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374. Woman's Story: Really Good at Fingering (5/6/05)

I was into online dating since my freshman year, but the summer of my sophomore year I got hooked. I met this guy online. He was cute and all. He always asked me if he could eat me out, fuck me, or just finger me. Me, being a virgin, always said no. But one day, we just decided to meet (without my parents knowing of course). We were going to watch movie in his place and cuddle. My friends told me I was crazy to meet someone from online, but I did that before so I ignored them.

We got to his place, and the street was under construction so the power was out. So he showed me his house, and yes, his room. We decided to play some truth or dare, and before you know it, we were making out hardcore. Then step by step, he took my clothes off. Bra, shirt, pants. I tried hard to stop him but he was sooo smooth.

He licked my tits and fingered me, then some time later (like 1 hour), I realized he got really good at fingering... THEN I realized he wasn't using his hand. I FREAKED OUT. I was like, "WTF do you think you are doing?"

Then he said he didn't cum yet so he put condom on and I just gave up stopping him from then on. It was hard for me that I actually lost my virginity that day. It just felt like a long dream, but I don't regret it. My parents still don't know this.

373. Man's Story: Support Our Troops (5/6/05)

No Pop-Ups

I was in the Air Force, on a bus leaving Indianapolis, returning to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. This young woman got on the bus in Louisville, Kentucky. She took the seat adjacent to mine. The driver shut the interior lights off as we departed the station. The woman made small talk and laid her head back as if to sleep.

I was sitting in the window seat and stared out watching traffic. A few miles out of Louisville, most of the passengers were sleeping. This young woman laid her head on my shoulder and acted as if she were sleeping. I still remember the scent of perfume in her hair. I fell asleep and was awakened by the woman unzipping my fly. She removed my penis, laid her head in my lap and took my penis in her mouth. The woman performed oral sex on me two more times, gathered her things, and got off the bus at a bus stop at daybreak. I never asked her her name, and she did not ask me mine.

372. Man's Story: Cigarette Run (4/28/05)

One night I was home studying and I happened to run out of cigarettes. I decided to drive to the nearest gas station that was open. I walked in and a girl was working the night shift. I went up to her and asked her for some cigarettes. We started talking, which later on turned into flirting. Next thing you know, we were moving closer to each other.

We both knew what we wanted, so I grabbed her hand and took her to the bathroom. No one usually comes to the gas station at 3 a.m. so we had enough time. In the bathroom we started kissing. Then she went down to my knees and unzipped my pants. She started sucking the tip of my cock, but I wanted it all in her mouth, so I shoved it in there. She sucked on it for 5 minutes, then I shot all of my cum inside her mouth. She swallowed it all.

It was my turn to return the favor. I picked her up and put her on the sink. Then I took her clothes off one by one and at the same time I was rubbing her on her nipples. As all her clothes came off, I went down on her. I played with her clit. Then I shoved a couple of fingers inside her pussy to get her going. I could tell she wanted more than this because of her moaning. Her pussy started dripping.

She told me she wanted me inside of her. So I picked her up again and put her on the floor and got on top of her. I slowly rolled my cock in her wet pussy and started with strokes until she begged for more and harder strokes. I started fucking her hard and we both came at the same time. We laid there for a few minutes. Then I took off.

I must have run out of cigarettes at least five times that week during that time...

371. Woman's Story: "Washing Up" for Lunch (4/28/05)

My boyfriend and I spiced up our visit to his family on the weekend by having a quickie in the bathroom before lunch. As the others put out the food and set the table, we went upstairs to "wash our hands." The anticipation was enough to get me going but he also put some moisturizer on his beautiful cock.

I started the taps and bent over the sink to push my ass out, resting my forehead on my arm. My boyfriend pushed up my skirt and pulled aside my panties. He felt huge as he thrust straight into my pussy, pumping madly while I went at my clit with my free hand and tried to keep my panties out of the way. The relative lack of lube and the pressure of a very quick stand-up fuck in someone else’s home was a fantastic turn on.

370. Woman's Story: He Must've Learned That in Prison  (4/28/05)

After my divorce I met a man who had been in prison for 7 years. I am oversexed, so the relationship seemed to be made in heaven. One night after a fight he tied me to a table with my ass in the air and began to spank me with a spatula, telling me how angry he was about the fight. The more he spanked me the wetter I became. At one point he shoved three fingers in my pussy and became outraged at how wet I was. He began cursing and calling me a slut as he rubbed his fingers up and down my pussy and ass and spanking me hard with his hands because the spatula was now broken.

My ass was stinging and I was confused by my wet pussy. On the one hand I was angry at him for treating me this way, but I was so horny I wanted his huge cock to pound my ass and pussy. I didn't dare speak because he was so mad. Finally he came around to the front of the table shoved his cock in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth and paw my big tits, squeezing my nipples and slapping my tender ass at the same time. I was so horny that I squirmed for relief, spreading my legs enough to get my pussy spanked. His cock was so big I was gagging trying to take it all in.

Finally he untied me and dragged me by my hair to our bed. He threw me down and buried his face in my wet pussy and I came, rubbing my pussy all over his face and begging for his forgiveness, begging him to fuck me. He turned me over roughly, spread my ass cheeks and plunged in without a second thought. The pain was momentarily unbearable and then there was sweet, sweet tension and satisfaction as he rubbed my clit and pumped my ass in unison. I went wild from the sensations and begged him to fuck me harder. I couldn't believe how good this felt, he slipped in and out of my ass and then treated my pussy to the same, alternating between my ass and pussy until I came three more times. We are not together anymore but I'll never forget losing my anal virginity.

No Pop-Ups

369. Man's Story: I Wanted to Suck Off Her Ex (4/28/05)

My story starts out when I started dating my wife. She was dating another guy at the time she started seeing me. She loved the sex with him (I could tell), but did not like him for him (I know that part is true).

She stopped talking to him, or so she told me, after he got mad that we were dating. However, I would hear from her friends that they were still talking a lot. One night she was pissed at me and told me that she was going out to a club with him and that I should go out someplace else to have fun. I ended up at a night club talking to my old girlfriend from school, and she went to a club with the other guy. I could not stop thinking about them fucking as I was at the club so I went home.

I was in bed playing with my dick waiting for her to return from her date. It was about 2:45 a.m. when she came in to bed. She took off her shirt and and skirt and I noticed she was missing her hose. She climbed in bed and wanted to fuck. She would not let me eat her out as normal, so we started fucking. I told her I was cumming and she forced my cock deeper into her pussy. I faked cumming and she rolled over to go to sleep.

After she was sleeping I started to lick her cunt and I could taste the salty cum in her pussy. She never knew that I did that. She had his baby and said it was mine and we got married.

Years later we were talking to him again. I stopped over at his house after work and saw them kissing by the pool. I noticed how huge his cock was and I wanted to see him fuck her so bad. One night we did all have sex. However, I only got to lick his cock as it went into her pussy. I wanted so bad to have her shove his dick in my mouth and suck him off till he filled my mouth with his cum. The strange part is that I never wanted to suck any other guy off, just him. Weird huh?

368. Man's Story: Happy Humping (4/28/05)

No Pop-Ups

We met when both of us found employment in the same town. We got friendly but I carefully held off even when we met in her room for cuddling. Then this Saturday night we went dancing and she suddenly pulled me very close. My penis got the message and started to bulge. She felt it and started to rub it between her legs. She then suggested that we go for a drive the following Thursday.

We went out for dinner and afterwards she directed me to a parking spot. There would have been at least fifty cars on the side of the road and by the time we got there it was obvious what was happening in some of them. She then leaned over me and kissed me while making it obvious that her shirt was available for unbuttoning. I reached in and tried to put my fingers under her bra. "Unhook it at the back to make it easier to reach," was her response and soon we did "everything but".

Next evening she invited me over to her room and suggested I take off my pants and get in with her under the bedcovers. I soon found that she had only her panties on. She refused to let me remove them but after a while suggested that I should move the crotch. This I did and soon placed the tip of my penis against her clitoris. I was not prepared for her next move, which was to open her legs suddenly and engulf my penis. I sure did not mind that, and we started to fuck in earnest.

We decided that I would rent a house and she would come over. We finished setting up and she started to look through a book of illustrated love positions. Her fingers were down the front of her panties as she looked at the pictures an imagined herself with me. I took her hand away and substituted my fingers. She then suggested we go to the bedroom. We climaxed three times in rapid succession.

Next evening she called me from the bathroom and asked me to wash her back. I did, followed by her boobs and then her love hole. I dried her off and gently fingered her. She did the same to me, since by this time my penis was hard and bulging from my shorts.

We had dinner and then she sat opposite me. She had on a very low-cut dress on from which her boobs were almost hanging out. I soon found that she had not only left her bra off but also her panties. I lost no time in laying her on the couch and bringing both of us to a very satisfying climax, with me pumping my baby-making juice right inside her. We lived together and brought up three children.

367. Man's Story: Banging in the Bathroom (4/21/05)

Now, I am not the best looking guy around, but I'm alright, which was why I was surprised to see this really hot girl checking me out across the restaurant. I was there with my friends and their wives, and I was single.

She was kind of short but had perfect, perky breasts and the cutest ass. She looked at least 20, and I was 22. The more I glanced at her and saw her looking at me and winking, the bigger the bulge in my pants got. I was pretty well hung. Being really shy, I didn't go to talk to her. She was at the bar with a guy who looked like her father, so I excused myself and went to the men's room.

I opened the door and was walking towards a stall when I was pushed in from behind. The girl who was checking me out locked the door behind her and turned around to look at me. She began to unbutton her blouse, the bulge in my pants grew. She finished unbuttoning but left the blouse on, just so I could see a bit of her nice breasts and then she dropped her pants. I was just sitting there staring into her eyes as she undressed in front of me. Then she noticed my bulge and looked at me, smiling.

I quickly pulled my jeans down and presented my throbbing cock, a full 7 1/2 inches. She kneeled down on the dirty bathroom floor, which really turned me on, and began to stroke my cock. Then she quickly got up and plopped down on my lap and we both moaned with pleasure. She started to ride me like there was no tomorrow. I could tell she hadn't gotten any in a while and was extremely horny. After about 8 minutes of this she shook and slowed down. Then she started up again until I came about 10 seconds later.

We got up and she stood against the wall of the stall with her back towards me so I could enter her ass with my still-stiff cock. I humped her like an animal, complete with the claps and sounds, which could have attracted many curious guys, but none came. We didn't care anyway, we just wanted sex.

Once we had both cum, we got dressed and kissed goodbye and she went back to her "dad" while I returned to my friends. They asked what took me so long, and I told them there was a line. I told my guy friends later.

The next month I returned to see her alone at the bar. I sat next to her and bought her a drink, she winked at me. She told me she had been here every night looking for me. So we didn't wait for the drinks and we fucked in the bathroom again.

366. Man's Story: Pranked During Public Sex (4/21/05)

A couple of days after getting my license I picked my girlfriend up to come over for sex. We usually had great sex but we decided to do something adventurous this time. We went up to our local lookout for a bit of public sex in my car. When we got up the we found out it was packed. So we had to park along side the driveway near the top. One side faced the lookout and the other the view of the city. In really turned me on to think of all these people around and watching the view of all the lights in the city.

The cops were up there doing their routine patrol. I was a bit edgy so I decided to put up a blanket on the window to stop people looking in, as the headlights would shine in from other cars when they were arriving or leaving. We finally got the courage to go for it, since the police car was on the other side of the lookout car park. I moved over to her front passenger seat. The sex was so intense and really sensitive and I came within a couple of minutes.  I also wanted to get it over and done with so we didn't get caught by the cops.

Anyway, when I removed the blanket people were looking over at my car. I thought, Hey, we got sprung, and I knew the car would have been definitely rocking as I really hammered my girl. But it didn't really worry me, I had my fun.

The next morning at my house I went out to move my car and noticed that 2 of my 4 new hubcaps which I bought the day I went to the lookout had been dented and they cost me $60. They were on the side that the blanket was on. So it looked like they were laughing because we were too busy to notice what was going on outside the car. PRICKS. The next day I had to make an excuse up to tell her dad as he noticed they were missing.

365. Man's Story: Nudist Paradise  (4/21/05)

I was living in Germany, close to what I now know to be a busy naturist haven. For the months of spring I had been windsurfing on a disused gravel pit, but now that summer was here there did seem to be more and more sun worshippers and a sprinkling of topless ones too.

I had had enough one day so I put my board on the shoreline and went for a walk around the waters edge. As I walked further and further round it was obvious that clothes were not fashionable. I was too scared and embarrassed to strip down, especially as my cock was beginning to wake up quite noticeably.

After a few minutes I lay down on the grass hoping my aches would subside. My cock was throbbing even more and to make it worse just to my left was a rather mature lady divested of her clothes. To this day I have no idea if she knew or cared if I was there as she was lying on her back, holding a book up in front of her face. I had the most perfect view of her pussy, and once I had noticed it, there was little I could do to stop staring.

I was now stuck. My cock was pulsating and I could not stand up. I just lay there and hoped she would move. She did. After a few moments she lifted her knees and pulled her feet up. With the soles of her feet now on the grass she relaxed her knees and, yes, you guessed it - her legs just fell apart. It was all there now. Trimmed-down hair and the lips just slightly apart. She must have known I was there.

I could not move. I was frozen to the spot. I gave up trying to pretend and just sat up so I was sideways on to her. She had to at least know I was there then, and could either cover up or things could progress. She did notice me, she looked across, smiled and then carried on reading. She made no effort to cover up. I was dreaming of what was to come. I decided to commit and I just stood up and took off my shorts. My cock bounced around in front of me.

She smiled and then put her book down. She put out her hand and beckoned me over. I walked awkwardly towards her. When I was about six feet away she just signaled for me to stop. What was going on? She looked me up and down and then started to touch herself. It was amazing. I watched her play with her pussy for what seemed ages before I just grabbed my cock and wanked myself stupid. We never touched. We never spoke, but I did spray out the most powerful jet of cum when I came. She smiled and I rather stupidly just walked away.

364. Man's Story: Sex and Satay (4/21/05)

I met her in a long-distance bus traveling south from Malaysia to Singapore, some 17 years ago. We developed a 5-day romance that became my most memorable experience. After a Jackie Chan movie, we were both in a very relaxed mood and chatted a little bit. I thought since the journey was going to be 8 hours, I might as well make it fun. I told her I was a overseas student back for holidays. She said she was going to Johore Bahru to be trained as a teacher...blahblahblah.

I saw that she relaxed her hand on the seat between us with her eyes closed. I took that as a signal for me to go ahead. I touched and caressed her hand before putting it on my already swelling cock. We were in the second row of the coach. I could not wait to unhook her bra and start to suck her nipples hard while my face felt the softness and fullness of her breasts. My tongue worked really hard on the best pair of tits I ever had. I tried to reach for her cunt at the same time, but realized she was wearing a pad.

By this time her stroke had already brought me to the brink of ejaculation. I really couldn't take it anymore, so I took out a towel from my bag and unzipped myself while she stroked me under the towel. Though it was dark and past midnight, she refused to give me a blowjob as there were a lot of other commuters. I came twice by her hand before she alighted in Johore.

For the next three nights I traveled to Johore at around 7pm and she would already be there waiting for me at the custom. We would have satay by the beach before we headed for the dark spot to fondle and kiss. We didn't go further than this as she was having period still. But she didn't mind giving me a BJ as it was dark without street lamps. She moaned only softly as there were quite a number of couples around that area.

On the fourth night, her period ended. We booked in a 2-star hotel without first having satay. I fucked her 7 times over and over like there was no tomorrow. She screamed and panted so hard though I thought she was going to pass out. She had a hard time walking after we checked out of the hotel the next morning.

This was my best fuck ever. Not only she had the fullest, firmest tits I ever seen, her tummy was also kind of firm and slim unlike most Asian ladies. Her legs were also long and firm from part of her teacher training. Satay is the Malay kebab, by the way.

363. Woman's Story: Truck Stop Showstopper (4/21/05)

My boyfriend and I had been driving down the freeway, getting our jollies with my flashing my titties and pussy at passing truckers. After that we were totally aroused and need to release some fucking tension. We pulled into a rest area and parked in the section for trucks amidst some of the big rigs.

I was nervous about fucking when it was still very light out and the T-tops and windows were down. I felt it was too exposed if a stranger wanted to jump into the action. I didn't want that. So, he rolled the windows up and left the T-tops down and set the alarm system on the car. Not ideal to me but okay.

He ran the driver's seat all the way back and laid it down. I straddled my butt-naked self over that glorious cock and rode him with total abandon. He told me to look and within just a couple of minutes we had about a half dozen truckers standing around the side and front of the car with their cocks in their hands! I was scared as hell.

He told me they wouldn't bother us and they didn't. Once they saw that I knew they were there, they started cheering us on. I didn't disappoint! Finally, I unstuck us and rolled to the passenger seat on my back and covered my face. My boyfriend got up on the seat and stuck his head out of the T-top opening and thanked them for watching. They clapped and thanked us for their own jerk offs.

362. Woman's Story: We Need to Talk (4/7/05)

My boyfriend and I had been going out for a while but we never really did anything serious together other than kissing and over-the-clothes groping. One day after school, and after his football practice, I was sitting outside on the bleachers with some friends of mine, when Matt came walking by and said he needed to talk to me. So I get up and walk with him, expecting him to ask me about plans that weekend.

To my surprise, he took me inside the school and into the girls locker room. He told me to sit down on one of the benches in the middle of the room. I did. I also happened to be wearing a very short skirt that day. He sat down beside me and we kissed for a while. All the while I was expecting a slightly serious conversation to begin. Then, all of a sudden I just felt this light pressure on my crotch. I looked down, and saw that his hand had traveled up my skit. He began stroking my clit and it got me so wet.

We moved to the floor and I reached my hand down his pants and stroked his rock hard dick. He flipped me over so that I was on my back and asked, "Do you want to do this?" I just shook my head. He got a big grin on his face and he pulled up my skirt, I undid his pants slowly, and he slowly put his cock inside me. it hurt SO much, because it was my first time. He waited for the pain to subside, which I was incredibly thankful for. Then he started pumping very slowly at first. It felt incredible. He went faster and faster until I thought I was going to explode, when with one final thrust, I came moaning like there's no tomorrow. It was a very good day. Hope we weren't too loud.

361. Man's Story: Sex in the Pub (4/7/05)

I was partying with my colleagues in a well-known pub after work. We spent almost 2-3 hours over there, drank a lot and I was feeling a little giddy and I went to the toilet to puke. When I was in the toilet, I pushed open one of the cubicle doors, and I was surprised to see a girl inside sitting on the floor. She seemed drunk too. I was thinking whether I was in the wrong restroom, but who cares. She was wearing a short mini skirt, and I could see her white panties. My dick began to harden.

I went in the cubicle and locked the door, pretending wanted to help her. Damn, she was a fucking pretty Asian girl who looked about 18yrs of age. I slowly fondled her from head to toe and to my surprise I could feel her hand touching my dick. She sat up, didn't even care who I was, unzipped my pants and started to blow me.

Because I hadn't had sex for a few weeks, I came after only 3 minutes, shot my load in her mouth. After that I said to myself, got to grab this chance for a free fuck. I slowly undressed her till she's completely naked. Sucked on her pink nipples, squeezed her breast, fingered her pussy and started eating it. She was WET!! My dick got harder again fast, and I fucked her doggie style. Oh man her pussy was tight!!

I spanked her ass while fucking her. Her moans got louder and louder and I got her on top of me. I tried fucking her ass a few times but stopped it when she screamed. We finished it off withdoggie style, pulling both her hands behind and fucking till I was about to cum. I pulled her down on the floor, shot my thick load on her face and she sucked me dry to end a wonderful sex session. Don't know what happen to her later on, although I saw her again, chatted, and we fucked a few more times in my car.

360. Man's Story: I Give It Two Cocks Up  (4/7/05)

We went to a movie and sat in the back row as usual. There were about 3 to 4 other couples in there so I decided to have a little fun with her when the previews started. We kissed a couple times and I grabbed her nice big tits then reached down and started rubbing her clit. Pretty soon I had my finger in her wet pussy and was fucking her with it as hard and fast as I could. I managed to get her off before the previews were over.

About an hour into the movie, she decided to return the favor. By the time she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock, I was hard as a rock. To my surprise, she bent over, put it in her mouth and gave me an amazing blowjob. I sat there loving every moment of it, knowing that everyone else in the theater was enjoying the movie with no idea what was going on a few rows behind them. It only took a couple minutes of her sucking my dick to make me shoot my load. I don’t remember much about the movie, but I think it was good.

359. Woman's Story: Screw With a View (4/7/05)

I had to house-sit for a colleague for a week. Great little place which overlooks the city, with the mountain behind us. Stunning view at night. I had my best friend sleep over. That Friday evening, we were real bored and I decided to pick up my best bud and his friend (my fuck buddy). We were hardly home when my fuck buddy said to me, let's go upstairs. We left our two buddies downstairs.

Since it was dark and late, I opened the curtains to the view. My fuck buddy started kissing me in my neck and removed my clothes. He kissed me all over till he got to my pussy and ate me out. I couldn't take it anymore and begged him to put his huge hot dick inside me. Was quite a thrill with the curtains and balcony door open.

I went downstairs after a few rounds for drinks with my T-shirt on inside out. My friends were still sitting on the couch laughing at the state of my clothes. After a few more rounds - and returning the favor, I gave my fuck buddy the best blow he ever had.

We went down where our buds were still sitting dressed on the couch. But then I found condom wrappers stuffed in the cigarette packet and I noticed my friend's boxers lying in a corner. I just smiled as my buddy led me upstairs again for an all-nighter. We fucked every way imaginable. I think we could probably even add some more positions to the Kama Sutra.

358. Woman's Story: I Forgot About My Boyfriend (4/7/05)

OK, I have had a crush on this girl, since my freshman year of high school. I'm now in my junior year of college. Anyway I told my b/f that I liked her, and that I wanted to have sex with her, and we ended up having sex that night but that's not my story.

About a month ago I finally was able to have my fantasy come true. Me and my man have this apartment together. I came home one night from school, and I told him that my friend Lindsey was coming over for a while. I was so horny just thinking of it and my man knew it, so he grabbed me and started putting his hands down my pants. He sat down on the bed and fingered me until I got off. He had the biggest boner ever so I grabbed his cock and started sucking it off.

Just then Lindsey came in. She looked so shocked. She just stood there and looked at me. I asked her if she wanted to watch me suck his cock, and she didn't say anything, so I thought that might of been a yes. As I sucked I heard her walk over to the bed. Her hands were so cold and they were trembling as she grabbed my ass and bent over me to kiss me on the neck. She said, "Anne, I have wanted you for the longest time." I looked at her and I said "me too" and we started to make out. My boyfriend finished and I don't know what he did because I wasn't paying attention.

She laid me back on the bed and started to touch me all over.  I could have cum right then and there, but she got up and took her clothes off. She sat on top of me and I grabbed her boobs she bent down so that I could suck them. I said, "You want to 69?" She looked so happy she turned around and sat her pussy right in my face. I always wanted to know what a pussy tasted like, and she had the prettiest pussy. I rubbed her clit until she moaned my name, and she was so wet it was dripping down on to my face. I stopped and ate her out she did the same to me. We were into a rhythm when we both finished. We got up and kissed each other. I looked at my b/f and he was standing up at the end of the bed with his cock out. I was so tried from eating Lindsey out that I just fell asleep in her arms. That was the best night ever.

357. Man's Story: Finals Week Fucking (3/24/05)

During finals week my second semester of college, some people in my lit class decided to get together one night to study. After about three hours, everyone had left but me and a girl from the class, Michelle. In fact, there were only three or four more people in the whole library. She was gorgeous with curly red hair, nice sized breasts and a full, round ass. The library stays open 24 hrs a day during finals week, and it was almost 1 am.

Michelle closed her book and said that finals were stressing her out and that she needed to relieve some stress. Then she looked at me and asked if I could help her with that. Of course I said yes and she led me up the stairs. The campus library has ten rooms upstairs for private studying. She led me into the last one on the right and I shut the door behind us.

We started kissing and I led her to the table. She sat on it while I took her shirt off. She returned the favor and started licking my nipples. Then I undid her bra and freed her beautiful tits. I sucked, licked, and bit her nipples, and Michelle loved it. She unzipped my pants and got off the table and onto her knees. I pulled my boxers down and my hard cock sprung up and hit her in the face. Michelle laughed and engulfed my dick in her mouth. She gave me the most amazing head, licking my balls, deepthroating me, and licking my head and shaft.

Finally, after about five minutes of sucking, my throbbing cock shot its hot load into Michelle's mouth. She swallowed all of it, then got back up on the table. I pulled her jeans and panties off and got on my knees and dove face first into her neatly trimmed pussy. It was so wet and pink and inviting. I licked her clit and put two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot. She came in convulsions and moans as her juice ran down my chin. This, of course, made me extremely hard again, and I stood up and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She moaned "yes" as I entered her. I pumped in and out slowly at first, making Michelle moan softly. I thrusted quicker and quicker though, and by the end I was gripping her shoulders for leverage and ramming my thick cock into her warm juicy pussy as hard as I could as her legs were tightly wrapped around me.

Michelle did her best to keep quiet, but she couldn't help letting out a couple of screams. She had come a couple of times, and when I was ready to come I quickly started rubbing Michele's clit as my cock rammed into her. This sent her over the edge. Her legs started shaking and she came violently when she felt me shoot my load inside her. She screamed so loud that we thought we were going to get caught, but we didn't care. We got dressed and slowly walked out of the room. There was no one upstairs, and we got our stuff and left the library. I slept with her in her dorm since hers was a lot closer than mine. When we woke up, we had sex in the shower before our final. We both did well, and had our "study sessions" every night for the rest of the week.


356. Man's Story: Photo Album (3/24/05)

My wife was a virgin until she was 21 years old, then she had sex with her boyfriend who worked in the same office. I met her when she was 22, and she was hot and up for most things. But I wasn't very pleased when she said that her Christmas party (being held in a posh London hotel) was for employees only. She said that nothing would happen and to trust her. A few years later she told me what went on.

After a drunken evening she found herself in a bedroom with her ex-boyfriend and 3 of his work mates who were daring her to strip for them. She was wearing only a long black evening dress, tights and a very small pair of knickers, so she said that she was naked in front of them very quickly, and as she waited on the bed they got undressed and joined her. She said that 2 of them positioned themselves either side of her grabbed her legs lifted them up and held them apart. Her ex-boyfriend said, "I told you she was a real blond" and invited his mates to fuck her.

She said that his friends all took turns, they came in her cunt and mouth. They had her doggy style with a penis in her cunt and one in her mouth and covered her in cum, but when it was his turn he said that as he had never fucked her in the arse that is what he would do. His mates held her legs so that her knees were on her shoulders, exposing her cunt and arse and with the cum from her fanny acting as a lubricant he pushed his penis into her arsehole.

They then took loads of pictures, and one of the pictures is with her being held bent over bum in the air with her cunt being held open. She said that she enjoyed every minute and the photos prove that; she is smiling in all of them (apart from the ones where she's sucking a penis). They gave her some of the pictures as a momento of a very successful evening.

355. Woman's Story: In the Darkroom  (3/24/05)

I work at a local school in Brisbane and I have been fortunate enough to hold on to my youthful looks and body. The male students at the school are constantly staring at me and I find that everyone is most pleasant towards me. I was in the dark room in the art department one lunch break developing film from a class that day, when the door opened. It was too dark to see who it was and I presumed it was another staff member.

I was shocked when I found myself being rubbed all over, but it had been so long since my husband had pleasured me well and I needed it. I knew it was a male, but not being sure who it was made it more exciting, and when I touched him back I wasn't sure who out of us was more surprised. Soon we were both naked and from his fit muscular body I knew it was a student.

He kissed me and I went down and started lapping at his hard cock. After some time he bent me over a bench and started pounding me from behind and I was going through the roof. We finished in moaning pleasure. We sat down and he started fingering me again. I couldn't believe it. This time he had me on my knees and slid his dick slowly into my arse which hadn't been done for years. It felt so satisfying and he finished on my face and breasts. We both got dressed and went out into the light where I found out the person was a student of mine. We still occasionally fuck in and out of school.

354. Woman's Story: Anal for Everyone! (3/24/05)

I'd been going out with my boyfriend for about 3 months when he finally proposed the idea of anal sex to me. For the first 3 months of our relationship, we had sex about every day. We'd done just about everything, and he was dying to try something new. I'd just gotten home from a job interview and lied down to watch TV in my room. Trent wandered in a few minutes later and turned off the TV and lay down right behind me on the bed, and jokingly pushed his cock against my ass. It didn't feel so bad, so I played along for awhile until he whispered to me, "Can I fuck you in your ass?"

I didn't believe him. This coming from the guy who was afraid to fuck in the shower cause he might fall, or get tied up cause I might have left him there. Now he wanted to do the most out-there sexual act I could imagine. I gave it about 5 minutes of thought, then said, "Sure, why not?" Trent flipped me onto my stomach and kissed the back of my neck. He pulled up my black miniskirt and touched my pussy. "Wow," he said, "all that thinking about anal sex made you pretty wet, huh?" I nodded my head, and suddenly gasped with surprise as my ass was penetrated by the tip of his cock.

He slowly inched his way into my ass, looking at the shock on my face in the bedroom mirror. Once he got himself all the way inside, I was ecstatic. Oh my god, it was the most fulfilling (ha, pun intended) experience ever. He started to push in and out getting a little bit deeper each time. I reached around and played with my clit for about 3 minutes until we both lost control and came at the same time. The feeling of an orgasm in my pussy while being fucked in a different hole is amazing and intense. I think the orgasm I get from anal sex is much better than any other one. Yum! I'm now addicted to anal sex (yay!), and have a new (bigger) boyfriend who is thankful to have a girl that actually wants it in the ass. Anal sex is by far better than "normal" sex, for both people involved. I recommend anal sex to everyone!

353. Woman's Story: Surprise Party (3/24/05)

When I was 24, I was dating this guy named Kevin. He was the most amazing guy I have ever known and the sex was great. One time, around Halloween, we were both invited to a party at his friend's house. This house was the biggest house I had ever seen and it had many rooms with people having sex in them! I was wearing a slutty bunny costume, with ears, and stockings, and a little ball for a tail. All the guys were complimenting me on how great my ass looked. Kevin was wearing a tuxedo because he was obsessed with James Bond (J.B. had sex every day!!!)

After about two hours of talking to people and different guys coming up to me and telling me how great I looked, I started to get bored. I saw Kevin talking at the bar and as I walked over there I said to him, "Come upstairs with me please, I want to show you something." I knew he got the "idea" because he started to get a hard-on. As we walked upstairs, the only door that didn't have a sign that said "Please don't bother us, bitch!" had a pink door. When we walked in the whole room was pink, there were even some sex toys like dildos and edible thongs that were pink!

Right then, he pushed me onto the bed and we started to kiss with passion. He took off his shirt and soon I did too. He started to grab my boobs and I turned him over on his back and ripped my bunny costume off and slowly moved down to the bulge in his pants. I started to work his cock in my hands as he moaned in pleasure. I put it in my mouth and sucked on it so hard that as soon as I even put a finger on his balls, he blew his big load into my mouth and I swallowed every single drop.

Before he could get soft, I led his big cock into my pussy and rode him like a big horse. It felt like I was about to explode as I moaned and yelled as he held my boobs and we both came so hard again and again and again. We were still laying on top of each other when we heard the door slam open and someone yelled, "Surprise!" We were so startled that we fell on the floor and the 20 or so people rushed out of the room laughing. We were so embarrassed!

As we rushed out of the house we noticed that Kevin's car had the word FUCKERS on it written in shaving cream. As we were driving home, we were so quiet but then we both started laughing! When we went home, we had another mind blowing climax! In the end, we found out that the room we fucked in was the same room that Mason's little sister slept in and it was her birthday. We never went to another one of Mason's parties again!

352. Man's Story: We Broke the Toilet Fucking (3/15/05)

It was my first year at college and I had not seen my girlfriend for several months because she had one more year of high school left. One weekend she road the bus out to see me. All I could think about on the drive back to the dorm from the bus station was fucking her brains out as soon as I could.

Once we were back at the dorm we both rushed up to my room only to find that my roommate was there, and he wouldn’t seem to get the hint that we wanted some "alone" time. After a few minutes I gave up on fucking her immediately, so we went down to the basement to play pool. On the way down the elevator I remembered that the basement bathroom is always empty. We soon forgot about pool.

When we got to the basement I checked out the men’s room to make sure it was empty then lead her into one of the stalls. As soon as the door closed I had my hands in her pants. She never wears panties, so I had easy access to her clit. She was already soaking wet. She started to take off my pants while I was fingering her, then sat me down on the toilet and removed her pants. She straddled me and guided my rock hard cock into her pussy.

It wasn’t long until she was fucking me as hard as she could. The sound of her wet pussy slamming onto my dick was filling the bathroom and she began to moan very loudly. As we were both getting close to cumming we heard a crack and the hissing of water. We stopped fucking as fast as we could make ourselves and realized that we had broken the toilet. We decided that it would probably be a good idea to get out of there, so we got dressed and headed back up to my room unfulfilled.

By the time we got back my roommate had left, so I locked the door, threw her onto the bed and fucked her as hard as I could until she began to cum. Her pussy clamping down on my cock drove me over the edge and I came, filling her pussy. It took them several weeks to fix the toilet, and I’m sure they never had any idea why it had broken.

351. Man's Story: The Feeling of Being Watched (3/15/05)

I was staying at my gal’s place for a couple weeks. Her parents were over too, and she felt that it was a "bit risky". She probably only warned me beforehand because I like that thrill of sneaking around and there being a chance for us getting caught. One night she came over to my room to ''visit''. Turned out that she couldn't live with the fact that we were in the same house but could not really be together.

So anyways, she’s on top of me so I tell her to turn around, and she does, but she’s a little afraid that her parents might walk in on us. Anyhow, I could tell that she was really wet 'cause her juices were trickling down her perfect thighs. She’s was not really experienced with giving blowjobs and I could tell because I just wouldn’t cum. She wanted to please me , but that wasn’t really possible unless I fucked her. Anyhow, I got her to orgasm once, but she left after a bit. I felt like shit ‘cause I didn’t really get anything in return.

I must mention she was a virgin. To my good luck she remembered that our one year of being together was tomorrow. The next day she took me for a long drive. During the drive I got my hand up her skirt, and she was getting all wet again. She told me to pull over, then she wanted me to switch seats so she could drive. I let her, and I asked her where were we going. Then she said, "I'm gonna get us lost." After 10 minutes we reached a dock and parked at the lot. There was another girl in her car just by herself in the lot, but my gal didn’t notice thankfully.

Anyhow she turned up the music and we both went in the backseat. I kissed her and put her down to the seat. I then pulled up her top and started to undo her bra. She had medium-sized tits, and they were the most perfect rack I've seen till this day. I started to nibble and used my tongue to circle her nipple. She put her hand down my crotch and started to rub my pulsating cock. After no time I had her skirt off and my face plunged into her sweet virgin pussy. Her sweet juices just kept flowing. She began to squeal ever so softly into my ears and bite on my shoulder. I knew she couldn’t handle it.

After I made her suck my cock for a bit and put on a condom. At first I used my hand to tease her clitoris, then I placed my cock between her lips. Slowly but surely I started to make my way into her pussy. At first I was scared that I might hurt her. I kept feeling her push right against my rod and it felt so good. All I wanted to do at that point was to fuck her so hard. After a long period of driving slowly into her I began to pound at her. She was so warm and so tight. I remember her screaming and asking me to slow down little.

By this time I had a strange feeling that I was being watched. It just got me more horny. Me and my gal came at the same time. I was thinking about that other girl in the car and wondering if she was enjoying the show. I don’t think my gal would’ve appreciated someone watching. We cleaned up and drove to get something to eat and celebrate. That was one hell of a great way to spend my first year’s anniversary with my gal.

350. Woman's Story: Horny on the Highway  (3/15/05)

I met my boyfriend online at a gaming site. We got along so well there, talking and making out online, that we decided to meet in person. I flew to the closest airport, and he drove there to meet me. It was wonderful to finally kiss him for real. He is so tall, long beautiful legs (yes, women like great legs on a man too!) and the cutest ass. He gave me the most heart-stopping kiss when we got to the truck and it took me a few minutes to come back to earth. I knew right then we were gonna really get along.

Anyhow, the ride to his house took three hours, so I decided to do a little experimenting, just to see how easily aroused he was. As I kissed and licked and nibbled on his neck and ear, I rubbed my hand up and down his leg, getting closer and closer to his cock. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and moved my hand over it. Oh boy, was I in for a treat! It was easily 8 inches and soooooo very thick! Oh man!

I gave him a kiss and then kissed my way down his chest, over his stomach and then started kissing his hot cock through his jeans. I slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid my hand inside and wrapped my fingers around that stiff beauty!  It is soooo beautifully formed! No way was I NOT going down on that! I couldn’t wait to get it into my mouth! I started sucking and licking the tip, all the way down to his balls. He was getting so hard he couldn’t stand it and started moaning and pushing my head down. This is all while he was doing 65 mph on the highway!

I asked if he could handle it if I swallowed him and he said yes he thought so. I took that hard cock and slid it into my mouth, sucking and licking the whole way, slowly pushing more and more into my mouth and throat. He was rubbing my ass where I was laying across the seat and the next thing I notice is his fingers were parting my pussy lips and teasing the edges of them. I whispered "Yes!" as he slid his finger inside my pussy. I asked him to please go deep! We had talked before about ass sex, and he said he would sure like to try that. So as I was sucking his cock deep into my throat, he slid his fingers deep into my ass and started finger fucking me. I moaned deep in my throat which sent him into another fit of moaning.

He whispered "I am gonna cum, baby!" and I just nodded and sucked harder till he came. I swallowed every drop and was so very turned on. I asked him to fuck me harder with his fingers in my ass and pussy and he did so well that before long I came all over his hand. I have been finger fucked before but never had an orgasm like that. I lifted up and kissed him real deep, slipping my tongue into his mouth and letting him taste his cum on me. I couldn’t wait till I got to his place.

349. Man's Story: Lonely Neighbor Lady (3/15/05)

I live next door to an unhappily married wife. She is a young, sexy Puerto Rican, with big breasts, a slender, tanned body, and of course a big, round, tight ass. Her husband is some big-shot CEO or something, and he’s never around. She always seems lonely, and I sometimes go over and talk to her when she’s sitting outside.

 One day I went over and came onto the back porch where she was lying face down tanning. She had her top undone, and she was wearing nothing but a thong. Seeing that big, fine ass turned me on so fast I didn't know what happened next. I walked over, her still unaware of my presence, and gently began massaging her back. She was startled at first, but when she saw who it was (and noticed the bulge in my pants) she just smiled and turned back around. She told me to massage her entire body.

I started with her shoulders but it wasn’t long before my hands had pulled down her thong and grabbed her ass. She lifted herself onto her elbows and knees and whispered to me to fuck her doggy style. I obliged, of course. Pulling off my pants and boxers, I stuck my already rock hard cock into her ass. She moaned with pleasure as I went in slowly, but then I started pumping into her fine ass faster and faster. It was amazing fucking her. She had a really tight ass and I loved it. When I was about to come, I pulled out and shot my load all over her tanned ass. It was awesome, but her moans and whimpers made it so much better.

I collapsed into a porch chair because I came with such force that my knees almost gave out. But she wasn’t finished yet. She walked over to me and I stood up, about to tell her how amazing she was when she got on her knees and began to suck me off! I have gotten many blowjobs before, but this one took the cake. Her tongue and lips were all over my dick, and her hands were kept busy massaging my balls. It was so unreal getting sucked off by her. I couldn’t take it long, and soon I came all over her face. With cum dribbling on her chin, she cleaned up my cock with her tongue and swallowed every last drop. It was my best sexual experience ever. We still fuck regularly and her awesome blowjobs are always part of our schedule, and to this day her husband doesn’t suspect a thing!

348. Woman's Story: Meet the Family (3/15/05)

I had been chatting online with this guy from Ohio for several months when we decided that the naughty talk wasn't enough anymore. I flew out to meet him and he took me to his house which he and his brothers were remodeling. I was totally blown away when I first saw him, and all my sexy thoughts about him immediately came to mind. I guess he felt the same, because he was speeding the whole way from the airport to his house.

We skipped all the polite stuff and started making out pretty fast, and I could just feel my pussy getting really wet, while he started peeling off my T-shirt and bra. I barely noticed that we had gotten into his bedroom, until he was lying me down on the mattress. He sucked my nipples until I was moaning, and then abruptly stopped and asked if I liked to play games. I was nervous, but not enough to say no, and he blindfolded me with a bandanna.

I couldn't see a thing, but I could sense him in the room and hear him stripping. Then I was pushed onto all fours, and my clit was played with as I squirmed. I felt a body slide under me and I was too hot to stop. I reached down and grabbed the hard cock I found, slid myself on and started riding for all I was worth. Suddenly I heard his voice behind me telling me I was a bad girl to have started riding this brother! I was shocked, but had little time to react as I felt his well-lubed cock push into my ass.

It was crazy and hot, and I could barely breathe. I was so full. I came six times before they were through. Afterwards he had me keep on the bandanna until his brother left the room. He kissed me, removed it, and asked me to move in that day. We're getting married this fall, but I still don't know which brother I "met" that day.

347. Man's Story: She's Never Been This Hungry Before (3/3/05)

For the past month, I had been on a residential music course practicing for a concert. It's a fairly big event, and there's two groups going to different areas. My girlfriend and I heard that we wouldn't be in the same group. Over the month, we of course did contact each other, because we really missed each other.

The day I got back, the second group (the other group) had got back to college before us. So I'm walking back to my room with my two suitcases and stuff and get in. Nothing unusual happens until my girlfriend comes in the room. She is average height, dark brown hair, blue eyes and medium boob size. She comes in and we start kissing quite passionately. Eventually after we stopped, I put the luggage to the side and sit on my bed. She sits on top of me and we talk about what happened for a while. Then she starts to stroke my cock.

I could tell what she wanted, and as usual she leapt to the door and locked it. She took off her top and found she was wearing nothing under it, the same for her trousers. By now, I had taken off my trousers and underwear and she yanked off my T-shirt. I asked if she wanted me to wear some protection, but she just said no as she lowered herself onto me.

My girlfriend loves riding me, so after a month of no physical contact (not even fooling around) she was definitely horny and started bouncing up and down on me faster than usual. However, she got off me and went on all-fours on my bed, and she impatiently waited till I lubed up, then arched. I took hold of her and started giving it all I had. She gasped as we got faster, then moaned in pleasure.

I decided to turn her over, her back facing away. She stared at me with a look of hunger. She spread her legs a bit then I started teasing her pussy by stroking it with my cock. I put it just a bit, and started licking her breasts. She made a sort of purring noise then pulled my body down so my cock was right inside her. I started pumping away at her as she gasped and said, "Oh god!" She was getting all wet, her juices were warm and welcoming and she soon came a few moments before I did. While building up again, we licked each other; she loves me licking her, especially her smooth, warm pussy. She tastes great, and she says the same for me. She's never been this hungry for me before!

346. Woman's Story: Motorcycle Sex (3/3/05)

It was 8:30 in the evening, and my boyfriend and I have just left from my house to pick up my brother, because it was his birthday. On our way to my brother's school, where we were going to pick him up, I started feeling horny and started breathing deeply in my boyfriend's ear. Take note that we were on a motorcycle. My boyfriend was driving, and I was behind him, head rested on his shoulder.

He knew I was getting horny, and he told me to stop it because we were on the highway. I stayed quiet, still breathing hard upon his ear. Then one of his hands slowly left the handlebars and started fingering me from behind. I was wearing a plaid skirt (my school uniform), so it was pretty easy to get to my pussy. I guess he realized it was real wet, because he started to make decisions of going for a stop. We did stop, beside the road.

I guess being horny is contagious because my boyfriend didn't seem to notice anymore that we were by the street. We checked for passersby, then he quickly raised me up to a sitting position on his motorbike (which was now parked), slipping off my panties -- which I promptly put inside my skirt pocket -- and then pulled my legs apart. He was very quick on pulling out his hard cock, and he slipped it in me. It was overwhelming, and I moaned real loud, and he got angry because he didn't want to draw any attention. He immediately started to pump, aware that people could be passing by any minute.

At one point, we were quick to regain our composure because a car with beaming lights passed us by. And then we started on it again. I moaned, so he covered my mouth with his palm. His pumping was a burning sensation, and it was delicious. Plus, the fact that we could be seen anytime really turned me on big time! Then, by the looks on his face, I knew he was really into it and about to cum, so I immediately took charge of the driving and did some nasty grinding.

He was closing his eyes now, and I loved the beating pulse in my pussy. A couple of cars passed but we didn't dare stop anymore, he even pumped harder, and I was moaning real loud now, it was so good. We were like dancing, pumping and grinding together, till he finally came. It was the best and most exciting sex I've ever had!

345. Man's Story: Dominated by a MILF  (3/3/05)

Its not natural in this country (the Philippines) to have relationships with older women, but I was involved with a woman about twice my age. I worked in a high national government position when I was in my early 20s and due to the power and influence of my job, I got to be invited in numerous speaking engagements and events. At one time the secretary of the office I visited entertained me since her boss was late due to traffic. She was very friendly to me and I reciprocated that gesture since I was in public service and good public relations is a must. And since she was over twice my age, I didn't think anything of her touches.

She narrated her personal life and I learned she was separated from her husband and had two daughters almost my age. We wasted the time away with personal stories until her boss arrived. After the event, I went back to Manila and started texting her to extend my warmest thanks on their hospitality. Text messaging is very common in the Philippines today.

We texted daily for a week until we began asking very personal questions about sex. I asked her if she masturbated, since not all women do that in this country. She said she was doing it very often and I suggested that we have phone sex. She hadn't tried it yet and I began to text her our foreplay before she called me and we both masturbated. Texting is cheaper than calling in the Philippines. Then we agreed that we should meet, so we set a date and she picked me up in Manila on a Friday afternoon. We drove about 150kms north of Manila and reached her house. I was stroking her breast, though not that firm anymore, throughout the travel.

As we reached her house, I met her two daughters and was attracted to them. They left to attend a party, so I was left alone with their mom. She kissed me thoroughly like she never kissed a man in years. She was sucking my tongue and it hurt, but I never told her. She kissed me all over, my inner ears, neck, back and nipples. She bit me there and it hurts but I didn't let her know. She grabbed my dick and sucked it also. This was not my first time being sucked but she did it real hard. I was not used to that kind of sex and am not used on women doing everything for me.

She grabbed me and pushed me down the couch in their living room and rode on top of me. She was riding me real hard and her pelvic bone hurt me as it contacted my hip bone. But  her wetness was all over my pubic mound and the area and I became so aroused that I grabbed her instantly and fucked her fast until I came. That was such an experience with an older woman I can never forget. That was my first time to be dominated in sex. We never got the chance to repeat that, since I tried staying away from her because her younger daughter is my regular textmate now.

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