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575. Woman's Story: Don't Bother Knocking (7/8/06)

I was with a friend that I had gone road tripping with, and we stayed at my boyfriend's house for a night while we were on holiday. When we woke up in the morning, she went to take a shower and I wandered off, bored, to try and find my boyfriend (he was getting breakfast in the kitchen). We laughed and joked around for a while and then drifted to his room.

Then when we got there he shut the door, immediately started kissing me hard and gently pushed me towards the bed. I got wet instantly. He whispered, "You look so sexy - I just had to fuck you," as he pulled off my trekkies and panties in one motion, and I undid his pants to reveal silk boxers (which I love!).

He pushed me on my back, onto his bed and rammed his thick cock into me and started pumping furiously. I love his cock in my pussy. Just feeling him hard against me is such a turn on! We stopped to get a condom after I came, and then he fucked me doggy style with me leaning downwards, the way I like it - especially when he holds on to my hips and pumps in and out slowly, watching himself.

By this time I've come like twice, muffling myself with his pillow, and so he gets on his back and tells me to ride him hard, which I gladly do. As I ride faster, I feel his hands clench on my legs and I hear him moan... and he comes too.

All this takes place in the space of 10 minutes, and then I realize that his door doesn't lock and my friend could have walked straight in. I went to shower in the downstairs toilet, and when I went back up my friend was like, "I wondered where you were, but I thought that going downstairs to check wasn't the best idea."

574. Man's Story: The Best Revenge (7/8/06)

It was a Saturday night and I was lonely and bored, so I went down to the local club for a drink and to scope out the place. When I got there, the place was pretty crowded. I found my target immediately; a sexy little blonde was dancing with her girlfriends on the dance floor. She had a great body; not much tits, but one hell of an ass, especially for a white girl. It looked like she had already had a few drinks, but I offered to buy her another one when she got off the floor anyway.

Now I’m kind of intimidating, 6’3”, and this girl is tiny. She couldn’t have been more than 5’6”. Her friends were already glaring at me, but the girl was making eyes at me. I couldn’t help myself. She accepted the drink, downed it quicker than any girl I’ve ever seen. She was asking me if I wanted to dance when I saw my bitch of an ex-girlfriend making her way over through the crowd. I had just moved out of her apartment after I found out she’d been cheating on me; it was a messy breakup after a long (expensive) relationship. I was still pretty pissed at the bitch.

I quickly explained the situation to the girl and asked if she would pose as my new girlfriend just to spite my ex. She was more than willing, and jumped on me immediately. The girl could kiss, that’s for sure, and her little body pressed against mine wasn’t helping me keep my head much. I did manage to get a glimpse of my ex, though. Her face right before she stomped off was priceless.

I thanked the girl and asked her if I could do anything for her in return. I was pretty sure she knew what I had in mind, but she played the tease and winked at me and asked me if she could get that dance. I grinned and told her that I only knew one kind of dance, and that if she wanted to go out back I’d be more than willing to show her. She giggled and took my hand, and we went out the back door to the alley.

She immediately put her hand on the crotch of my jeans and felt out my half-stocked cock. It didn’t take very long for her to get me rock hard. I pushed her back against the wall while she undid my pants, leaning over her and biting her ear. Before I knew it, she had her lips around my cock and was doing this thing with her tongue and lips…god, I’m getting hard just remembering it.

Anyway, I’d had hookups before, but only a few were drunk, and none were in a back alley. It was sexy, really dirty. I nearly came twice while she was blowing me. My hips were subconsciously fucking her mouth. Then she stood up and told me she wanted me to fuck her. I turned her around and bent her over an empty trash can.

I put my hand up her skirt and fingered he through her panties, but she was already sopping wet. She pulled them down and stuck her sweet ass out for me to grab hold of. I obliged and pushed the head of my cock against her pussy lips. She moaned, and begged me to give it to her, so I did. I reached around to grab her tits and slid my throbbing cock into her. After her work on my cock, I came after a few minutes. I turned her over and licked and tickled her clit until she came.

A few minutes after that, we went back into the bar. Her friends flocked around her, which was good, because she passed out soon after that. They took her home. I forgot to get her number, and I don't even know her name, but I still go to the club some Saturday nights, hoping to see her.

573. Woman's Story: Oops, You Forgot Something (7/8/06)

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for a 3 years now. But this happened on the night of my graduation. After the ceremony there was the traditional prom. But we didn't go to the prom. It was 2 o'clock in the morning and he and I left the club to go for a "walk."

The streets were pretty empty and we found a little dark corner in the park. I was in my gown, but not for long. First I took off my thong and dangled it in front of him. Then he helped me out of my gown and soon he was naked on top of me.

He pounded me like there was no tomorrow and all I could do was try not to make a sound. I came like 3 times before he was even close to coming. We were sweating like pigs in the midday sun. But after my fourth orgasm, which left me breathless and completely exhausted, he fucked me even harder, which left me sore the next day.

Finally he came into the condom and even though I was relieved, I still felt empty when he took his huge cock out. But I wasn't as empty as I thought I was, because the condom he had on was still deep inside my fucking wet pussy.

I got on my knees and elbows while he stuck four fucking fingers in me, fishing out the cum-filled rubber. It was the best graduation present I ever had and the first time he stuck four fingers in my pussy.

572. Man's Story: Need a Hand? (7/3/06)

I was sitting in a supermarket carpark, feeling extremely horny while waiting for a part to be delivered, so I decided to relieve my self by hand. I unzipped my trousers and reached in and grabbed my stiff cock and pulled it from the confines of my boxers, and very slowly started to move my hand up and down the length.

After a few moments I was really wanting to explode into my hand so I leant back into my seat, closed my eyes and started to stroke a lot quicker, and was on the verge of shooting my load all over the dashboard and steering wheel, when I heard the telltale rumble of a shopping cart getting closer and closer. I kept my eyes closed and hoped I would cum before whoever it was got close to me!

Just as my warm seed started to erupt from my cock, the rumbling of the cart stopped. As I spurted the first of 3 squirts onto the dashboard of my vehicle, and opened my eyes, and was shocked to see a woman stood by her car parked right next to mine on the near side, watching me jerk my cock and spurt over the dash.

She smiled and walked round to the drivers side of my van and asked if she could help, at which I just nodded. She reached in, took my cock into her hand and continued to pump my cock until I was spent. Then she leant in and kissed the head of my cock! I have never seen her since, but would love to meet up again, or meet someone else who would like to do the same.

571. Man's Story: Tried to Warn You (7/3/06)

I met this hot girl one night at a club and ended up driving her home. As I was driving she undid my pants and started sucking my cock. I spotted a secluded parking lot and pulled over while she kept stroking me in her mouth.

I put my seat back and watched as she worked my cock with that amazing tongue of hers. She stopped to warn me not to cum in her mouth, and I agreed. I pushed her head down on my cock a few times as she was bobbing up and down on it, and after a few more minutes of hearing her moaning while slurping and sucking on my cock I was ready to blow my load.

I felt precum starting to flow and before I could warn her my first blast of cum shot into her mouth. I held the back of her head and pushed down as another huge load of cum shot into her mouth. She sucked every last drop of cum out of me. When she sat up, I said I tried to warn you but it felt too good. She didn't seem to mind. I guess it helped that she was tipsy!

570. Man's Story: Finally Fucking (7/3/06)

My girlfriend and I began having sex about two weeks into our relationship, but with her being petite and my having a huge cock, it took a little time to work up to full-on sex. After about a year it was time. One night we were enjoying a movie on the couch and both were really horny. As was often the case we barely made it 10 minutes and started to deep tongue kiss.

I slowly parted her legs and began to massage her hot pussy through her jeans. I could feel the dampness and she lay back on the couch and parted her legs. My cock was huge and I crouched between her and dry fucked her with our clothes on till I almost came. I wanted to do it there, but she said there was more room on the bed and she was going to suck my cock so hard. We went into the bedroom groping each other as we went and tore each others clothes off.

She told me to lie down and began sucking and licking my cock all over. At one point she began furiously bobbing up and down on my cock with just her mouth as she supported herself with her hands on the bed. Like doing push ups as she sucked me off. I couldn't resist her pussy as we got into 69 and I stuck my tongue straight into her dripping pussy. She moaned as I fingered her next. She ground herself back and forth on my tongue.

We couldn't wait any longer and I got on top of her and she pulled her legs way back, exposing her pink wet lips, and told me to fuck her hard. I went in at every angle until she moaned louder than she ever had and was practically screaming. She came so hard it was dripping down my balls.

I couldn't believe I hadn't come yet, but she said she wanted me to come in her mouth. I almost lost it then, but was so turned on by this thought. I continued to pump her engorged pussy and then I pulled out of her and she pulled me close and took my cock into her mouth. She didn't mind tasting herself at all. I shot a huge load into her mouth and she loved it. After she swallowed I gave her pussy a little more licking and we kissed, tasting each other. We repeated this many times over.

569. Man's Story: Sexy Sister-In-Law (7/3/06)

On the weekend of my wife's 50th birthday, her younger (early 40s) sister came to stay with us to help with the preparations. I'm in my early 60s. We had always had an attraction for each other, but nothing beyond some hugs and cheek kissing upon arrival and leaving ever transpired. Our house wasn't so big and on Friday night she slept in the family room next to the kitchen.

My wife left early Saturday morning for a long hair appointment. Both her sister and I knew was going to happen. I was fiddling around in the kitchen in just my bathrobe when she got up and came in, wearing this silky black nightie. Boy did she look hot. She came over to me for a hug, and of course I reached out willingly. This time she held herself a little closer to me and up came my cock in no time, sticking itself partly out of my bathrobe and poking into her nightie. I actually felt a little embarrassed and started to move my hips back, but she just brought her hips in closer and started rubbing against me. So I just thought I would see what would happen if I joined in.

I reached down and pulled her ass in tighter to me, and she just continued squirming against my stiff rod. I took one hand and brought it up and cupped her soft breast, and when she started moaning I couldn't believe my luck. I moved my mouth over hers and she gave me a really good deep-tonguing kiss, all the while we had our hands all over each other.

Not knowing where this was going, I kind of eased off, but then she took me by the hand and led me to the sofabed in the family room where she had been sleeping. She reached down and pulled her nightie up and off, revealing a delicious body that I always thought she had. I slipped off my robe and was standing there with my cock sticking straight out.

She went down on the bed and motioned for me to come down. As I did, she spread her legs and let me first eat her for a few minutes. I couldn't remember a woman getting that wet so fast, and I just had to have her, so I pulled myself up and let my cock slide into her warm pussy. We just went at it slowly for a little while but then she started really throwing her hips at me, and I could feel her excitement building.

Shortly before I thought I would lose it, she came, holding me really closely while throwing her hips into me. Needless to say I came really hard right after that. Not knowing when my wife would return, we kind of quickly cleaned up and got dressed. It was one of my best fucks ever but we never did it again....or at least we haven't yet.

568. Woman's Story: Backseat Driver (7/3/06)

I was about to get in my car to drive home from a party, but before I got in, one of my friends - a guy - asked for a ride back to his house. He was really drunk and I said yes. He got in the back and laid down. While I was driving I realized how fucking hot he was and I started to get really horny.

He asked me if we could stop so he could get Pepto or something because his stomach hurt. I pulled into a gas station and stopped to wait for him to get out. All of a sudden I felt his hands reach up behind me and grab my tits. I started to get really wet. I told him to wait but he didn't want to... And I didn't really want to either.

I climbed over to the back and he pushed me under him and started rubbing my pussy. I took his hand and pushed it on me harder. After fooling around for a while I took my shirt and skirt off and he started licking me on my boobs and vagina. I sat up a little and unbuttoned his pants. After struggling I finally found a rock hard dick.

I gave him a hand job while he tried to finger me. He stopped because it was too hard in the position we were in, so instead he turned around. We started to 69 which I had never done before but I loved it.

I wanted him in me so bad, so I just told him to fuck me. He smiled and turned back around and pushed into me. I came almost immediately and he blew his load at about the exact same time. I was going crazy but he said we should probably stop. I agreed, got back to the drivers seat and dropped him off. It was so awkward but still some of the best sex I have ever had.

567. Woman's Story: Man With a Van (6/21/06)

I was stranded at a gas station one evening. My car had died and I was without a cell phone. A van pulled up next to me and the driver got out and asked me if I needed help. I lived only a few short miles away so I asked him if he wouldn't mind giving me a ride home.

He was in his mid-forties...nothing real special to look at in the eyes of a 22-year-old girl. I got in the passenger's seat and we made a little small talk once he finished pumping gas. He got back in his car and we took off. I was wearing an extremely low-cut shirt and he had bad shocks on that van. My tits were bouncing everywhere! I noticed he was staring. I don't know what brought it on, but I got very horny. I said to him, "It's can look." I pulled my shirt down, exposing my titties.

I said to him, "Pull over." He turned into a parking lot of a sheet metal factory and shut the van off. He asked me if I wanted to ride him. I said, "Only if you let me call you Daddy." He pulled his pants down and his hard cock flopped out. I took off my pants and straddled him. He drove his dick into my wet pussy. I rode him like a bucking bronco, my firm tits slapping him in the face. He chewed roughly on my nipples which really got me hot, screaming, "Fuck me, you slut!" I arched my back and bounced and bounced, yelling, "Yeah, Daddy... Do it to me," as he pulled my hair.

I came before he did. He came a few seconds later. He continued licking my tits, which after a few minutes got me hot again. It took 20 minutes of rest and then he threw me into the backseat and did me doggy style, pulling my hair and telling me what a slut I was. I loved it!!! I couldn't get enough.

We ended the night in the backseat with some hot anal sex... I was on top with my back to him while he was pinching my nipples and teasing my clit with his fingers. I was riding him like nothing else. He blew his load into my ass which I loved. I couldn't move. His dick had me nearly paralyzed. That was the best sex I have ever had.

He dropped me off later that night and I haven't seen him since. I felt guilty when we were through.I had never been with an older man, much less someone I had only known ten minutes. Come to find out he was married, too. I still maintain, though, it was my best sexual encounter yet.

566. Man's Story: Valentine's Surprise (6/21/06)

It was Valentine's Day, and I had to get something for my girlfriend. We've been together for 6 months and never really did anything apart from feel over each other's clothes and stuff. So, it's Valentine's Day and I decided to buy my girlfriend a dozen roses, chocolates, a card.. .you know, the usual thing.

I came across this card in the news agency, a humorous one, that I thought she might've liked. On the front it said "We can walk, on the sand, hand in hand..." and then when you opened it up it said on the inside "Or we could just get drunk and have sex, which doesn't rhyme but is just as good." Made me laugh, and when she opened and read it, it made her laugh too. Also made her real horny.

So we were sitting on the couch, and she told me that I picked out the best card because that's what she had in mind for us anyway, and after hearing that I felt my heart pumping faster, the blood rushing down to my pants. She straddled me violently, like she had wanted to fuck for ages, and by this point I was already hard. She undid my shirt while kissing me eagerly everywhere, then, she bit my nipple, hard. NO girl had ever done it to me before and I LOVED IT!!

Anyway, she was moving down my body fast, eager to find my rock hard cock waiting for her. Her hand finally reached my pants, unzipped and pulled them down quick, then she grabbed my throbbing manhood and slid it down her throat. I swear it was the best head I ever had in my life! She got it all down her throat, along with my balls!

I was calling her dirty little names, which she seemed to love. Then I wanted to eat her out, so I got up and told her to sit on the end of the bed, then I lifted up her sexy little mini skirt and pushed her panties down and ate her pussy out like the hungriest guy on the planet! She tasted so damn good too.

Well, before I could fuck her, her mum came in and yelled at me and kicked me outta the house. No doubt I still love her, but her mum doesn't even let me talk with her on the weekends. We still love having phone sex at 12 a.m. on the weekends. We're planning how to get together again, so until then, that's the end of my story....

565. Woman's Story: Casual Sex Fridays (6/21/06)

I work with a nice guy and there is a lot of sexual tension between us. One day on a Friday we closed for business early. I decided to try my luck with him.

I stood behind his chair up-close and when he moved his head back it bumped against my breasts. He ran his hand up my legs starting from the calves all the way up to my hips, slowing down briefly to massage behind my knees. I almost lost my balance as the most exciting sensation came over me.

I pulled away and came around to sit on his desk with my legs parted. I looked straight at him and without a word his hand inched up my thighs until he reached between my legs to my throbbing pussy. His hand made slow circles lightly on my mound, and after what seemed like an eternity his hand slowly slid my very wet panty out of the way and he stuck his index finger into my now streaming pussy. He finger fucked me for a short time as his thumb found my clit. His fingers circled it, driving me crazy. I orgasmed from his fingering and couldn't wait to feel his cock in my wet snatch.

I pulled him to his feet and freed this cock, which had created a tent in his pants. It was long and thick and pulsated in my hand. I squeezed him and it twitched upwards. I pulled it into my mouth and sucked up and down his shaft as my fingers tickled his balls, and continued to do so till he shot his load in my mouth. I fought to swallow as much as possible and still not a word had been exchanged between us.

I stood up and pulled off my panty as he undid my blouse and bra to suck my nipples, which were erect because of the excitement and anticipation of fucking. He turned me around and slowly pushed his length into me all the way until my pussy was filled with him. He fucked with a slow rhythm which changed tempo to short hard thrusts, whilst at the same time he was moulding and pulling my nipples. 

He turned me around again and set me on the table lying on my back with my legs around his neck. We fucked again for about 30 minutes. We moved to the wall and I leaned against the wall with my back to him.  We fucked again in this position and a few minutes after I came he erupted more violently than the first time. I must say I was impressed that his could contain himself for so long. The following Monday we did not discuss anything nor comment on what had happened. Now we fuck every Friday.

564. Woman's Story: Blue Ball Bet (6/21/06)

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half, living together for almost a year. Since we started having sex (about five days into the relationship), we've been going at it almost everyday since. He's got a nice cock and loves my tight ass, so sex is very enjoyable and fun.

 Last month we decided to take a trip to Vegas for the weekend. About a week before, we made a little bet: who could hold out longer, me or my boyfriend. The deal was no sex, no masturbation, no touching my tits, his cock, or my pussy. Everything else was fair game. So the week prior to the trip, we stopped our everyday trysts and started our game. I  packed the bags before we left, only bringing the minimum - a pair a jeans each, two pairs of shorts each, a couple of t-shirts, but NO underwear, socks, bras, or sleeping attire. I only brought my bikini bottoms, for we were staying at a hotel that had European Bathing (topless) and we always sleep naked anyway.

When my boyfriend came home from work, I was naked and I stripped him, then dressed him in some workout pants (so he'd be freeballing), a loose shirt and his shoes, while I wore a skirt, blouse, and a pair of sandals. By the way, he was hard already, but we didn't do anything.

The weekend was full of teasing: a topless show, a couple of trips to adult bookstores, porn on the TV, and being naked almost 90% of the time. He was hard a lot, my nipples were often erect, but not once did we fuck. Let me tell you, I was really, really horny but I wanted to win.

Driving home, I wore a tight t-shirt (without a bra of course) and a skirt. My boyfriend still would not give in, so when it got dark, I stripped naked, rolled into the seat back, and stretched out. I dozed off, but awoke when the car pulled off the highway. We came to a small roadside turn off and my boyfriend jumped on me. He went down on me with so much desire, I came almost immediately. He dropped his pants and drove his rock hard cock into my already dripping pussy. He pounded me for a few minutes and then he came with such force that I came for a second time.

He rolled off me and I went down on him, giving him a blowjob, which made him come again a couple of minutes later. Afterward we laid there relaxing. He had dropped the top of the car and the night was nice and warm on our naked bodies. He asked what I wanted since I won. I smiled and said, "Let's go back to Vegas next weekend, but fuck in all the places we can." He said, "Deal." We went back two weeks later and did just as we wanted. I could hardly walk afterwards, but it was well worth it.

563. Woman's Story: Marathon Session (6/21/06)

I had been seeing a guy for a few months, but we had to keep our relationship a secret. We had already had sex before but this night stands out the most. I snuck out about 1 a.m. and met him just behind my house, in an empty old house that we own. The second we got inside we were all over each other.

We knew exactly what we wanted to do. He kissed passionately, I ground my hips against his and could feel his hard cock pressing through. I took off all my clothes and he watched me undress. I then took off all his clothes. We were standing against a wall. I was sucking on his tongue and biting his lips. His cock was between my thighs, teasing my pussy, and I could feel my juices dripping onto his hard cock.

He started to finger me, first slowly then more vigorously. He was rubbing my clit and it was driving me crazy. I sat him down and began to suck his cock. He was moaning and holding my head with pleasure, but I didn't let him cum just yet. With him still sitting I climbed on top of him and started kissing him and teasing his knob with my pussy. It was so wet.

I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly sat on his cock so hard he screamed, and I began to ride him really hard, pressing down so his cock would hit my back wall. After about 15 minutes, he came all over my stomach, but I still wasn't satisfied yet. He laid me down and started teasing my clit with his tongue. He slid one finger in while still licking me, and after about 10 minutes I came in his mouth.

By the time we finished he was hard again and I was ready for round two. He opened my legs and entered me with one swift thrust. He was pounding me like I had never been pounded before but I just wanted him deeper inside. My legs were wrapped around him. I grabbed his hips and pushed him inside of me even more. He would thrust inside me fast and then give me one slow deep shove right in. It would drive me so crazy! We kept fucking for what seemed like hours, until we both finally came.

We lay there exhausted, covered in sweat and cum for about half an hour. My pussy was tingling and it was still wet, and I could feel his cock had hardened up again, so I sat up and started teasing it with my finger tips. I ran my tongue all over his body, nipples and lips, and then he lifted me suddenly and sat me on top of him. I drew his cock up deep within my pussy and started to ride him once again. He was holding my hips and pushing me down onto his cock, then he started grabbing my tits and rubbing my nipples.

I couldn't get enough of his magical cock. I pressed it deep inside me so many times until I finally came. Next he was taking it out and coming all over my tummy. Four hours later we were totally wrecked and my body was tingling all over. Our limp bodies just laid together and fell asleep. It was the best sex I have ever had.

562. Man's Story: College Girls Didn't Compare (6/13/06)

While in college I took a job working for a wealthy family mowing, pruning. etc... They were divorced and had three kids, one in college and two in high school. The ex would stop by, usually on weekends, and I got to know her casually. She had recently moved into a new condo and asked if I could help with a few items like moving furniture around. I didn't view her in any sexual way whatsoever. She was moderately attractive but in her early 50s (I was 22). I was content and having fun with my senior year in college and the available college girls.

One day she asked my opinion on two different swim suits. Both were one piece and at that time I noticed an interest from her but kept my distance. The next week she kept going out of her way to make conversation and would show up more at the ex's place where I would work about 2 hours per day.

One thing led to another and I was caught alone with her while at work. She was more and more comfortable getting close to me, things like rubbing her tits into my back, touching my arm as she would talk. Her conversations usually centered on herself and my opinion. While at her house she made her move and gave me a hug and kissed me and told me how much she valued our relationship.

She proceeded to go down and perform oral sex. She had me hooked, as she would regularly perform a few times each week during my senior year. We had sex twice, but the blowjobs were by far the best head I ever had - the high school and college girls didn't compare.

561. Man's Story: Dude, Your Sister's Hot (6/13/06)

So I live with this family: Single mom, two kids - brother and sister. The mom work graveyard shifts, the brother is one of my really good friends, and the sister is smokin' hot. I'm talking the perfect body that every guy wants. Anyway, on this particular night the mother happened to be at work, the brother had already gone to sleep and the sister was doing her homework at my desk (keep in mind that me and the brother share a room).

We had both gone to sleep and it had gotten to 3 AM when I felt my bed move...she had began climbing into bed with me and she was spooning with me. I naturally had my arm around her waist when she reached back and was rubbing the front of my pants, but not quite where my cock was. I started doing the same for her, giving her a little massage tease.

Soon enough she had her hand in my pants rubbing my now rock-hard cock and I had my hand down her pants massaging her wet pussy. Then I guess she was ready because she had slid down her pants to her knees and slid down mine as well. She angled herself just right and led my cock to her pussy, sliding it in slowly. She started rocking slowly against me and I pushed back against her as we fucked quietly with her brother just across the room. We fucked that way for a few minutes, but then she turned around and got on top of me and slid me in that way.

We paused every now and then when we thought we heard her brother waking up, but we kept on going until she came but took me out and finished me off with a hand job. I loved that night, and we still fuck when her family isn't looking.

560. Woman's Story: Happy Ending at the Movies (6/13/06)

I had been with my boyfriend for about 5 months.. He was in uni and I was too, with much campus work so we did not have much time together but we could occasionally chat on the phone and MSN. So one Saturday evening we went to the cinema. We were to watch The Skeleton Key so we paid for the movie and soon settled down. To our surprise we were like 10 people and we sat at the back  row.

I put my legs on top of the seat in front of me so that I would get his attention. I could see him yet stuck to the movie. So I started complaining of heat and soon I took off my shawl and coat. I had on a low cut top that showed my well firm and sexy boobs. I could see him look at me more often until he could hold it no more. He slipped his hand on my top, opened the low buttons and touched my tits teasingly. He bent low and licked my nipples through the bra as I moaned all through.

After some time, he opened up my bra and touched my now erect nipples, sucking them as he ran his warm and strong arms down my thighs. I held his neck tight as he ran his fingers down my clit while I was still in my panties. I put my hand on his dick and I could feel it as hard as ever. I opened his jeans and sucked his dick. It was so sweet, warm and hard as well. I did not want him to cum at that moment and so I always made sure I backed off.

He then put his finger inside my wet pussy and ran it through slowly in a teasing manner running from my clit and inside my warm pussy. It  was so sweet 'cause I started begging him ( baby, please fuck me). He was smiling and that sent down some nice shivers down my pussy.  l lay bent and he came from behind and by the stroke of 5 times, I could feel it coming and I let it go. He also did and he took his dick off as soon as he came. We wiped off with tissues and as soon as the movie was over we went home and fucked all night, trying different positions  - doggy, spoon and missionary.

559. Man's Story: Horny Older Woman (6/13/06)

My wife and I went to visit an uncle and aunt on her side. They were both in their fifties and in good health. The aunt especially was young-looking and very sexy. I always thought she was hot. She seemed to be aware of it and noticed my athleticism and solid body.

We had stayed overnight several times before and they always made it clear we should feel at home. One night, around 2 or 3 in the morning, I felt hungry, so I decided to see what they had available in the refrigerator. After checking things out and finishing a snack I decided to return to bed. But there the aunt was, standing in the kitchen doorway in her nightgown. It was short and see-through, so I started to get excited.

She asked if there was anything else I would like to have. Not knowing for sure what she meant by that, I decided to play along and replied I felt pretty good but was always ready for something else. Apparently she took that as a come on and approached me, putting her hand on my chest, then dropping it to my lower body. She surely had noticed my bulge, since I was wearing only my shorts, and her hand dropped even lower, stopping just as it started to nudge my bulging shaft.

She then dropped to her knees and cupped my shaft and fondled it. That about did it for me, as she slid my shorts down to my knees, so that the shaft was now sticking straight out with her lips inches from it. She then cupped both of her hands on both cheeks of my ass and opened her mouth so my dick would slide in all the way until it rammed against the back of her throat. She was so good at it.

I was just about to cum, but she would have none of it, as she beckoned me to the couch, bent over and begged me to fuck her hard from the rear while cupping her boobs. Pretty soon we were humping hard and fast, but as quietly as possible. We both exploded simultaneously, then went back to bed. The next day over breakfast we both looked at each other with a new appreciation, especially as she slid her leg over so it would touch mine. It was evident she had enjoyed it and was looking forward to more.

558. Woman's Story: Heading Down South (6/13/06)

My boyfriend and I had been dating for two months before we went down south to met up with some friends of ours. We had been driving for about three and a half hours when we both became really restless and I was beginning to get wet so I reached over to the driver's side and began to rub my boyfriends crotch. I could feel him getting hard, so I began to kiss his neck and the side of his face. He pushed my hand away from his crotch and slid his hand up my mini skirt and pushed my G-string aside and began to finger me. It felt so good that I started to moan softly.

I knew what he wanted and he knew what I wanted. So we pulled over into a sheltered area, and pushed the seats right back, as far as they would go. He pulled my skirt right up and ripped my singlet off and unhooked my bra. I then pulled his pants down to reveal his huge rock-hard cock. He knelt up and I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck. Just before he came, I took it out and made him lay down while I got on top of him and rode him. Softly at first then harder and harder, I started to scream, begging him to fuck me harder. All of a sudden he grabbed my hips and ground into me as harder as he could making me scream and moan. Then we both came and it felt so good to have his hot load fill m up and run down my thighs.

We got into the sixty nine position and cleaned each other up as best we could, and used my ripped singlet to clean up the rest. Then we continued our journey down south. That was the best car sex I have ever had!

557. Man's Story: Wife Goes Wild With Vibe (6/5/06)

It was our 6th wedding anniversary. My wife had just given me the most incredible blowjob. I almost came in her mouth, which I have never done. I decided to return the favor and had her lie on her back so I could lick her pussy. I licked up and down her thighs, just outside her lips with the occasional flick across her clit to see how hard it was getting. Then I proceeded to suck on her lips and clit for awhile.

When she was really wet and moaning like crazy, I stopped and asked, " Would you like me to fuck you with the vibrator?" We have only recently discovered how hot we get when we talk dirty in bed. The vibrator was a plastic glow-in-the-dark cheapie I got a year ago for six bucks. It was about six inches long but it did the job. I kept at her clit, alternating between sucking and licking it. Slowly, I began to fuck her pussy with the vibrator. She was so wet, it went into the hilt immediately. She started to buck her hips and her moans increased.

Then she did something I did not expect. She rolled to the side a little and lifted her leg to expose her asshole. As I continued to fuck her with the vibe, she started fingering her ass! We had had anal before, but it was a rare occurrence, and she had given no hint that it was in the cards on this night. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster that finger disappeared into her ass, until finally she pulled it out, grabbed my head and shoved it between her cheeks! No fool I, I immediately began to tongue her ass. She kept a hand at the back of my head pushing me in deeper.

Fifteen or twenty seconds later, her lust overcame her, she grabbed the vibe from her pussy, pushed my head back and proceeded to JAM the vibe up her tight asshole! I will never forget the most erotic image I have: my wife's ass closing tightly around that vibe with me inches away! Something in my wife awakened, and she took off! I might as well not even have been in the room. She twisted the vibe to its highest setting and plowed it in and out of her asshole. It took less than a minute before she orgasmed, moaning loudly.

As she was coming down, she apologized for "being selfish" I told her no apology necessary, that I had witnessed the most erotic event in my life. I told her any time she wanted to do that again, just let me know.

556. Man's Story: Get It While You Can (6/5/06)

I met this girl Sally when I was in college. I was recently single and I was feeling pretty low. She was cute and nice but very sheltered. She was tall and very thin with long black hair. She had a boyfriend in another state but things weren't going well, so we would hang out a lot and talk. It really helped.

After several months, one of Sally's friends from back home came up and we all hung out at my apartment. We all split a bottle of Southern Comfort and got massively drunk. Her friend was extremely hot and we hit it off immediately. She was blonde and had huge round lips and her body was very tan from working outside. She came in wearing a big fur lined coat like that girl in "Almost Famous" and just oozed sexual energy.

After awhile Sally passed out on my bed and her friend and I lay on the floor listening to music and talking. She turned to me and looked sad and said that she was a bad person. She always ended up fucking all the guys her friends had a crush on. Then she leaned over and grabbed my cock and buried her face against my neck. I knew Sally and I were close but that she wasn't going to leave her boyfriend in Texas, so I jumped at the chance to get some if I could.

I kissed her roughly and started rubbing her ass and pressing my chest against her tits. She unzipped my pants and started stroking me very hard. I continued kissing her and playing with her breasts till I could feel her rubbing her crotch against my leg. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but I didn't have a condom and she wasn't on the pill.

We stripped and I began to finger her. She was soaking wet and dripping onto my carpet. She kept looking at me asking me to fuck her. She didn't care that I had no condom, she just wanted my cock in her. Taking a bit of a chance, I slid my fingers out of her and rubbed some juice onto her ass. When my fingers brushed her asshole she moaned and I knew I was in. I coated her ass and my fingers in cum and then slid a finger into her ass. I toyed with her ass for a moment then pressed the head of my cock against it. I slid my cock in and slipped it in and out of her tight ass for several minutes while she moaned and rubbed on her clit.

When I was close to cumming she pulled me out and jerked me off till I sprayed cum all over her chest and neck. We lay in each others arms for awhile then she went to clean up and we got in my bed with Sally and went to sleep. I don't think Sally ever woke up, but we decided to tell her later. She was surprisingly OK and they would visit me several more times...but that's another story.

555. Woman's Story: Clean Up on Aisle 6 (6/5/06)

I work in a small grocery store in a college town. One day my ex and I were teasing each other on the phone at like 9 in the morning. We were talking about what could happen if he drove the two hours to see me. We had talked about doing things in the store before but never acted on it... this day was different.

After we got off the phone he drove the two hours and surprised me at work. I was very happy and somewhat excited to see him. I knew what he wanted as soon as he came through the door. I had just checked out a customer so we were alone in the store. We silently walked back to aisle 6 and he started to unzip his pants. I stilled his hand so that I could unzip him and pull him out. He has the larges penis that I have ever seen.

I pulled him out and dropped to start sucking him off. He was watching to see if any customers came into the store. None ever did. I sucked him for a about 10 minutes and then he pulled himself from my mouth and in a husky voice told me to turn around and drop my pants. I didn't think, I just did it. He plunged into me and fucked me so hard and fast that it was all I could do to keep standing.

After a short while he pulled out and told me to turn around. I did and finished sucking him off, tasting both him and myself on his rock-hard cock. I was so turned on that after I got off work we had a second session on the way to my place. I was so turned on by what we did that I can't wait to do it again.

554. Man's Story: Welcome Home Honey (6/5/06)

Me and my girlfriend had been together for about a year but never had sex. We were both still virgins, and what was worse was she had to go to America for 2 months. The 2 months went by so fucking slowly,  then I picked her up from the airport where she was telling me about her trip to the U.S. Then she got onto the topic of how horny she was. I was thinking to myself "bingo", then a little further down the road she starts rubbing my leg then she rubs my dick through my jeans. She then looks up at me with her gorgeous smile and i pull that car over straight away.

We climbed over to the back of the car, where I ripped off her top and start sucking on her nipples. Meanwhile she unzips my jeans and starts rubbing my semi-hard cock. I then put my hand up her skirt, and to my to surprise I felt her warm mound, so I quickly started fingering her, massaging her clit she was in ecstasy. She was so hot she pushed me down and sat on my face. She tasted so good.

When she was juiced up, she got up and sat on my cock. She engulfed all of it. She moaned in pain but she didn't want to stop. I grabbed hold of her hips and started bouncing her up and down on my cock. It felt so good. I fucked her like this for about 15 minutes then we switched to doggie. it must have only been about 2 minutes before she came and this triggered my orgasm. This was my best time.

553. Woman's Story: Anal Sex Convert (6/5/06)

I am recently divorced and was looking for a new friend. My ex was the only one I've been with so I hadn't explored other options of sex except the good old missionary position. Anal sex wasn't an option with my ex.

I met my boyfriend through a good friend and we went out a couple of times. Our first time together was a life-changing event. We started kissing and he undressed me with his teeth. He took my panties with his mouth and started to eat me out. It was so good. I never had this done to me before so it was mind numbing. His tongue was so warm and forceful it was all I could do to keep my ass on the bed.

I wanted to return the favor so I sucked his dick. My lips were so full with pleasure as he pulled my hair and held my head as he fucked my mouth. I got on my hands and knees and he pulled my ass towards his oversized love wand. My pussy was so wet and we needed no KY to get that monster in. He rubbed my pussy with his dick and slowly pushed it in.

After a few minutes of fucking, he whispered that he wanted to do me in the ass. He pulled out and slid his slippery cock into my asshole. I screamed with pain and pleasure at the same time. But after a few minutes I felt nothing but pure pleasure. He fingered my pussy as he fucked my ass. He kept saying, "Your ass is mine now." And I felt the same way. He blew his load in my ass and I wanted to just pass out. All those years of wasted sex was made up that night. Now I won't have sex any other way.

552. Man's Story: Waiter Gets Served (5/23/06)

I’m a waiter at a restaurant. A couple of weeks ago, this really hot European woman came in to eat with her two young children and sat at a table in a section adjacent to my section. She was so incredibly hot. She had long blonde hair, big round boobs that she showed off with a low cut black shirt that showed a lot of cleavage, and a nice big round ass that I checked out when she took her son to the bathroom. She also had the hottest accent. She was probably about thirty but looked closer to twenty five. She caught me checking her out a couple of times and gave me a wry smile.

I took her food to her table so I could flirt with her. I was really good with her toddler son—I know the best way into a MILF’s pants is to be good with her kids. I found out that her husband had divorced her and that she was very busy. Knowing that meant she was probably also lonely, I flirted with her in passing throughout the evening. When she got up to leave, she gave me her number and asked me to call when I got off. I told her that she would know when I got off and she gave me that smile again.

When I got off, I rushed home, showered, and called her. She gave me directions to her house and told me to come over. When I got there, it was dark and candles were lit. A bottle of wine was chilled on the table and she told me that the nanny had put the kids to bed and was in the guest house. I could tell she hadn’t gotten laid in a while. We sat and talked and drank some wine and she asked if I was down for a joint. I thought this chick was pretty cool and we smoked the joint on her back porch.

We finished and she put her hand on my lap and began rubbing my cock. It got hard soon and I began rubbing her thigh up to her clit. We started making out and we took off each other’s shirts. She straddled me and I took off her lacy black bra. Her tits were gorgeous. I sucked on them while she grinded herself on the bulge in my pants.

Then she got down to her knees and took out my cock. I’m pretty big and her eyes lit up with excitement when she saw it. Then she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth. It felt so good to feel the back of her throat with the tip of my cock. She was skilled and had lots of practice. She slowed down and extended the blowjob for what seemed like an hour. Finally, I blew my load into her mouth. She swallowed most of it like a champ but there was so much that some dripped out her mouth, down her chin, and onto her breasts.

She led me inside to her bedroom and laid down onto the bed. I took off her pants to find a soaking lime green thong. I took it off and dove between her legs. I ate her shaved pussy like I never have before. She writhed and moaned and came as I rubbed her G-spot with my fingers while I flicked her clit with my tongue. She screamed to orgasm, pulling my hair.

I was hard by this time and turned her over. I had to fuck her from behind. I slapped her perfectly abundant ass as I rammed my cock into her. She screamed and moaned in her native language, which was so hot. Earlier, she said she was on the pill so I came really hard inside of her. We were both tired and rested for about twenty minutes and then she sucked me to erection and got on top of me. She rode me like I was a bull, her tits bouncing everywhere. I came in her again and she had another screaming orgasm. Good thing her kids’ rooms were at the other end of the house. Finally, we collapsed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and heard the shower. I got in with her and instantly got hard. We kissed and she turned over, bent down, and grabbed a rail. I fucked her again from behind for a few minutes until she told me to put it in her ass. I slipped out and eased it in there. When I got a flow I fucked her as hard as I could. She shook and screamed while I pounded her ass and our knees buckled as we came. We washed off and got dressed and went down for breakfast.

The nanny, I was surprised to find out, was young and almost as hot as she was. Immediately the idea of a three way popped into my head. As I ate the delicious bacon and eggs, my lover grabbed my knee and whispered into my ear “next time.” Best eggs and best sex I’ve ever had, and I’m still waiting for my three way.

551. Woman's Story: Spring Break Hook-Up (5/23/06)

My junior year for Spring Break I went to Panama City Beach, Florida, with 15 of my friends. We rented a huge four-story house right on the beach for a week. It was pretty much half and half of guys and girls, and most of us were single including me, and attracted to each other. There were a lot of hook-ups on that trip -- every night I saw people sneaking in and out of other people's rooms, and I was looking for some action myself.

 There was one guy on the trip that I had a crush on for about a year, but we were always dating other people and never single at the same time. He had a girlfriend, but she was just some stupid freshman girl, and I'm pretty sure he was just dating her because she was easy. One night we were driving up and down the strip, yelling at people, and dancing in the car. I was sitting in the very back with my crush, and we were drinking Crown Royal straight from the bottle. I was horny, and started flashing my huge tits for beads and kissing random strange guys on the street.

After drinking the entire bottle of whiskey, we were both super drunk and incredibly horny. I guess he couldn't stand just sitting there watching my tits and me kissing other guys anymore, because he whipped out his huge cock. I started licking his balls and sucking on his dick, playing with the head of his cock and sucking his balls in my mouth. There were 5 other people in the car, but I was so drunk, I didn't care! They were all watching and laughing at us.

We got back to the house and I followed him into his room. We opened another bottle of Scotch and took a couple of drinks before we both couldn't take it anymore. We ripped off our clothes and started fucking each other like crazy. I love it doggy-style, so I got down on my hands and knees and he started fucking my tight little pussy from behind.

His room had a bunk bed in it, and one of our friends was sleeping on the top bunk above us. Still, we were so drunk and trashed he just kept pounding my dripping wet pussy over and over until I came all over his cock. Then he laid on his back and I sucked on his dick until he came all over my face and in my mouth. I happily drank all of his cum and licked every drop off his throbbing cock while he was moaning like crazy.

That was the only time we ever fucked, but I never forgot how awesome he was in bed and how huge his dick was. After that trip I actually became really good friends with his girlfriend after she pledged my sorority. She never knew about me fucking her boyfriend, and I'm still friends with both of them!

550. Woman's Story: MILF's First Anal (5/23/06)

My first anal experience was a few months ago when at 51. I was dating a 29-year-old man. My lover had guided me back from a dry period following the break up of a long marriage. It was an incredible turn on for me to have this young virile guy so attracted to an older woman. I had never had anal sex but was curious. He was experienced and willing to be very patient. I worried about the "mess." He assured me it would be fine.

We started with anal play and touching during our lovemaking sessions. He applied gentle pressure and circling motions. One night when I decided I was ready for more, we started with vaginal fucking, doggie style. He did the usual anal stimulation, then applied lube to a butt plug. He gently and slowly inserted the plug into my ass, advancing it slowly as I relaxed. After I became accustomed to the feeling of his gentle thrusting, he asked me if I wanted him to put his cock in my ass. I was more than ready for that!

He removed the butt plug and showed me that it indeed was clean. He lubed his cock and slowly inserted just the head at first. At the same time he inserted a small vibrator into my pussy and positioned one hand where he could finger my clit. He moved slowly until his cock was completely inside me, then pulled back and began to gently thrust. I was surprised to hear moans from myself in a pitch I have never before uttered -- deep throaty sounds. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced with sex.

He continued to ask if I was alright and whispered sex talk in my ear while thrusting. It was difficult for me to talk but between gasping breaths I got the message across that I wanted him to fuck me hard. I pushed back into him and he used his free hand to hold my hip as he pulled me to him. I came before he did but continued to enjoy the experience as he spoke into my ear describing what it felt like to him...eventually asking me if I wanted him to come inside me before he filled my ass with his sperm. I can still remember how it felt as he tensed and shot his load deep inside me.

549. Woman's Story: To Grandmother's House We Go (5/23/06)

I was at my boyfriend's house one night, and we had just started making out after a movie when I realized how late it was, and that my grandma would totally kill me if I was out too late again. (In her house, being 18 doesn't matter much.) So I reluctantly dragged my boyfriend to the door and on the way home I thought it only right to give him a hand job since I'd had to leave. However, by the time we got to my house he was quite hard and wanting more!

I told him to wait a second to see if I could just tell my grandma I was home and then sneak out. To my surprise, she was asleep! I was so excited and horny that I took him right to my room. Just to be sure, I locked the door. He started kissing me standing up, then gently put me on the bed and started to remove my shirt. Hastily I helped him and quickly got my tight jeans off, then pulled off his sexy black muscle-tee, leaving a tanned swimmer's torso for my eyes to enjoy.

After we were both completely naked, I got on top and we grinded. He started to lick and suck my ear - he knows I love that. I was so wet and ready that I asked breathlessly where the condom was. After sucking him a little first and rubbing his balls, I got the moan from him that I was waiting for. I carefully put the condom on using my tongue and hand, then climbed over him, letting him get a nice view of my C-cup breasts before sliding him into me.

We fucked like that for a while, then went to missionary and he fondled my breasts, and finally we ended in doggy style. I came after I heard his sexy moans of pleasure and relief. He pulled out and we lay together for a moment in bliss. Then I heard footsteps. It was my grandma! He jumped up, got rid of the condom in my wastebasket and then we stared at each other panic stricken as she began to pound on the door and holler.

He ran to my casement window and began to crank it open, completely naked! In a few seconds, holding his boxers in hand, he jumped out the window (ground level) into the frigid weather and I quickly gathered his clothes and threw them out after him. I hurriedly jumped into nightclothes and rushed to open the door, my heart thumping. I acted like she had woken me up and told her I'd felt like locking my door because I'd seen a scary movie...she inspected the room and didn't seem to believe me, but luckily left.

I ran to the window and opened it, and to my surprise his clothes were still lying there! I called and he came around the house with only his boxers covering himself, not even on! I really would have laughed that he'd been out there so long in 10-degree weather with neighboring houses so close, but I was recovering from being scared out of my mind! What a close call it was...but, oh, was it some great, heated sex!

548. Woman's Story: Black Stud to Go (5/23/06)

It was a Friday night and I was getting ready to go out. I had done my hair and so one, and I must say I was quite pleased with how I had turned out. Shame it would be so dark that no one would see. Anyway, I went out my front door and was only halfway down the road when I bumped into a group I knew from school. Among them was a tall black guy, my idea of perfect. I started chatting to a friend who was also among them, but couldn't take my eyes off this guy, who seemed to notice how much I was looking.

I said I had forgotten my phone and asked if anyone would come with me to get it. This guy needed no hints and came with me right away. We were almost at my house when I turned down an alley. He knew we weren't really going home. It was going to be a lot more fun than that. I stopped and looked at him, and he gently pushed me against the wall and moved my hair to the side. He kissed my neck, slowly, sucking and licking. He then pulled my top and bra down, and started kissing and sucking again. He was teasing me on purpose.

I was getting really wet and I realized I wanted more than this, and since my family wasn't home, I wanted to take him back. I lifted his head and told him to follow me. When we got inside I couldn't take it and I practically ripped off his clothes. He lay me back and moved down probing and sucking on my wet pussy, I could already feel it pulsing. I moaned and begged him to fuck me now, I was so horny It was unbelievable.

I slowly moved his very large penis into me. I put my hands behind his head and he rammed into me. I wanted it harder and harder. I moaned and dug my nails into him back, and he went harder, slamming into my dripping pussy. I moaned louder and louder, thrusting into him when he moved into me. I kept coming, as did he. It was so good. When he stopped, he was breathing fast. I lay him down and licked his dick clean. After we got dressed, we exchanged numbers and I kissed him goodbye. I stayed in afterward. I had had enough fun that night.

547. Man's Story: Cumming Like Thunder (5/4/06)

I have been married for 31 years and am 50 years old. The wife has had some physical problems that leave her in a position that she doesn't want or require much more than a simple screw every so often. On my end, I had two bouts with testicular cancer that cost me my nuts. So I was put on testosterone shots every two weeks. This caused my libido to go into overdrive. I was asking her for sex constantly and this was beginning to cause problems.

We finally agreed that I needed other partners to relieve her of the pressure. Well, I found a couple of partners that didn't last too long. But recently I found a lady who is just what I was looking for. But then I started having ED problems and I went to the doctor and he prescribed Viagra. I started taking 50mg about 45 minutes prior to sex and my hard ons were terrific. My wife even commented on the hardness when she was sucking me off and we even had sex twice in one night.

But the real proof was with my girlfriend. We met and started having sex before I started the Viagra and I was good for a couple of screws in the afternoon. But after I started taking Viagra it got much better. The last time we were together, I fucked her 4 separate times. All in the space of about 3 hours. And each time it felt better for me and I lasted longer and longer.

The last fuck was the best as I had her on her back, holding her legs up towards my shoulders, banging the shit out of her and it just kept going. I realized she was heading for an orgasm and I could feel her pussy tighten against my cock and I timed my orgasm with hers. It was like thunder as we both came together, and afterwards we lay there exhausted and sweating. It was the best sex I had had in years.

546. Woman's Story: Hard at Work (5/4/06)

Once I started talking to this guy online. I knew him through some mutual friends but wasn't real close to him. We were on the phone one night when he started telling me all the dirty things he was going to want to do to me the next time he saw me. I called him up the next day at work and told him that he should come see me.

I brought him to a stairwell that hardly anybody uses this far up in my office building. We talked for about 5 minutes and then he pulled me to him. We started making out in a corner. I kissed his neck and started to pull down on his shirt and kiss his collarbone. That was his sweet spot and he let me know. I knew he had killer abs so I took the liberty to help myself to them. I lifted his shirt up and kissed his stomach and chest, grazing my teeth around his nipples. All the while he had his hands going up and down my body and in my pants and grabbing at my ass.

Then I started running my nails around his body. I stuck my fingers his waistband by his spine and ran them all the way to the front. This made him so hard he started whispering, "You've got me where you want me. I'm so turned on you can do anything." Just then we heard a door open downstairs and we got outta the stairwell as fast as possible.

Since we were both so turned on we couldn't just stop. I brought him into the conference room in one side of our offices. He leaned over, and being the high tech computer geek, he was started admiring one of the computers. I got his attention back by feeling my way up his leg and bouncing his balls. He told me how naughty I was being.

I closed the door behind us climbed up into his arms and wrapped my legs around him. Then I decided to sit him down in a chair and straddle him and let him get up close and personal with my boobs. This he couldn't do prior because he's about 5'10" and I'm 5'2". He's telling me that we're gonna get caught, which just turns me on more. He stands up because he cant take it and I reached into his pants and pull at his hair. He pulls away to, as he said later, "be a gentleman," but I knew he had a boner and wanted EVERY part of it. I pulled him to me with his front pockets.

 Needless to say, I had to leave work early that day because all of that just lead to his apartment. I didn't get fired, but a girl at my job who I'm friends with did want all the juicy details later. It was the best time I had at work ever, and I got paid for it all the while!

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