Good (8/2/06)

I was with my boyfriend at his parents house and we were watching the TV while his mom was in the shower. He had thrown a blanket over us to keep warm and we were cuddling up, just chilling out. Suddenly, I found myself really horny and started rubbing his cock, hard and slow through his jeans. He started moaning quietly, so as not to make his mom aware of us.

We started kissing and caressing and before we knew it we were playing with each other intensely. He had slid his hand down my jeans and was gently rubbing my pussy through my panties. I was so turned on. Suddenly his mom came into the living room. We continued kissing gently when he suggested we go upstairs, with a whisper in my ear. We quickly arranged ourselves before heading upstairs.

I following him into his room. He closed the door and turning quickly, threw me onto his bed. I couldn't wait for what was about to happen next. He undid my jeans and started sucking on my pussy. I became more and more wet. I wanted him so much, but he decided to tease me and continued sucking on my pussy and waiting until I came.

I came so unbelievably that I had to hold a pillow to my mouth to stop myself from screaming really loudly. He looked up at me and smiled as if to say, "You know that was good." It was the best orgasm I ever had during oral sex!

590. Man's Story: Let's Go to the Movies (8/2/06)

I'd been dating this girl for about three months. She was a hot brunette with these beautiful big amber eyes and an awesome bod. She had wanted to see this movie for ages so I agreed to take her to see it. It had been a while since the film had come out so there was hardly anyone there. I think there were about two other couples both sitting near the middle. We proceeded to the back row.

About ten minutes into the movie, I began to get a bit restless. I put my arm around my girl and she put her hand on my leg. My cock started to harden slightly. We had fucked once before but it wasn't for very long.

We started to make out and I ran my hand up her thigh, teasing her. To my surprise, she wasn't wearing any panties, so I slid my hand into her dripping pussy. I fingered her for about 5 minutes before she couldn't take it any more.

She grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me onto the floor and whispered in my ear, "Fuck me." I didn't think twice and naturally I obliged. I shoved my solid cock into her tight, wet pussy. What a feeling! We fucked for about 20 minutes then changed positions, me coming at her from behind.

It wasn't long before I could feel my orgasm coming so I went to pull out but she moaned and kept me inside her. I was shocked but seconds later I shot my load into her. I was shaking with my orgasm. She then proceeded to give me head. I came four times during that film. I am definitely taking her to see another movie!!

589. Man's Story: Incredible First Time (8/2/06)

My first experience with sex was INCREDIBLE. It was when I was 23. I had been dating this girl and we had sex before but it was just oral. One night, I came home and I didn't see her so I got a little worried. I walked into the bedroom and there she stood in the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. I asked what was going on and she said she decided she " wanted to."

I was so excited, I didn't know what to do. I sat on the bed, and she revealed her left breast. I started to slowly lick it, and she started to breathe hard. She got down, undoing my pants, and started to suck me. I felt her juicy wet tongue lick my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and started to bring her closer to my cock. I came in her mouth.

She got on top of me. I felt her pussy around my cock. She started to moan, then her moaning turned into screaming. She yelled, "I'M CUMMING!" We both came at the same time. This felt so amazing. We did it 3 more times afterwards. The last time was the best, because she allowed me to fuck her in the ass.

588. Woman's Story: All in the Family (8/2/06)

The first time I had sex, my mom was right in the living room. She knew that my boyfriend was coming over and that it was going to happen. My mom and I are really close, being an only child and a single parent, so she provided me with condoms and advice.

When my boyfriend got here she greeted him and we all ate dinner. During dinner I kept rubbing my foot on his penis across the table. On the way up to my room, I put a condom in his hand. When we got there, I instantly got naked and sucked him for a few minutes.

I stopped and got up on my bed, and he put the condom on and got up there with me. I spread my legs and told him to do it. He started to push his throbbing dick in slowly, then after a few minutes he was able to go a little faster. It felt so great, and we fucked for hours.

After we were done, he got dressed and I just threw on my robe. He left, and I told my mom every detail. I knew my robe was open and hanging off, but I didn't care. My boyfriend and I had sex the next day too. I'll never forget it.

587. Woman's Story: Catch a Buzz (7/24/06)

I had just started to go out with my boyfriend who happened to work near where I was working at the time. We had plans one day to meet for lunch, and then he'd show me around the school he does tech support for. So, we had a nice lunch, went back to his office, met his co-workers, and then he wanted to take me on a tour of the school.

It was during the summer, so there was hardly anyone there. First he took me to the secretaries' offices and introduced me some more, and then we ended up going to a few more "abandoned" rooms. In the first room we were in, we started to kiss and make out, nibbling on each other's necks and ears as well. Then in the second room, he started rubbing my lips through my clothes.

Then we went into this high-tech music lab that only 2 other people had keys for, and he started to take off my pants, and for a while, rubbed me through my underwear. Then, he took those off, and being that the expensive tables for all the equipment were very sturdy, and a nice height, he lifted me up onto the table and sucked my clit and finger-fucked me till I came several times.

We went to another classroom where he had to fix a couple of computers, and when he sat down in his chair, I rubbed his already hard dick through his pants, and then rewarded him for being so nice to me earlier and pulled his pants and underwear down.  I sucked and rubbed and rubbed and sucked, and was doing such a good job that he wanted to give me a little surprise. He had this walkie-talkie with a vibration mode, and held it up to my pants as I kept sucking.

Well, it was my first time ever using ANYTHING vibrating, and I came so quickly it surprised me! From then on, I kept doing my best sucking on him to earn more "rewards." I swear, I sucked on him for like half an hour straight, and when he finally came, it was luckily mostly on his underwear, so when he went back to work, his co-workers wouldn't notice anything.

Needless to say, he decided to go home from work early that day, and we made a trip to a shop that sold REAL vibrators, and fucked for hours and hours. Now, every time I go to visit him at work, I can't help but blush and think about that day. Since I've been using a vibrator, I've gotten much tighter and have much better muscle control, so the sex just keeps getting better and better!

586. Man's Story: Sure, I'll Pull Out... (7/24/06)

I had been going with this girl for a little over a month, but we hadn't had sex yet. She called me up on a Saturday and asked if I could help her "take care of a few things around her house" and I said sure. When I got there she was alone, her roommates were away for the weekend and we had the apartment to ourselves. She said that there was something in the bedroom she wanted to show me and I followed her into it.

No sooner did we get into the room then she started kissing me hard and grabbing at my cock. Within a minute we were both naked and messing around on her bed. She told me to fuck her hard, but I told her that I didn't come prepared. It kinda put a damper on things, so we just messed around for a while, but I was so hard and I could feel how wet she was. Finally she said, "Can you pull out?" Wanting to fuck her so bad, I said "Of course."

She let me slide into that dripping pussy and it felt sooo good. As we fucked, she kept telling me to go harder and harder. I told her I was getting ready to cum and she said, "Hold out for a few seconds, I'm almost there." I continued to pump into her and she moaned and moaned. I screamed, "I'm cumming!" and tried to pull out but she grabbed my ass and held onto me. She screamed and I shot a huge load into her pussy. I collapsed onto her chest.

After a few moments I looked at her and said that I came in her. "I know," she said. "I knew that you wouldn't be able to pull out. It's a good thing I just finished my period this morning. I suggest, though, that if you want to fuck me again today, you better go get some condoms." I ran out to the corner store and bought a box. We used half of them the rest of the weekend.

585. Woman's Story: Talking Dirty (7/24/06)

My boyfriend and I have only been together for just over three months. He is so amazing, sometimes just being next to him makes me wet. So you couldn’t believe how horny I felt when he asked me what I thought about talking dirty while having sex. He must have horny too because he started stroking my body up and down. Feeling his hand on my bare body gave me the shivers, and I could feel myself getting wetter.

He undid my bra then took my top off while gently teasing my hard nipples. He would use the tips of his fingers, then slide his palm onto them. It felt like I was getting an electric shock. Then he began caressing them with his tongue. I could hear him licking them, making them wet just like how my pussy was. I could feel myself getting soaking and by this point I just wanted him to fuck me.

I could feel his hand slowly working its way down my body, then into my trousers. He rubbed my soaking wet clit teasingly, but before he carried on, he took my trousers and underwear off so that he could tease me even more. I opened my legs wide, desperate to have him inside, but no, he won’t have me just yet. I let out a groan as he slid his finger in, and he whispered, “Oh my god. You’re soaking wet.” He would slide his finger into my soaking wet pussy, then slide it out to stroke my clit. My clit felt so tingly and burning hot, I was shaking with pleasure. I spread my legs even wider so that he can see what he is doing. The thought of him watching what he is doing to me really turned me on.

He then placed two fingers inside me, pushing his fingers harder, and deeper. His fingers were dripping wet from my juice, but he didn’t stop. He kept on hitting my G-spot, then would tell me how much he loves seeing my face when he does so. As he pushed harder, I groaned louder and louder. I was just about to orgasm when he suddenly stopped, then rubbed my clit gently again. “I’m not letting you cum just yet.“ He grinned cheekily. I was breathing so hard, and my pussy was dripping wet, desperate for his cock.

I could feel his hard cock from his trousers. I wanted to touch it, and tease him. I tried to take his trousers off while he was playing with me, but I couldn’t because I’d twitch and shiver with pleasure. I had no control over my own body. He noticed what I was trying to do, so he quickly took his clothes off. I grabbed his cock. It was really hard and wet. I rubbed it up and down as his juice covered my hand. He slid his two fingers inside me again and pushed hard, but I held on to his cock. He and I soon began groaning together then he whispered in my ear, “Do you like my hard cock? Do you want it inside you?” I tried to say yes but I was groaning at the same time, so it came out as more of a noise.

He quickly places his condom on, then he thrust inside me. I was already so close, and unbelievably wet, his cock went in so smoothly. I could feel his hard cock thrusting inside. His head rested right next to my ear, then he said with pleasure, “I love your tight wet pussy.” This made me groan so loud that I know my housemates heard, but I didn’t care. All I could say to him was "Yeah" because I was moaning so much. He would push so hard and fast that I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, then he would slow down but push harder inside instead so that he thrust hard onto my dripping wet G-spot.

He kept on asking me if I liked it. I asked him if he liked it, then he would tell me how much he loves his hard cock inside my tight, dripping wet pussy….I’d imagine his cock covered in my juice soaking wet, and it made me even hornier and I hoped that he could cover my pussy with his cum. By then, he didn’t slow down. He kept pushing himself harder and deeper inside me and my pussy was getting hotter and hotter. I knew he was close, too, as he was groaning loudly. I grabbed his hips and pushed him harder inside me. I was so loud that I was almost screaming. We both groaned louder and louder until we both had a massive orgasm. It was so good that he laid on top of me, his cock still inside for five minutes or so because we were out of breath. Talking dirty was so good, I think we will be doing it all the time from now on….

584. Man's Story: Squeaky Bed (7/24/06)

Back in 1976 I was living in the Panhandle of Florida and was single at the time. My friend had recently gotten married and moved from the dorms on a military base to an apartment with his wife in town. I was still living in the dorms and wasn't a suitable place for visitors.

My friend and I used to go out on the town many times before he met his new wife. One night he, his wife and I decided to go out to one of the popular dance clubs near the beach area. His wife was a nice looking slender blonde with great legs. She was one of the best looking girls at the club. After a few drinks we were all feeling good. I must have had the most drinks since I was not driving. My friend and his wife were dancing quite a bit and his wife seemed to be getting more hornier toward him as time went on.

After a while they were ready to get back to the apartment and I had to work the next day. We went on back to the their apartment and they let me sleep in the living room since I had way too many drinks to be driving. My friend and his wife went to their bedroom to turn in for the night.

There was no door on the bedroom since it was a very small cottage type of apartment, and as I was laying on the couch before actually falling asleep, I heard the their bed squeaking. It began squeaking faster and faster and they must have been really fucking hard. During this time I was hearing the wife really moaning and breathing hard. The squeaking went on for around 40 minutes. Soon after that I fell asleep.

I got up early the next morning and went to work before they woke up. I kept thinking about the squeaking bed all day. A couple of days later I ran across Richard and told him what a great night that was and thanked him for letting me crash at the apartment. He mentioned how great their sex was that night and I said that I did hear the bed squeak for quite a while. "You must have fucked her good," I said to him.

Later that summer my friend and his wife went to Kentucky for a few days to visit family. They said that I can stay at their apartment and I thought that this would be a good time to pick up a woman. The first two nights I struck out, but the last night I was driving along the beach area and saw a woman walking along side the road by herself. I pulled over and asked if she needed a lift. She got in and told me she had been hitching rides from New Hampshire to go to New Orleans.

She had light complexion with a blonde shag hair style, and was wearing a halter top with some nice tight jeans. After we grabbed some pizza, I told her that I had a place to stay where she could get a good night's sleep and finish her journey the next day. When we got back to the apartment she went ahead to the bathroom to take a shower. I told her to go to sleep in the bedroom after showering.

I decided to leave her alone and began to sleep in the living room. Then while I was laying there, I was really feeling horny thinking how nice it would be to be in bed with her. After about an hour, I knew she was sound asleep. I took all my clothes off and quietly slipped in bed next to her. I laid there almost all night with a hard-on waiting for her to wake up later.

Finally, around 9:00 in the morning she wakes up and looks over at me being somewhat surprised. I told her that it was better being in the bed with her than in the living room. I then turned toward her and started softly kissing her neck and under her ear. She responded with a slight smile and began breathing deeper. She slipped her hand behind my head and slowly pulled me closer as we began French kissing each other passionately. After kissing for several minutes, I brought myself up, slowly pulled back the covers from her.

She had slept in her clothes, so I slipped off her halter top, revealing some nice rounded firm breasts. I then slowly slipped her jeans and panties off. She just laid there with a smile and enjoyed letting me take off her clothes. She had nice sender legs with a nice light hair on her pussy. I then started lightly kissing and licking her ankles, then went along her legs working toward her pussy area. She started getting really hot and turned on and began to move her hips in a grinding motion and moaning loudly. I then worked my way up by sucking her breasts and licking her nipples.

We went on to French kissing passionately again, and as she spread her legs and I thrust my cock right in her nice wet cunt. I then fucked her harder and harder, causing the bed to squeak. This reminded me about the night when my friend and his wife were making the bed squeak, which got me even more excited. I kept pumping more vigorously. She had one good orgasm at this moment. We changed positions and she rode my cock for a while until she orgasmed again. She then laid back while I fucked her breasts until I came all over her. We both were quite satisfied.

That day I gave her a ride to Mississippi. At a gas station we met a couple of girls going to New Orleans and she got a ride with them. My friend returned later that afternoon and I told him that I succeeded in bringing a woman to his apartment and that I really made the bed squeak and squeak.

583. Woman's Story: I Knew I Was a Nympho (7/24/06)

It wasn't my first time ever having sex, but it was the first time I had ever had sex with my best friend's brother. I was going to spend the night with my two best friends, who happened to be each other's aunt and niece.

I got to my friends' house, but only one of them was there. I asked where the other one was and she told me that her auntie had gone to pick up her brother. They got back and I about died. He was so hot! To my surprise, he had been talking about fucking me to my two best friends all day. He came in and just gave me this big smile because he knew my reputation.

I got warned not to lay a hand on him while they were sleeping and we had held off until about six the next morning when his sister had to take a shower and his aunt was asleep. By the time the bathroom door closed we were naked on the living room floor.

I couldn't believe how big he was. He started to play with my clit and then he entered me. I couldn't believe how good it felt! I tried my hardest to muffle my moans, but that didn't exactly work very well. He worked his way in and out of me, grinding harder and harder each time. I sat there with my face in the couch screaming for pleasure as we came. Then we had to wrap things up pretty quickly because his sister had just got out of the shower. She eventually figured out what happened, but she went into denial. That was the day I had figured out that I was a nymphomaniac.

582. Woman's Story: Liquored Up (7/17/06)

In college my friend worked at a liquor store and there was the hottest guy working with him. About three nights a week I would go in there just to flirt with him but nothing else because he had a girlfriend. Then one night I got a little tipsy (not drunk, just silly) and dressed up in a really short halter dress and went down to go buy more beer.

As soon as I got there I started flirting, sitting on the counter, spreading my legs just a little. I could tell I was getting him turned on. He asked what I was doing later and I said, hanging with you. Anyway, two hours later he called me and told me to come over to his house. As soon as I got there we started drinking Irish car bombs and getting drunk as fuck! I asked him where is girlfriend was and he said out of town and I took that as my invitation to just go for it.

I slowly started to kiss his neck and rub his growing dick. He untied my dress and grabbed my tits. He was rubbing them and it felt so good I almost came right there. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. I even put his balls in my mouth and sucked them too. He was moaning and pulling my hair, calling my a dirty little girl. Now that really turned me on. I told him that I needed his cock NOW!!

He threw me up on the air hockey table and just shoved his dick into me. Now, I normally don't like it it rough but that night it drove me crazy. I could just feel my pussy getting wetter and dripping down my legs. He called me his dirty little slut and bit me and it was amazing. Then he picked me up and bent me over the couch and started drilling me doggie style and spanking me.

I came at least 10 times that night and we just continued having sex until noon the next day. It all ended with me giving him a blowjob at the front door on my way out. We kept up our little fuckfest for about three months. He was by far the best fuck I have ever had and the greatest affair of my life. Just don't ever tell my husband.

581. Woman's Story: Isn't That Where Rush Limbaugh Went? (7/17/06)

During the Christmas holidays, my boyfriend and I went to the Dominican Republic for a week. One night, we got really drunk and went to the disco to dance and drink some more at the bar. Things got really hot and heavy as he was grinding with me on the dance floor. We both knew it was time to go back up to our room. We could hardly resist each other, making out the whole way there, me grabbing his enormous penis. Our clothes were already off before we got inside the room.

Once in, he threw me to the bed where he started licking my already soaking cunt. I put a pillow under my butt so he could get a better angle, and eventually he turned me over and started eating me out from behind, slipping his tongue in my pussy hole and one finger in my asshole. The feeling was so intense, I think I came 5 times.

Then I turned around and sat on his dick. I rode him while he rubbed my pussy and I played with his balls, and then turned around and rode him backwards so he could watch my ass bounce up and down. He loved every second of it. I didn't let him come yet though. I went down on him, sucking his thick, hard, juicy cock. For the first time in our relationship, I let him come in my mouth. It was so warm and amazing, I don't know who loved it more.

We started fucking again, this time I lay down and he brought my legs straight up in the air so my pussy would be tighter for him. I came again and he lay on the bed, tired as hell from pumping me. We both lay together, kissing and holding each other.

While he was starting to fall asleep, I got back on him and started sucking his limp penis, and I felt it get hard in my mouth again. I sucked him dry again and let him come all over me.

You should all go to Dominican, it's where fantasies come true! The only thing that could have possibly made it better was to have done this all on the beach

580. Man's Story: Drinks Are on Me, Mate (7/17/06)

One night after being out late, a few of us went back to my apartment for an after-hours party. As the night went on, people began to leave and eventually the only ones left were myself, a friend and his girlfriend. My friend was very drunk and passed out on the couch. His girlfriend got up and moved to the other couch I was sitting on to give him more room.

This couch was smaller and we were sitting fairly close and my hand brushed up against her leg. As this happened, she moved slightly closer to me. For an hour I slowly began to rub her leg, first with the back of my hand and eventually placing my hand on her thigh and onto the inside of her leg. Each move I made closer to her pussy was met with a slight moan of anticipation. Finally, I made it to her pussy, rubbing over the top of her pants as she extended her hips into my hand.

I undid her belt and unzipped her pants as I eased my hand underneath the underwear covering her shaven box. I used my entire hand, rubbing in a circular motion over her vagina without entering her with my fingers, as I felt how moist she was with my palm. She then took her hand and covered mine as she applied pressure to my middle finger, sinking both of our fingers into her box.

Once my finger was inside her, she began to ease her pants off her legs. I then turned to face her and grabbed her hips, pulling her to the edge of the couch. She undid my pants and guided me into her swollen mound, the entire time looking over my shoulder at her boyfriend who was still passed out. She grabbed my ass and controlled my slow rhythm inside of her without taking her eyes off of her boyfriend, never once looking at me.

We did not say a single word to each other as we slowly forced our bodies together. When she started to moan I forced my lips to hers, trying to keep her from making a sound and  the entire time keeping our same rhythm. As we both approached climax, she leaned close to my ear grabbed my ass tightly and told me, "Come deep inside me." With that I exploded inside of her as her throbbing pussy contracted around my cock. I pulled out of her and pulled up my pants as she did as well.

She returned to the other couch and laid next to her boyfriend and fell asleep and when I woke up they were gone. I can't wait to see her at another party and I'll pay for her boyfriend's drinks!

579. Man's Story: Steamy Sister-in-Law (7/17/06)

My company has corporate offices all up and down the East Coast. I had to go to the Virginia office for a few days and since my wife's sister lives there, we decided to all go up and stay with her. Monday morning, my sister-in-law had to get up early to take her fiance to physical therapy for a bad car accident he had been in. My wife offered to take him instead since she didn't have anything else to do. That way her sister could sleep for another hour before going to work.

My sister-in-law and her fiance live in a small colonial house with 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom. I guess she thought I was still sleeping, so she left the bathroom door open because it has no fan and gets so steamy you can't even seen 2 feet ahead. I woke up and had some "morning wood" and had to pee. As I walked into the bathroom, there she stood wearing an untied terry cloth robe. She was still wet from head to toe from the shower.

She looked at me, saw my morning wood, and offered to take care of it for me. Without even a word from me, she sat on the bathroom counter, spread her legs, and said "FUCK ME NOW!" Without even a second thought, I went up to her and rammed my cock into her wet pussy. I sat there and pumped her till I knew she was about to cum, and I couldn't hold out any longer. She came so hard, clenching her twat around my cock, that I couldn't hold back any more and shot my load deep inside of her. 

I then said, "Damn, looks like you need another shower." We hopped into the shower and began to soap each other up, and in a few minutes, I was hard again. She wanted it again so I bent her over and banged her hard doggie style while she masturbated her clit. In no time she was coming again, and this time I pulled out and shot my load all over her back. We finished washing up, and got out and dried off. Just as I finished dressing, my wife and her fiance came back from therapy.

Now whenever I am in Virginia, I like to "keep it in the family."

578. Woman's Story: Off to a Good Start (7/17/06)

I had been talking to this guy for a while online and decided to meet up with him. He seemed nice and caring and I hoped he was the same in person. I met up with him in a pub in town on a night out with my mates. We hit it off straight away and ended up having a very passionate kiss as my mates went to the toilet.

We had to walk home from the pub and I felt quite horny as he kept spanking me as we walked. We walked my mate home, then continued on in the opposite direction to my house. We went to a field where on the other side was a beautiful clearing by a river where the moon and the stars could be seen through the trees.

We decided to 'talk' but his lips came onto mine more passionately than the first time. I could feel his really hard cock pressing into me through his and my jeans and could feel myself getting wetter and hotter. As he took my clothes off he slowly lay me down onto the gravel below and as he entered me I thought I was going to explode.

We were both moaning and panting and within minutes. I could feel he was about to explode. I arched my back and squeezed him with my thighs. That tipped him and myself both over the edge and we both came deep and hard.

I continued to date this guy for about 7 months, until I found out he was married and was cheating on both of us all the whole time. Why ruin a perfect start?

577. Man's Story: Room Service (7/8/06)

In 1981 I went to Germany on a trip. I was only 19 years old. I stayed in a three-star hotel in Berlin, but I went to the Sheraton hotel to hang out in the evenings. One evening I was sitting at the bar when this guy in his forties approached me and started a conversation with me about where I am from and how old I am. He offered me a drink and asked me to join him and his wife. She was in her thirties but she was very hot, with black hair and a slim body.

After a couple of drinks the man suggested that we go up to their room and continue the night drinking in their suite. We went up the room and we started drinking again when he said that he was going to the store to get his favorite cigars and he will be back in five minutes. He left and the wife stood up and went to the main bedroom. I was left alone by myself, but I could see the wife in the other room getting undressed.

I felt hot and my cock got hard. I went to the room and she was laying down on the bed wearing a black silky long night dress. She was touching herself all over her body in a very sexy way. I don't know how I got next to the bed or how I got the nerve to, but my hands went all over her body. She was moaning and groaning, which encouraged me to go all the way and sit on the bed next to her.

My hand slipped under her dress and touched her wet, juicy pussy. I stuck my finger in her pussy and rubbed it, gently massaging her mound. She was moaning with pleasure. I went down and started to eat her pussy and lick her juices. She came two times before I got my dick out and started to fuck her.

Suddenly I saw the husband sitting on a chair behind me, watching me fucking his wife. I felt my dick go down and was losing my momentum. But he motioned for me to continue what I was doing. It was difficult for me to concentrate knowing that the man was watching me, but after a while I forgot his existence and started to fuck the woman again until I came inside her cunt.

The man told me that the bitch loved to be fucked up her ass and asked me to fuck her ass. I flipped her on her stomach and fucked her from behind in the ass hard, fast and deep. She was enjoying it so much that she had two or three orgasms. I came inside her sweet little ass and she soaked the bed with her juices.

After that I took off and went to my hotel. It was the first time for me to fuck an ass and the first time I fuck while someone else was in the room, but I realized that I fucked the woman without our saying a word to each other.

576. Woman's Story: If the Van's A-rocking... (7/8/06)

I went out on our National Holiday, just for a few drinks and maybe a dance with one of my girlfriends. We went into this pub and I saw that my sister's friends were there so we hung out with them. They had met these three guys - two Kiwis and their mate who lived in our area.

We were sitting down and having a few drinks. I had been making eye contact with one of the guys but not really talking to him. We all decided it was boring and made our way back to one of the girls' houses. I was sitting on the lounge and the guy whom I was trying to hook up with sat next to me and started kissing me. I didn't even say anything.

We went to go back to his camper van but didn't quite make it there because he wanted me to take my pants off so he could taste my pussy (which was very very wet by this time). We ended up stripping off and fucking right there in the alley. He had an awesome cock piercing which felt amazing rubbing against my clit. We finished off doggy style and he blew his load inside my pussy. He had cum on his pants which we had to conceal walking back to the girl's place.

Soon after, him and me and his mate and the girl whose place we were at all walked back to their van and I started to fuck him again. I looked over and the guy's mate was fucking the other girl. After we had both come, the guy I was fucking wanted his mate to fuck me as well. Being as horny as I was I didn't object. The girl and the second guy I fucked went back to her place, while I stayed in the van and got fucked again in the morning....

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