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447. Woman's Story: Break Me in Half (8/28/05)

My boyfriend and I used to live in separate cities, so we would only get to see each other about once per week. Every time I saw him, I just wanted to grab him and fuck him right there, but I usually remained reserved...until this last time.

I had come to his parents' house for his sister's surprise birthday party. The party was being held at his sister's friend's house, and everyone in his family was already gone. I was just dropping off my car and my bags so that we could take one car...but when I saw him, I lost it. He's a muscular guy, and he looked so sexy in his polo shirt and khaki pants (he's usually a t-shirt/jeans am I) that I wanted to fuck him in his front yard.

We kissed hard the very second I got out of the car and went inside his house. As soon as we walked through the door, he threw me up against the refrigerator in his kitchen and started to lick my neck and squeeze my breasts, hard...just like I like it. I'm a rougher girl, and I like to be controlled, so I just let him go.

He unzipped his pants and showed me what I really wanted to see...his huge, swollen cock...hard for me and waiting to enter my sweet, wet, tight pussy. He started jerking off, so I pulled my pants down and started massaging my clit. Finally, I stuck two of my fingers into me and moaned - loud - and it set him off. He grabbed me, yanked my pants off of my ankles, threw me on his kitchen table, and started to fuck me hard.

His cock felt amazing inside of me...I had been waiting for it for over a week, and it just kept getting harder and bigger as he fucked me. He kept rolling his eyes backward and slowing down, because he didn't want to come. He fucked me for about 10 minutes until he couldn't take it any more and threw my legs up on his shoulders, grabbed a handful of my hair, and pounded me so hard I thought he was going to break me in half.

He fucked me for about 20 or 30 more minutes like that, slowing down whenever he thought he would pop, until I came all over his dick. I spilled my thick, white cum all over him and he couldn't take any more. He stroked a few more times in me and came all over my stomach. It was the hottest sex I have ever had in my entire life.

446. Woman's Story: Learning to Deep Throat (8/28/05)

I had met this guy and gave him my number when he asked for it. I didn't have a lot of experience with guys at the time, so I was nervous, but I played it off and acted like I did this kinda thing all the time.

The first time we met up was at his house. I went to his room, he fondled my tits, rubbed my clit and we made out. He asked me to give him a blow job and I told him that I had never given one before. So he unzipped his pants and I put his dick in my mouth. I gagged at first, and it was just weird.

The second time I did it is when I REALLY consider it to be my first time, though. We went to this park and we hid behind some playground thing and he taught me how to give a good blow job. He told me that I'm supposed to lick it while it's in my mouth and move my head up and down and use a lot of saliva. He showed me how to deep throat.

I was gagging at first, but then I really started to get the hang of it, and I could feel little spurts of cum sliding down my throat. It was amazing, and ever since then, it's like I've become a whole new person! Instead of PRETENDING like I've had experience, I'm REALLY starting to get experience with other guys and it's AMAZING!

445. Woman's Story: Down on the Farm (8/28/05)

It was a really hot day, and I hadn't seen my boyfriend for three weeks as he had been to visit family in Italy and I had been doing exams at school. He called me, knowing I was studying, and said he just wanted to see my face for five minutes because he'd missed me. In the end I spent all afternoon with him, just driving around in his car, not saying anything.

I was feeling really horny, and looking at his crotch I saw that his dick was really hard underneath his trousers. He finally admitted that he wanted to fuck me, and while he was driving he slid his hand down my panties and started playing with my dripping wet pussy. He teased my clit until neither of us could take it any more.

He took a side road into some farmland, no one in sight. We jumped into the back seat where I took his huge black dick in my mouth. He groaned and pushed me back onto the seat and kissed me furiously. Then he slowly entered my tight pussy and then fucked me really hard. He was sliding his dick in and out of my pussy, and I moaned with pleasure as he came hard inside me.

At that moment we noticed some cattle in the next field that weren't there before and decided that we should take off before anyone saw us. On the way home neither of us could stop smiling.

444. Woman's Story: Just in It for the Sex (8/28/05)

It was January 2, 2004. My friend had set me up with some guy, and I was meeting him that day for the first time. I went to his house, and we just talked about everything. Then he got off the couch and grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom. He started to kiss me at first, then he unbuttoned my jeans with one hand, and he finally was rubbing my clit. Then he drove a finger deep into my pussy. I was totally losing it. He asked me if I liked it, and I of course said yes.

A few minutes passed and he asked me if I wanted to have sex. I was so wet and horny, so I agreed. He said "Well, your gonna have to help me out." So, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. WOW... it was a very nice one. About 9 inches maybe. I was kind of scared because this was my first time giving a blow job too. I overcame  my fear and sucked his cock for about 10 minutes. He was moaning and shaking. He grabbed me, pushed me down on his bed, and grabbed my legs and put one over each of his shoulders.

At first, his cock wouldn't go in. He told me, "Spread your legs, baby." So I relaxed and spread my legs wider apart and he slowly sank his cock into my cunt. He was thrusting in and out of me faster now, and telling me, "See what you've been missing out on, baby"... and boy, was he right.

Even though it was my first time, I knew what to do. I have seen porn I tightened my pussy muscles to make it a tighter fit, and I grabbed his hips and pushed him deeper into my cunt. He came deep inside of me, and I could feel my orgasm coming.

After we were done fucking, we got in a 69 and cleaned each other up. Then we came back together and started making out so we could taste each other mixed together. I have to say, it was the best time ever, and we continued seeing each other after that, until March. He had found someone better than me I guess. Oh, well. I was just in it for the sex!

443. Man's Story: A Dirty Swim (8/28/05)

Me and my girlfriend had been going out for at least 4 months. One day we were in Florida on a beach with almost nobody there but us. It was spring break and we felt hot. As we walked along the beach we started kissing and taking each other's clothes off, leaving them where they dropped. I was in my boxers and she had on her bra and panties. We slid into the ocean for a dirty swim.

About 5 minutes later we came out in front of a few trees and dropped to the sand. I licked her nipples that had salt water all over them and I sucked them hard. She rubbed my cock and I fingered her pussy. Feeling her clit was wet as hell, I pushed my cock in as far as it would go. Then I pulled it out and she cried, "NO! KEEP IT IN!" So I did as I was told.

We kissed and rubbed and fucked each other till the sun went down. Then we gathered up our clothes, headed back to the hotel, and continued till we fell asleep.

442. Man's Story: First BJ...Priceless (8/21/05)

I remember my first BJ like it was yesterday. I went to my girlfriend's house for the week. On the last day we went riding on her horses through some of the trails. We were riding for about 10 minutes till the subject of sex popped up. She told me she was a virgin. I told her I was also. We stopped for a minute to let the horses rest.

We sat on a boulder together. For some reason I had gotten a boner (you know, guys, when you get it for no reason at all!!). I was embarrassed for a few minutes, trying to hide it. She finally noticed and started to giggle. I laughed too and looked up at the sky. Then I felt something in my pants. She reached into my pants and started petting my dick. It got rock hard! She started trying to take off my pants and asked if it was all right. Of course I agreed. I got so horny, feeling someone else remove my jeans and boxers.

Then, I felt the greatest sensation of my LIFE. She sucked the whole thing into her throat. It was amazing. After 5 minutes of sucking I told her I was about to cum. She didn't stop. I blasted into her mouth. She kept going, sucking it dry. After we finished, I discovered one of the horses ran off during our "break." I rode on the back of her horse to her house. When we got back, I took the blame for the missing horse. I had to pay for it. $1500.00! She said she was sorry, but I said "Don't be! It was worth $1500.00."

441. Man's Story: Cleaning Up in the Bathroom (8/21/05)

Once when my girlfriend was staying over at my flat, she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, etc. I wasn't going to bed at this point as we had some friends over. Anyway I happened to be in the room as she was in the en suite and I caught a glimpse of her standing at the sink through the crack in the door. She was standing there in just French knickers leaning over the sink.

I gently opened the door so she wouldn't hear me and crept up behind her. Next thing, I slid my hand very gently down her panties, to which she reacted with surprise but delight at the same time. My fingers ran through her closely shaven pubic hair towards her clit. I gently slid my index finger along her clit and found her sweet tight little fuckhole. I continued to gentle rub her clit and occasionally enter her hole until she came for me. All the while she was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

When she came it was easy to tell, and straight after she turned around to me and said she wanted to fuck me right there and then. This was not an invitation I was going to turn down, so I undid my jeans and positioned myself on the toilet seat so she could sit on me. My cock was already rock hard and she slide her now soaking wet pussy onto my hard dick and began to slide up and down it, slowly at first but then faster and faster. I let her control all the pace and depth.

We fucked for what must of been the loudest and most amazing fuck I've ever had until she peaked at another orgasm. I asked her not to stop as I was about to blow my load inside, her but instead she slid off me and immediately went down to take my cock in her mouth. She sucked it and was looking longingly at it when I shot my load all over her face. She looked surprised but happy. Her legs were shaking from the fuck and she said that she needed to sit down.

I turned on the shower for us to both clean up and held her against the wall in the shower to keep her steady. I used the jets of the shower head to make her orgasm once more before we both got out and I went back to our guests while she went for a lie down.

440. Woman's Story: Help Me in the Shower? (8/21/05)

This story happened with my now ex-boyfriend. I live with my mom who is a teacher, and so one day when my mom had to go to school but I didn't I invited my boyfriend over. I wanted to give him a real treat, so I thought about all the things that I could do for him, and I decided to do this. I asked him over and I told him that I would still be sleeping but to text me when he was on his way so I could make sure that my mom was already gone. But the real reason why I wanted him to text me was for me to be able to get dressed really skimpy.

So he texted me, I checked to make sure my mom was gone, which she was, and then I went and put on a button up shirt, but didn't button it, I just tied it right under my boobs. No bra, and no panties, and then I put on this short little skirt that is supposed to be a bathing suit cover up, then I went and laid on my bed and hiked up my skirt so it hardly covered anything, and acted like I was asleep, waiting for him to wake me up.

He eventually arrived and came to wake me up, but I excited him so much that the minute that he woke me up we started to make out and he fingered me and massaged my whole body. I then told him that I needed to take a shower and that I needed him to help me undress, so we went into my bathroom and he undressed me all the while we were making out. Then I got into the shower, and I realized I didn't have a wash rag, so I stuck my head out of the shower and called him in to get me a wash rag. Then when he brought it to me, I sexily said, "Baby I would like some help in the shower if you want to give it to me." And of course he couldn't resist. So he joined me in the shower, and we started by washing each other's bodies, (this was the first time either of us had seen each other naked).

The more he touched me the more I got excited, and all of the sudden I couldn't take it any longer, I just dropped to my knees and started sucking on his dick, making him moan and beg me for more. I sucked and massaged his dick for maybe 3 minutes and then he came in my mouth and I swallowed it slowly. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had, but then when I was done, he got on his knees and ate me out, and I came three times, having such big orgasms that I almost fell over every time.

Then we got out of the shower, and went to my bed where I begged him to massage my whole body with lotion. After that I gave him head three more times, before he had to go to work. It was my first time to give head, and definitely the most amazing experience I have ever had!

439. Woman's Story: I Could Barely Walk (8/21/05)

I'd been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months, and we thought, "Hey we're ready." I went to his house that night after he got back from work. He was in the shower and his mom told me to tell him goodbye for her since she, her mom (his grandma), and his uncle all were going to bingo. Midnight bingo, which meant they weren't getting home til about 6:00 in the morning.

Smiling to myself as he walked through, he told me to come upstairs. As I followed him, I met him at the top where he wrapped his arms around me and laid me on the bed. Knowing him, he got pretty hard fast and I could feel it through his shorts. We kissed like mad, I could feel him squeezing every part on my body as he made a small noise.

By that time, he has slowly pulled my pants down and my panties and was fingering me. He was playing with my clit. I could feel myself cumming all over the place, then before I knew it, he was down rubbing my sides as he licked me and nibbled my clit, and then I could feel him slide his tongue into my pussy. I threw a pillow over my face and moaned loudly into it.

As he came back up, he kissed me on the cheek once and asked me if I was ready. Smiling, I told him I was and I knew he was before I could ask. I got on top of him and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off as he pulled his shirt off. Then he pulled mine off, and unbuckled the front of my bra. Throwing me down again, he got on top of me and searched for my warm wet pussy. I could tell he was teasing me, so I squeezed his back and bit my lip from moaning. Feeling his cock slide into my tight pussy, it hurt like hell and I flinched. He asked me if I was OK and I told him I was OK, and he went slower.

Before I knew it, I had scratched his back up and he was moving in a small rhythm, as I was too. I could smell the sweet smell, knowing now I wasn't a virgin anymore. That night when I got home, I could barely walk and I just laughed knowing it was well worth it!

438. Woman's Story: Great Lakes, Great Sex (8/21/05)

After a long Michigan winter, my boyfriend and I were going to go to the beach to watch the sunset. I really wanted to go swimming because the water temperature was up, but I forgot my bathing suit. I told Ryan I was going skinny dipping once dusk fell. I am very modest and even though no one was around on the beach, I wanted to make sure no one could see me. He said he wasn't in the mood for swimming, but that he'd wait while I took a dip.

I stripped my clothes off and ran into the water. About thirty feet in I hit a sand bar and was only like a foot in the water. I started rubbing my breasts and slowly moved to my clit. He kept yelling, "Not fair, get back in here!" Finally he stripped off his clothes and ran in the water holding his rock hard dick.

I was getting hot despite the cool water temp. He tried crawling on top of me but I quickly pushed him off. "Not yet. Just wait," I said. And I took his cock in my mouth. He gasped. I sucked on him for about a minute and I could feel him twitching. I stopped and took him out of my mouth. "Gosh, stop teasing me," he said.

I smiled and but both my arms around him and pulled him down hard and he put his penis in me. I screamed. I kept moaning as he was riding me missionary style hard. We both orgasmed in less than a minute. The cool temperature with our hot bodies made the sex even better.

437. Woman's Story: Hitchin' a Ride (8/12/05)

My boyfriend had taken me with him when he went to visit a friend of his in another city. Once there, he got drunk and obnoxious. He said some things I didn't like and we had a big fight. I was so furious that I walked out on him and decided to hitchhike home. Not a great idea. Before long, I found myself standing on a desolate stretch of highway as car after car sped by. It was cold and dark. The light jacket that I wore did little to protect me as the drizzle that chilled me to the bone turned to a steady rain. I was totally miserable.

After what seemed hours, a van pulled over to the side of the highway. It was an older model used for hauling equipment so it didn't have any seats in the back. Inside were two guys in their early twenties. It turned out they were going to the same city that I was. I got in and knelt between the bucket seats. They turned on the heater full blast to warm me up. I was so cold, my teeth were chattering.

It wasn't long before the driver suggested to me that they would take me all the way home if I took care of them. He didn't need to be more specific. They parked the van at a gas station that had closed for the night. I followed the passenger into the back and began to undress while the driver turned in his seat to watch. Whether he was cold or nervous, the passenger wasn't erect, so I was told to suck him until he got hard. It worked and soon I was on my back and he was sliding his cock into me. He didn't last long.

The driver joined us in the back. He was already hard so he simply spread my legs apart and entered me quickly and roughly. He lasted longer than the first guy but made an odd gurgling sound when he came inside me. We sat in the back for a while, chatting, while the passenger played with my tits. When I complained that I was getting cold, he eased me down and crawled on top of me again. This time he was hard and he fucked me slower and longer than the first time.

The driver was the same way. He cupped my bottom with his hands, and pulled me upward every time he pushed in. He forced his tongue into my mouth while he fucked me and once again he made that bizarre noise when he climaxed. They wanted to go again one last time at the end of the trip, but I told them I was too sore and they didn't press the issue. As they drove off, I thought of how ironic it was that the fight I had with my boyfriend was because he wanted me to have a threesome with his friend. Go figure.

436. Man's Story: Have It Your Way? (8/12/05)

One time when I was about 19 or 20 I was at a Burger King and this cute cashier liked me and asked me to come to her apartment a couple of hours later. Two hours later I ended up knocking on her apartment door and she answered with two little kids! She told me that her husband wouldn't be home from work till much later so I went inside.

After a few minutes she invited me to the bathroom so her kids wouldn't see. Fucking on a sink is hard, by the way. We were pumping away when I heard the door open! We both panicked. She told me to stay in the bathroom and I would sneak out when she brought the hubby inside their bedroom. But luckily for us one of the little kids had just opened the front door.

She told me she had an idea and put both kids in the bathtub and we both went to her room to do the nasty. We had just started when both of her kids ran in the room butt naked and laughed at the two of us also naked on her bed. I went soft quick! I got dressed and told her we would try again another time. True story.

435. Woman's Story: I Fucked His Best Friend (8/12/05)

In high school I fooled around a lot with my boyfriend, but we'd not yet had sex. He wanted to very badly, though, but I wasn't sure I wanted to give it up to him yet and was playing the coy virgin. His best friend did want me, though, and would often make passes at me when my boyfriend wasn't around. One day the three of us were at my place and my parents were out. My boyfriend went downstairs to make a phone call to order out and other stuff. While he was gone, his friend started to move on me, and I let him, thinking how hot it was that this time, we could be caught.

He had his hand up my shirt, pulling down the cup of my bra to pinch my nipples. His mouth was planted firmly at the back of my neck, sucking away. My hand was massaging his cock through his pants, but I eventually worked my way inside and pulled him out. We were listening intently for my boyfriend to stop, though we could still hear him on the phone.

I looked at my boyfriend's friend and knew that I wanted to fuck him. I got up and pulled my panties off from under my skirt and spread my legs to sit on his lap. We moved slowly to avoid having the bed squeak too much. It was soon done and he had to clamp his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming. We pulled up and did a quick wipe down with my panties.

A few minutes later, my boyfriend came back upstairs none the wiser. Or so I thought. After we broke up, I found out that he'd often offer me up to his friend. So that the "well planned" moments we had after that first time were actually quite rehearsed between the two of them to loosen me up and make me more willing. And it worked.

434. Man's Story: Brief Intermission (8/12/05)

I had only been with my girlfriend for two weeks but I was already itching to have sex with her. So one day we went to the movie and as it was starting I began kissing her ear. She began to moan softly and took my hands and shoved them between her legs. As I was fingering her, I couldn't stop my dick from getting erect and I could tell if I didn't get out of there we would have caused a scene. I told my buddy that we were going to get some popcorn and left.

When we got to the lobby I spotted a handicapped bathroom and grabbed her and sprung for it. When we got inside she spoke the most beautiful words to me: "Do you have a condom?" Now I knew what was coming. I reached into my wallet and grabbed a rubber out. She immediately pulled up her shirt and began to rub her hot pussy. Then she dropped to her knees pulled off my jeans and boxers and began to lick the head of my dick. I almost came when she did that but I held it in for the main course.

She put the condom on me and I picked her up and put her on the sink and began to thrust my big cock into her. She screamed so loud I thought we were sure to get caught. So I kissed her and shoved my tongue in her mouth and penetrated that pussy like I had just come out of jail. We both came simultaneously and she immediately began sucking me dry for reserves. After I came again, I couldn't stop my legs from shaking so we made out for a while and went back to the movie fully satisfied. We broke up a month later, but not before having sex in the mall. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

433. Man's Story: Talking Her Through a BJ (8/12/05)

I was on the couch with my girl and we were young. She had never given head before and was nervous. She had talked about it for a couple days and said she would do it soon, just not sure when.

As we made out for a while I began to finger her and feel her breasts from under her bra. She must have felt really turned on and pushed me back and leaned into my lap, pulling down my pants part way, only exposing my head. She proceeded to lick and suck my head for a while. Then she got back up and said how it wasn't like she thought it would be and she liked it. I just looked at her and she said, "You want me to do that again, don't you?"

She went down again, and I slowly slid down my pants exposing more cock but she stopped me, telling me she would go further on another day. But she kept going down on me, licking and sucking only the tip while I got pleasured but never came. Meanwhile, I slowly pulled my pants down a half inch each time.

Eventually she caught on and said, "Maybe this will help," and got off the couch and down between my legs, where she began a full fledged BJ. I gave her pointers on the way, each time struggling to say what I wanted as she got better and better. She got scared though when I started moaning and squeezing her shoulders, and backed off and I had to finish the job myself. But it's been a great memory ever since.

432. Woman's Story: Cum After Coffee (8/5/05)

We had been chatting online, using e-mails and talking on the phone for two weeks before we finally saw each other in person. We met in a coffee shop on a Sunday morning and talked for 3 hours straight. I invited him back to my apartment. Both of us were pretty nervous, but we eventually decided to get comfortable on my bed and watch TV.

After watching one movie, I decided to climb on top of him and we started dueling each other with our tongues. I had already gotten wet back in the coffee shop. He was so handsome with dreamy eyes and a beautiful smile. I slid my hand down his shorts. His dick was rock hard. I used my hand to slowly stroke his dick, then gently played with his balls.  I went back to stroking his dick, moving faster. He came pretty hard. He told me that he loved it. He pulled my shirt over my head, unhooked my bra and began to kiss my breasts and suck on my nipples. I was grinding my hips on top of him.

He rolled me on my back, took my pants off. He began to kiss my thighs while slowly sliding my panties down my legs. He came back up to kiss me while he slid his hand in between my legs, using his fingers to very carefully and gently touch my clit. He slid one inside and told me that my pussy was really really tight. I was almost about to orgasm when he pulled his hand away and went back to kissing my inner thigh. He used his tongue to pleasure me even better than what his fingers did.

I was moaning loud, my back arching. Almost to the point of screaming, I reached climax. He kissed my kitty three more times before he licked his was back up to my mouth. While we were passionately kissing, he slid on top, in between my legs. The first time he tried to slid in, I almost screamed again because it hurt. He stopped, and told me to roll over.

I was on all fours while he had one hand on my hips and started to slide in again. It still hurt, but he went really slow, so the pain wasn't as bad. It took awhile for my kitty to let him get all the way in. Once he did, we were both moaning with pleasure as his started thrusting harder and faster. I dug my face into my pillow and moaned when I reached orgasm. He pulled out before he could to the same. He told me to roll onto my back and twist my waist so that my butt was facing him.

I was massaging his balls while he kept going back and forth between my kitty and my butt...kissing and touching them. I watched his face, listened to him moan as his stroked himself until he came. I felt his warm sperm on my stomach, smiling the whole time. We kissed for another 10 minutes and fell asleep in each others arms.

431. Man's Story: Thank You, Mr. Ed (8/5/05)

My big, blonde executive wife and I decided to take a trip to a quiet B and B in the San Juan islands when she was about six months pregnant and showing. It was a very hot, boring afternoon. Late August 1997. We were drinking cokes on the deck when we saw the B and B's pet horse "stretch out" to take a pee. My wife, being a city girl, was very impressed with the horse and said, "Now I know why people say hung like a horse." She winked at me and headed back to our room, the only one occupied.

Upstairs, I ripped off her blue jean shorts, pulled off her white blouse, bent her curvy white ass over, grabbed that big bra strap (36D) and went right for the back door. No lube. No time. I can vividly remember the hot, sunny bedroom and my big-bellied wife holding onto the brass bed for dear life as I pounded her mercilessly from behind. She screamed so loudly, I thought the owners would come calling. They never did, thank God. My sexy, sweaty wife came first, as I hung onto her swollen breasts from behind, then I came in a huge blast that seemed to last forever. Yup, this was a Top 10 session, all time, no doubt about it.

430. Woman's Story: Revenge On His Roommate (8/5/05)

It was near the end of my first year of college and was feeling extremely horny one night. I had just come back from this sorority formal dance and a friend invited me to go with her to her boyfriend's dorm room to drink. When I went in, her boyfriend was in there with a guy that I had crush on. We talked awhile and then broke out the alcohol. I have a very low tolerance for booze, so after a couple of drinks I was getting pretty wasted.

The guy had been eyeing me ever since I came into the room, and I admit I looked pretty hot in a mid-thigh red sparkling dress. He kept making comments about how hot I looked and stuff like that and it was really turning me on. I sat on his lap and was stroking his leg which was a huge turn on with two other people in the room. I could feel him getting hard and pushed my hand up to his cock.

We were both really turned on and ended up going to his room, both of us extremely drunk. Unfortunately his roommate was in there and he didn't like me at all. He wouldn't leave or nothing. I sat on my crush's bed and he sat in a chair facing me so his knee was under my dress and against my pussy. His roommate was messing around on the computer so he started to finger me and I stroked him through his jeans. It was so hard to not make any noise and I couldn't help but make a few. I think his roommate got the hint cause he got up and left.

At that point I wanted him so bad that we ripped our clothes off each other and went at it on his roommate's bed. I sucked him off at first and he shot three loads in my mouth. He had me swallow it all. I got on top of him and rode him hard. He quickly got stiff again and we went on for about 10 minutes before I came. Then I got down and sucked him off again.

We are still friends and talk a lot. We never mention that night because we are a little embarrassed that it happened while we were drunk, but we still throw flirts at each other. Oh yes, his roommate never found out we did the deed in his bed. Sorta my revenge for him being such a jerk to us.

429. Man's Story: Sweet, Fat Pussy (8/5/05)

Recently our company hired several new employees, one of which was a rather heavy, but sexy, accounting secretary. My office is right near hers and our jobs cross our paths frequently, which I enjoyed, as even though she was a overweight, she dressed sexy as hell and smelled great!

We started to hang out and soon were lunch and email buddies. I made a point to tell her how nice she looked each day and soon we were flirting through emails. Eventually, our lunch conversation turned intimate and I admitted I wanted to fuck her. I expected a slap in the face, but got a smile.

From there, we made plans to discreetly meet as I was married and she was living with her boyfriend. We agreed to meet in a week at a local motel. The day of our rendezvous, I went by and got us a room. I dropped the key off in an envelope with a note telling her the room number and that I would join her a half hour after she left the office.

That day dragged on and on as I thought about finally getting to see those huge tits up close after weeks of drooling over her cleavage. Finally, 5 o'clock rolled around and she sashayed past my office door. Thirty minutes later, I was softly knocking on the motel room door. She answered in a robe and let me in.

We started to kiss immediately and I undid the tie of her robe and pushed it off her shoulders and it fell to to the floor. She was nude underneath and I stepped back to look at her in all her glory. Her tits were massive and hung almost to her waist. Her hips were big and round and her pussy, to my delight, was shaven clean. I stared for a moment and then lead her to the bed where she proceeded to slowly undress me.

When she got to my boxers, my cock was straining for air and she quickly pulled them off to give me some relief. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked. Her talent was wonderful and within minutes, I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed most of it before letting the last few drops ooze from her mouth and down onto my dick and her hand.

I pushed her onto her back and moved between her big thighs. Her pussy was already soaking wet and very musky smelling. I loved it! I dove right in and licked and sucked her to orgasm. She grunted as she was about to cum that she hadn't had a good pussy eating in a long, long time. I was very happy to oblige.

By this time, I was getting hard again and she moved to all fours. She lifted her ass in the air and invited me in. I moved into position and eased my cock into her slick cunt. Her pussy contracted around my dick and sucked the last couple inches in. I then began to fuck her steady and slow, only to be told that she wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could. I did and soon was ready to climax again. She contracted her pussy muscles around my dick and milked the cum right out of me.

Spent, I pulled out and rolled onto my back to catch my breath. She rolled onto her back, too and reached down and rubbed her slit. She stuck two fingers into her fat pussy while she rubbed her clit in small, fast circles. I moved over to help and she lifted her ass a bit to let me finger her asshole while she masturbated. We got in a nice rhythm and soon she had her second climax. She shuddered and moaned and soaked both our hands with sweet pussy juice.

After a few minutes of small talk, she said she was getting a shower and disappeared into the bathroom. I got dressed and a minute or two after she came out dressed in her robe, I left. We fucked at that same motel a few more times before I got transferred. I will miss her big tits and sweet, fat pussy.

428. Woman's Story: My First Hand Job (8/5/05)

I had my first kiss one night as I slept over at a friend's. Her brother was so fucking hot, and we'd been glancing and flirting with each other the whole night. He tickled me and held my hand. I was happy to know that something was going to happen between us. Later that night, we snuck into my friend's bathroom and made out. It was awesome.

Two weeks later, I went to her house again, and her bro asked me for a handjob. I agreed. He took off his pants, and I put my hand into his boxers and felt his cock. He was having a boner. I took it out and started rubbing it. At first it was weird, but I relaxed and he closed his eyes in pleasure. I started rubbing harder and harder and faster and faster. My hand was tired but the look on his face was priceless.

After about 15 minutes, his cum came out and got all over his stomach. He quickly cleaned it up and we made out. He was about to finger me when my friend knocked on his door and asked what we were doing in his bedroom. I had no choice but to come out. That night was my first hand job.

427. Man's Story: Catching Up Since College (7/29/05)

A couple of years ago my college girlfriend tracked me down via the Internet. We dated for two years in the late '80s and hooked up again in the early '90s for a couple months. She had just finished medical school in 1992 and ended up moving across the country, and I thought I would never see her again.

I got married the next year and rarely thought of her until I got her email. She was coming to town and wanted to go to lunch. I agreed and we met that weekend. In general she told me she still loved me (she was married for 2 years, me for 10). Soon the talk turned to our marriages (neither was entirely happy) and how great our sex life use to be.

We had both had a couple of drinks and decided to head out to the car for a little tacky fun. We were both in our late 30s but were in good shape. She looked great. She'd had a boob job and nose job since I saw her last. It did not take long to get my hands on those melons. She was all over me and had my cock out in about one minute.

She pulled her skirt up and panties off to show me her almost hairless bush. She tried to sit on my cock, but I told her I did not want to do it in the car. She agreed, and asked if she could go down on me. Of course I didn't have a problem with that. Being married for 10 years, I can't remember the last blow job I had.

This lady was going at, and she had really improved since the last time I got one from her. She use to give blowjobs like she was kissing the Pope's ring, and now she was about to make me cum. I told her she had better be careful or I was going to cum in her mouth. She looked up at me and said, "That's what I want." Without delay I let loose and she had no problem handling it. That was the first time I came in a woman's mouth in ten years. I shortly made my escape. We did get together one more time a couple of months later, but that is another story.

426. Man's Story: Pick Up at the Club (7/29/05)

Well, it was another Saturday night and I wasn't much in the mood for stepping out. At about 9:30 a good friend of mine gave me a call and informed me that he had rounded up the guys for a night out. Not having much of anything to do, I changed my mind and decided to go. An hour and a half later, we were stepping into the club. The club was having its reopening so there was bound to be more than the usual amount of females there.

As I made my way to the bar I quickly scanned the room for any potential ladies to chat it up with, but as it happens sometimes, there were none that appealed to me. Half an hour later, I was ready to go. I said goodbye to the guys and was making my way towards the door. Midway between the bar and the door, I spotted this female that I hadn't seen before. Wow, I've gotta say that she had my attention in more ways than one right away!! She was wearing black stretch pants and a low cut v-neck shirt. I knew right off the bat that I would be in that before the night was over, no matter what!

I redirected my stroll and casually approached her and introduced myself. After a few minutes of meaningless chat, we decided to leave the loud, packed place for a more private one. As we rode in the car on the way to the room, I started groping her. I started out by slipping my hands between her legs then started to feel on her pussy. I unzipped her pants and slipped my hand inside. My fingers went straight to her pussy, and as I figured, it was hot and wet. I slipped two fingers into her and played with her for a bit.

By the moans that were escaping her mouth and the way she was feeling on her breasts, I could tell that she was ready to fuck. To tease her a bit further, I pulled my fingers out and slipped them in her mouth. With that done she pulled them out, looked at me straight in the eyes and told me, "Let's fuck." That is all I needed to hear.

We pulled into the motel got a room. No sooner had we locked the door behind us that we started making out like there was no tomorrow. I quickly pulled her shirt over her head and slipped her pants off of her. She had a red push up bra that made those breasts look like they were trying to get away from her. Her ass was so damn big that I couldn't see where the thong disappeared. I tore both items off her and pushed her on the bed. I took off my clothes and stood over her.

I took her legs, parted them and went to work like I hadn't eaten in ages. The more I ate, the wetter it got. I made my way up and started feeding on her tits like a malnourished child. Not a minute of this had passed before I felt her grab my dick and slip it in her. Damn, that motherfucker just slipped right in right away. I had been hitting it missionary style for a few minutes when she rolled me over and started riding me like a jockey. Having those tits just slap me in the face was too much for me. As she rode me, I sucked away greedily on her tits.

In no time she came with such power that she made the headboard shake. I quickly got her on all fours and just dove into that pussy from behind. Being the greedy bastard that I am, I didn't come for a few minutes. Soon though, I knew it was coming. I was pounding and slapping her ass to the extent that I was leaving my hand marks all over it. As I felt myself about to erupt, I dove into it as far as I could and just drained myself into her throbbing pussy. Damn, I can't wait until I see her again tomorrow!

425. Man's Story: I Had to Know About Viagra (7/29/05)

I just had to know what Viagra did to a man. I really did not need to take it, but I'm hooked now. Normally I am like 8 inches long and 6 around, but on Viagra I was 9 by 7. It felt better than I thought. I took it on a bus ride home from a movie me and my girlfriend were at. I was thinking that by time we got home it would be kicking in. I thought that 40 minutes was enough time to get home. Wrong!! I was hard in 15 minutes.

My girlfriend was very turned on when my cock popped up. She likes to do freaky things, especially in the summer. She started by pulling her tits out of her swim suit and unbuttoned her cut-off short-shorts. She tit fucked me and gave me head when my cock head popped out of her massive tits. One seat faced the back of the bus and one faced the front. When she leaned back so I could cum on her, my load went two rows up and landed on someone we didn't know. I didn't get to enjoy round two because we ran off the bus.

When we thought we could not be seen we were behind a kids' school. My girlfriend tied my hands to the top of the rainbow bars with the string from my shorts. She began to suck my dick again. My girlfriend did a damn great job bringing me to the point that I was going to cum and stopping. She did this 11 time and sucked my dick nearly an hour. When I finally came again I filled her mouth 3 times.

She untied me and we got a cab home. We wanted to get out of there so bad that she still had all my cum on her chest and tits. The cab driver pointed this out when she handed him my money. Busted, just not put in jail. All this happened late at night, so don't get any thoughts about kids seeing us.

424. Man's Story: Don't Tell Grandma (7/29/05)

About a month ago me and my girlfriend went on a trip to her mother's house in Pa. Now, we knew ahead of time there wasn't going to be any fucking. Her mother's house was small and their were other people that were there as well. So we tried to stay away from each other until everyone was sleep.

We were watching the movie "Ray" when I told her to give me head. So she puts her head on my lap and slowly pulls my dick out of my sweatpants and starts kissing the head. Now I really don't care that there are people a room away, because she's sucking my dick. I started pulling her shorts off and fingering her. She was so wet I had to taste it, so I lay her down on the loveseat and started licking and grinding my face into her wet/hot pussy.

She covered her face with a small pillow. Soon as I felt her body tense up, I stuck my finger in her. She lost her mind and pulled me on top of her. I pushed my swollen dick in her slowly at first then I picked up the pace. As I flipped her over to a doggy style position I heard the door open. It was her grandmother. I turned the TV off so she wouldn't be able to see us as we got under the blanket. Her grandmother walked right past us as we lay on the floor fucking. I guess she was so caught up in almost getting busted that it turned her on even more.

She screamed out, "I'm cumming," and with that said, I couldn't hold myself back from cumming and I let loose in her. The next day when we woke up we enjoyed a laugh about almost getting caught and decided to head home early so we could really let loose.

423. Woman's Story: Blow Job on the Beach (7/29/05)

I'm usually the type of girl who loves to think about sex, but I'm quite shy when it comes anywhere near close to it. Until one night on my holiday with friends. My friends and I were dancing and rubbing up against each other teasing the boys across the bar area. One of my friends and I started to get antsy, and because we were drunk it made going up to the guys a lot easier.

I went up to one of them and put my hand on his cock. He smiled and asked if I wanted to leave with him. I whispered in his ear and said, "I would love to." He grabbed my ass and we walked back to his room, but on the way we had to pass along the beach. The salty sea air made me even more horny, being the traditional romantic setting and all.

I pushed him to the ground and we started making out. It was so hot! He slid his hand down to my already wet pussy and started penetrating it with his finger. Then I could feel it was three fingers and although it hurt a bit, I loved it and I came. Our bodies rubbed up against each other and he ripped off my dress and slowly slid my panties down my wet sandy legs, throwing them into the distance.

I climbed on top and slid his pants down to his ankles. I lowered myself onto his large hard cock and rocked slowly, teasing his balls with my hand. After a few minutes I got off of him and started sucking my juices from his cock. I rubbed at his gooch (the small part of skin between the balls and anus) whist flicking the top of his penis with my tongue. He was moaning loudly and in 5 seconds he blew all over my breasts and said that was the most amazing experience he'd ever had. I loved it too.

I never found out what happened with my friend and her guy, but my night was fantastic. I now love being the dominant one and my new boyfriend loves it too.

422. Man's Story: I'm Glad She Got Pregnant (7/22/05)

I recently learned my girlfriend was pregnant. At first, the shock of the matter set in, but I soon, all the sex I want AND NO CONDOM!!!!

Needless to say, that same night I snuck over and we fucked like ANIMALS. We were immediately hot, horny and I could tell she needed a good fucking. I practically ripped off her skimpy little tank top and tight jeans. Next, off came the bra and her lacy little red thong. All the while she was undoing my pants and stripping off my shirt.

After a little bit of foreplay, some licking and nibbling, she practically threw me onto my back and straddled me. All I can say is that I had the biggest hard-on of my life. And with no condom, when she started to grind on me it felt AMAZING. I was almost glad she got knocked up.

We ended up doing it doggy, missionary, and a couple other positions in numerous rooms of the house (all with her parents and siblings in the house sleeping). Every new position we tried, she would moan louder and louder. I had to stop a few times to tell her not to wake up her parents. Finally after she had come twice, I blew my load into her soaking hot pussy. It was the best fuck yet and we're planning to meet up every night until the abortion.

421. Woman's Story: Strangers in the Park (7/22/05)

My husband and I were at a basketball tournament with my daughters in College Station, TX. After the second day of having the girls around us all the time we decided to take a run through a wooded park, as we're both very athletic, with the intent of having some time to ourselves. We like having sex outside, anywhere, anytime, no problem. We were running down a wooded area when my husband pulls me over and says, there is no one around, let’s fuck.

We started fooling around and in no time I was totally naked, which I fully enjoy. He had his muscle shirt on and shorts still on. He was down on his knees eating my juicy, sweaty pussy and I was totally enjoying every moment. I asked him to take off his muscle shirt so I could lay on it, as we positioned ourselves on the ground so he could continue eating my pussy.

We resumed our position in a 69, both very much into it, when my husband stopped licking me. I pulled his penis out of my mouth and asked what was wrong. Much to my surprise, there were two rather young men staring at us. My husband asked if there was a problem. They said no, but that they would like to watch us. My husband asked if I had a problem with it. I shook my head no. My husband continued eating my pussy and I was even hotter and extremely wet from knowing that the two young men were watching.

I saw one get to his knees and asked if he could have a turn. My husband looked at me and asked if it would be OK. I nodded yes. He began to eat my pussy while the other young man got close to my face and asked me to suck his dick, which I did. He was about 7" long and very thick. My husband by this time has moved aside and was just watching these two young men with me. We proceeded to switch oral positions.

Then they asked if they could fuck me. My husband asked me, do you want them to fuck you? I nodded yes. They proceeded to turn me to a doggie position and one slid his cock in my very hot, throbbing, wet pussy. He slid in very easily as I was extremely wet, I kept sucking the other guy. The thought of me being fucked by a complete stranger and sucking another stranger while my husband watched brought me to a total ecstasy climax. I came so long and hard.

We fucked for about ten minutes the guy fucking me came. Then the guy I was sucking came in my mouth with a huge load. I swallowed every bit without dropping anything. They got dressed and thanked us and left, as I lay there naked and full of cum, my husband still very much throbbing from watching me get fucked was extremely hot.

I could tell that he was bothered being that this was our first encounter with stranger and my first encounter with other men fucking me. He knelt to his knees and said, “Suck my dick, bitch.” I proceeded to suck his very hard dick, and he laid me down and straddled my face so that he could fuck my mouth. He fucked my mouth almost as if wanting to choke me with his dick. He kept verbalizing that I was a bitch, slut and that I had really liked getting fucked by the other men.

We switched positions and he started doggie fucking me very hard, telling me how turned on he was by what I had done. We fucked in different positions for a while then we both came. We lay they for about 10 minutes, got dressed and proceeded to walk down the path and back to the hotel. We didn't really say much. But before we got back to the hotel, he asked if I had enjoyed it I nodded yes. He responded, maybe it will happen again. I can't wait.

420. Woman's Story: Cool Pool, Hot Sex (7/22/05)

It was a hot summer day when me and my boyfriend decided to go to our friend's house. He had a pool and everything, so we headed over there to cool off. Me and my guy were splashing around in the pool when our friend got up and told us he was going to the store.

We took advantage of the huge enclosed area and my boyfriend moved closer. I got the idea, and I took off the bottom part of my bikini. He rubbed his already hard dick around my clit, teasing me, until I let out a slight moan. And then he rammed his rod into me, thrusting vigorously. We fucked for a good ten minutes, making sure we didn't grunt too loud...and then he came inside of me.

We both locked our lips in a tender kiss when out of the corner of my eye I saw a teenage boy jacking off in the attic window of the neighbor's house. Guess he enjoyed it as much as I did.

419. Man's Story: Float Your Boat (7/22/05)

Toward the end of 1995, I took a job with an engineering/consulting company that was located in the Boston area. I put off moving up from NC as long as I could. I ended up in a small-one bedroom apartment in a suburb west of Boston. I was on the road a lot working, but still managed to get around with the local ladies from time to time. I used to be on a Country Western dance team in NC, so I found a few places to out dancing when I was back in the Boston area.

I met one girl out dancing and we started dating a little bit. She lived up in Maine. I would meet her about half way down and she would come and stay the weekend with me on some occasions. She came down to NC with me one weekend. We stayed at my parents house, and wanted to get away for a while to have a little alone time.

We went out on my boat down the river a ways to an area where my parents had some property and a couple houses. Me and this girl had got it on several times previously. Being out on the boat in the sun with less than our usual clothing got us both turned on while we were offshore in shallow water. I anchored the boat, and we both got out for a little swim.

After playing around some in the water for a short bit, we sat in the water facing each other with our groin areas rubbing each other back and forth in motion with the waves. We starting heavy kissing and caressing. Soon she took out my cock and started stroking it underwater. After a bit, she decided she wanted me inside her. I quickly got inside her and started rocking with the motion of the waves. I could see and hear some people up on the beach area, but we both did not care. I let loose my load deep inside her.

418. Woman's Story: Bulging Bulgarian (7/22/05)

Two weeks ago I flew to Bulgaria to visit one of my best friends who lives there and we made plans to go camping with a bunch of her friends in the mountains. I had been hanging out with them all for a couple weeks, but there was one particular guy I had my eye on. He was only average looking and he smoked more than anyone I've ever known, but I was instantly attracted to him and I could tell he felt the same about me. He was 18, two years younger than me and he was a virgin. There was only one problem. He didn't speak English and I didn't speak Bulgarian.

That night I got really drunk and out of nowhere I started crying (I do this when I'm drunk). I ran outside in the woods and guess who followed me? He put his arms around me and hugged me till I stopped crying and then I kissed him. It started out slowly and then it became more and more passionate. He slowly reached his hand up my shirt and began to cup my right breast. In return I unzipped his pants and pulled out his beautiful long cock. As soon as I did this he stood up and motioned for me to follow him deeper into the woods so no one would find us. Eagerly I followed him.

We came up to this old closed gate and on the other side was a picnic table. I sat down next to him and again I pulled out his rock hard cock. I felt the tip was already a little wet so I rubbed it all around the head of his cock. This made him moan and I said to him, "Do you like this baby?" He softly moaned something to me in Bulgarian and the language barrier was such a turn on for me.

I began jacking his dick hard while reaching my other hand farther down his pants so I could massage his balls at the same time. After a few minutes he began moaning so loud as he stuck one of his fingers up my dripping wet pussy. Still jacking him off with one hand, I grabbed his hand that was inside me and guided him to use two fingers. Then I began shoving his fingers inside me hard and fast. Then he put my legs around his neck and began eating my pussy slowly, sticking his tongue deep inside me and teasing my clit with his fingers.

I was so turned on and I wasn't planning on doing anything else, but I couldn’t help myself anymore. I got up and snatched off my shoes and pants as fast as I could, slowly climbed on his lap, and slowly sat on that nice fat cock. I could hear his moan and I began to rock harder as he grabbed my tight ass and lifted me up as he was fucking me hard.

This went on for about 10 minutes when we heard someone calling our names. We got so scared we dashed to put our clothes back on and sadly we were forced to rejoin our friends. I wanted to finish fucking him so bad but there was no way we could. The only thing I could do was discreetly rub him when no one was looking and to dream about what will happen next year when I go back to Bulgaria.

417. Man's Story: Her Two-Man Fantasy Came True (7/15/05)

My girlfriend and I had been going out together for about a year, and over that time we had learned how to fuck, pretty much as novices. She had mentioned a few time that she had fantasies of being fucked by two guys at the same time, but only in a sort of offhand way. Our sex was OK, but not mind blowing - mostly due to our inexperience, I think.

Then one night a good friend of mine from college was visiting and staying over at our apartment. We were drinking a bit and at one point - how exactly this happened I don't remember - the three of us decided to take a bath together. He and she got into the tub together while I ran the water, and before I got in, I pissed on both of their shoulders.

We got out and just sort of walked over to the bedroom and flopped onto the bed naked. We lay there in the dark for a bit, all in a row with him between the two of us on our backs. Both my friend and I got hard-ons right away -  well, obviously! She was on her back too, and she started jerking us both off - a two-handed hand-job. I couldn't help it, but got on top of her, and found her cunt the wettest I'd ever felt it.

My friend, she told me later, supported her ass from below, and fingered her up her ass as I fucked her and made her cum together with me (we'd figured out how to do that reliably). Then I got off, and he sucked on her cunt for awhile and then fucked her while I held her ass as she moaned and moaned as I had never heard her do before.

After these two fucks, she and I went into another bedroom to be alone, feeling a little guilty but very happy too, and we fucked twice more. This was the best sex I ever had with her. That was 35 years ago, and we are still married.

416. Man's Story: After-Hours Affair (7/15/05)

I work as a manager in a bar and grill located near a large Southern college campus. As such, I get to work (and flirt) with an entire staff of attractive college women. I got to know one bartender pretty well as we always closed on the weekends and would sit and have a drink after everyone else was gone. One night, after a particular long and stressful night, we were talking and drinking and the conversation got intimate and she admitted she was attracted to me (I already knew that--but was waiting for a sign from her).

With that, I made a move and we were soon kissing and making out at the bar. She broke the hot kiss and led me to a dark, back booth and pulled me down on top of her. We started kissing again and I immediately went for her big boobs. She moaned as I massaged and fondled them. I pushed up her t-shirt and she helped me unsnap her bra to free her big tits. I sucked and nibbled on her nipples while she worked her hands on my belt.

I stood up to give her more room her and soon had my hard cock out and was sucking on the head. I had to hold onto the sides of the booth to keep my balance. She was a great cocksucker and soon had me almost on the verge of cumming. Reluctantly, I pulled back and stripped from the waist down before helping her wiggle out of her jeans and wet panties.

She laid back in the booth and I dove between her legs to lick her hairy pussy. It was sweet and musky and I loved every second of it. I concentrated on her clit and soon had her cumming on my face. She held my head in place and drenched my mouth.

As soon as she recovered from her orgasm, she went back to sucking my cock. When I was good and hard again, I pushed her back and got back on my knees. Her wet pussy was at the perfect height and I slid the head right in. I then pushed my full 8 inches in and started fucking her hard and fast. She met each stroke and soon I was ready to cum. I pulled out and stroked my slick cock as I came all over her belly and soft pubic hair. She rubbed it into her skin before sitting up and giving my semi-hard cock one last suck.

That one night began a long affair (she had a fiancé) and we fucked after work in the restaurant, in my car, in her car and at a friend's house for 4 more months until she graduated and moved back home.

415. Woman's Story: Nerd Girl Gets Some (7/15/05)

In high school, my family went to the same church as the family of one of the star athletes of our school. I was not normally part of his "in" group, as I was a chunky, nerd with thick glasses and big hips. However, I did spend some time around him and his family during church events.

After a fund-raising carwash, I ended up talking to him and he asked if he could come over, as my house was just around the corner. I said yes and we went. We said hello to my family and went to the basement family room to hang out. We listened to some music and then talked.

All of a sudden, he leaned over and kissed me. I was shocked! This was one of the best looking and most popular guys in the school and he was kissing me. After I got over my initial shock, I kissed him back and we started really making out. He slipped his hand under my shirt and started fondling my big tits. He tried to get the clasp undone, but couldn't. So, I did it myself and he went back to squeezing and pinching my hard nipples.

We kept kissing and then he took my hand and put it on his dick. He was very hard and I rubbed him on the outside of his jeans. He then pushed his hand into my shorts and down into my soaked panties. I was very wet already and he easily slipped a finger into my hairy, wet pussy and finger fucked me.

He then pulled his finger out and undid his pants to free his hard cock. It was huge! It was long and thick and I wrapped my small hands around it and started jacking him off. He pushed my head down and I started to suck him off.

Just then, I heard my mom call me. I jumped up and straightened my clothes and went to see what she wanted. I came back a minute later, expecting him to be zipped up. But he had his hard dick in his hand and asked if I was going to finish what I started. I said yes and slipped to my knees and sucked him off until he came in my mouth. I swallowed all I could. He was dressed and out the door 5 minutes later.

He came to my house a few more times after that and each time, I would suck his dick until he came in my mouth.

414. Man's Story: Psychedelic Sexstasy (7/15/05)

So my girlfriend and I were at a Phish show with a bunch of friends partying all night and getting real trashed. When the sun started coming up, we went back to the truck to sleep off the oncoming hangover for a couple hours before the summer sun got too hot.

Anyhow, after a wild night of music, ecstasy, acid, and whiskey, we were definitely glad to be able to cuddle and lay down with each other for a bit of peace. I had been horny all night as psychedelics often make me, but it wasn't until we were laying there in the back of my pickup that I knew I had to get some pussy.

With friends strewn all around the campground on all sides of us, I began to feel her tits and started rubbing her sexy curves. I got rock hard! My girlfriend was very hesitant to fuck with so many people up and around (and because of the fact that the truck shook every time we moved) but she was so fucked up she didn't know much of what to say. So what can a man do? I spit on my cock and I shoved my hard dick up her ass before she could say no.

Goddamn, what a feeling! Psychedelic colors were flowing throw my mind as I saw my cock growing to the beats of the music that still played in my head. And sure to god it must have grown 15 inches (at least in that state of mind, that's what it felt like). We fucked slow and deep for what seemed like an hour of heaven until I let my load up her ass, with our friends no more than 2 feet away still partying and none the wiser.

413. Man's Story: They Let Me Catch Them (7/15/05)

My wife and I were married a few years ago. I'm 54; she is 48. Her son (by her former husband) is 24. A few months after we married, her son and his girlfriend "let" me "catch" them, fucking. She was across our bed and he was standing on the floor beside the bed between her thick upraised legs. His little ass was bobbing away as she hunched up her big ass to him for full advantage. Her large loose titties were flopping about as he made them bounce.

She looked squarely at me and said something to him. They paused as he looked around at me. Then, as she continued to look at me, they resumed fucking. I sat down, weak. She said something to him and he pulled out enough to show me his large stiff prick standing in her slick cunt. They both smiled at me.

In a while he was slamming her hard. When he stiffened to shoot his load in her, I realized there was still a pregnancy risk, as she had no protection. I felt giddy as I imagined his seed flying off in her belly. We all three enjoyed my watching the "runoff" of his load down the crack of her ass when he pulled out.

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