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484. Man's Story: Unemployment Benefits (11/4/05)

I am at present unemployed, so all I do is sit outside my house and drink a few beers. I watch my neighbor every day drive off to work and think what a lucky fellow he is. Not only does he have a job, but also a lovely wife at home that I would love to fuck.

On this particular day, he drove off to work and a few minutes later his wife came out to empty the kitchen trash. I sat there wondering just how good a fuck she was. She waved and went back inside. After a while she came out and got in her car and drove off. I quickly jumped in my car and followed her to K-Mart. I made every effort to bump into her without her knowing I did it intentionally. I asked her how she was doing and started small talk with her.

I finally got the nerve to ask her if she ever went out on her husband and to my surprise, she said she had on a couple of occasions. I asked her if she would go out with me and she answered yes. We made arrangements for the next day.

I followed her the next day as she took the lead and drove to a parking lot where we left her car and drove in my truck to a secluded spot in the woods. There we parked and started kissing, then she proceeded to pull out my cock and gave me the most wonderful blowjob I have ever experienced. I then ate her delicious pussy and climbed between her legs and fucked the hell out of her tight cunt. She has a snapper and it felt so good. I shot deep in her tight cunt.

We dressed and I took her back to her car because her husband was coming home to eat at noon. She asked me to meet her again tomorrow. I can hardly wait until tomorrow. I am going to fuck her tight ass next time, but she doesn't know what awaits her. Maybe being unemployed does have its benefits

483. Woman's Story: I Felt Like I Was in a Porno (11/4/05)

Me my brother and his best friend were on a summer vacation. My brother's friend and I had always had a thing for each other and when my brother wasn't looking he'd smack my ass or kiss my neck. But we never did anything serious out of respect for my brother, until one night we just couldn't fight our urges.

On a hot and sweaty Saturday night, when the sun was just going down and the sky was a dazzling orange, my brother left the hotel room for a party he was heading to and asked if we would go, but he was with two other girls and his friend and I already had other plans. Later on we went down to the beach and walked along the sand holding hands. I could feel myself getting horny. So I asked if he wanted to go to the pool and he agreed.

We both stripped off wearing only our underwear and we teasingly helped each other into our swimsuits. He got into the pool, but I had to finish putting on my bikini top that he playfully kept pulling off. Then I sat down and sexily slid into the pool. The water had blue lights underneath it so we both looked a sexy blue in the water.

He then swam over to me and put his arms around me. He picked me up with his muscular arms and put my legs around his waist. Then he passionately kissed me and took off my bikini top as he started rubbing and sucking my nipples. His hand slid under my bikini bottom and he rubbed my clit and fingered me until I moaned so loud we thought someone could hear.

He then sat me on the edge of the pool and started to lick me out. His tongue was so soft and good that I almost came. He took of his board shorts and stuck his throbbing cock in me. He thrust in and out so fast and he moaned like there was no tomorrow. After 10 minutes of that, I came with my juices squirting out as fast as ever and he came all over my tummy.

We then nuzzled and kissed each others necks and made out for another half an hour. After that we went back to the hotel room and had a spa together, rubbing each other all over. I felt like I was in a porno. We then sat down and watched some TV until 3, when my brother came home drunk as anything. We set my brother on the couch and me and my brother's friend quietly locked the door to my room for a night of fun, knowing we wouldn't get caught because my brother was drunkenly passed out (we both came three more times that night). The next day when my brother asked, "So, what did you two do last night?" we both just said with cheeky grins, "Nothing." My brother's friend is now my fiance.

482. Man's Story: Her Husband Couldn't Satisfy Her (10/27/05)

I was visiting a friend and her husband one weekend and she confided to me that their sex life was dull and almost nonexistent. He was content to have it once or twice a month, and being in her early 30s she wasn't ready to give up sex just yet. She told me she had even tried it with another woman just to get some satisfaction, but found she didn't like it very much.

While telling me this she noticed my cock had began to grow hard and asked me if it turned me on to hear this and I told her it did. I also told her that I had always wanted for us to have sex again, as we had tried it many years before when we had dated. With that she leaned in and kissed me. Our tongues met and the passion and lust began to flow.

Her husband had gone out so she led me to their bedroom and undressed me and I her. She gasped when she saw my cock, saying she had forgotten the size of it, as her husband was not very well endowed. She knelt down and started to suck my cock like she hadn't had one in a while and I soon turned her so we could 69 as I wanted to taste her pussy.

After her second orgasm, she looked down at me and asked me to please fuck her, because she needed a hard cock in her. I placed the head at her open, wet lips and slowly entered her. I only gave her about the head plus about an inch or so and teased her like that until she was near another orgasm. When she was about to cum, I entered her fully, making my balls slap against her ass and triggering a massive orgasm.

When she came I started to fuck her harder, pounding my cock in and out of her and the slap of my balls against her now-wet ass filled the room, as did our moans of pleasure. We switched to many positions, trying them all, making this last for almost an hour before I felt the old familiar tingle in my balls. I asked her where she wanted it and she turned on her back and pulled me deep inside and locked her legs around me and told me to fill her up.

As I started to unleash my hot cum inside her, it triggered a body-shaking orgasm for her and she was moaning loudly for me to fuck her hard and fill her with my make her my cunt. We both collapsed on the bed after that intense orgasm and laid there kissing and caressing as we recovered and thanked each other for that wonderful experience.

We cleaned up and got dressed and aired out the room before her husband returned home. We agreed to be fuck buddies whenever we could after that, and she told me she would do whatever I wanted in bed for having given her such a great fuck. She is coming here this week...I can't wait to see what happens and share it with you all.

481. Woman's Story: Needed to Taste His Cum (10/27/05)

It all started so innocently. It started with email, just a friend. You see, I am married and so is he. We were just friends, but one day he asked me if I have Instant Messaging, and I did. We started talking daily. Well, it gradually became more and more sexual and finally we admitted that we were very attracted to one another. But both being married we had to be careful.

He would tell me how he wanted to touch my wet pussy and how he wanted to taste it. I would get so wet just talking to him that I would have to rub my wet pussy until I came. One day we were talking and we were so horny, he got me to rub my cunt while he told me what he wanted to do to me. He wanted to rub my clit, suck my clit, bend me over and fuck me from behind. I came so hard it was amazing.

We eventually got together and met one night, and it was fantastic. I knew he would have a huge cock. I sucked his cock in his car, and I don't swallow for my husband, but for some reason I needed to taste his cum. It was so good. He then took off my skirt and my thong and stuck his tongue into my soaking wet pussy. It felt so good and then he started sucking on my clit.

All the time we talked about it and that it was finally happening. I could feel the build up and it felt so good. I think I had the best orgasm of my life that night. We have seen each other some more, but we are married and have to be careful so we don't over do it. But when I am alone, I think about him and I get so wet I rub my cunt and come. Fuck, i am even getting wet now.

480. Man's Story: Rocky Road (10/27/05)

My wife and I were driving home and as I steered with one hand, I was unbuttoning her shirt with the other. The shirt came off, then the bra, and then she was riding along topless. Then I told her to take off her shoes and socks, and her jeans and panties. She was completely naked in the car as we drove 70 mph down the interstate.

Then she unsnapped and unzipped my pants and sucked my cock until it was rock hard. She then slipped her skinny, nude body between me and the steering wheel, and lowered herself down onto my cock. She screamed with delight as I got off the highway and went down a bumpy dirt road. As the ruts in the road drove my hardness farther into her, she had a tremendous orgasm.

When we got back to our apartment, she was still naked, curled up on the seat with her head in my lap. I told her she could only wear this long sweater she had in the back seat. As we walked from the carport to the building, we passed some people from the building. We didn't know until we got inside that the sweater was buttoned wrong and she had flashed them some bush.

479. Man's Story: I've Got a Secret (10/27/05)

My best friend's girlfriend has been sucking my cock for about 8 months now. I found out about something that she was doing behind his back, and she found out that I knew. After a really big talk between us two, I basically told her that if she didn't want me to tell him what she is doing, she needed to get on her knees and suck my cock.

After several minutes of hesitating and trying to get out of it, she realized that was the only way I was going to keep that secret. So she got on her knees and took out my cock and starting sucking on it, and licking my balls too.

As soon as she started sucking it, I knew she had a lot of practice at it. I couldn't believe how tight her suction was. She tried to act all disgusted while doing it, but then she was trying to suck me in like a frigging Hoover, so I know she probably liked it too. Five minutes later I was pumping my load down her throat.

After she was done, I told her that I will keep her secret, though I wanted my share of fun too, which she knew meant more blowjobs. Ever since that night, she has sucked my cock on a regular basis for about 8 months now, and my best friend still has no clue what a slut she is behind his back. I'm just glad I don't have a girlfriend like that, not counting his, of course.

478. Man's Story: Office Party Adultery (10/27/05)

I had been working with her for a little over a year. We worked in different departments, and we would casually flirt during lunch, but nothing serious. After all, everybody told me she was happily married. One Saturday I was invited over to a party with some co-workers and she happened to be there without the hubby. I didn't think anything of it and went about my usual business. But she seemed really horny that night and really warmed up to me.

After a few rounds of alcohol, everyone was having a good time when suddenly she started rubbing my crotch. Everybody there was like, "Oh my god, your husband will kill you," but she didn't seem to care.

She took me to the back room and let me suck on her gorgeous tits and next thing I knew I was pounding my cock into her pussy. When I was ready to finish she made me cum over her tits and belly. We haven't really talked much since then, but I don't care -- she was the best piece of ass I have had in a long time.

477. Man's Story: Discovering Doggy Style (10/17/05)

My girlfriend and I had been going out for about 5 months and had been having sex for about two. Since we both started out virgins, we still hadn't tried a lot of things. Once Easter weekend came around, I drove her home for the holiday and also to meet her family. The whole 5-hour ride down the state, we were teasing each other: I'd reach over to squeeze and massage her breasts (which were huge and real!) and she'd rub my cock as I drove. I was hard for most of the entire drive down and wanted her badly.

When we finally got to her parents', I was introduced to everyone and we sat down to dinner. All the while I was thinking about pounding her pussy and licking and sucking on her breasts. I could barely take my eyes off her the entire night and I could tell she was just as horny as me.

After dinner, she asked if she could show me around the house, which I happily agreed to. The first room was the garage and we stopped there, because as soon as the door closed, I grabbed her and started shoving my tongue in her mouth and rubbing her breasts. She melted at first, then came right back, grabbing my cock through my pants and grinding her hips into me. I was so horny at this point, I didn't care that her family was right in the next room; I wanted her so badly I wouldn't have cared if anyone had walked in on us.

Running on testosterone and inspiration, I spun her around, pushed her down on all fours, and pulled her skirt and panties down to her knees. We had never done doggie style before and she had always seemed unsure about it in the past, but at this point she didn't care how I fucked her, just so long as she could have my cock in her. My hands were trembling with arousal as I rolled on a condom and proceeded to slide my rock hard cock into her.

I pounded her for ten minutes, and her surprise at the sudden position turned into a wave of pleasure as she bit down on her sleeve to keep from screaming. I was biting back moans myself as my penis entered her again and again. Finally, the condom couldn't take anymore abuse and snapped under the strain of our animalistic fucking. Rather than stop to swap on a fresh one, the feeling of my bare cock in her vagina aroused us even more and our muffled moans became even harder to contain.

At last I couldn't hold it any longer and after tensing every muscle in my body, I came in her pussy for a full 10 seconds before my cock ran out of semen to fill her up with. I stayed inside her for a while as my senses returned to me and she was still trembling and shaking on the floor. Doggie style is now one of our favorite positions and we like to finish off sex with it whenever we can!

476. Man's Story: Amazing Anal Experience (10/17/05)

It was my senior year of high school. My girlfriend and I were at a friend's house with two other couples. When it got late, we all decided to watch a movie. As we headed to the friend's bedroom, I noticed the look in her eye and I could tell she was horny as hell. We all piled in the bedroom, with one couple on the bed and me and my girlfriend on the floor with the other couple.

About mid-way through the movie we were both rubbing each other underneath the blankets. I glanced around the room quickly and everyone was focused on the movie so I slowly slid her pants down around her knees from behind and also did my own. I got so hard that my dick sprung out and smacked against her ass. We had never had anal sex before, but of course that was the only thing on my mind.

We kissed for awhile as we rubbed each other, then she did something that blew me away. She discreetly licked her fingers and rubbed the head of my dick, getting it wet. I took my fingers from her wet pussy and rubbed her ass with them, then before I knew it, my cock was between her ass cheeks and she was guiding it in. I couldn't believe what was happening, and I slightly trembled with pleasure. My dick is 8 inches long and 6 inches wide, and she never made a sound as it inched in.

I slowly started to pump her ass while lifting the blankets up a few inches from our bodies to try to hide all the motion. It was so kinky with our friends in the same room, just feet away. She squeezed my thigh with her "getting-off strength." After she climaxed, I only held out for a few seconds before I filled her ass with about 6-weeks of built-up cum. It was amazing. We've tried anal a few times since then and it has never came as close to being as amazing as that night. Our friends never said a word, so we have come to assume they never even knew what took place that night.

475. Woman's Story: A Tongue Like Gene Simmons (10/17/05)

I have known my brother-in-law for nearly 12 years now. He met me when I was pregnant with my oldest child. When he first laid eyes on me, I saw his cock get hard while his wife was sitting next to him on my mom's sofa. I quickly passed through to the kitchen for some munchies.

As time went on, we had occasional contact -- a little flirting here and some there. But we never actually got together until I met and married his brother. He made a point of coming by all the time to see his brother (actually to see me) and "hang out." On one of those drop-by's, my husband was not home and I had run to the door in my robe and night clothes. When I saw it was him I told him my husband wasn't home, and he said, "That's OK." because he had come to see me. So I let him in and asked what was up.

Quickly he grabbed me by my arms and said he wanted to fuck me and always had. I was kinda shocked at first, but then I was instantly wet. He started kissing me with his tongue and all like he had not kissed a woman in YEARS. His hands were all over my body -- squeezing my ass, squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples. He slid his hand down my stomach and into my panties. He started rubbing my clit up and down and slid two, then three, then four fingers into my cunt. My knees felt weak and I started cumming in his hand.

He rubbed more on my clit and spread the pussy juice around. He bent me over the kitchen chair and pulled my panties down over my ass. He got down on the floor and spread my legs apart and started tonguing my asshole then my pussy. This guy has a tongue like Gene Simmons -- I swear I came in his mouth three times. After I came in his mouth, he stood up and I could feel his cock throbbing up against my ass cheeks. He spread them apart and entered my pussy.

I was scared he was going to ass-fuck me cause I had never done that. He fucked my pussy doggy style for another 15 minutes and came inside me. I was so hot I didn't even care. After I took a shower he watched me getting dressed and said how he had wanted to fuck me like that since he saw my big belly 12 years ago. He has since moved to another city but we still have phone sex at least 5 times a week.

474. Man's Story: "Girl" on Girl Fantasy (10/17/05)

I was going about my normal routine one evening, collecting the dry washing from the line. I had gone downstairs from the flat I was living in with my then-lover, and as I passed a lower flat door, I heard the distinct moans of a woman being pleasured. A smile sprang to my face and my trouser brain started to think happy thoughts.

Going on my way, I had to pass the outer balcony door of the bottom flat, and to my surprise as I glanced in, I noticed the door open. It was a balmy evening and the action inside was pretty steamy. The woman's moaning was rhythmical and intoxicating, so I paused for a longer than the initial glance and saw two women laying on their sides on the floor on a blanket. The one in front was my neighbor. I could only see the shoulder of the one behind as she was slowly rubbing and fingering my neighbor's wet and steamy pussy.

The view caught me for longer than anticipated, as I watched her go through her building orgasm. Her breathing and gasps reaching an amazing crescendo where she slumped, and her legs closed and gripped the hand between her labia, keeping the hand firmly pressed against her clitoris. Still stunned into rigidity, I watched as the woman behind her kissed her ear and said something to her. Then as she got up to go into the kitchen, I noticed "she" was a man, dressed for the occasion to please his lover's fantasy. This shocked me and I nearly fell into her balcony.

A hundred ideas passed through my brain, and my cock was pulsating in my pants, half hoping she would bust me and invite me into her fantasy. It was not to be, so I watched a while longer, seeing her stimulate her pussy to prolong her orgasm and fantasy in her mind.

Her partner returned with drinks and resumed his/her position. He started to attempt to push his cock in from behind, but she quickly pulled away from it. Obviously that was not part of the fantasy of having her pussy played with by the "woman" he was meant to be for her fantasy.

I left them to enjoy and collected the washing, then stripped and walked in on my friend to have a thorough sexual experience, sharing orgasmic gasps with our neighbors to heighten her experience and our own. It was a great night of cock explosions, though my neighbor's cock might not have been tended to. I might have to ask my neighbor if she satisfied her friend. I often hear them now in the throes of passion and secretly hope she might invite me into her fantasy and fulfill one of mine in the process.

473. Woman's Story: I Borrowed His Boxers (10/17/05)

Me and 4 of my friends went out for a night on the town and we ended up at a dance club called the Stray Cat. I have always been the little slut in our group of 5, so I immediately saw the guy I wanted. He was tall, dark and had a very sexy hard body. He was sitting at a bar stool leaning back, just watching the others dance.

I went up to him and grabbed his hand and led him out to the dance floor. After about a half an hour of very dirty-style dancing, I asked if he wanted to leave and go somewhere more private. He said, "Hell, yeah," so we left and headed out to his car. He was driving and all the way back to his place I teased him by tugging at his package and running my hand along the inside of my hip.

When we got to his apartment complex, we had to get in an elevator and ride up about 8 floors. We were all alone in the elevator, so I decided we could start right there. I unzipped him while I let him begin to pull off my ultra mini skirt. We stumbled out of the elevator to his place and as soon as we got inside I jumped on him and took out his large package.

I began to go down on him, bobbing up and down like crazy. When we got into 69 position and he lapped up all of my juices, I whispered in his ear fuck me hard and long. With my dripping wet pussy, it wasn't hard for him to find his way inside me easily. He rode me doggie style for what seemed like forever and after about an hour or two we pretty much fell asleep with him still inside me.

I woke up at about 12:00 the next day and I guess he had already left for work so I just took a pair of his boxers and a button up shirt and left. One day I swear I'll see him again and I'll give him his clothes back...but he will have to give me something first...

472. Woman's Story: Lesbians After Dark (10/10/05)

I was at a crowded bar one night, just old enough for the Guinness in front of me. A woman at least 15 years older than I had been eyeing me from under her baseball cap for some time, and finally she came over to sit with me. "What's a pretty young girl like you doing here alone?" she asked, and the rest of the night could be predicted from the tone of that question.

A couple of drinks later, we went for a walk in a nearby park, where we sat on a low stone bench to chat in the dim light of the distant streetlights. Soon we were kissing, and she had her hand under my shirt, trying to slide it down my pants. I pulled in my belly to give her room, and her fingers dipped down until they brushed my pubic hair. I remember moaning at the electric tingling this sent through me, and then she started rubbing my clit.

I leaned back until I was almost lying along the bench; she leaned over me, kissing me, and the hand in my pants began to slowly slide one finger after another into my wet pussy. I had my arms wrapped around her, holding us close, when a fellow who seemed to be on night patrol strolled past not too far away. He paused and said something like, "Take it easy, folks." Between her baseball cap and my short hair, it's possible that in the dim light he thought one of us was a man; however, it's likely that he knew exactly what was going on on that bench, and I'll bet he couldn't wait to go home and "think over" what he'd seen. Our night didn't go any farther than that stroking and finger-fucking, but it was pretty intense as it was.

471. Woman's Story: Heating Up the Pool (10/10/05)

He and I were just friends, and met about 6 months ago. We've been talking nonstop ever since we've met, and we hang out pretty much daily. We were with our best friends, a couple who are dating, and it was the end of July, so it was SO hot outside. The other girl and I decided to go swimming, and the guys sat outside the pool and watched, as we all talked. This guy and I were just talking, but we'd made out, cuddled, and told each other everything. Pretty much dating without the label.

He smiled at me as I shook my head at his wink, and I giggled. He took off his shirt and announced that he was hot, too. So he slid in. I smiled at him and wrapped my arms around his neck once he got fully in. Our friends laughed, and they got out and walked over to the jacuzzi. He and I were left in the pool, and smiled at each other, and he leaned in and kissed me. He kept kissing me, and worked down to my chin, nibbled me there, and then made his way down to my neck. He sucked, bit, and licked there, as I tried to stay quiet.

The sun was starting to go down, and he pushed me against the side of the pool. I kissed him back, deep and hard, and he started sliding down my bikini bottoms. I opened my eyes and looked at him, and he asked if I was okay. I nodded and kissed him again, softly. I felt his fingers slowly reach my vagina lips. and he began to stroke, which sent me  total chills through me. I moaned a little, and I felt him smile -- and his smile, oh my gosh.

He slid a finger in me and began to finger me, and then pulled out and rubbed my clit fast and applied a little pressure. I was trying so hard to keep still, and finally I managed to say, "I want you." HE raised his head and looked at me straight in the eye and nodded and said, "Okay." He slid off his trunks, and looked over my shoulder at our friends who had apparently been making out in the jacuzzi. He looked back at me and smiled and pushed his cock against my lips. I spread my legs and looked up at him, with my eyes a little scared. This WAS my first time, so I was a little nervous.

He slid it into me and I gasped and closed my eyes. He whispered in my ear and sucked on my ear lobes, and wrapped my legs around him and started thrusting slowly. I moaned a few times, and he went a little faster, as I began to whimper. We both started going faster, and I was struggling to stay quiet, finally he said, "It's okay," and I gasped and squeezed my legs around him. I gasped and grunted a few times, and finally I pushed my neck into his, and had a mind blowing orgasm. I dug my nails into his back and he moaned and let go inside of me. He leaned against me, with his forehead on my shoulder and we both stood there panting. I opened my eyes, catching my breath, realizing what just happened, and I smiled. I'll never forget it.

470. Man's Story: Happy to Help (10/10/05)

When I was in college, I worked part time at a warehouse. I would occasionally do things with my "work friends" and was visiting a co-worker and her husband at their house. She was my age, but her husband was twice as old, even though he was real cool and acted as if he was our same age. Anyway, we were sitting upstairs in their TV room watching some show. They were on the couch and I was sitting in the recliner.

Her husband says he was going downstairs to listen to music. A few minutes later, she pats the couch were he was sitting and says something to the effect of, "What's a girl got to do to get your attention?" Needless to say, I moved over to the couch and remarked about her husband being downstairs. She said it was cool and that he would be fine with it. We started kissing and I began fondling her braless breasts through her t-shirt.

She suggests we go take a shower and leads me by the hand there. We drop our clothes and no sooner do we start the water, she bends over in front of me while fingering her clit. I slid myself in her from behind while massaging her gorgeous breasts. We were both getting close to cumming so I suggested we finish off in the bedroom. She lays down on the bed and spreads out her legs and I immediately began vigorously tonguing her.

While I have my face buried between her legs, I feel a plop on the bed and look up to see her husband sucking on her breasts. I didn't know what the protocol was at that point because this was new to me, but getting back inside her was all I could think about. I gently pushed him aside and proceeded to slip myself back inside and thrust for all I was worth. She and I both came while hubby looked on approvingly. She said I was welcome any time but we never seemed to be able to hook up that way again. Oh well, if I can fulfill someone's fantasy, I am only too glad to help.

469. Man's Story: Smile for the Camera (10/10/05)

It was a hot day, and my girlfriend and I decided to go to Six Flags Marine World. We went on many rides, and she told me one of her fantasies was to do it in an amusement park. So after the park died down in a certain spot, it became warm -- humid if you will. I wanted to surprise her, I was ready to go, and I was hoping she was too. I asked if she wanted to take some pictures. And of course she said yes. So we went to a photo booth.

Hardly any people were around at this time of the day, which was exactly how I wanted it. In the first picture, I kissed her softly on her lips, and then we began to heavily make out. My dick started to get really hard; it was throbbing. I moved my hands slowly down her chest and pulled off her shirt (she wasn't wearing a bra). I pulled mine off as well. I started to play with her nipples and biting at her neck gently. I could tell she wanted as bad as I did. She slid her hand down my chest a begin to unbutton my pants slowly. (God I wanted her so bad).

She pulled out my hard throbbing cock and put it in her mouth, first teasing me with her tongue, then sucking in a rhythmic motion. As she was sucking, one of her hands stroked my big 7" cock, and the other was teasing my balls. After 10 minutes or so, I began to build up on my orgasm. I felt that I was soon going to come. I told her, because I didn't know if she wanted to swallow or not, but as I begin to come she sucked and stroked me faster, and my warm come begin to fill her mouth. She swallowed it up, and was still sucking my cock. It was as if she wanted all I could give out.

When she pulled away, I pulled off her pants and sat her down on the bench inside the photo booth. I was teasing her at first, getting her pussy wet, and aroused her by kissing her stomach and slowly moving down towards it, but then back up, making her want it even more. (Guys you should try this). Finally I went down on her with my tongue to her wet clitoris. I started by teasing the inside of her thigh with my tongue then moving closer and licking gently around the outside of her clitoris. She was moaning like crazy.

I then I began to tongue fuck her, and she pressed my head with her hands to move me in closer. She began to moan more loudly. I took two fingers into her as I licked her wet, juicy pussy. I fingered her hard, and pressed on the G-spot. She began to orgasm after some time, and I could feel her juices feel my mouth as I sucked at her wet clitoris.

I was hard once again, so I moved her from my seat and sat down. She moved on top of me, taking it in slowly, moving in and out in a slow rhythmic motion. Now she was moaning like there was no tomorrow. I tilted her backwards to fuck her and hit her G-spot at the same time, so I could give her more than just one orgasm while we fucked. She began to go faster and wanted it more, and I held onto her hips, grasping them. The pleasure was so incredible, but I didn't want to get to loud like her.

Her hands moved into my hair and then over my back as she leaned in close to me and kissed me. She orgasmed once, then she kept up the fast motion. She was almost reading to come again, and I was almost ready to also. And she knew it, so she went faster, slamming down onto me harder. GOD, I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! As she began to come, so did I. It was so nice to come with her. It felt so much better that we both came the same time. She kissed me again, and began to bite her neck gently. I was still hard, and she could feel it. So we fucked for about another 15 minutes or so. It was the best day of my life at an amusement park. We had the time of our life at a photo booth, with lots of great pics to remember it by.

468. Man's Story: "He Won't Be Back for Hours" (10/10/05)

I was visiting some friends for the weekend -- a husband and wife -- and he had to go see his brother one afternoon. His wife and I stayed home together in their small house, sitting on the couch, watching the river outside and discussing the birds. I kept watching the way her lips moved, and the way her shirt clung to her. I didn't know whether to hope she wouldn't notice me watching...or that she would.

We started reminiscing about high school crushes, first kisses, etc., and the stories started getting a little too detailed. I couldn't help but picture the things she told me about her first time sleeping with a man, and I could feel my cock getting hard. I tried to hide it, but she suddenly noticed and stopped talking. We were both just sitting there, blushing and feeling awkward. Then, in a very small voice, she said, "You know, he won't be back for hours." I looked at her in disbelief. She smiled shyly, as if she could hardly believe she'd said it. I didn't give her time to reconsider.

In a second I was on top of her, kissing her roughly and exploring under her shirt, kneading her soft skin and trying to spread her legs open with mine. She started massaging my hard cock through my jeans, then fumbled with my belt buckle until she managed to get it off and unzip my pants. I slid my hands up her shorts, and discovered that her panties were already getting wet.

She was moaning loudly and clinging to me, pushing her pussy against my fingers, when we heard a car pull up. No sooner had I gotten my belt re-buckled than her husband walked in the door, saying he'd forgotten something. A few awkward minutes later, he left again, and I grabbed his wife and pushed her back down on the sofa. This time he really was gone for hours, and we made the most of it.

467. Man's Story: Thank God for Cruise Control (10/3/05)

My ex-girlfriend's best friend had taken a liking to me, and I to her, but I didn't want to progress things further, for several stupid reasons. Regardless, we spent the evening at a hookah bar, in the corner, and I let my hand slip up under her skirt when it was clear no one was watching, and fingered her briefly. She was clearly aroused, and we decided to leave soon after.

I was driving, and she was naturally in the front seat, in a short skirt, so I let my hand explore her further, pushing my fingers under her panties and into her tight pussy. She's the type who gets soaking wet, and so this was definitely welcome. I fingered her for awhile, but she decided she wanted to return the favor. So, on the freeway, driving at about 70, at 1 a.m., she leaned over and unzipped my pants. She quickly pulled out my cock and started stroking it, while I continued to try focusing on driving.

Then, she decided to get really randy, asking, "Are you going to be a good boy?" while unbuckling her seat belt. I nodded, and she kneeled on her seat, facing me in the drivers seat, and bent down and took me entirely in her mouth. Naturally, the feeling of a gorgeous girl sucking my cock while I was driving was just too great, so I slipped the car on cruise control and leaned back just a bit more.

She was still kneeling on the seat, so I slipped my hand up under her skirt from behind her and began fingering her, feeling my hand slide all over her clit, slick with her juices. I finally started fingering her hard, almost as if using the pressure of my fingers inside her to push her further down on my cock, where she kept bobbing away, and licking fantastically. Soon, it just became too much, and I exploded inside her mouth while she worked to take it all in and swallow every last drop. It was one of the best experiences I had with her, excluding the hotel elevator, but that's a story for a different time. Regardless, I'm more than thankful for cruise control!

466. Man's Story: Psychedelic Sex (10/3/05)

It was Halloween and I took mushrooms with my friend and went to a party. He disappeared, and there I was feeling a little lost when one of my students came up (I was a teaching assistant). Nice one! I don't think she noticed.

Anyway, I went back to my dorm (a co-op, all hippy dippy) and met my girlfriend, who was really angry at me because I wanted to go climbing with friends the next day. I sat there with her on the couch listening to her. I was like, "Baby, it's really hard to argue with you. I'm seeing the first visuals I've ever had in my life!" She said it was hard to argue for her, too, because she'd dropped some Ecstasy(!). So we kept at it for a little while, until we got bored or something.

Then we went to her closet (she shared her bedroom with several other people, but had put a mattress in a closet--it just fit) and started fucking. It was completely dark, and I was tripping hard. My friend (the buddy that bailed on me at the party) always said that shrooms kill his sex drive. It made it interesting for me: kind of calm. All of the bullish 'rutting' behavior was out of me, and it became a slow, aesthetic experience. Just a nice in-and-out, holding her and listening to her enjoy herself.

It was bizarre, because she felt like she was in two pieces, split at her torso, like a Picasso painting... but not in any way grotesque -- it was actually kind of cool. I knew she was there all safe and happy amidst all of the peaches and oranges and thighs and breasts I was groping. The moistness was glorious. I put my hand on her cunt as I pushed in and out and I'd never felt it wetter. I told her it felt like a big flower. This made her gush, "Really?" "Yeah, like a Georgia O'Keefe painting." It did feel like I was fucking a Georgia O'Keefe painting. Wow.

465. Man's Story: I Said I Would Fuck You! (10/3/05)

I was 22, working in a graphic arts company. A photographer, B., who was an older woman, used to flirt with me, telling me she was going to fuck me someday. Since she was overweight and a little dykey, I never entertained the thought that it would ever happen.

My job came to an end; it was time to move on, and I gave my notice. Several of the employees, including B., took me out and got me rip-roaring drunk. We ended up copping some coke, and I went with them to a house after the bar closed. There were five of us - B., a cute redhead woman, her boyfriend, another woman, and myself.

One thing led to another, and we ended up in a group grope. The redhead would not let me fuck her, so I ate her box while B. sucked my cock. It was tough feeling the sensations -- too much coke and liquor, I guess. B. rode my cock while the others made out.

I passed out, and when I woke up, B. was sucking my cock. I started fucking another woman, and then I felt something wet and hard going up my ass. The next thing I know, it is buzzing and I am rocking back on it. B. starts sucking my joint and fucking me with a dildo. I exploded down her throat, cumming like never before. She looked at me all superior afterwards, and said, "I TOLD you I was gonna fuck you!"

464. Woman's Story: Hitchhiker Threesome (10/3/05)

I was going on a short trip with my then boyfriend. Along the way we picked up a hitchhiker. My guy had often talked about wanting to share me with another guy, but I always thought it was just a fantasy.

After awhile, we stopped for gas and I had to use the bathroom. Just after I came out of the stall, my boyfriend walked in wearing a big grin. He told me this was our chance for an anonymous threesome. I said I wasn't sure but I could see he already had a hard on.

He began kissing me and rubbing my tits and it never took much to get me wet and hot. He pushed up my t-shirt and unhooked my bra and began sucking on my nipples as he ground his hardness into my crotch. I was panting and wet and horny and he pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra and unzipped my shorts and pulled them down along with my panties. Just then, the door opened and in walked our hitchhiker. I could see he was hard too. Soon both their big hard cocks were exposed to me. I was really horny now!

My boyfriend bent me over the sink, telling me to spread. Soon he was deep up my pussy grinding around in me. I was groaning loudly, begging him to fuck me hard. First he told me I had to suck on our hitchhiker's cock and he turned my head toward the guy, who had his cock out, ready for me. My boyfriend watched as the guy pushed it in my mouth and told me to start sucking him. It was a big hard cock and I went to work, my head bobbing in pleasure as his cock fucked my throat.

I was grunting in pleasure as my boyfriend around around in my cunt telling me to make the guy cum - he wanted to see cum dripping out of my mouth. The guy held my head and really face fucked me, grunting and groaning as he fucked my throat deeply and my boyfriend eased his cock around in me. The guy came with a loud hoot - a big load down my throat and squirted on my face. He pulled out to watch my boyfriend give it to me.

There I was, bent over the sink, my face covered in hot, sticky cum as my boyfriend began to get his cock deep up my cunt, slowly but deeply fucking me as I begged him to make me cum. I suddenly came but he kept going. I know he was turned on by all this! Then he pulled out and I groaned and yelled for him to keep fucking me.

Then he grabbed my ass and spread me open and lubricated his cock with my pussy juices. He eased up into my asshole - oh, he was big and hard. He worked around a bit in me as I begged him to fuck me. The other guy was getting hard again and rubbing his cock close by my face. My boyfriend asked him if he could cum again and he said YES! Then my boyfriend began to fuck my ass and I was lost in how good it felt. He had me by my nipples as he fucked my asshole.

Suddenly there was cum on my face - a lot of cum - and my boyfriend was so deep and big up my ass. It hurt, but it was wonderful being used this way! I was cumming hard and then my boyfriend came up my ass.

I thought I wouldn't be able to walk. I was so happy, worn out, and sore, but it was the best sex I'd ever had. The guys left me to clean up and then I joined them in the car. We dropped off the guy about 20 miles later.

463. Man's Story: Midlife Mistress (10/3/05)

When I was 45, having been married for almost 20 years, I was truly surprised when my attractive, younger blonde co-worker started trying to seduce me. She did numerous things to get my attention (I especially loved it when she leaned against me and rubbed those perky breasts against my arm). She also would talk to me in a sexually provocative manner.

I finally asked her to meet me one evening after work (she lived with a guy but considered herself celibate because they hadn't had sex for months). When she agreed, I couldn't wait to make love to her and discovered she felt the same.

We went to dinner out of town and after dinner we started making out. I undid her bra and started to suck on her nipples, while kissing and licking on those perfectly symmetrical breasts. She unzipped my pants and started to massage my erection. I rubbed her pussy through her pantyhose and paid special attention to her clit. She was bucking, riding my hand, back and forth, up and down, panting, telling me she was cumming and that she wanted to fuck me, she wanted to fuck me NOW!!

I slid her pantyhose and panties off and started to lick and suck on her clit, sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy. She was becoming wilder and wilder, bucking against my mouth, demanding that I fuck her and fuck her hard!! I slipped off my slacks and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. After entry, I found her to be a very passionate and very active partner. She loved being on top, riding my cock while I rubbed her clit.

We were lovers for 8 months, and had fucked in numerous positions, when she decided to break it off. I still think of her on occasion.

462. Man's Story: Massage and More (9/23/05)

When I used to live in Costa Rica I got as much pussy as I wanted. All the stuck-up high-school yuppie chicks used to put out for me (I was 17). But anyway, the story goes as follows...I hung out with my friend Luis a whole heap, and his girlfriend Stephanie. It was really cool. We were all friends and I never felt like the third wheel. I respected them and they respected me. It was great! Thing is, there was always some awkwardness between Stephanie and me. She'd give me looks and I'd give them back but I was never quite sure if I was just imagining things or she was playing with me.

After a night of partying and drug taking (we went to The Wailers concert) we went back to Luis' house. We were all pretty smashed and went directly to sleep. In the morning Stephanie woke me up because Luis had gone; he had said something about seeing his dealer because he owed him or something. He was so caught up in drugs.

Stephanie was sore from the dancing the night before and told me to give her a massage. I was a bit weird about it all because she was my best mate's girl. Before I did so she took her top off (without me looking) and lay on her stomach. All she was wearing was her girly boxer shorts. I started rubbing her back and neck, and sure enough, she started to get turned on. ME TOO. How couldn't I? She was blonde, petite, and had the nicest, perkiest tits and the perfect Latina ass.

Cheekily I started rubbing her ass. I had no intentions of doing more. I couldn't help myself and she started moaning so I took her shorts off. Then her panties, and soon she was naked yet still on her back. I was so nervous and I kept thinking of Luis. My final thought was: "If I don't fuck her, she thinks I'm a pansy forever. If I do fuck her, I'm sure Luis won't find out."

I silently took my clothes off (although she probably knew) as I massaged her. My dick was so hard. I started kissing her neck and rubbing my dick on her ass as I did so. She was breathing so hard. She got so turned on that she turned around and we started pashing. I put it in her, just missionary position, and we were fucking on Luis' bedroom floor. It was the sweetest slowest fuck for a while until she got up, away from me.

She stood up and called me to Luis' bed with her fingers. Before I could climb onto her she put me down and rode on top of me. I stroked her clit all the way through. Exhausted, she collapsed on top of me. She was kissing my neck passionately, I slipped her off me and positioned her in doggy style. I started fucking her really hard and she was really enjoying it.

I could feel myself coming, so I pulled my cock out and put it up her ass. I fucked her and rubbed her clit at the same time. We both came so hard that we were shaking afterwards - especially her! I held her for a long time and we spoke for a while afterwards. Luis still hadn't come back, so after a while we had a nice slow fuck on his bed. It was great.

She broke up with Luis soon after this, and I avoided her to prevent any suspicion. Luis went on to get very drug fucked. I visited him in rehab and that is when I told him what I had done. He didn't say anything but the look in his eyes was enough. I said I was sorry and that I never meant to hurt him. I have never felt hated like that before... GREATEST FUCK EVER, THOUGH!

461. Woman's Story: Anniversary at the Movies (9/23/05)

My boyfriend took me out for our one month anniversary. We didn't do anything special, just dinner and then the movies. He had his arm around me the entire movie, soon moving it under my arm and resting his hand on my stomach. I looked up and kissed him and then rested my hand on his thigh with my head on his shoulder. He began rubbing my stomach and all I could think of was fucking him.

All we had done so far was make out but I could just imagine what we could do in bed together. He moved his hand from my stomach to my waist and fiddled around with the bottom of my shirt. Slowly sliding his hand under my shirt, his hand made its way to my breast. He began massaging it gently at first, then harder. I felt myself getting really wet. I reached over and lightly massaged the bulge that was growing in his pants. It grew and grew until finally he stood up and led me out of the theater.

He raced out of the building, pulling me behind him and brought me to the back parking lot. We went behind the dumpster and he came at me and ripped off my shirt. He took off my bra and started licking and sucking my nipples. They became erect the minute he touched them and then I pulled down his pants. His cock was about 8 inches and hard as a rock. I whispered in his ear that I had been wanting this since I first saw him.

He violently slid himself inside me, which hurt a little but felt good after a minute. We developed a very hard, fast rhythm that caused both of us to moan in pleasure. Our frenzy lasted about 20 minutes before we got dressed and reentered the movie theater. In there, we sat in the back so I could get on the ground and suck his cock. After that he would slide his hand down my pants and finger me. It was amazing. We are together to this day, fucking at least 5 times a week.

460. Man's Story: Farewell Fuck (9/23/05)

I had a brief relationship with a girl online. I lived south and she lived north - a 4-hour plane ride away. One week-long vacation I decided to spend some time up there. She still lived with her parents so she had to sneak out to my hotel all the time. We had the most amazing sex at the hotel, and we got incredibly crazy with each other because we knew we wouldn't be the ones who had to clean up the sheets.

When it was time for me to go though, we weren't ready to stop having that insane sex with each other, and just talking about it made us so horny on the way to the airport. When she found a parking spot she looked at me and said, "Stay there." I didn't know what she had in mind, but I saw her popping the trunk.

She took something out of her purse and opened the passenger side door. She straddled me as she reclined the seat and slid her pants off all at the same time - she was good! I felt her unzip my pants and pull out my dick to slide a condom on it. Before I knew anything else, she was on me, riding me so hard and fast. She came twice hard in a minute, and I came soon after. She took the condom off and poured the contents into her mouth and swallowed it, then tossed it in the ashtray of the door. That was how we said goodbye.

459. Woman's Story: Bouncy-Bouncy on the Trampoline (9/23/05)

My friends parents went to the Cape the other weekend, so she and her brother had a few friends over. After many rounds of beer Pong I started feeling a bit tipsy. By 1 a.m. almost everyone had gone home, leaving me and her brother alone to play a few more games of Pong. After winning three in a row we decided just to sit and talk. He grabbed my hand and asked if I wanted to go outside and get some air. Of course i accepted.

Once outside we looked for a place to sit and settled on the trampoline. We lay down and started cuddling. He then just leaned over and kissed me. This was the first night we met, but I had been attracted to him the second he walked in the door.

We started making out and he slowly took off my tank top. I unhooked my bra and my 36 D's were in his hands in no time. I tore myself away from his lips and made my way down to his shorts. Pulling them off, I saw that his 7-inch cock was already rock hard and throbbing. I engulfed it in my mouth, slowly sucking and licking, and then gaining speed until he pulled me back up and whispered in my ear that he wanted to be inside me.

He then kissed down my body to my skirt and slid it off with my panties. I was dripping wet so he had no problem inserting his hard cock into me. We started fucking with the trampoline going up and down. His hard thrusts made the trampoline bounce even higher. We both came in no time, got dressed and he drove me home. What an amazing night, and a great way to lose my virginity.

458. Woman's Story: In Bed With a Couple (9/23/05)

I had been living with this couple for about 6 months. They were around 32 and I was 21. The guy was really hot looking and I could tell he was lusting after me. His girl was on the chunky side, and I would purposely walk around in my tank tops and shortest shorts showing off my cute shape.

Well, one day I was scared to sleep by myself 'cause of a big earthquake. So they let me climb in bed with them (with her in the middle). That didn't stop him. He reached over her while we all were supposed to be asleep. He first rubbed his fingers over my underwear. I barely could stay still trying to pretend I was asleep. Then he slipped his fingers inside my underwear and begin to touch my goods. I started to get wet and begin to move with his fingers, then she rolled over and pinned him. All night I was horny for him.

Early that morning he was able to begin again. By then my pussy was hot and wet. She got up to take a shower. We didn't say a word to each other, he just got on top and begin to fuck me with his big dick. It was so good and hard. We orgasmed together. Well worth the long night's wait.

457. Man's Story: Strip Club Gal Pal (9/16/05)

I was friends with this girl from community college, and we would go out to strip clubs often. Our relationship was clear and limited, but every so often she'd make out with me before we said goodnight.

One night, after a particularly raunchy lap dance from a stripper, we were driving to her house to say goodnight when she leaned into my neck and started sucking on it, forming a huge hickey. She then breathily whispered, "Do you want to show me something?" I knew exactly what she meant, and as I was driving, I slid my pants off as far as I could get them.

She instantly leaned over and started to blow me right there in the moving car. It was incredible, the way she massaged my head and my shaft with her tongue. It was the best blowjob I had ever had. I was shaking.

I was caressing her back as this was going on, and I moved my hand closer to her ass, and then further until I could feel her tight asshole. I slid one, then two fingers inside of her, and she loved it so much she had to stop sucking my dick so she could cum herself from the feeling of my fingers in her ass.

The next morning when I picked her up from school, she asked me what happened last night because she didn't remember a thing!

456. Man's Story: She Took Every Drop (9/16/05)

I agreed to meet up after work for some drinks with a girl I knew from a local store. I knew she was separated from her husband and had thought about doing her before, but never said or did anything about it. After being in the bar for a few hours, it was closing time, so we went for a ride in my truck.

She started going on about how hot she thought I was and was getting closer to me as we drove around town. At one point when we stopped at a stop sign, she leaned over and gave me a deep passionate kiss. The next thing I knew we were back at my place and were making out on the couch.

I made some comment about being a little uncomfortable and that we could "stretch out" on my bed and she was all for that! Once in the bedroom, we started making out again and the next thing I knew she was reaching for my cock through my jeans. Within a few minutes she was going to work on my cock like a pro!

She sucked me for a good ten minutes and when I said something about coming, she told me to come in her mouth, which I did. She took every drop of it in and didn't let any out of her mouth!! She cleaned my cock from top to bottom. We didn't fuck that night, but did start dating for several months and the sex was incredible!! And, of course, I kept getting those incredible blowjobs!

455. Woman's Story: Dirty Dancing (9/16/05)

A couple of months ago I started dating my boyfriend and things were traveling real slow, like really slow in the sensual department. I hinted many things to him, like rubbing his inner thigh and taking his top off, but he pushed me away and said we should wait.

I had a good friend's party to attend to one night and my boyfriend had to work so he didn't come with. Knowing he wouldn't be there, I dressed in low-cut jeans and a high-rise top, showing a lot of cleavage and leaving nothing to the imagination, just for a bit of a tease. And I must admit, I got the eye.

After a few drinks I was ready for a bit of flirty fun, so I cranked up the music and grabbed this guy who was checking me out. I whispered in his ear and said, "You can look and touch if you dance with me." Immediately he got up and we entered the floor. He grabbed my hips and pressed his pelvis into my ass, his hands shaping my body and rubbing my breasts. I turned around and we kissed passionately. This time I pressed my pelvis into his, feeling his major hard on.

He asked if I wanted to go find a room. The next minute I was on a bed with his weighty body on top of me. He was really buff and I just had to rip his shirt off. We sat up and I kissed all down his chest undoing his belt. He grabbed my ass cheeks firmly and pulled me close, kissing and sucking on my naked breasts almost violently.

He rolled me onto my hands and knees and slammed his hard cock into my hot steamy wet pussy. In a minute he had me screaming out. With a change of position  with me being on top, I rode him hard like there was no tomorrow. My tits were bouncing in front of his face, and just before he came, I pulled off and let his cum spill all over breasts.

It was a hot night! I desperately needed every moment of that night. I decided not to tell my boyfriend, but for some reason things are steamy and hot with him now. Last week he fucked me in the ass, and though it was the best sex ever, I'm starting to think he bats for the other team.

454. Woman's Story: Accidental Anal (9/16/05)

My best friend and I were at a concert and having a great time. I was 19 and he was 21, and we were with some other friends as well. After it was over he drove our other friends home and then drove me home. Outside of my apartment we started kissing, and then I moved to the back seat and told him to unzip my dress. He obliged and I took off his shirt and unzipped his pants.

wasn't a virgin at the time, but I wasn't experienced in sex other than giving head. I loved sucking him, tasting him -- it was heaven to me. He said he had never felt anything like it before, and he wanted to pleasure me. He was fingering me and licking my clit. I was about to cum, but held back and pushed him off me so I could suck him some more.

I was at an angle so that he could reach my pussy with his hand. He started to try and finger me, but his hand found my ass instead of my pussy. He was about to pull away, but I moaned with his cock in my throat when he placed his fingers on my ass. He licked his fingers and pushed them in, marveling at how much I moaned and loved it.

I asked him if he would fuck my ass, and he told me he was more than happy to. I licked his cock and got it nice and wet, and he got my ass wet, and he started fucking my ass. It was so mind-blowingly erotic. He was fucking me deeper and harder, then I told him to make it hurt, so he went faster and even deeper.

I was going to cum soon, so I told him, and I rubbed my clit as I came. He started cumming when he felt me cumming, and he pumped his load deep into my ass. I never knew that I would have liked anal that much. It was amazing.

453. Woman's Story: Flashin' the Fur (9/16/05)

I went to this bar one night with a few of my girlfriends. One of them earlier had suggested that I wear this tight little dress that hardly covers my ass. I am typically a goody-goody, but I really wanted to have fun that night. So I said what the hell and decided to wear no panties. Every time I bent over I caught at least one guy staring. I mean, after all, you could see everything. I went and sat down (and had my legs spread at least 5 inches apart) and forgot how short my dress was and that I was wearing no panties.

This gorgeous guy came and sat down across from me and we chatted for a while. He really turned me on. I could feel myself getting hot and wet very fast. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him and I said sure. I thought immediately we would start having sex, but he just wanted to talk for a few more minutes.

As he was talking we kept moving our bodies closer and closer and then started to passionately kiss. He asked me if I wanted him to kiss me anywhere else and a few seconds later he started licking up and down my pussy. Then he started to tease me by taking his penis and gently rubbing my pussy in circular motions. I couldn't take it so I sat him up and got on his lap and started to ride. I guess this was a really big turn on for him because he came 4 times. Let's just say I can't wait to see him tomorrow!

452. Man's Story: Before Dinner Quickie (9/7/05)

We were in the pool all day, and pools are much more fun with strong drinks in your hands. There is something about being in a cool pool in the warm sun all day long that turns me on. We were constantly flirting with each other - grabbing, touching, and fondling underwater so no one else could see.

After a complete afternoon's worth of drinking, we were called in for dinner (we were visiting her parents). We went downstairs to the room we stayed in the night before to get cleaned up for dinner. She went into the closet to change. As I opened the closet door, she was pulling her top up over her head, and I watched as her beautiful tits bounced back into place. She saw the look in my eye and I asked how much time we had. "Enough," she said, and placed her cold tits right on my chest and started kissing me strongly.

She threw me back onto the bed, where I was on my back, and she ripped off my bathing suit, then removed her bottoms. She grabbed my cock and got down on her knees as I was laying with my legs off of the bed, and gave my cock a quick tease with her tongue, and then took it all into her mouth just once to get it wet. I could see that her pussy was already throbbing since it is shaved so clean.

I backed my body up against the pillows of the bed and grabbed her ass to pull her onto me. She climbed on the bed and started to fuck me really hard, bouncing up and down. She was moaning in my ear right away, and told me that she wanted me inside of her all day long. She came right away, with my hard cock throbbing inside of her, but she wanted more.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled down on her with every thrust, pushing up into her dripping wet pussy. We were trying to be quiet, but the sound of our bodies slapping and grinding against each other was getting louder as I got closer to cumming. I finally grabbed onto her hips and guided her body on top of mine with one hand, and fingered her clit with the other.

She began to cum again, and the feeling of her tightening up on my cock is what did it for me. I let out a blast of cum into her as I did my best not to scream with excitement. She climbed off of me, dripping a pool of juices onto my cock as she stuck her tongue in my mouth one last time. It was now time for dinner.

451. Woman's Story: The Rumors Were True (9/7/05)

Earlier this year I heard news that an old friend was coming back for a week. I had never pursued my attraction with him, so the thought of seeing him extremely excited and aroused me. I knew he told his friend dirty secrets about me every day, but I had been too stupid to fuck him.

He invited me over to his house, and gave me some alcohol from downstairs. His roommate was over, so I had to talk to him for a while. He ended up going to bed after he saw us enjoying each other's company on the bed. In our drunkenness, we roughly made out and he pulled off his pants revealing his HUGE, hard cock. I had heard rumors about it, but it was different actually seeing it. Oh, Jesus, did it turn me on. I got so wet I almost dripped down my leg.

As I could feel my pussy getting warmer, he pushed me down on the bed. I was wearing a short denim skirt with no panties, so it was easy for him to slip in. I moaned as I felt his dick slowly push through my walls, and we had to keep it quiet so we wouldn't wake up his roommate. I couldn't help myself, I was moaning as he kept pushing it harder and harder and harder, until he finally came all over my tits. One of the best nights of my life.

450. Woman's Story: Caught With Another Girl (9/7/05)

I had been with my boyfriend for just over a year. I felt happy with my situation, although sex was slowly going downhill, as I have a very high demand. I would never have thought of going elsewhere. We did have fun together, like when we took a trip to Amsterdam, we went into a peep show together and looking at this woman was making us both very randy. I got to my knees and sucked his cock. This was the kind of fun we used to have together.

Ever since that trip I can not stop thinking about the woman I saw. I started having dreams about a woman lying naked next to me and I was able to do what ever I wanted to them. Was this this my subconscious trying to tell me something? I had to find out!

My friends and I are very close, but I felt I couldn't get close to them in that way. I met up with an old school friend who I had not seen in a long time. We went out for lunch and started talking about the good old times. She kept touching me in ways that made me feel all tingly. I invited her back to my house and we went straight to my bedroom as my brother was making too much noise downstairs.

We sat on my bed looking at old pictures when she leaned in to look closer. I kissed her on the corner of her mouth, half expecting her to slap me. She looked at me then leaned in for another kiss. Before I knew it she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her hand was on my shoulder, which she soon started to push so I was laying down on the bed. She unzipped my jeans and started pulling them off. I pulled off my thong and lay bare with my legs spread. It felt so cold and I could feel my nipples going hard.

She climbed on top of me and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then she pulled me in and undid my bra, revealing my cold breasts. Lying me back down, she started running her fingertips over my nipples. They were erect with excitement when she started to lick them. She moved further down, kissing my belly when she got to my clit. She slowly licked my clit in upward motions. I lay there still, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter. She stuck two fingers in me while she still licked my clit. It got faster and faster until I came.

She stuck her tongue in my overly wet hole and licked round the edges. She came up and kissed me so I could taste myself. I felt good and could not stop shaking with excitement. Just then, the door burst open and my boyfriend walked in. I thought he would be disgusted and end it with me. He turned around and shut the door. He slowly undressed and the rest in history.

449. Woman's Story: I Wanted It Bad (9/7/05)

I had been dating this guy over the Net for about 8-9 months, when one day I was on the bus, and my friend's older brother sat with me. We started talking. I knew where he lived because he was only a street over from me in the same subdivision and I had been to his house a few times before. Before long, it was my stop so I got off and gave him my number.

Later that night after dinner with my family, I had gotten a call from him asking if I could come up. I was nervous because I was in love with my guy over the Net, but I figured, what the hell, who says we have to do anything? So I got dressed and headed up his way. He met me half of the way there and we walked to his house together talking.

We laid down in his bed and watched some TV together. All of a sudden he looked at me in my eyes and we heavily started to kiss and make out, and soon our hands were all over each other. I knew he had a girlfriend for a long year and a half that lived in St. Louis with us, but he didn't seem to mind, so neither did I.

I started to stroke his huge cock (at least 8 inches) and he started rubbing my clit, soon fingering me. He asked if I could go down on him and I told him it would be my first time. He said it was okay if I didn't want to...but I wanted to really bad. I started licking his head and stroking his cock at the same time and before long he came all over my face and mouth.

He went down on me that night and it felt AMAZING! He told me that was the best BJ he had ever gotten. We got together about five or six more times after that. I had sex with him my first time ever and it hurt a little but felt amazing. We haven't spoken since December and it's been almost 8 months. He drove by my house today, looked at me, and winked...maybe we are up for some more soon!

448. Woman's Story: Just Outta Jail (9/7/05)

It would probably have to be one of the best times I had ever had. My boyfriend had just gotten out of jail. We both knew what awaited us. He hadn't had any for 5 months and neither had I. I took him to my place. We were really close to the couch but the wait was too long, so as soon as I closed the door, we started to get down right on the living room floor.

begin sucking my hardened nipples, holding my tits with one hand. His other hand was down below fingering my pussy. I could feel his dick getting harder and harder. I went down and gave his dickhead a kiss, teasing it, and immediately saw the change in its appearance. I started sucking his dick, getting hooked to that warm salty taste and that's when I stopped.

We were both fully undressed. Just as he was about to stick his dick in my pussy, I positioned myself on top of him and started riding him like a bull. I was going faster and faster and I could feel him explode inside of me. I felt myself coming and I gave a loud yell, letting out my emotions. That would have to be the best sex that I had ever had. I guess that's what happens when you have to wait so long for it.

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