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545. Man's Story: Pool Boy (5/4/06)

I was a new employee at the pool in our town. I had become a lifeguard there mainly because I really liked this one girl that worked there. One day I went for a little workout swim while she was working. She kept staring over at me, and I tried to put on a show for her by swimming really fast and stuff.

Anyway, when I finally got out of the pool, I felt great. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized how sculpted I was getting and hoped that she had noticed. When I got in the shower, I was thinking about her and I began to fantasize a little about her joining me. Soon I was getting hard. I was embarrassed at first, but there was no one else there - the place was dead that day. So it pulled it out of my swim trunks and started jacking off to the fantasies of her.

Within a few minutes, I heard some noise and quickly tried to stuff it back in my swim trunks, but I didn't have enough time. I was totally humiliated to find it was her. I stammered an apology, and she looked embarrassed as well, but she came over to me and slid her hands around my waist and started rubbing up against it. She was getting totally soaked in the shower.

She pulled my swimsuit down and just started sucking away, finishing the job that I had started. It was so wet and warm, and I came in like a minute. Then just like that, she smiled at me and left the shower, her break over. Since then we've been spending our "breaks" together quite often.

544. Woman's Story: Big Love (5/4/06)

I was walking out of a concert with a crowd of people when the group in front of me caught my eye. A guy was walking with his arm around a woman, who I assumed to be his girlfriend, with another girl walking with them on his other side. The couple were kissing and grabbing each other's asses while we walked. Then, to my indignation, the guy grabs the other woman's ass while still kissing the first. I'm thinking what a jerk he is, hitting on the other girl while his woman's drunk!

This keeps on as we reach the parking lot. By this time he's gone from kissing the first woman to kissing the other. I didn't know what to think, but I sure was enjoying the show! I lost sight of them when my group reached our cars. I was sitting in my car waiting for my boyfriend, when up on a grassy hill in front of me, I spot the the threesome laying out a blanket. The two girls sat on either side of the man. He would go back and forth kissing the girls. He was spending so much time with one that the other lay back on the blanket.

About this time I realized the guy knew I was watching them and was staring straight at me! It was making me so hot, I couldn't help but reach under my skirt and start fingering my wet pussy! He continued kissing one girl while he fingered the other one. He had the other lay back too, and had his fingers in each girl's pussy, looking straight at me the whole time.

I was ready to explode when my boyfriend finally got in the car. He was happy to sit back and watch me finish, wondering what the hell got into me! I didn't want to share my little secret, so I told him to start driving. I sucked his cock until he came, while he was driving. When we got home we fucked like rabbits. I never saw those people again, but I will never forget their show!

543. Woman's Story: Come Up and See My Etchings (5/4/06)

My theatre school often draws in new crowds of good looking men. Mostly models interested in the auditions held there. On one occasion, I met one who claimed he was a poet. The second time I saw him, about two weeks later, he had fifty pages full of beautiful poetry and some unbelievable sketches of me. He said he hadn't been able to get me out of his mind. He asked me if I wanted some coffee. So we went to get coffee. Then he asked if I wanted to see his art, at his apartment. He kissed me once in the elevator on the way up, and three times outside his door.

We came inside and I saw his paintings against the wall. I began commenting on how awesome they were and how I admired his technique and he stole my mouth again. Then we couldn't stop. I saw he was hard so I unzipped his pants and teased him with my tongue until he was so horny he couldn't take it. He undid my pants as I took off my shirt. Then he removed his.

He pushed me on to the bed and stretched my legs apart and parted my vaginal lips with his fingers. He then slid in, incredibly slowly. The anticipation was a major turn on. We fucked like snakes and rolled all over the bed. We couldn't stay in one position at first. But then he found where the orgasm was and he had me ride him until he came twice. Then we switched, and he was on top of me, using the wall to push with his feet and drive himself into me, hard.

I came four times. The bed was wet with our sex and it was beautiful. We had sex six times that day, and continued having amazing sex every day after that.

He's found a job in a play in Mexico City now, but he still claims I'm his muse. He comes back about twice a month, just enough time to make us both unbearably horny.

542. Man's Story: Masturbating Maid (4/10/06)

I work as an electrician and was called to fit some emergency roof lights on a fire escape at an office. The work had to be done during off hours due to the noise of the drills and loss of power to some offices. It was just after 6:30 pm and I was on the roof getting ready to work when I went for a walk along the roof where I was due to place the lights. I was made aware that nobody was working on site except the cleaning staff. I recall I was passing a small window that was pretty low down and you needed to get on the floor to look through it. The window was to room I can only describe as a First Aid room or something.

I carried on with what I was doing and as I passed by the little window again I saw a young chubby woman inside cleaning out a drawer. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. What I was about to witness blew me for six. She was unaware that I could see her and she undid her jeans and stuck her hands down her front. She propped herself against a cabinet as she fingered herself. I couldn't believe it.

She then pulled her jeans around her ankles and mounted a mop handle and proceeded to ride the handle with pure pleasure. She then inserted a bulbous object up her arse. She was at it for ages and I wanked right there and then. I know she didn't see me because I asked to see the room to check a breaker and the window had a black mesh type material over it (a converted air vent). She seemed to do this routine on a regular basis at more less the same time every night. I made the job last me a couple of weeks.

541. Woman's Story: A Friend in Need (4/10/06)

I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I was feeling really low about myself. So I decided to give my mate a call, who I had fancied for ages (and I mean ages!). He was surprised to hear that I had finished with my boyfriend and we arranged to meet up. He met me in town and we decided to go to his house (I had never been there before) and he was showing me around. We decided to sit in his bedroom and listen to some music as his aunt was downstairs.

We were talking about what had happened between me and my very recent ex and I started crying. He looked shocked and he came over to me and gave me a big hug and told me it would be alright. Then he leaned over and kissed me, which came as a shock, as I never knew he felt that way about me. I felt a sudden urge to kiss him passionately back. We laid down on his bed and he was on top of me. I reached down and undid his belt and pulled his jeans off (one handed I might add!!) while we were still kissing. He pulled away from me and then pulled off his t-shirt and revealed the most amazing body. I pulled my top and my bra off and revealed my 34DD (real) breasts. He was immediately erect and he started to suck on them, while he moved his hand downwards to my wet pussy.

He started playing with my clit and fingering me. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. And he did! It was amazing! I came 4 times, all in different positions. First he was on top of me and then we switched so that I was on top of him, riding him like a bull. Then we spooned for a little while and then he bent me over his desk and fucked me deep and hard. I came in all four positions and on the last time he came with me. It was amazing and we both collapsed down onto the bed.

I got dressed and went into the bathroom to clean myself up and we went downstairs. His aunt gave us a look which we interpreted as she knew what we had been up to, but we quickly left the house. It was amazing that day, but we never repeated it (much to his disliking!). It has remained our little secret and I just had to tell someone! I feel a lot better now I have got it out in the open!

540. Man's Story: That Was Some Talk (4/10/06)

We were at a YMCA for my high school girlfriend’s post prom. She whispers that she is horny and drags me to a stairwell and puts my hand in her shorts. She was so wet it was like she had been masturbating for hours. She then started to jerk me off. All this while people are walking within feet of the door.

Soon we moved to the basement of the stairwell and she ripped off my shorts and started giving me head. I was so excited from the thrill of getting caught. She was so turned on that I stopped her while she was giving me head. I picked her up and moved her shorts aside and started fucking her against the wall. We then moved into the doggie position.

She started playing with my balls and that is when we both came. We must have been kind of loud because as we both pulled our clothes on, a chaperone started coming down the stairs and found us down there. He asked what we were doing and all we could say was "talking." That was some talk!!!

539. Man's Story: Horny Virgin Girlfriend (4/10/06)

Before I left for England to go to college, I had a steady girlfriend that I really loved. We were intensely, sexually attracted to each other, but she was a very protected girl and wanted to stay a virgin till she was married. Being a guy, I had needs, and I tried often to get my groove, but she would stop me just as I would slip my hand in her pants! I had other girls along the side to satisfy my needs, but every man knows that there is nothing more that he wants than something he can't have, and I WANTED her bad!

One night about two weeks before I was leaving, she came around to my house and we then decided to take a walk. This was at 11pm. We walked and talked for about an hour and then came to a corner and sat on the stars. We started cuddling and she then started to kiss me and she the started sucking on my tongue in a sexual motion. I slid my hand up her shirt and slowly undid her bra so as not to make her uncomfortable. She pulled me closer and I could sense she was feeling very sexual by the way she was moving against my leg. I then went in for the kill. I pulled her to the center of my body and pushed my now hard cock against her pussy so she could feel it, and as they say, one bite and you're hooked.

 She suddenly  went down and undid my zipper and jerked my cock out and started to suck it vigorously. I was so horny that I immediately came. She then took me by the hand and lead me into the church yard and pushed me down onto the soft grass. She took my hand and put it inside her panties and I entered her with two fingers. She started breathing really loudly and making soft sighing sounds, which increased to louder shouting sounds. I groped her clit and rubbed it with one hand and was rubbing her now rock hard tits with the other.

Then she came all over my hand. She started saying "Fuck me, fuck me," over and over again. I then moved down and started nibbling on her inner thigh near her knees and slowly moving to her pussy. Still nibbling, I moved till I was right by her pussy and just as I was going to touch her pussy with my lips, I blew softly on it and passed to the other side of her inner thigh. She was so hot she looked like she was going to explode. I then moved back on top of her with my cock, just teasing her by rubbing it all around her clit. She could just not take it any longer. She grabbed my throbbing cock and shoved it inside her as she shouted "Fuck me!" once again! I fucked her like she would never be fucked again!!

538. Woman's Story: Tongue Time (4/10/06)

The first time I ever had a tongue touch my pussy, my parents were both at work and I was dating a guy that was 23. I was always horny it seemed. He would just barely rub against me and my pussy would start to drip. I was sitting on the pool table in our game room, trying to stop him from winning the game of pool we were playing, teasing him and trying to get some attention. He kept telling me to stop or I'd regret it. Which, of course, was exactly what I wanted.

He grabbed my legs and pulled me just to the edge of the pool table, with my ass hanging off the edge. In one swift movement, he had my legs spread wide, my skirt raised up and his mouth against my panties, completely covering my pussy lips and breathing his warm breath against my now soaking panties. It was the most incredible feeling I'd ever felt. He had touched my pussy one other time but it was only for a few minutes and I became embarrassed or scared, so I stopped him.

This time was different. I was so ready to have my pussy taken care of. He kept his mouth against my panties, then slowly I felt his tongue pushing against my lips, rubbing my pussy through the soft cotton material. I moaned, spread my legs as wide as I could and pushed my warm wet cunt into his face, wanting him to rip my panties off and tongue fuck me. He kept me this way, with my panties on and his lips pressed against my pussy, for what seemed an eternity but was probably 15 or 20 minutes, just stimulating me to the point of orgasm then backing off and breathing warmly against me.

Finally, with my hips raised in the air, he pulled my panties down, spread my legs even wider and sucked my pussy lips into his mouth. After teasing me for several minutes, I felt his fingers spreading me open, and his tongue press into my cunt hole. It was such an amazing feeling, his tongue swirling all around inside of me, pushing against me, fucking me like a nimble, little cock. He tongue fucked me till I was breathless, then removed his tongue, turned me over and spread my ass cheeks. I didn't have a chance to be embarrassed. His tongue was sliding all along my asshole, pushing against it, making me so wet. I pushed back against his tongue, wanting to feel him inside me, wanting some kind of release. That's when he pulled me off the pool table and to the floor with him.

Laying on his back, he pulled my pussy right over his tongue and began tongue fucking me fast and furious, with my hips grinding my cunt down onto his tongue. He pulled his tongue out and deftly made his way to my clit, licking and sucking. God, it felt so amazing. I could feel my orgasm coming, like a thousand bees buzzing toward an urgent destination, his tongue sucking and licking at my clit, his fingers pumping in and out of my swollen pussy. I came so hard on his face, quivering and contracting around his fingers. When my orgasm finally subsided, he lay me gently on my back and continued to suck and lick gently on my pussy, till I was begging him to fuck me. Needless to say, the first tongue I had in my pussy was followed shortly thereafter with the first cock. It was an amazing day I'll never forget!

537. Woman's Story: I Sprayed All Over the Bed (3/14/06)

I went houseboating with a few girls at B.C. around August, during the height of tourist season. I was wearing a bikini all day and had seen hot muscular guys wearing only swim trunks all day, so I was getting really horny. One night, I was drunk and had smoked up a joint with a gay guy. I was wearing only my bikini top and a pair of khakis. I jumped into a hot tub with some naked guys and soon they were trying to shove their dicks in my face. I laughed so hard and I jumped out, but my pants were soaked. So I took them off but I forgot to put on my bikini panties earlier, so I only had a see-through mesh thong on.

I felt sleepy so I went to lay down on a couch in my houseboat to nap a little. One guy from another boat came inside (we were all docked on the same shore) and he started chatting me up. He was from B.C. and he started giving me a massage. My ass was facing him as I turned my back towards him. He was a firefighter and very muscular and bulky. I was so turned on. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere else, maybe to his boat. So I did.

His boat was parked far away but when I got there he led me upstairs to the upper dock where he started kissing me. He was a great kisser and we moved to a seat where he rubbed my clit thru my panties. I was getting soo wet. I ran my fingers down his trunks and found a thick and hard dick as he started fingering me. We moved to a little bed on the upper deck where he took off my clothes and I his. His dick was so hard and gorgeous I wanted him to fuck me immediately.

He sucked on my tits a bit and grabbed my butt. As he entered me I felt like I was gonna come immediately. I moaned loudly. Being high made it so much better! He fucked me slowly at first then harder. I squirted all over him and the bed and we laughed. Then I turned around to get on all fours. I wanted him to bang me as hard as he could. It was really hot inside so we were sweating crazily as he fucked me and I came again. My pussy tightened as I contracted with pleasure. He came and instantly collapsed from fatigue and heat next to me, where he just gently felt my body for a while.

I was still horny so I waited a little bit before going down on him. He was soft, so I licked the tip and then the whole thing. I put his dick in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his shaft. He was so thick, it felt great in my mouth as he got harder. I deep throated him and he moaned so loudly. He said he had never had such amazing oral sex in his life, so I sucked harder! He said, "You want some more, don't you?" I said yes, so I rode on top of him, then he moved on top of me and fucked me again. He didn't come again, but I sure as hell did! All over the bed. He was like, "I've never seen a girl come so much. You gotta clean up this bed tomorrow!"

536. Woman's Story: Final Boarding Fuck (3/14/06)

I was in transit, back from a few weeks of traveling in Bali. I was waiting in the Jakarta airport, which is always chaotic and hectic. As I was waiting for my backpack, hung over and sad that the travel adventures were over, someone starts talking to me with an American accent. I turned around to find a beautiful tanned jet-black-haired tattooed surfer. He reminded me of a Dave Navarro type - like a badass rock star with a beautiful face. We shared our stories and laughed at the irritation of waiting and waiting, as everything takes forever in the Jakarta airport.

We both had different flights to catch within a few hours so we got something to eat...and walked to our boarding gates and said our goodbyes awkwardly. Within seconds of parting, I felt a strong hand reach for my arm and pull me over to the cleaning room near the bathrooms. He began kissing me, and slid a hand under my shirt, unhooked my bra. As things got steamy, he pushed me up against the wall and pulled out a condom from his bag. Yes, he had a condom on him!

It was quick as I was already dripping and he was licking my swollen tits. He pumped into me hard and I could feel my ass sliding against the furniture behind us, hoping things would not topple over us in the hot, stuffy room. Soon after, we pulled up our pants, and said our goodbyes again. This time, I made it to the airplane and passed out beautifully the way you do after good sex...on my way home.

535. Man's Story: $22 Well Spent (3/14/06)

My girlfriend and I decided to catch a movie. We sat down and to our surprise there was nobody there. She didn't waste any time...she unzipped my jeans and put her hand down there and started to stroke my cock. At this point it was kind of hard to pay any attention to the movie because she was just so damn good at giving the hand job.

After she got my cock fully hard, I lifted up her skirt and put her warm pussy on my cock. She started to bounce up and down so fast that my cock kept coming out of her. Every time that happened, she stroked it some more then put it back in her very wet pussy.

After about 10 minutes of riding my cock, she got up and leaned over the seat in front, with her firm, tight booty in front of me. I got up and put my cock in her pussy from behind, and at that point she started to get into it, moaning loud. This was the best position because I actually got to watch some of the movie.

After awhile she couldn't take it anymore and I didn't have a condom on. I was going to cum, so she sat me down and took my cock in her mouth and took all my load. It was well worth the $22 dollars for the movie.

534. Woman's Story: My First Pussy Licking (3/14/06)

I remember the day that I got my first pussy licking. He had a tongue ring and he knew how to use it. We went to the movies and while we were there, he reached down between my legs and rubbed on my clitoris. He kissed me on my neck. Then after the movie we went to start driving around.

I suggested we go to the park. So we went to the park and went up in the slide to mess around a little. It was dark, so I figured we had no problem. I threw my underwear in the sand below us and he reached up my skirt and started rubbing my pussy from behind me. I turned around and got a little rougher as I got a little wetter.

Then he told me to lay down and he went to work. Felt so good. He licked me to ecstasy. Then we got back in the car because some neighborhood teenager started coming around to smoke in the park. While in the car I noticed that he was hard, so I pulled his penis out and licked on the head and shaft. He came as we arrived at my destination. It was great and we fucked about a month after that incident. We just fucked today.

533. Man's Story: Off to a Roaring Start (3/14/06)

My girlfriend (at the time) and I were dating for about 6 months. I wanted to have sex, but she wouldn't until I turned 18. On my birthday, I lost my virginity to her. It completely amazed me the way my hard cock felt in her nice wet juicy pussy. It didn't last long before we both had came.

The next day we went to my work and were so horny we were going to have sex in my car, but one of my friends pulled up next to us, before we started. Her and him were hungry and wanted McDonald's. He took his car and we followed him, and on the way there she gave me road head. We arrived and I wanted her to keep doing it so I could pull up to the window to pay the guy while she was sucking me, but she was too shy and stopped after I ordered her food.

Two days later was Thanksgiving and we began to get more sexual with every passing day. While my parents were home, I'd go out while she smoked a cigarette. When we got outside, I started grabbing her tits and sucking on her nipples to make them hard. She got horny really quick and we did it on the front lawn for 30 minutes. I was afraid my parents would come out and see us, but they never did. Later that night, after dinner, she went to have another cigarette and we did it in the back of the house, right by the sliding door. We ended up having sex 12 times in the one week. I always knew I was a nympho. One of my greatest Thanksgiving moments.

532. Man's Story: Reunited and It Feels So Good (2/13/06)

It was my ten-year high school reunion. I didn't really want to go because of ex-girlfriends who were going to be there, but two buddies of mine convinced me to go. I show up on my own with no date, say hello to everyone, chat with the exes, have a few drinks.

I noticed a gorgeous woman with incredible legs and big round breasts in a little silver sequined dress talking to some former classmates. I wondered what lucky bastard from my class brought her to the reunion. Not long after first noticing her, she looked my way and our eyes met. She gave me a big smile and came immediately over to me, saying “HI!” and giving me a big hug. After an awkward moment I then knew exactly who she was – a gal from my class whom I was always friendly with at school but never really hung out with and never kept in contact with. But she did not look the same. She got a nose job, boob job, lost weight and was tanned up nicely.

We hit it off and a half a dozen drinks later we are driving to go get “coffee”. Next stop is her apartment. We hit the door and immediately start kissing passionately. She got me so hot so fast that I had a huge erection and we hadn’t even taken our coats off. I pushed her up against the wall and raised her little silver dress up and dropped to my knees. She pulled my head into her crotch and I pulled down her hot, wet panties and began tonguing and kissing her clit. She was moaning and grinding on my face and told me that she had wanted me for so long.

We went into the bedroom and stripped immediately. I pulled her bra down just under her breasts and it unleashed the most beautiful pair of round breasts, which were equally tanned as the rest of her body. I was in heaven. I squeezed and sucked her tits and then she pushed me back and grabbed my rock hard cock. She gave me the most incredible blow job while caressing my balls.

After drinking I usually take a long time to cum, but it seemed like only a few seconds before I came bursting out into her mouth as she oozed the load back out onto my cock. She went to the bathroom and when she came back we had incredible sex for the next several hours.

Over the next two weeks we had great sex night after night. Unfortunately we had little in common, as it turned out, and we eventually stopped speaking and I moved to New York. I just hope we’re both still available at our 15 year reunion.

531. Woman's Story: Hot Young Lust (2/13/06)

My first time was, to say the least, exhilarating. I was nervous. I never seen a dick before except on Google. I had to babysit my twin brothers since my folks went off to visit some relative or something in the hospital. I called my boyfriend up and was like, "Get your fine ass over here and come see me."

Up until this point we hadn't done much but just dry hump, and rub each other through our clothes. So he comes over. And I'm wearing just a T-shirt and a short plaid skirt and socks. He's wearing tight jeans and a sexy black shirt. I could see his nipple ring through the material.

So I pull him in and start kissing him. We've talked about fucking quite a few times before. But I never felt brave enough till now for some reason. (Side note, so you don't think I'm a sicko - I already put the twins to bed like hours earlier.) So anyway, I push him back onto the couch and get on top of him kissing him and rubbing his nipples through his shirt.

Being such the hottie and considerate guy he is, he asks me if I'm sure. I take his hand and put it in my soaking wet panties and tell him if this doesn't feel like I'm sure, then I don't know what else would. So he flips me over on the couch and pulls my shirt up. Not being the well-endowed pornstar chick, my boobs are like 32B. But I've got nice large nipples if I do say so myself. He undoes my bra and starts sucking my nipples. I swear it felt like heaven. Feeling his mouth pulling and sucking at my nipples, I swear I could have come on the spot.

I started whimpering and moaning, then he moves down and kisses over my stomach, then flips up my skirt and pulls off my thong. I opened my legs for him. I was nervous but so wet. He licked and kissed my clit like it was the most wonderful thing he ever had against his tongue and lips. I came instantly. Thank goodness I was the girl in this situation.

He sat up then and I pulled his shirt off and opened his jeans. He popped out and I sucked his cock till I felt his hot load fill my mouth and the back of my throat. Salty and sweet and perfect. I pulled his nipple ring a few times and he was instantly hard again. He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and asked me again if I was sure. I guess my pussy juice leaking out of my pussy was good enough answer, because right then he thrust what I swore could have been 9 1/2 inches inside my tight wet pussy.

I almost screamed myself raw but he kissed me and thrust all that cock inside me, filling me all up. But before I could come again he flipped me over so I was on all fours and he fucks me doggie, telling me I'm a dirty slut, making him wait so long. I come all over him, the couch, down my thighs. He comes too, filling my wet pussy with his hot load. I swear just thinking about it again gets me so wet.

530. Woman's Story: Getting Down to Business (2/13/06)

About 10 years ago I attended an annual business meeting. There were sales reps from all over the country. During one of the mass assemblies I stepped out and went into the stairwell for a breather. Another man was out there and we got to talking. He was just as bored as I was. He was not very good looking, but through his suit you could tell he had a great body.

For some strange reason I told him I was in the mood for a good fuck. He looked surprised at first, then asked if he could help me out. Without saying a word, I took off my heels and pulled off my pantyhose and panties. He quickly took off his jacket and unbuckled his pants. I crouched in front of him and put his big fat cock into my mouth. I sucked on him and licked his swollen balls. I felt his dick get harder in my mouth. I stuck my finger up my pussy as I took his dick into the back of my throat.

He lifted me up by my hair and turned me around. He bent me over the rail and fucked me hard from behind. He brought his hand to my clit and began rubbing it. He whispered in my ear, asking if this was a good fuck. I could barely answer "Yes" because he was so good. He made me cum right there in the stairwell. He kept pounding into me and all my cum juices started running down my leg.

He pulled out of me and told me to sit on the steps. He leveled his cock at my face and I sucked on his juiced up cock with my scent all over it. As I sucked him I caressed his butt and I slipped an index finger up his ass. He groaned, "Yeah baby, that's it," and he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

I told him my room number and he came later that night. We spent the next 4 nights fucking. Our last night was the best. I let him fuck me up the ass. We never asked for names or where we were from. I still attend the annual meetings hoping to meet up with him. Although I'm married now, I would like to tell him that he is still the best fuck.

529. Man's Story: Cherry Popping Memory (2/13/06)

We were both virgins and we had been going out for about a month. I went over to her house for tea one night, and she was groping my leg and balls underneath the table. After tea, she whispered in my ear, "Shall we go walk to dog?" I agreed and we left. Just to make sure, I got a condom out of my motorbike.

We went on our walk and got about 10 minutes away from the house. She whispered in my ear, "I want you now." She was gagging for it! She took me to a marquee that is normally used in the daytime for clay pigeon shooting. We lit some candles to lighten up the situation. There were chairs and tables to use.

I got undressed and my cock was already throbbing. I took her top off, and her trousers. She was wearing a black bra and some hot panties. I got the bra off first and revealed her big hard-nippled breasts. My cock went rock hard. She saw and knelt down in front of me, and took my member right into her mouth and gave me one hell of a blow job.

I stopped her before I came, and said, "Your turn." She said, "No, I want you inside me now!" I pulled down her panties to reveal her wet mound. She stood there for a few seconds whilst I pulled on the condom. Then she positioned herself on top of me on the chair, and held my cock in her hand to guide me in. She slowly lowered herself on and took half my member. It felt so good. She was wet, warm and tight. But I wanted the whole thing in her, so as a surprise I thrust the last few inches into her. She moaned so much.

We sat there for a few seconds looking into each others eyes, then she started. Slowly at first she started to bounce and engulf my cock, her breasts bouncing up and down. I lightly stroked her nipples and she still bounced with her eyes closed, moaning. I stopped her, and told her to get off and lie down in the grass. I mounted her and with one thrust was right inside her. I started slowly then sped up, but I didn't enjoy it and neither did she.

We got up, tried doggy, but she didn't like that either, so we went back to our first position. She lowered herself down again, but when she raised herself up, I thrust into her. This felt so good. In the end she took over and rode me hard, I said, "I'm coming," in her ear, and she screamed, "So am I!" she moaned and screamed so much and at the same time I spurt my cum all in her tight virgin pussy.

We sat in each others arms for a few minutes, and then got dressed. We realized what the time was and headed home. We kissed all the way home and when we got back I fingered her pussy under her jeans and fondled her pert nipples under her bra. Her parents were none the wiser about what had just happened!

Unfortunately I am no longer with her. I found out she was using me for sex before she went to college. She dumped me 4 weeks later in a text sent by her friend. What a cow! But the memory of our wild passionate evening of cherry popping will always be a happy one.

528. Man's Story: Pleasure Cruise (2/13/06)

I bumped into gal who I had only known before casually, downtown dancing one summer night. The next day she came up to my place and ended up staying for dinner. I live on Lake Michigan and I've got aircraft landing lights mounted underwater on my pontoon boat so you can see the bottom in 25' of water - cheap thrills. The water is clean and clear and I'll drink it if I'm out swimming or canoeing.

Anyway, after dinner and a few more drinks we took the boat out to go for a late night boat ride. I shut off the engine and let the boat drift. It was a calm night with no wind and a beautiful star-lit sky. We were in about 15' of water and I convinced her to go for a night swim after I switched on the underwater lights. She peeled her dress off and she dove in first and I quickly followed. The water was cold but not too bad after I caught my breath. I swam over to her to warm up and started kissing her while I held onto the swim ladder.

After fingering her I was able to slide it in as I sucked her tits and grabbed her ass to keep my cock from slipping out, while trying to hold on to the swim ladder and trying to keep my head above water. Lots of work... She was digging it too, but the water was getting to be a bit too cold. She climbed up the ladder first and I followed her with my tongue in her ass. She landed on the bench seat and I went down on her pussy for a while. The taste of her and the lake water was great! After making her cum, I stood up and drove my cock into her wet box. She was going crazy and I shot my wad when she started cumming again.

After we caught our breath, we put on some warm clothes and headed back to the dock. It was quite a night to remember - beautiful night sky and the taste of her mixed with the sweet fresh water of the Big Lake. We ended up in bed and I gave her ass some more attention with my tongue and cock. She loved it as much as I did, and it ended up being a long hot night. The next morning she started talking about a LTR with me and I told her I wasn't looking for that at this point in my life. She got pissed off and told me I had not followed her rules of intimacy. I laughed and said "I don't even know what your rules of intimacy are, so how can you be pissed at me for breaking them?" Women - go figure.

527. Woman's Story: Three in the Tub (1/30/06)

My husband's best friend and I became involved sexually about 2 months ago. Recently my husband found out about us and was at first very upset, but at the same time a little turned on by it. We had been discussing having a threesome before he found out about us.

One day after work (they work together) my husband discussed it with his friend, who was, of course, into it. The three of us ended up in our hot tub together. It was a little strange at first, but I went over and sat on his friend's lap. He started caressing my breasts and finally slid his hand down between my legs. I turned around and started kissing him while my husband watched. I then told my husband to stand up and I began sucking his cock while his friend watched. I leaned up against my husband and his friend started massaging my clit. With the warm water lapping over my body, I was so turned on and eventually climaxed.

My husband wanted to penetrate me but I suggested we get out of the hot tub and go into the bedroom. Once we were in bed, my husband began eating my pussy while I sucked his friend's cock. I came again and was soaking wet, waiting for a cock inside me. His friend came up behind me and slid his hard cock into me. He fucked me from behind while I sucked my husband's cock. His friend eventually came inside me. I laid down on my back and my husband started fucking me while his friend watched. After he came, we laid down and I started caressing his friend. I think he was ready to fuck me again but we just got up and got dressed. It was incredible.

526. Man's Story: Box Full of Toys (1/30/06)

I was in college at the time. There was this girl who was as sexy as hell. She had perfect tits that were big but not ridiculously so. Her ass was perfect and I often caught myself staring at it as I walked down the hall following her. We had a class together in biology and we both got partnered up to do a project. She said that we could work on the project at her place since she lived just off campus.

The project took the whole weekend. The first night wasn't very special. We worked on the project and she made me sleep on the couch. On Saturday she threw some clothes into her closet and when she picked up her jeans a black shiny thing fell out. She said, "Oh my god!" She picked it up and threw it into her closet she looked embarrassed as hell. I realized only then that it was a vibrator.

After a little bit of talking she loosened up a bit and I mentioned the vibrator. She got embarrassed again and I said it was no big deal, that most girls had a vibrator or two. Then she bit her lip and I realized it probably wasn't the only one. I asked her about it and she just bit her lip and giggled. She got up and proceeded into her closet and she brought out a wicker basket. I was so damn surprised when she opened it up. It was full to the brim with masturbation toys.

She went to the computer and clicked on a movie icon and a porno video popped on. She came over and started to kiss me. She took off my shirt and I took off her bra while her shirt was still on. She then shoved me on the bed, took off my pants and my boxers, and started to give me the best damn blowjob ever. She continued like that for while until I put here on all fours and fucked her doggy style. After a couple of minutes, her mom burst in the door screaming at me to get out. The last I heard of her was that she moved to another town. But god damn, that was the best sex ever. Oh, and I failed my project.

525. Man's Story: Thank God for College (1/30/06)

It was the second week of my senior year and I had been out partying all night. I got back on campus from a party and ran into a freshman girl who I knew liked me and wanted to fool around. We went to some frat parties and ended up making out for some people at the frats. We got a few hollers and calls from the people and decided it was probably time to head back to my room.

We got back and she pinned me down on the bed and started making out. I ripped off her shirt and pants and she did the same to me. She started rubbing her pussy up and down my dick through my boxers and just moaning so loud my roommates hit the wall to quiet her down. Finally she ripped off my boxers and I took over her panties. I pinned her down on the bed and stuck it all the way in the first time. She whimpered a bit but begged me for more. I fucked her like that for a while and then switched it to doggy. We fucked like that for a while and then she turned and said, "Please just cum in me," so I obliged her.

At that point my phone rang and it was another girl I had been hooking up with. She said to me she was on her way up and would be here in 5 minutes and wanted to have fun. I had the freshman put on her clothes and get out as soon as possible. My reason to her was that my roommate was on his way back up and was throwing up.

The freshman left and the other girl came in. We made out for a bit and then she took off my clothes (again!) and gave me some of the best head of my life. She stuck around for a few hours and then went home. She never suspected anything but I had wondered if she could tell that my dick tasted different, considering it was just in a freshman!

You may think this is made up and shit. I thought I dreamt it, until the next day when I had two messages on my computer from both girls thanking me for a great night.  God bless college.

524. Man's Story: A Roll in the Hay (1/30/06)

My girlfriend and I were at a get together at her folks' farm. It was getting really boring, and we decided to go for a walk. We got behind the barn and started kissing. I started to pull her t-shirt up, and she didn't object. Soon her shirt and bra were off and she was half-naked. She could be seen from the houses across the field, neighbors who all knew her, and by cars on the nearby highway, but she didn't care.

Soon she was completely nude, and we were lying in the grass. She unzipped my jeans and guided my cock into her steaming hot, wet pussy. She sat up and gave the neighbors a real good look at her bare boobs as she rode me until she was doubling over from orgasm. I wouldn't let her back down, though, and she had to sit up and suffer until I was ready to cum. She begged me to let her back down but I made her fondle her own breasts until I shot hot cum into her pussy. Then I rolled her onto the grass, where she laid naked holding her pussy until the orgasms stopped. What a way to spend a family gathering...

523. Man's Story: "Fuck Me Like a Man" (1/30/06)

I had started to get to know this girl from my university course. She was good looking, petite, cute and curvy with gorgeous tits. She had been dating a quiet, awkward guy for a while now, but he didn't seem to be satisfying her. She told me that sex with him was so disappointing because he was so shy and never wanted to do anything.

We'd been good friends for a few months when we went to the movies together one afternoon and she seemed more friendly than usual. We had a good, close chat over coffee afterward. I happened to brush against her arm and I felt her shudder and gasp slightly. I knew that she was hot for me. I decided to do the right thing and take her home. But as we were driving back she grabbed me and told me to turn off into a dark side street.

As soon as I parked the car she was all over me. She grabbed me and kissed me hungrily and ran her hands all over my body. She told me she was so hungry for a good fuck. I barely had time to kiss her back before she had my hard cock inside her mouth. She sucked and sucked that cock like I'd never been sucked before. Then she lay back on her seat and told me to come and fuck her hard like a man.

I didn't wait another second. I got on top of her and slammed my cock into her pussy all at once. She was soaking wet but the look of complete surprise and astonishment on her face as I slammed it in was priceless. I pumped her pussy so hard. The car was rocking and I didn't care who heard. She was moaning and after a while she started squirming and screaming and then she came hard underneath me. Then she told me to come inside her and to fill her up.

She grabbed my waist and pulled me into her wildly, and told me to make her mine. That was more than enough for me to lose control. I spread her legs wide. Then with one hand I grabbed her hair and the other her hips and I pounded her cunt full of my juices as she thrust her head back and moaned for me. Afterward she told me how good it felt when I fucked her roughly like that. Now we're together and we do it all the time. She can't get enough.

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