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347. Man's Story: She's Never Been This Hungry Before (3/3/05)

For the past month, I had been on a residential music course practicing for a concert. It's a fairly big event, and there's two groups going to different areas. My girlfriend and I heard that we wouldn't be in the same group. Over the month, we of course did contact each other, because we really missed each other.

The day I got back, the second group (the other group) had got back to college before us. So I'm walking back to my room with my two suitcases and stuff and get in. Nothing unusual happens until my girlfriend comes in the room. She is average height, dark brown hair, blue eyes and medium boob size. She comes in and we start kissing quite passionately. Eventually after we stopped, I put the luggage to the side and sit on my bed. She sits on top of me and we talk about what happened for a while. Then she starts to stroke my cock.

I could tell what she wanted, and as usual she leapt to the door and locked it. She took off her top and found she was wearing nothing under it, the same for her trousers. By now, I had taken off my trousers and underwear and she yanked off my T-shirt. I asked if she wanted me to wear some protection, but she just said no as she lowered herself onto me.

My girlfriend loves riding me, so after a month of no physical contact (not even fooling around) she was definitely horny and started bouncing up and down on me faster than usual. However, she got off me and went on all-fours on my bed, and she impatiently waited till I lubed up, then arched. I took hold of her and started giving it all I had. She gasped as we got faster, then moaned in pleasure.

I decided to turn her over, her back facing away. She stared at me with a look of hunger. She spread her legs a bit then I started teasing her pussy by stroking it with my cock. I put it just a bit, and started licking her breasts. She made a sort of purring noise then pulled my body down so my cock was right inside her. I started pumping away at her as she gasped and said, "Oh god!" She was getting all wet, her juices were warm and welcoming and she soon came a few moments before I did. While building up again, we licked each other; she loves me licking her, especially her smooth, warm pussy. She tastes great, and she says the same for me. She's never been this hungry for me before!

346. Woman's Story: Motorcycle Sex (3/3/05)

It was 8:30 in the evening, and my boyfriend and I have just left from my house to pick up my brother, because it was his birthday. On our way to my brother's school, where we were going to pick him up, I started feeling horny and started breathing deeply in my boyfriend's ear. Take note that we were on a motorcycle. My boyfriend was driving, and I was behind him, head rested on his shoulder.

He knew I was getting horny, and he told me to stop it because we were on the highway. I stayed quiet, still breathing hard upon his ear. Then one of his hands slowly left the handlebars and started fingering me from behind. I was wearing a plaid skirt (my school uniform), so it was pretty easy to get to my pussy. I guess he realized it was real wet, because he started to make decisions of going for a stop. We did stop, beside the road.

I guess being horny is contagious because my boyfriend didn't seem to notice anymore that we were by the street. We checked for passersby, then he quickly raised me up to a sitting position on his motorbike (which was now parked), slipping off my panties -- which I promptly put inside my skirt pocket -- and then pulled my legs apart. He was very quick on pulling out his hard cock, and he slipped it in me. It was overwhelming, and I moaned real loud, and he got angry because he didn't want to draw any attention. He immediately started to pump, aware that people could be passing by any minute.

At one point, we were quick to regain our composure because a car with beaming lights passed us by. And then we started on it again. I moaned, so he covered my mouth with his palm. His pumping was a burning sensation, and it was delicious. Plus, the fact that we could be seen anytime really turned me on big time! Then, by the looks on his face, I knew he was really into it and about to cum, so I immediately took charge of the driving and did some nasty grinding.

He was closing his eyes now, and I loved the beating pulse in my pussy. A couple of cars passed but we didn't dare stop anymore, he even pumped harder, and I was moaning real loud now, it was so good. We were like dancing, pumping and grinding together, till he finally came. It was the best and most exciting sex I've ever had!

345. Man's Story: Dominated by a MILF  (3/3/05)

Its not natural in this country (the Philippines) to have relationships with older women, but I was involved with a woman about twice my age. I worked in a high national government position when I was in my early 20s and due to the power and influence of my job, I got to be invited in numerous speaking engagements and events. At one time the secretary of the office I visited entertained me since her boss was late due to traffic. She was very friendly to me and I reciprocated that gesture since I was in public service and good public relations is a must. And since she was over twice my age, I didn't think anything of her touches.

She narrated her personal life and I learned she was separated from her husband and had two daughters almost my age. We wasted the time away with personal stories until her boss arrived. After the event, I went back to Manila and started texting her to extend my warmest thanks on their hospitality. Text messaging is very common in the Philippines today.

We texted daily for a week until we began asking very personal questions about sex. I asked her if she masturbated, since not all women do that in this country. She said she was doing it very often and I suggested that we have phone sex. She hadn't tried it yet and I began to text her our foreplay before she called me and we both masturbated. Texting is cheaper than calling in the Philippines. Then we agreed that we should meet, so we set a date and she picked me up in Manila on a Friday afternoon. We drove about 150kms north of Manila and reached her house. I was stroking her breast, though not that firm anymore, throughout the travel.

As we reached her house, I met her two daughters and was attracted to them. They left to attend a party, so I was left alone with their mom. She kissed me thoroughly like she never kissed a man in years. She was sucking my tongue and it hurt, but I never told her. She kissed me all over, my inner ears, neck, back and nipples. She bit me there and it hurts but I didn't let her know. She grabbed my dick and sucked it also. This was not my first time being sucked but she did it real hard. I was not used to that kind of sex and am not used on women doing everything for me.

She grabbed me and pushed me down the couch in their living room and rode on top of me. She was riding me real hard and her pelvic bone hurt me as it contacted my hip bone. But  her wetness was all over my pubic mound and the area and I became so aroused that I grabbed her instantly and fucked her fast until I came. That was such an experience with an older woman I can never forget. That was my first time to be dominated in sex. We never got the chance to repeat that, since I tried staying away from her because her younger daughter is my regular textmate now.

344. Man's Story: I Did the Unthinkable (3/3/05)

I had a friend over for dinner and he planned to spend the night. My parents were out of town on a vacation. Although I wasn't gay, and never thought of myself as being gay, I was always aroused by this particular friend of mine. I always had a sexual desire for him...a particular desire to have sex with him. This grew stronger around the time of the sleep over. As the days to the sleepover came close, I also started masturbating to a few pics of his and had fantasies about having sex with him. I used to shove fingers up my ass while masturbating pretending it was his penis. I loved it.

The day he came over, we did nothing special. We talked about sex and the girls we wanted to go out with, then had dinner, talked some more. then we started to watch a movie. He fell asleep during it. The movie was a porn flick and I felt real horny when I saw it and saw him sleeping next to it. I did something unthinkable. I unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear and started playing with his cock. This gave me the biggest boner I had ever had. I then brought my mouth close to it and started licking it and sucking it like crazy. It was rock hard now.

Suddenly a voice said, "Suck harder!" I looked up and I nearly pissed. He had woken up. He had a huge smile on his face and looked really horny. He threw me back, ripped off his pants and jumped on me, and started humping away. Then he took off his shirt, and I took off my clothes. We started kissing like two old, experienced lovers coming together after years of separation.

We then ran to my bed and jumped on and face to face humped each other. He was on top and he was humping me hard. I humped back...I loved it. Then he got on all fours and begged for me to put it in him. Luckily my hair oil was right next to my bed I grabbed it, lubricated myself and slid myself into him....aaaaahh...I'd never forget that feeling. I slid in and out of him, rode him like a donkey, and after a few rockings I came inside him. He then took his turn and came inside me. We then lay face to face on each other and kissed for about an hour....

343. Man's Story: Hungarian Hottie (3/3/05)

A few years ago, when I was a graduate student, I met a woman on the Greyhound bus while heading home from Chicago one evening. She was a foreign student from Hungary and went to the same university as I did, it turned out. She was married and had a one-year-old. We talked for a couple of hours, and she laughed a lot at my little jokes, a sexy, throaty laugh. She also touched my arm a few times.

When we got to the bus stop in our town, she suggested that we share a cab (we discovered that we lived close to each other, and it was getting late). I knew she was attracted to me, but I didn't expect much to come of it because I hardly knew her and she was going home to a husband, but on the way over, when we were both in the back seat of the taxi and making small talk with each other and the driver, she very purposefully grabbed the hem of her skirt and hiked it up her leg, giving me a dimly lit view of her lovely thighs and white panties, and then looked at me carefully to see if I got the message. I did. I put my left hand on her smooth exposed flesh and gently caressed it with my fingers.

When the driver dropped her off, I also got off saying that I preferred to walk the short distance as it was a nice evening, and after the cab pulled away, invited her to spend some time with me before she went home. She was hesitant, but I pointed out she could always say the bus had been late (it already had, in fact). After a couple of minutes of persuasion, she did come over to my place, where I immediately went for her like a sailor on shore leave. I pushed her on the couch and kissed her on the mouth hungrily. She asked "Are you horny?" in her soft foreign accent, and I stripped her naked in nothing flat.

Her tits were a little small (almost flat when she was on her back), but I didn't care. I went down on her and licked her bright pink and very wet pussy for a minute, and then carried her to my bed, lifted her leg, and stuck my hard-on into her. I shot my load into her almost immediately, I was so horny, but I stayed on top of her for almost an hour and came three more times, making her cum each time.

Thinking about the fact that there was a husband waiting to-do exactly what I was doing to her and who had no idea that his slut wife was fucking a man she had just met, made the sex wonderful. Afterwards, we got dressed and I walked her to her apartment building, kissed her on the cheek, and told her to service her husband well too. She came to my place and had sex a few more times, but a couple of months later she and her husband both graduated and I lost touch.

342. Man's Story: Mother-in-Law MILF (2/20/05)

My girlfriend’s parents are horse trainers. They all live on the same property in two separate houses, though on weekends meals are shared at the big house. My girlfriend’s mother, in her early fifties, has bad headaches and is often in bed.

One Saturday my lady and her Dad went out to do horse things in the late afternoon and I took the mother’s tea to her room. I sat with her and to my surprise the talk strayed to our respective relationships. She volunteered that her husband and her hadn’t had sex in many years. She asked whether her daughter and I had a healthy sex life and I stammered something.

She was wearing a thin nightie and being a big woman she has enormous tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I had a hard on and she saw I was looking at her chest. She put her hand on my thigh, and on my groin and I can’t recall what we said, but there followed the shortest, most intense hand job I have ever had. I shot all over her arm and the bedding in a huge rush. She wiped herself on the sheet.

We did this every week for three weeks and after that things got even weirder. Now, when the others go up to the stables, I undress and she allows me to penetrate her from behind in the spoons position while she masturbates with a free hand at the front. I push at her big backside and haul on those tits for all I’m worth and we lie there letting our orgasms come. She always climaxes with a good shudder and I lick her fingers, which she loves.

341. Man's Story: Blue Plate Pussy (2/20/05)

As I was eating alone is this restaurant, I noticed a rather good-looking waitress with a short skirt and long hair. Apparently she noticed me as well, cause she bent over a table she was cleaning and exposed her legs practically as high as her ass. She was one hot babe.

My shaft begin to harden, so I adjusted myself. She noticed this as well, and gave me a knowing look and wink. She raised her finger as though to say she would be with me in a minute to wait on me. A minute or two later she returned with a menu. I ordered immediately and she asked if there was anything I'd like while I waited for my meal. By this time my dick was so hard and protruding upwards that she saw the bulge as I was rubbing it. I said, "Yes, there is something I'd really like, but I don't know if its on the menu." She responded, "Well, tell me what it is and I'll see what I can do." I told her I was very energetic and needed something to slow me down and even to relieve me.

She suddenly reached down to adjust the napkin on my lap and her hand cupped my huge shaft. I about exploded. She backed off and told me to give her about 5 minutes, as she had to finish cleaning off the other tables. So I watched her do her chores. But, this time she bent over and exposed her gorgeous ass (she had taken off her thong). Again, I about exploded and had to unzip my pants and let my dick stand straight up. She looked over and gave a delicious smile, wetting her lips.

We were in a back room and nobody else seemed close enough to see anything, so I stood up and walked over to where she was bending over. She saw me coming and willingly awaited as I guided my shaft into her gorgeous pussy from behind. I grabbed hold of her hips and rammed something fierce. She got so excited she moaned and rocked together with me in rhythm. I could feel her coming, just as I began to explode deep inside her. We both let out mutual moans and groans, even a muffled yell. It was the best ever. Afterwards I was so hungry, but fortunately the food was ready to be served and she gleefully delivered it with one big tip.

340. Man's Story: Seductive Assistant  (2/20/05)

Once I worked for a medium-sized company with an office block on the coast. Part of my job was to deal with the end-of-year company accounts, and there was always a rush to get the accounts straight for the financial authorities. One year in particular I needed help, everything was in a mess and I felt I was drowning in figures. I was very pleased when the Financial Director offered me all the help I could use from the accounts dept., but I hadn't reckoned with the attentions of M. She was 20, Indian and unbelievably delicious.

I have always tried to keep my lust in its place and avoided office romance, but M was impossible. She made it so obvious, bending low in front of me, looking me in the eye and saying things like, "Where is it, I need it." And all the time me wanting to get the end-of-year result to bed - wrong phrase! Me, a nice Jewish married man of 32, M was unattached, exquisite and 20.

Sunday it was; I had to finish the accounts and I was under severe pressure and so I had asked Gordon FD to give me someone - anyone - to help for just one day. And he had to select M. She came in wearing a pale grey fleece jogging suit with the top zipped down over a pink singlet. This was the first time I had seen her out of a white blouse and black skirt - I was enchanted. We worked on the tax calculation for nearly an hour as she sat beside me. Every now and then I could look sidewise into her pink top and see her beautiful brown breasts held in place by her white sports bra.

Somehow we both stopped at once and we became aware of each other's closeness. She angled her head towards me in the way that women do and I knew she wanted to be kissed. Kissing was just the start; somehow we were standing up and kissing, I wrapped my arms around her and ran a hand down her back. She wriggled and as I crossed her buttock I could not feel the edge of her knickers. I was amazed, was she naked beneath her joggers? My other hand was already making its way up her top, but I withdrew it to grab each side of her joggers and pull them down, to find she was wearing the very first of a new fashion - thong knickers (that tells you how long ago this was). But oh! the effect this had, I could not cope with my desire, I just had to have her immediately.

Somehow I turned her around to face the sunset through the window, while I prised down her black thong knickers to below her knees. She bent forward leaning on the windowsill as I fumbled off my trousers and jockey shorts. And then, I approached from behind, touching my excited penis to her beautiful buttocks. I could not see even the vaguest suggestion of hair between her buttocks or on her lips from this angle, just smooth rounded flesh. Later I learned that, as a dancer, she depilitated every week, leaving just a bush of hair above her slit. But now, she moved back and upwards on tiptoe, presenting her scented fold to me.

I pulled my penis down and between her lips and pushed gently into heaven while looking down at my length disappearing into her. I withdrew slightly and saw her glistening lubrication on my shaft, I thrust again into her and we began making love. M was unusual, unique amongst the girls I have known. As I thrust into her, she would ebb away from me. As I withdrew, she would press back against me. At first I could not understand her rhythm; but then I suddenly understood: she soaked up my lusty thrusts and delayed my orgasm by making the target softer and more remote. I think this also had the effect of increasing the friction inside her, more of that later.

Love took longer, but we were both pleased by that. No slapping of thighs against buttocks, M was pure rhythm of lust against lust. She wiggled too, from side to side and up and down. Just to make the target more delicious and worth seeking. Several time I withdrew too far and thrust against her anus or over her back or even too low between her legs missing her divine crevice completely. No matter what she did, she could not stop me now. As she stood on tiptoes, looking out through the windows to the darkening sky, I moved to my climax. I could smell her, taste her now as I thrust my pink penis between her small brown buttocks turned upwards and towards me. I yanked her sports bra away from her breasts and pulled hard on her long nipples as I came in her. Squirting and pushing for all I was worth. M was perfect; I wanted her forever.

Later, in the afterglow of sex we lay coiled on the office floor. She half sat up and looked carefully at my penis. "What's up" I asked, not wholly comfortable under her scrutiny "I've never seen a circumsized penis before. Does it hurt?" I wanted to laugh, or scream with joy, but I only smiled instead. In all the years that I knew M, she never once touched my penis with her hand or mouth. That's not to say she didn't have her provocative sexual moments; but that's another story. M and I loved happily for a few years. After that I went back to the lovers of my youth for some disgusting fun - Another day!

339. Man's Story: Sweet Revenge (2/20/05)

I served in the Air Force Security Forces for 15 years and was stationed or traveled all around the world. This encounter takes place in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where I met an attractive woman who happened to be my commander's secretary. The sexual tension increased between us every day. She was married. I was getting divorced. Hey, what the heck!

We started fucking daily - in my office, rest stops, public restrooms, the car, her apartment...anywhere and everywhere. I fucked her in my squad car and on the main gate of the base. She was relatively inexperienced and had a small sexual appetite. That changed and she loved to fuck - her mouth, pussy, ass...she wanted sex all the time - and I gave it to her. However, the best was sweet revenge!

I was busted down in rank by my commander and vowed my revenge. I got it one weekend. My sex toy went in to work and I went with her. She wore a sun dress and no panties (standard attire for our outings). I kissed her neck while she worked - working her up as well. I could smell her pussy as she got wetter and wetter. She squirmed in her seat as I sucked on her neck while massaging her breasts - a slight pull on the nipples every now and then.

She got up to put some paperwork on the commander's desk. I followed her in the office and pulled up her dress. Fighting me off, she smiled and walked out. I stayed and pulled my cock out - it was hard so it had to be put to use. She immediately walked back in and saw what I did. Smiling a wicked smile and her eyes getting glassy, she walked over and grabbed a hold of it. Leaning her back across the desk, she laid onto me and I slid her ass to the edge. She was dripping pussy juice on the who was I to waste a tight, well juiced pussy?

I fucked the hell out of her while she tossed and bucked against me. Papers that were in folders were now on the floor in total disarray. Public fucking never lasts as long as it should. 15 minutes later we were in the throes of passion - yes, I was cumming in her and pushing her to multiple orgasms.

She gathered her composure and hopped off the desk...grinning. She stacked the papers back on the desk in no particular order and off we went - the smell of sex lingering in the office. Yep, justice had been served. On that same desk where I signed my rank reduction paperwork, I fucked her secretary. Oh, and we left the pussy juice drops on the floor for good measure.

338. Woman's Story: Picnic in the Park (2/20/05)

My best friend lives about 60 km away from me. Every now and then I spend the weekend. I have this shag buddy - who happens to be my friend's best bud. He is my ultimate because every time with him is just so damn good.

I called him earlier for arrangements. All day he was joking about shagging me on the way home. So we were driving and he asks when I'm gonna pull over because he wants to fuck me. I refused to pull over on the road as it was getting dark and our friends were waiting on us for a party we were having.

He tells me to drive through town, and we find this narrow gravel road which leads up the mountain. End of the road reaches a little picnic area. To be honest, in the past year that we been shagging, we were never sober, one of us was always intoxicated - but not that drunk. So this was our first sober screw and damn, was it good.

It was about past 5 pm, no-one around. We jumped to the back seat and started kissing. I was wearing a long skirt with no panties so I sat on top of him and started straddling him. He fucked me gently at first and as we went on and changed many positions, he fucked me harder and deeper.

The sun had already set when he suddenly stopped and looked over his shoulder. He thought he saw someone, but we went on. Eventually we realized we had to stop as it was dark and our buddies started calling. When we got dressed we could see a guy standing about 30 meters away, hesitating to come towards the car - he obviously had a good show - but he disappeared.

As we got to the gate, the same guy was standing there waiting for us to leave. He had to close the park and had waited for more than an hour. We got home after eight and our buds wanted to know where we were. They all laughed as we were telling them how we were stuck in traffic because of all the accidents along the way. They know us well enough by now to know what we were up to.


337. Man's Story: Ooey Gooey Fuck (2/13/05)

In college I worked at a small printing company. I became friends with this really hot red head. She was married with three kids. I really liked her, so when I found she was working some Saturdays, I figured I would stop by.

Since it was Saturday, I dressed casual, shorts and a tee shirt, and at work I found her wearing a short one piece tennis outfit. First time I ever saw her out of a business suit, and she was extremely sexy. We had lunch in the break room. She sat close and would lean into me. I could feel her soft, warm legs against mine.

When we went back to the paper storage area, playfully I pinned her against the counter. She put her hands on my waist and just reached up and kissed me. That quickly turned into a bunch of wet French kisses. The shorts I had on were thin, so there was no hiding my growing hard on as she pulled me close.

I broke our kiss and asked her if she wanted to do it. We kissed some more then she reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Then she untied my shorts, and pulled them off. She lifted her self onto the counter and parted her legs a little. I could see she had a flaming red patch of pubic hair. I put my hands on her knees and opened her legs as I moved between them. Her pussy lips parted and I saw very wet pink folds peek out.

With one hand she spread open her pussy, and I placed the head of my cock at the opening. She moaned as I easily slid all the way in her. It was like being in warm wet gooey oatmeal. With her legs spread even wider we both watched as my cock slid in and out of her body. It was all wet looking with streaks of white goo, a very sloppy slurping noise was being made as we fucked.

I put my hands behind her back and pulled her close as she wrapped her legs around my waist. She held me tight, our arms around each other. I was only able to make short deep strokes, each one pressed against the back of her pussy. After just a few more seconds I pushed into her as deep as I could, stiffened and started squirting cum inside her. I felt her whole body spasm several times right after I finished cumming.

When we parted, a big glob of white goo slid out of her pussy and on to the counter. When she stood up, cum leaked out onto the floor. We both joked about the mess, cleaned it up, then she went back to work.

336. Man's Story: Friend's Sexy Sister (2/13/05)

I was at my best friend’s party. I had fancied his sister for ages, sometimes I just couldn't get her out of my head, and I just didn't have the courage to ask her out. Anyway, at the party I couldn't stop staring at my friend’s sister - she looked so hot, the way her body moved with the music in that short skirt and half open top. She must have noticed me looking, because when the song finished she came over to me.

"Like what you saw?" she said in that unbelievably sexy voice. "Well, yeah, you looked amazing," I told her. "Come and dance with me," she said. Having had a couple of drinks I felt more confident. She put her arms around me as we danced and whispered into my ear, "You're so sexy, I want you," and then kissed me. I was amazed, but in a good way.

I leant in again and we passionately kissed to the end of the song. She then took my hand and led me up the stairs into her bedroom. She pushed me down onto her bed and we started kissing again as I undid the one button that was done up on her tight shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra which was so sexy, and her breasts felt amazing which just turned me on more.

She slid her hands down and unzipped my jeans. By this time I had removed her skirt and was massaging her dripping wet pussy. I rolled her over and worked down her body, teasing her nipples with my tongue, and then caressing her clit. She started to moan quietly and she suddenly gripped the sheet and tensed her legs as she came, her juices running down onto the bed.

She then said quietly, “I want you.” I felt up her body again and I moved my cock into her, sliding in and out so effortlessly because her pussy was so wet. I sucked on her nipples as she fondled her clit while I filled her with my cock. She soon tensed up again, but this time harder, wrapping her legs around mine and moaning into my chest. At this point I came, filling her with warm cum. We lay there holding each other for ages. We have been going out ever since, but her brother still doesn’t know that we got it together at his party.

335. Woman's Story: Open House  (2/13/05)

My ex boyfriend and I could never get enough sex - especially sex in public places. It was summer and we were out touring open houses. I had on a sundress and sandals. We were messing around in the car and kissing between houses.

We went to a development with several units for sale. We were upstairs in a two-story condo when we couldn't stand it anymore. He turned me to the wall, spread my legs wide, flipped my sundress up, and yanked my panties down. Wow! What a turn on. He unzipped and slipped his hard cock right into me. Then he grabbed my tits from behind and squeezed.

We were grinding and moaning and working up quite the sweat when we heard the voices of the real estate agent and other people downstairs looking around. We picked up our fucking frenzy and I orgasmed (loudly) as he shot his cum in me. We quickly adjusted clothes and I wandered out with cum oozing down my legs!

Funny thing is, my girlfriend ended up buying the very condo we broke in! It was always nice to remember that when I visited her.

334. Woman's Story: Mile-High Masturbation (2/13/05)

I got turned on by a great story my husband told me about being masturbated by the woman who sat next to him on a night bus trip. Next time we were traveling together we decided to do the same.

We were flying to a northern city for Christmas. The plane was packed. After the meal was served and tidied away most people fell asleep. I was by the window and my husband was in the middle. I put the blanket over him and as he pretended to sleep, I unzipped him and started on a slow hand job in the dark. He put out so much precum his whole shaft was soon wet and he came on my hand and on the blanket in a few minutes.

The woman sitting on the other side of him, facing a little away, squirmed a little in her seat as my husband came, and she turned toward me a bit afterwards and gave me a great big smile. I was very wet after this and excused myself to go to the toilet. I had a beautiful orgasm there, with another woman just outside the door waiting to be next!

333. Woman's Story: Teasing the Truckers (2/13/05)

I loved my ex's cock. I've never met a cock I liked better for sucking or fucking. It wasn't too big or too small, it was just right.

I had a 300ZX sports car with T-tops. We went to Eastern Washington in the summertime and it gets pretty hot over there. We had the windows down, the T-tops off and the music blasting, cruising down the freeway. Bliss. It was about twilight when he asked me to take all my clothes off. I love to be naked where I might be seen.

Naturally, we had to pull his shorts down some so I could squirm around to suck his cock while he played with my tits. We went in the outside fast lane and slowed down some so truckers going by could look right down in our wide open car and watch! Amazing how those guys can slow down and time their ride to yours.

Without much encouragement, I undid my seatbelt, laid my seat down and bent over so my ass and pussy were facing the passenger window opening while I stretched out to suck his cock. I had an amazing time teasing the truckers and flashing cars until we pulled into a rest stop. But that is another experience.


332. Woman's Story: Librarian and Book Nerd (1/31/05)

My first year out of high school, I got a part-time job as a librarian at a public library. It wasn't much fun, but it paid well. I was working one Saturday and I noticed this nerdy guy browsing the aisles. Three weeks passed, and every Saturday he was there...browsing. At first, I paid no attention to him, but later on, after looking him up and down, my eyes were drawn to his huge bulge.

On that day, I was wearing a miniskirt and no underwear, and seeing his bulge, I immediately felt super horny. Getting wet, I could feel my cum dripping on the side of my leg. I tried to keep calm, but I couldn't. Picking up a book, I walked over to where he was standing. I dropped the book and said, "Whoops!" I bent over to pick up the book, and also gave him a sneak peek. Standing up with my book, I whispered in his ear, "My bad." His face was getting real red, and I could feel his cock getting hard against my thigh.

Knowing he didn't have the courage to make a move, I took his hand and led him to the back of the room where all the banged up books were kept until they were prepared (no one was usually in there). Closing the door behind me, I inched towards him. Taking off his shirt for him, I began kissing his chest, lower, lower, and lower... until I reached his belt buckle. Teasing him, I began to unbuckle it, slow. Not being able to hold it in, he tore it off and dropped his pants. My eyes grew wide. Never in my LIFE had I ever seen a huger dick! I could not believe my eyes, but as soon as I saw it, my mouth got dry and I immediately started sucking like a vacuum. I could tell he was going to blow after just a while, so I stopped.

He then brought me up to his level, and then it was my turn. He first unbuttoned my blouse, and ripped my bra off, and began fondling with my breasts. My nipples grew hard and I couldn't take it. Now he was teasing me. Grabbing his head, I lowered him down, and let him eat me out. It felt so good that I could not stop moaning.

I eased away and pushed him down so that now he was laying on his back. Lowering myself down, I began to rub his huge hard cock on my wet throbbing pussy. Never in my life had I felt this much pleasure after only one stroke. Then, to my surprise, the shy book nerd shouted, "I NEED YOU NOW!" Wrapping his arms around me, he shoved his dick into me, fucking as hard as he could. I remember it was only like 5 minutes, but his giant member made me cum immediately, long and hard. He wasn't ready, so I sucked his dick until he came. That was two years ago and now we're still together... ENGAGED!!!

331. Woman's Story: Sex in the Stairwell (1/31/05)

My best sex experience was after my graduation dinner and dance. Throughout dinner, I had been noticing this guy from another class, but when he asked me to dance, I was too shy to accept. As I was in the organizing committee, I had to stay and wait till everyone left before going back to the complimentary room provided by the hotel. Before I left, I noticed a guy staring at me and it was the guy I noticed! He said he wanted to get to know me and all those things, so I said OK, we could go up to my room to talk.

The lift was really crowded and we were all squeezed in together. The ride was jerky on the way up, so my breasts were rubbing against his arm furiously and his knuckles were stimulating my pussy. I saw a bulge in his pants and used my finger to stroke it lightly. I guess it was just too much for us as we got out on the next floor and hid in the staircase landing.

There, he rubbed my breasts and started licking them. My lycra tube was still on and it added to the stimulation! He then sat on the steps and sat me on his lap, facing him. He unzipped his pants and I didn't see any underwear. Then he flipped away my skirt and moved my G string to the side. He said he didn't want to go in yet and didn't let me down. He was rubbing the head of his dick on the lips slow to fast.

My breasts leveled with his face and he started sucking them furiously. All of a sudden, he let me down on his lap and I felt his hard dick go all the way. We rocked and rocked for a while and he lifted my legs over his shoulders. The penetration was deeper and I could feel his balls hitting on my ass every time he drew back and pushed in again. It was ecstasy and I was moaning so loudly that he had to shove his tongue into my mouth many times to keep me quiet.

He suddenly stood up, carrying me with him still in me. He went to the nearest wall and pressed me against it pushing hard. As we both reached a climax, he wanted to pull his dick out so he wouldn't squirt into me, but it felt so good that I kept using my heels to pull him back in. He came inside me and my g string was soaked. I guess he got more than he asked for.

330. Man's Story: Post-Prom Pronging  (1/31/05)

My best sex ever was with the girl I took to the senior prom. I had had several sexual experiences before, but that one was by far the best. I had ended up going with my friend Lauren. She is a real hot brunette, with really big titties and a cute, nice ass and these, big, beautiful brown eyes. I had fantasized many times about her, but never did anything because we were just good friends.

Anyways, after the prom we got into my car and started driving to my friend Jimmy's house for an after party. On the way, she kept looking at my crotch. I noticed it and sorta smiled, almost sure of what was going on in her head. We went to the party, but within ten minutes she had pulled me into Jimmy's parents' bedroom. She pushed me into a corner and started making out with me. We had started pulling our clothes off within seconds.

After a little while she put her mouth right next to my ear and whispered, "I bet I know what you want..." Turns out she did. She kneeled down, and began to slowly, deliberately undo my belt. That was the most outrageous turn on, seeing a girl just undo your belt slow like that while music is blaring downstairs. By the time she had pulled out my dick, it was rock hard.

Slowly, she started licking and caressing it, but she started going faster and faster, while she looked up at me with those sexy brown eyes of hers. I could tell she had done it before because this girl was a pro. I came within only a few minutes.

We weren't done yet though. She pushed me onto the king-size bed and pulled off her panties. As I pulled her onto my cock, which was again rock hard, she began moaning with pleasure. I fucked her fast and hard, and we both came at the same time. It was awesome. All that night I was treated to more blowjobs and even more fucking. It was the best night of my life. I ended up asking her out, and we still have sex constantly, but that first time with her was the best.

329. Woman's Story: Kinky Roommate (1/31/05)

I was living in this small house with two other people - a guy, Brandon, and my younger sister, Emma. For the last couple of weeks the door to my room had been getting jammed and I couldn't open it because I am kind of weak. My sister could get it sometimes but Brandon was best at it.

One night, around 9 or 10 I was taking a shower and when I had finished I came out and walked over to my door and it was jammed like usual so I called out Emma's name and then Brandon popped his head out of his door and said she just went to the movies with friends. I walked over in my towel to him and asked him if he could try to open my door because it was stuck again. He walked over and like usual opened the door.

I walked in and said thank you and he just stood there staring at me and kinda looking me up and down. I took a step towards him and he ran at me and threw me down on my bed. I had lost my towel and was completely naked on the bed with him on top of me. I didn't know what to do but I was horny so I wanted to see where this would go. He grabbed my wrists together and started making out with me and then he took his dick out. It was hard as a rock, and he started ramming it right in me as hard as he could.

I was screaming with pleasure. He was so much bigger than I thought. He must have been well over 8 inches. He stopped fucking me and picked me up and brought me into his own room and he once again threw me on his bed fast and violently. He walked over to his desk and pulled out a shoe box that had cuffs and tape and a gag and some other things...I couldn't quite see all of it, but he grabbed my wrists again and cuffed me to the poles on his bed and then put a gag in my mouth.

He started kissing my neck then he moved down and started biting my nipples, it was so awesome. He moved down to my pussy and spread my legs and started licking my clit and sticking 3 or 4 fingers in me. I was moaning as much as I could handle but that gag held it in some and made it muffled. By that time I had come at least 5 or 6 times.

Brandon took his face out of my pussy and then took off the gag and rammed his dick in my mouth, he tasted so yummy I wanted as much as I could get. He came about 3 times in my mouth he must of had his dick in my mouth for more than 30 minutes. After things settled down and he went limp and I caught my breath and was uncuffed. He waited a good 20 minutes and then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the bathtub where it started all over again.

He filled the tub up fast with steaming hot water and he threw me in and jumped in right after. He tied my hands up again behind my back, this time with some rope, and he pushed me under the water to suck that huge cock of his. It was so yummy I didn't care if I was running out of breath - it was worth it to taste him. Then he pulled me back up and started making me ride him hard.

We finished up in the bathroom and then cleaned up. We each cleaned our own room and I kinda felt like he had it worse because I came more times in his bed than in mine. The whole thing took about 2, maybe 3 hours, and right as soon as I got horny and wanted more, my sister came home, so I quietly snuck into Brandon's room and slipped into his bed and started to blow him some more.

Ever since then every night I do the same thing and sneak into Brandon's room and under his sheets and we fuck or just have oral. Depending on if my sister is home or not we choose what ever will be quieter. The best part is we aren't a couple; he has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend...we just do it for the sex.

328. Man's Story: Nipples of Steel (1/31/05)

Me and my girl were sitting in the car at the park just watching the sun set over the lake. We had both promised each other that we would wait until we were married to have full-blown sex. But as I was holding her I felt that one of her nipples was hard as steel.

I started kissing and sucking on her neck. I worked my way down to her bra. I took it off with my mouth and I started to lick and suck on her breast. She was getting hot as hell. I would know this because I was fingering her pussy with three fingers.

I looked at the juice that was on my fingertips and I went all the way down on her. I started licking her clit softly and fingering her. She had her legs around my neck and down my back. I lick sucked and fingered until she came hard, squirting her juices onto my face.

She had asked, "Do you want to take a break?" And without saying a word I grabbed her and flipped her onto her hands and knees. I licked her anus with my tongue and fingered her from the back. She was grabbing onto the seat, scratching with her nails, and was screaming to the top of her lungs. She wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my body as she came. I went up for a kiss, But she passed out. So I just held her and went to sleep with her in my arms.


327. Woman's Story: Hot on the Dryer (1/21/05)

Well, my boyfriend and I aren't supposed to fuck in his parents' house (although we usually find a way). On this one particular occasion, his mother was in her room right next to his, so we decided to head to his basement. It is like a dungeon down there, lots of junk, and then their washer and dryer.

We were so ready to go. I put on a pair of his friend's mesh shorts (just in case someone came down the steps) and he sat me on the dryer. He pulled my shorts to the side, and started fucking me crazy--gripping my ass and pulling my hair. It was the first time we ever did it with the lights on, and as we made direct eye contact for the first time, I reached back behind me and turned on the dryer. We both got off within minutes.

This was maybe the hottest, most erotic sexual experience of my life...his friend's dirty shorts, the dryer, the lights on. Damn.

I still have the shorts.

326. Man's Story: She Sucked It So Sweet (1/21/05)

One day I was at a jam session with my band. Morgan, the drummer's girlfriend, and I had always been good friends. She was so sexy, long blonde hair, green eyes, and a perfect body. She was sitting in the living room listening to us practice.

I left my keyboard and went to get a drink. She followed me into the kitchen and sat on the counter. We engaged in conversation, talking about everything from music to people we knew to school. She was so much fun to talk to. It was still hard to hear each other so I went and shut the door to the kitchen. When I turned around Morgan was right there and she put her arms around me and kissed me.

I felt slightly guilty because her boyfriend was one of my closest friends. She told me not to think about him and continued to kiss me. I pushed her through the door on the other side into the bedroom and the music was still going so I laid her on the bed and started to kiss her neck. She unzipped my pants and reached into my boxers pulling out my half hard cock. I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra throwing them both to the side.

By now she was stroking my fully erect penis slowly. She pushed me over and laid on top of me. She told me to let her know and she went down, putting my dick in her mouth. That was one of the best moments of my life. She sucked it so sweet, licking my head and bobbing on my cock at the same time.

I was holding my stuff in because I wanted to make this a long blowjob. After about 3 minutes of her sweet spit covering my dick, I pulled her head away and told her it was time. She laid back on the bed and I spread my legs over her and began stroking my own dick.

After about three strokes her hands replaced mine and she rubbed it as fast as she could. Before I knew it I let out a huge load of cum all over her tits. We cleaned up and went back into the living room. The music had never stopped and no one was any wiser of what had happened only one room away.

325. Woman's Story: Banging at the Bank  (1/21/05)

My man and I are an extremely passionate and horny couple. We've both never physically been with anyone else, and just the sight of each other gets our juices flowing. The wildest time we ever had was over the summer. I hadn't seen him for 2 or 3 weeks, and he came down to Jersey to visit.

We were driving around, and all of a sudden he slid his hand up my skirt and started stroking my pussy through my thong. I was so turned on I almost crashed my car. I took my right hand and unzipped his pants and started stroking his extremely big and thick cock. That has got to be the best cock in the entire universe.

It was a Sunday, and banks were closed, so we pulled into this bank. The parking lot was huge and deserted. We pulled into the last spot and he went into the backseat. I turned off my car and hopped in beside him. We started making out furiously. I was pulling his hair and he was stroking my thighs, my pussy, my ass, and my boobs. I straddled him and started to grind my pussy into his dick and he ripped off my shirt and began to suck and lick my breasts and nipples. He is such a talented man. I was moaning so unbelievably loud.

I took off all his clothes and eagerly brought my mouth to his huge, throbbing cock that I absolutely adore. he groaned with the utmost pleasure as I licked and sucked, staring into his big brown eyes. We stripped, I got on top of him and he stuck that gorgeous dick of his into me. I rode him and rode him and rode him until I was screaming and moaning for more. That parking lot is mad corrupted.

324. Man's Story: Study Buddies (1/21/05)

Mary was my classmate in college. We were in the same faculty, and because the department was a very small one, every student seemed to know each other very well. Mary had helped me in many of my projects and so it was only right for me to reciprocate.

One night, we were rushing to meet a dateline for a project in school. At about 1 am, I was dead tired and told her I was going to a classroom to sleep. Minutes later, she came in and lay down beside me saying that she was tired too. A chemical reaction in my body could soon be felt... Then Mary turned to me and said she was feeling funny. I said I was horny and she said she was too. "But we can't do it here..." Mary was worried.

I was so horny that I pulled up her shirt and started sucking her nipples. She moaned with pleasure. We were not ready to fuck as I did not have a condom with me. She pleaded with me to simulate one. In the end, she jerked me off. We felt great. After that we felt guilty.

The following day, I was in a study room when she came in. "I am not ready for a relationship," she said. I agreed and we petted again. After that day, we would pet at the end of school days. Our secret code was, "Let's watch a film today," and none of our classmates understood that and would ask to join in...Hahaha. When my roommate moved out, I invited her to come to my apartment and we would fuck.

I am back at home now and whenever I think of the days screwing, I jerk off...

323. Woman's Story: Shy Guy Turned Sex Stud (1/21/05)

This took place about 10 years ago when I was in my 20s . I worked in a small office of about 20 people, ranging from journalists to sales people. I was stationed in this overseas office for about 10 months. The average age was 30, but most were young and single. I fancied the top sales guy in the company who had recently split up with his long time girlfriend and was a little shy when it came to women. This was even a bigger turn on.

I eventually asked him what a girl was to do for a good night out and he got the hint and suggested seeing a film we had been talking about. Three dates later in my apartment I pounced on him on the kitchen. He turned from shy to passionate, passionate like I never experienced before, in just seconds. I guess all he needed was a little encouragement. I had no intention of sleeping with him so soon and only intended some necking, but that went out the window.

We were in the kitchen when we started kissing, and he placed me on the counter while opening my blouse, the top of my jeans and pulling off my shoes. I could feel his hard cock through his trousers. Our breathing was so hard and loud, it all just got so hot. Suddenly he had carried me to the bedroom, the curtains still open and a small lamp providing night light. My shirt was off and he was sucking on my nipples so hard and pulling my jeans down at the same time.

I decided to help him and suggested removing our own clothes. I was naked but for my panties (the comfortable ones, not having anticipated), he totally. He looked fantastic, the type of guy who worked out without being overly built. His cock was rigid and beautiful. I was so wet and hot...

He pushed me gently back on the bed and buried his face between my legs. He eased my panties down and shoved two fingers to the back of my vagina while licking and sucking my clit. I came and came and came. He then gently turned me over licked me from my butthole (never experienced this before) to my navel before entering me from behind, whereupon we pumped each other for what seemed like hours. Just before coming he pulled out, and I grabbed his tool and wanked him all over my chest and neck. Later he licked most of the cum off my boobs and kissed me.


322. Man's Story: First Time Cheating (1/12/05)

My wife and I had a terrible relationship. She never wanted sex. I finally had enough and left. I had been secretly hanging out with a girl I worked with, at her apartment. She was tall and thin, with smallish breasts but long, sexy legs.

We ended up cuddling on the couch and eventually I started rubbing her breasts under her shirt. She started rubbing my cock through my pants. I had never touched another woman's breasts other than my wife of 9 years, and no woman had ever touched my cock, let alone fucked me.

She was apparently surprised at the size of my cock and stood up to pull my pants off. She stripped me naked and removed all of her clothes. She straddled my lap, and in one glorious moment, she reached down, grabbed my throbbing cock and brought it up to meet her dripping pussy lips, and slid down onto it. I almost passed out at the thought that I had just cheated on my wife, and that my dick was now thrusting inside of a woman different than my wife...a woman that I barely knew.

We fucked for an hour, while she rubbed her clit, coming repeatedly. We never even kissed, we just fucked, and it was incredible to fuck a woman other than my wife. I eventually blew my load inside of her. Feeling really guilty, I didn't say much and went to our separate beds. But, it was definitely the best fuck I had ever had up until that point....and until the next night!

321. Woman's Story: Tongue Like a Vibrator (1/12/05)

I met this man online, and we chatted the first couple of times innocently, but on the fourth time, I was horny and decided to see how far I could push him. I was overjoyed to find out he could be pushed anywhere I wanted go.

We had cybersex several times, which finally lead to talking on the phone and phone sex. Even on the phone, we would both cum and then he'd talk and talk, and then a few minutes or sometimes hours later we'd be doing it again. It was very hot.

During our phone conversations, I found out he was in a bad marriage, and that his wife had cheated on him. His only indiscretion was our phone sex and a few other cyber experiences. He was awesome at phone sex, describing what he'd like to do to me in details that would make most people blush. I would cum so hard during phone sex with him, it was unbelievable.

A little over a month later and nightly phone sex (his wife worked third shift), he asked to meet me and I said yes. We lived 2 hours apart, so we picked someplace in between and met at a hotel. I couldn't wait to get his clothes off. I wanted to fulfill his fantasy to fuck upon first meeting someone.

The night started off with him kissing me, then I gave him a massage, and undressed him as I went. I kissed and licked and touched every inch of him. Teasing his cock as I watched it get hard and throb. His boxer briefs were soaked with pre-cum before I got them off and my panties were dripping wet. At some point, he rolled over on top of me and started to go down - he got to my clit and camped there until I came. He could move his tongue so fast it felt like a vibrator. I came in a few minutes writhing and moaning the whole time.

While he was licking my clit - my hands played with his ass and his cock and I started licking the tip. He tasted so good, I wanted to put all of it in my mouth. After he made me cum, I started licking the head of his cock and pushing my thumb into the soft underside of the ridge. I slid his cock in my mouth and deep throated it over and over tasting his pre-cum.

I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth and he said - No, I want to fuck you. So we fucked and fucked and fucked some more. It was the best sex I have ever had. He made me cum 7 times, and one was so intense that I started screaming - he had to kiss me to keep the noise down. We did it with him on top watching me play with my clit, me on top with my chest in his face and doggie style and then he came all over my back. Afterwards, we cuddled for awhile then showered together.

I saw him two more times after that, I think we definitely got back at his wife for cheating. Each time we met he made me cum at least 6 times. His dick was the perfect size for me with a nice curve at the end that hit my G spot ever time he thrusted.

320. Man's Story: I Hit a New Spot in Her  (1/12/05)

My girlfriend recently moved to Austin, about 6 hours away from me. I worked with a girl whose boyfriend also recently moved away. We were both lonely and talked about it a lot. She was extremely hot, with long blonde hair, good sized round breasts, and a perfect round ass. She was also ten years older than me, 30, but didn't look a day over 24.

One day, she said that she had rented an independent film that both of us had talked about wanting to see, and asked if I'd like to watch it at her place. We went over there after work. She put the movie in and opened a bottle of wine. By the end of the movie, we had finished the wine and she had her head on my shoulder and her hand on my thigh. We started kissing and it turned into full on French kissing. She straddled me and I started kissing her neck.

My dick was swelling to rock hard status at this point. She could feel my cock and began grinding her ass against it. She took of her shirt and I had her bra off in no time. I took a moment to stare at her amazing breasts before I sucked her hard nipples. After a few minutes, she lowered herself to the floor, unzipped my jeans, and pulled out my rock hard 7" thick cock. She stared at it in amazement and said that it was the biggest dick she had ever seen.

She proceeded to go down on me. She struggled to get my entire length in her mouth but she finally succeeded and was bobbing up and down on my dick like a pro. Feeling her warm wet mouth on me led me to orgasm soon and I spurted all on my cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all then led me into her bedroom.

I took off her jeans and wet panties and returned her favor. She came in no time in moaning convulsions. Then I spread her legs open and entered her soaking pussy as she gave a moan. I fucked her while also rubbing her clit, and it sent her into a screaming orgasm in minutes.

I continued fucking her and put my arms behind her knees and grabbed her shoulders for support and fucked her as hard as I could. My dick went so far into her and I hit a spot that I could tell no one had reached in her. She screamed so loudly that it made my ears ring. I spurted rope after rope of cum into her as she exploded into another orgasm. We lay there the rest of the night, exhausted, and she said that was by far the best sex she ever had.

319. Man's Story: Lower Bunk Lust (1/12/05)

My girlfriend and I had spent plenty of nights over at each other's dorm rooms, having heavy make-out sessions, but we were both still virgins, and said we wanted to stay that way -- out loud, at least. One night my girlfriend and my roommate were both in the room, and all three of us eventually went to bed -- me on the couch (I was still trying to resist all the urges, for her sake), my girlfriend in my bed, and my roomy on the top bunk.

I couldn't get to sleep for hours, though, thinking about all the different ways I would love to fuck her, and eventually I got up to go to the bathroom, intending to get myself off. Then I got an idea. When I came out of the bathroom, I would just get back into my own bed-- casual mistake, I could say I was just tired and forgot -- and see if anything happened. I did that, and my girlfriend, a short, pretty brunette with soft, round tits and ass, just scooted over without a word and let me lay down, spooning her.

She could definitely feel my hard cock riding up her ass, and soon she started moving up and down on it. I couldn't believe it. Soon she turned over and looked in my eyes, and I saw the same burning lust I was feeling, and we just went at it. We tried to keep quiet for my roommate (who was even more straight-laced than me), but we weren't really in good control. Soon she lay me on my back and started to slide every inch of her body down my torso, licking and kissing all the way, and ended up licking my balls and cock. I was totally blown away-- figuratively and literally! She had never done it before, and here she was sucking me down like a popsicle, her hair tickling my thighs so beautifully. I came pretty quickly, and she swallowed every drop as I gasped for breath.

"You didn't have to do that," I whispered. "I know, but I WANTED to," she said. You could hear the capital letters in her voice, even though we were both whispering. That made me hard again, and she ended up riding me for the best sex I have ever had, dangling her C-cups above my face as I grabbed her ass and forced her on myself again and again.

When we finished, it occurred to me that we might have been a little louder than I had intended, but I hadn't heard a peep from the upper bunk. I climbed out quickly to look, but it was dark, and I just heard slow breathing, so I thought we had gotten away without him knowing -- until I noticed his pillow was clasped tightly around his ears! I almost laughed out loud, but then I just thought, "Ah, fuck it" -- and we did, twice more that night. I married that girl about a year later, and after four years, she still knows how to treat me every single time.

318. Man's Story: Mature Women Know How (1/12/05)

I was 20, and my wife and I had just separated and were going through a divorce. I was living with my brother, and not really wanting to "get out" so much at the time, so I made use of his computer. I got to talking to this one woman who was 33 and we began to become "intimate" over the computer via webcam and through nightly phone calls. She was married, and she had 3 children, but they were all asleep during our late night romance conversations.

After a few months she said she wanted to meet me in person, which I agreed to, and we planned a place and a whole weekend that she would fly down from Pennsylvania to Arkansas. She told her husband it was to meet some female internet friends that she had, which wasn't a complete lie considering we invited some of them along as well. I picked her up from the airport and drove her to the hotel where we met our other online friends and we ate dinner and talked and laughed.

That night, her and I shared a room with another couple. We had our own bed, and I snuggled close to her in it. Feeling her skin against mine aroused me. She felt my hard cock pressing against her, and in response, she reached back and started stroking it. After a few minutes she turned to me and told me to follow her into the bathroom, and I anxiously agreed. Once the door shut behind us, we started kissing while she rubbed my cock and slowly pulled my pants to the floor. Before I could react, she lowered herself to her knees and began giving me the absolute best blowjob I had ever had in my life. Before I knew it, I was cumming all over her face and breasts while she stroked and sucked me completely off. The she cleaned herself up and headed to bed.

The next morning, I woke up while she still slept. I decided to wake her up and repay the favor she had given me last night. I licked, kissed, and sucked on her breasts, and worked my way down her body and began to lick and suck at her pussy working at her clit with my tongue. She moaned and arched her back the whole time until she came. Her legs trembled and her head was buried in the pillow. I started kissing and licking back up her torso, over her breasts, to her neck and she turned her head to my ear and whispered, "I want your dick inside me."

I rubbed my cock up and down her clit until it caught and slowly slid in and she gave out a loud sigh. We fucked missionary, doggy style, sideways, and her on top. After I erupted into her wet juicy pussy, I collapsed at her side. She told me that I was the best lover she had ever had, and no one could eat pussy and fuck like I could. She was the best I have ever had as of yet as well. We made love several more times over the next 2 days, and then I drove her back to the airport and she departed back to her family. We still talk on the internet all the time. I loved her then, and I love her now. It's true what they say though... Mature woman know what they're doing, and are very good at it.


317. Man's Story: Oral Sex Doesn't Count (12/31/04)

I'd been dumped by Ann, my girlfriend of about one year, about a month before. I'd walked downtown to catch a movie at the local theater when Tina, one of Ann's friends, ran up behind me and ask if she could tag along. I decided better of putting any moves on her since they were close friends.

On the way back to our dorms on campus after the movie, I was shocked when Tina put her arm through mine and pulled me into and then behind some shrubbery near one of the administrative buildings. We kissed franticly and soon our hands were all over each other's bodies. Suddenly she stopped me, knelt over me and said, "I really want you, but you know we can't because I'm Ann's friend." Of course the rational explanation that Ann and I were history was not a good excuse, so I stood up, buttoned and tucked in my shirt.

"Oh my, but I just can't leave you like this," Tina said. With that she unzipped my fly and pulled my hardened cock from my jeans, and wrapped her lips around it. "This, I mean oral sex, doesn't count," Tina said as she took me deep into her mouth and the head of my cock popped down her throat.

Not having sex in that past month, I was ready to cum in only a minute or two later. I told Tina I was ready to come and she sank down on my cock, fully pushing her lips onto my body. I came in Tina's mouth for what seemed like forever, while she swallowed everything I had to offer. Then she licked my shrinking cock clean. "Wow, you needed that and you tasted so good too," she said.

Being a true gentleman, I returned the favor. Seems as though she was having a dry spell of dating too, as I found out later. She said she liked me, but asked that we not be seen with in public together and not talk to anyone about us. I agreed.

We never screwed, but whenever one of us was needing some "help", we'd call the other one. That went on for the next 2 years. After graduation we went our separate ways. I've not been able to find out anything about her since then. Too bad, she was amazing. Tina, if you're out there, I'm still in my old hometown and could use your "help" sometimes. Look me up please.

316. Man's Story: Pretty and Dirty (12/31/04)

My girlfriend managed to get me an invite to her co-worker's wedding reception, which was being held at a very well known and glamorous hall. I arrived just past 9:30, after having spent several hours at a beer festival, and found my beautiful gal dancing with her friends. Needless to say, I was already a tad buzzed and, as is the case in those situations, horny. Add in the fact that my woman was wearing a little purple dress that showed off her wonderful chest and I'm sure you can guess what was on my mind.

We did a good job of socializing and making the rounds, as I hadn't met most of the people there before, but within an hour we were both craving a private moment. We began walking through the building and found an empty dining hall, but only seconds after she had managed to pull my cock out an employee passed through and gave us a dirty look. No need to embarrass her co-worker by getting caught, so we moved on. A short ride on the elevator didn't prove to be enough for us either, despite the fact she hiked up her dress and I filled her from behind.

It wasn't until we made it outside, near the back patio, that we had the real fun. Amongst a few small shrubs we discovered an air conditioner unit, which just happened to be the perfect height. She climbed on, yanked up her dress and spread her legs. I was already out and ready to go and sank balls deep into her without a second to spare.

I'm sure we were visible to anyone that might have walked by, but it didn't matter. I was plunging into her hot, soft pussy while I held her hips, grunting with each thrust. She looked so hot lying there, her fancy dress bunched up around her waist and hands gripping the edge of the air condenser. So pretty and so dirty at the same time.

315. Woman's Story: Working It at Work  (12/31/04)

I had known and worked with this guy for 3 years. There was all kinds of sexual tension between us that we tried to put aside. After we had first met we would do a little foreplay and I would perform oral sex on him, but we never had sex then.

About 2 months ago we were at work and he asked me if I wanted to do it, so I traded schedules so I could work with him one night. We were trying to be daring so we had to do a quickie while one of the employees was on break. After work we both left then went back after everyone else was gone. The first time we had sex was on a table in the backroom, but this time we decided to go to the office. He had me sitting on the desk while he put my legs on his shoulders and he started to slowly penetrate me with his huge erection. Then we kicked into having sex. It was so magical. He got so far up inside my stomach that I couldn't walk right for days afterward.

That was our first of many occasions. There was one time that we went into the middle of the dining room and had sex on the floor during the day, so if anyone would have driven by they could've seen us. Another occasion we were in the back and I was on top of him and it was like riding a black stallion, a big black stallion. Then there was this time while we were having sex he asked if I wanted to try anal and I agreed, and he fucked me like no other man had.

There were many more sexual encounters for us. The latest, I think it was the best yet. We were in the office once again and I was sitting on the desk. My legs were up in the air and he was between them, fingering me and rubbing my clit. Then he stuck his hard dick into my wet pussy. I unbuttoned my shirt so my breasts could be free. He started grabbing them with both hands and squeezing them forcefully. He was sending me into a fantasy world. He then turned me onto my side and started fucking me from the side. In between he would lean up and suck on my tits, rolling the nipples around in his mouth. I found myself cumming again all over his shaft. We continue to meet up for sex every week.

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